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Well, Now We Know What Greta Will Be Doing The Next Few Weeks

Basically the same thing she has been doing the past few months, but with DNA confirmation now. And yes, I admit to watching occasionally. (For those who don't have a clue what I am talking about, the Greta is Van Susteren.)

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I used to enjoy watching Gr... (Below threshold)

I used to enjoy watching Greta, but for--how long now?--months?--every few nights I check in, and the lead story is something to do with Anna Nichole Smith. I guess there must be a lot of people who can't get enough of the story, or else they wouldn't keep going with it, but I saw enough a long time ago. They just keep rehashing the same old stuff. I feel like they could have skipped most of what they've talked about since she died, and come in now when there is some real news, about the DNA results.

I knew there was a reason I... (Below threshold)

I knew there was a reason I generally skip Greta's show. Of course, part of it is that there's usually something more interesting (to me, at least) on in that time slot.

I do, however, still wake up with Fox and Friends. :)

So Vergie wants joint custo... (Below threshold)

So Vergie wants joint custody?

Having done such a great job the first time, I guess she wants to help raise another stripper.


I'm incredibly tired of Ann... (Below threshold)

I'm incredibly tired of Anna Nicole stories - to the point where I convulsively change the channel whenever one comes on. She was photogenic, with the IQ of a potted plant (or maybe potted meat) and proves just how obsessed our entire culture is on appearances.

I will be SO glad when she drops off the radar screens... but I must admit to feeling damn sorry for the baby.

See a satirical tongue-in-c... (Below threshold)

See a satirical tongue-in-cheek visual titled, "Anna Nicole's Sugar Baby Has A Daddy"...here:


Never watch Greta, but watc... (Below threshold)

Never watch Greta, but watched the dueling live coverage of the DNA results on FOX and MSNBC. MSNBC won hands down and not just because their correspondent was Michelle Kosinski(10/10), but because FOX's correspondent was corresponding via CAMERA PHONE(!!). I'm not making this up. While the other channels utilized professional razor-sharp videography, FOX used a camera phone all day. And at the top of the screen a "streaming" animated chiron complete with loading bar! Like it was Live from Mars! No wait! Mars video is SHARPER and if there were lips, they'd be more in sync.

Too bad for Howard Stern, b... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Too bad for Howard Stern, but maybe now he and Kato Kaelin can get together and write a book about how to live off the wealthy.

(It's like welfare, but lots better...)

Bryand, the beauty of it is... (Below threshold)

Bryand, the beauty of it is, it doesn't matter if Fox News had a black screen while reporting, it would still get more viewers than anyone else. LOVE IT!

I was bored with the Anna Nicole story a long time ago. Like a week after her death. Interesting, though, how well Larry and Howard seem to be getting along now.

I really can't believe how ... (Below threshold)

I really can't believe how much this crap is still in the news. It was Anna Nicole Smith, not Marilyn Monroe. I know we love our celebrities here in America, but she was like a fourth-tier celebrity at best. Do you think there are gonna be months of idiotic coverage when Carrot Top kicks the bucket?

Oh yeah. I'm not one to ma... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah. I'm not one to make cracks at people with medical ailments, so I apologize if she had a stroke or something, but what's up with that creepy talking out the side of her mouth thing?

Ryan, there's gonna be a mo... (Below threshold)

Ryan, there's gonna be a month of SOMETHING next month because of the AIPAC/Israel spy ring trial. We have government neocons passing secrets via AIPAC directors to a certain foreign government. The admin official (Franklin?) was flipped and wore a wire. Plus they were filmed by the FBI. Funny how off-the-radar it is. SO:

Brad and Angelina better check the hydraulics on their jet. Or better yet, drive. (Pesky EMPs.)

JO: But a CAMERA PHONE?? Were they doing a post-hypnotic viewership test? Did the Bahamians steal their stuff?

I used to watch Greta Van S... (Below threshold)

I used to watch Greta Van Susteren when she was in CNN and when she moved to FOX, it was very different now, not only because of her plastic surgery it was the way she interprets the news. As you can recall, Triumph the insult comic dog even pooped at her during the 2004 Presidential debate. You can check out the clip at http://www.dotcomedy.com. I work with NBC so that is why I get this inside scoop.






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