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Tony Snow Does Not Have Liver Cancer

Tony Snow was on Bill O'Reilly's radio show and said that he does not have liver cancer. Rather, he has several small tumors in his abdominal cavity, none of which is on or in his liver. Additionally, he said they are not threatening his life.

Listen to the audio at Johnny Dollar.

Hat tip: Hot Air.


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Comments (18)

I hope O'Reilly is right; l... (Below threshold)

I hope O'Reilly is right; liver cancer is really bad. I'm hoping for good health for Fred Thompson, Tony Snow, Elizabeth Edwards, Tim Johnson...

Excellent news. Don't stop ... (Below threshold)

Excellent news. Don't stop fighting Tony!

I'm glad to hear Tony's pro... (Below threshold)

I'm glad to hear Tony's prognosis is better than originally reported. We need more people like him in politics.

** sigh **No, it i... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

** sigh **

No, it is not "better", it's different. Tony has an advanced stage of Colon Cancer, even though it metastisized and showed in his liver as well. Cancers are identified by the place where they originate. My own cancer, for example, started in my appendix, so even though it moved out from there it is technically appendiceal cancer.

Advanced colon cancer can be terminal, so he is - sadly - still well in the woods. However, Topny has the right attitude and is doing what he needs to do.

What he needs is support, prayers, and a break.

DJ -That's terribl... (Below threshold)

DJ -

That's terrible. I don't know much about colon cancer, but "advanced stage" sounds scary. I'm sure Tony is getting the best care, and cancer is much more treatable than it once was...but I don't like the sound of this.

Good luck Mr. Snow. Here's one Democrat who's really, really hoping you get well...

Hear, hear, let's hope Snow... (Below threshold)
average wizbang poster:

Hear, hear, let's hope Snow beats this. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Politics aside, we all know someone, or have a family member that has to deal with cancer at some point in their lives, and people are people with families and friends so i wish nothing but a speedy recovery for Tony.

Excellent!Go, Tony... (Below threshold)


Go, Tony, go!

I doubt the nut-roots will ... (Below threshold)

I doubt the nut-roots will let that stop them from wishing slow death upon Tony.

I doubt the nut-ro... (Below threshold)
I doubt the nut-roots will let that stop them from wishing slow death upon Tony.

False. Everyone wants him to get better. And we want Fred Thompson to get better. And Elizabeth Edwards. Cancer is a terrible thing.

Well, you better go to Huff... (Below threshold)

Well, you better go to HuffPo and DU and Kos and let them know that pubes...

Fred's cancer is in remissi... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Fred's cancer is in remission, thank God.

And as for any other site, let's leave them be. If they are saying the right things, good on them and let's not be cynical. If they can't find goodwill for Tony, well, there's nothing more damning about them that could be said than they would be saying themselves.

My prayers for the Snows and the Edwards, and for all the cancer fighters who don;t happen to be famous, especially when they have rotten insurance or none.

This is very good news. I v... (Below threshold)

This is very good news. I very recently talked to an Oncologist acquaintance of mine, and she said that she doubted that he would live even two years, BUT that was based on reports that his cancer had spread to his liver.

Now things look much better. How much better I do not know.

Just read comment by DJ Dru... (Below threshold)

Just read comment by DJ Drummond. Don't know what to think now.

As for Fred Thompson's lymp... (Below threshold)

As for Fred Thompson's lymphoma, there are dozens of lymphoma sub-types, all grouped together under the name lymphoma (excluding hodgkins lymphoma), so it is very hard to tell about him, as some are very treatable and some are not.

DJ unfortunately knows only... (Below threshold)

DJ unfortunately knows only too well what the story is.

Tony is indeed a master of spin. Peritoneal spread is no great thing. The major complications are either bowel obstruction (most common) or malnutrition from malabsorbsion (rare complication in breast and sometimes colon cancer where it blocks the lymphatics/small blood vessels of mesentery and prevents food absorbsion to liver).

The good thing is it usually progresses slowly. The bad thing is usually progresses slowly.

Well, you better g... (Below threshold)
Well, you better go to HuffPo and DU and Kos and let them know that pubes...

You are wrong. There's plenty of wishes for good health on liberal blogs--for people on both sides of the aisle:

"My prayers are with Elizabeth Edwards, Tony Snow, and their families."

Byron Williams, Huffington Post

"And as we sent thoughts and prayers to Elizabeth Edwards, so too, should we send them to Tony Snow and his family, for what they are about to face. This isn't about partisanship, this is about humanity."

Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars

There's plenty more...you just have to look...

Pube, read the comments sec... (Below threshold)

Pube, read the comments section. That's the main diff. b/t right and left blogs. The left comments are beyond shameful.

Mitchell --As you ... (Below threshold)

Mitchell --

As you know, there's all kinds of stuff in the comments sections of blogs----of all political stripes. I was saying that the Huffington Post, etc. are wishing for Tony Snow's recovery.






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