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Questions for Command Sergeant Major Mellinger

I've been invited to participate in a bloggers conference call with a senior leader in Iraq tomorrow morning, and am asking the Wizbang blog community if they have any questions that I should ask. The leader on tomorrow's call is Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey Mellinger. As the Wiki says:

The position of Command Sergeant Major is the senior enlisted advisor to the commanding officer. They serve as monitors for, and advocates of, the enlisted men in the command.

He has served in a number of increasingly important leadership positions, since being drafted in 1972, and now serves as the top enlisted man in his unit. At one point he was a drill sergeant in Georgia. Sound like one tough man. Put your questions in the comments and wish me luck. I'll post a recording of the results as a podcast if it's any good.

Comments (7)

no questions from me, just ... (Below threshold)

no questions from me, just wish him and his men luck and that I hope they get home safely... and soon.

Correction, he the senior e... (Below threshold)

Correction, he the senior enlisted man in ALL OF IRAQ. He is the MNFI CSM and his boss is GEN Petraeus and, as the General's Senior Enlisted Advisor, he is afforded the same respect and accomodations as his boss. He is a big deal.

I met CSM Mellinger several times while I was a First Sergeant on Abu Ghraib. He is a great Sergeant Major even if he never gave me his coin.

You could ask him about the symbolism on his coin, how he prefers to travel in Iraq, his favorite FOB (forward operating base), how long he intends to remain in Iraq, how often he gets home, what he thinks is the best length of deployment 6, 10, or 12 months. You could ask him which part of a Peep he eats first (have some handy), how many other draftees are still serving (I think he the last enlisted draftee), how does Iraq REALLY compare to Vietnam.

Be lively and get him talking. You will be happy with the results. He is a good talker, he tells stories and says a lot of funny things. Enjoy.

I would askProvide... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I would ask

Provided the political climate doesnt cause us to retreat before the job is done and the country is stable, how long does he estimate American troops will be in Iraq? Does he believe we will establish permanent bases along the lines of Germany after WW2?

Ask him "What can we do to ... (Below threshold)

Ask him "What can we do to help the soldiers? Are thier organizations whose work is getting to them that we can support?"
Please wish him and all of the young men and women there good luck, and make sure he knows they are supported by many.

He says: "Go for the head".... (Below threshold)

He says: "Go for the head". He wants to know who knows.

Ask him what most enlisted ... (Below threshold)

Ask him what most enlisted men, NCO's and officers really think of Sergeant Majors.

I served under CSM Mellinge... (Below threshold)
Chris Brown:

I served under CSM Mellinger when he was a 1st Seargent in Alaska. I can only say that this is one tough sob. I mean that in the most respectful way. He knows how to lead his troops. We should all feel safer knowing that he is leading our troops in defending our country.






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