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Video: Hillary Hates Me

John Hawkins made his second video, this time his subject is Hillary, and it's hysterical. Take a look:

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Whitewater?! Isn't that a b... (Below threshold)

Whitewater?! Isn't that a bit old? (especially since the Clintons were found guilty of nothing.)

It's like reporting on the dinosaurs which, as most conservatives know, died out nearly 6,000 years ago.

It's like reporti... (Below threshold)

It's like reporting on the dinosaurs which, as most conservatives know, died out nearly 6,000 years ago.

"Liberals" are so gullible. They'll believe anything!

So that means no more compl... (Below threshold)

So that means no more complaining about Bushitler. If you endorse the same old lies and juvenile smear of Hillary than the same applies to Bush.

This bores me to tears. Lit... (Below threshold)

This bores me to tears. Literally. :-(

Come on guys, don't make me... (Below threshold)

Come on guys, don't make me agree with Barney. Please! I like John and rightwimgnews, but this is nothing but an ad-hominim attack. Bill impeached: Fair to point out. Bill in his shorts: kinda childish. Same with the Hillary OZ picture, etc.

The tragedy is that there is so much legitimate material there, why cheapen it with the attack politics I thought we all hated? We can be tough without being cheap.

Further, John doesn't just represent himself anymore. This video is a direct reflection on Duncan Hunter now, and I don't see this as a positive for him as he tries to gain a foothold with non-political Americans. Could be wrong, but I doubt it.

She wasn't convicted becaus... (Below threshold)

She wasn't convicted because everyone feared for their lives so bad they preferred prison to telling the truth. Those that didn't prefer prison died. Slick and the Weasel body count over 50. It will be written into history.

Do you libby's really want ... (Below threshold)

Do you libby's really want that hag to be president?

Hell, just repeating Hillar... (Below threshold)

Hell, just repeating Hillary's own words should be enough to convince any sane, freedom loving person that she's the wrong person for President, unless Socialism/Communism is what you're after.

"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good"

"We just can't trust the American people to make those kind of choices..government has to make those choices for people"

Michael: I suspect most of ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Michael: I suspect most of our trolls would choose that harpy to be president. The remainder still dream of Screamin' Howie Dean.

*sigh* If only the British... (Below threshold)

*sigh* If only the British sailors could have made a similar gesture to show they were under duress.

"it's hysterical_Kim"... (Below threshold)

"it's hysterical_Kim"

Go to jibjab.com/originals. THOSE are (pretty)hysterical.

Hawkins needs to be demoted from Nerd to Dillweed.

I would say demoted from Geek, but aren't Geeks supposed to whip out cool stuff and know applications?

Scrapiron,Could you ... (Below threshold)

Could you list all 50 of them. I know questions about Foster, couple in the attack on Waco, but who was the other 47 people?

Come up with names, if you CAN.

"Could you list all 50 of t... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Could you list all 50 of them. I know questions about Foster, couple in the attack on Waco, but who was the other 47 people?"

"Come up with names, if you CAN."

What difference will it make? You just prove how down right ignorant and stupid democrats are. You don't even know who the hell you are voting for. Worst of all you don't care to know and when you do know you just play stupid as if you didn't know. So why bother asking as if you cared?

It's easy to believe conspi... (Below threshold)

It's easy to believe conspiracy theories about the Clintons. Not because they are necessarily true but for the following reason.

And I think some in the left will quietly agree. How the hell can she be the Democratic front runner? She carries both her own baggage and Bill's, but without Bill's suave & personality. Even though she has had training for public speaking, her persona is still like broken glass.

The Clintons & co. are political manipulators that make the inflated reputation of Karl Rove pale in comparison.

Could be the beginning of a... (Below threshold)

Could be the beginning of a movement against clinton that rivals kerry's Swift Boat Vets...

<a href="http://www.etherzo... (Below threshold)

Clinton Body Count

Not an endorsement - but Allen above asked...

Parker,Thank you for... (Below threshold)

Thank you for the link.

Rob in LA,
First, why do you insult me by calling me a Demo? Second, you are showing your stupidity by calling people names that you don't even know. Third, what makes you think I don't care?

Why do you think I asked for the names? I honestly did not know about most of them, did not ever (remember) hearing about them. That list does tell me one thing, don't get involved with the Clintons. And last but not least Robbie, what makes you think I would even vote for her?

"I did not have sex with th... (Below threshold)

"I did not have sex with that woman."-William Jefferson Clinton






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