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District Attorney Nifong Apoligizes to Falsely Accused Duke Students

As if an apology alone can alleviate the damage he's done to these three boys:

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - The local prosecutor who charged three Duke lacrosse players with raping a stripper apologized to the athletes Thursday, acknowledging that the North Carolina attorney general's decision to drop the case was correct.

"To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused," Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong said in a statement.

Too little, too late, buddy.


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Comments (25)

Some apology. He's sorry h... (Below threshold)

Some apology. He's sorry he's going to lose his license to practice law, and everything he owns.

Pathetic excuse for a person. I hope they take him to the cleaners.

It takes a big person to ap... (Below threshold)

It takes a big person to apologize after the beat down he received yesterday. /sarcasm

This is clearly someone looking to save face and maybe receive leniency when the state bar looks at the ethics charges against him. I imagine he is also trying to undo some of the gross mis-characterizations he made of this case as he recklessly sought to indict the Duke 3. Of course the defense attorneys will see through this weak attempt at reconciliation and proceed with their civil suits.

Talk about too little/too late.

"To the extent tha... (Below threshold)
"To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused."
Said just like a Lawyer, or a politican. Or both.
I think there's a few more ... (Below threshold)

I think there's a few more people he ought to apologize to, no?

Like the North Carolina public prosecutors' bar, for making them look bad. Like the local press, for providing them with false information to deceive the public. Like the citizens of Durham County for dragging them all through this soap opera for a year.

Maybe even the "victim," for enabling her perversion of justice.

Money talks Neefong! so pon... (Below threshold)

Money talks Neefong! so pony up..

B.F.D.I'm still wa... (Below threshold)


I'm still waiting for Jesse and Al's apologies.

*giggle* Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

Sure yo, it'll happen.... (Below threshold)

Sure yo, it'll happen.

Expect apologies to be issued soon from both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson...to the stripper.

Maybe his apology was a bit... (Below threshold)

Maybe his apology was a bit weaselly but I give him credit for doing even that.

Have any of the others -reporters, pundits, editorial writers, DUKE PROFESSORS - who trashed these three guys and helped make their lives miserable made even the gesture of admitting they were wrong?

That's not an apology, that... (Below threshold)

That's not an apology, that's a qualified Dick Durbin-like statement -- "if I offended anybody, . . ." Apologies don't contain "if" or "to the extent." You did make incorrect judgments and you did wrongfully accuse these guys -- just say you are sorry, take your punishment, and go away.

steve sturm, Imus issued an... (Below threshold)

steve sturm, Imus issued an apology. Lot of good it is doing him in the world of black. Two faced, double standard AH's like $harpton and Je$$ie don't care about the students anywhere. They see another op to pad their pocketbooks.

I'm waiting for an investigation of the 'ladies' with the gangbanger tatoo's all over them. Are they legit students or simply ball players being paid thousands to play ball in any way they are asked by the money men? As soon as the hype dies down the investigation will get under way.

That's not an apol... (Below threshold)
That's not an apology, that's a qualified Dick Durbin-like statement -- "if I offended anybody, . . ."

Exactly right. Either you believe you DID offend somebody and apologize forthrightly, or you believe you DIDN'T offend anyone, but, just to cover all your bases, make a blanket apology in case someone else THINKS you did.

What a pinhead.

Nifong: not only too little... (Below threshold)

Nifong: not only too little, too late; a year late and millions of dollars short.

What political party does N... (Below threshold)

What political party does Nifong belong to?

Of course.

Geeeze, can't a bunch of ri... (Below threshold)
Amanda Marcotte:

Geeeze, can't a bunch of rich white guys get falsely accused of rape, spend millions on lawyers, and have their reputations trashed and ruined for a year, without anyone getting all apologetic about it?

"And to the extent that our... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

"And to the extent that our efforts to frame the accused were discovered, I have regrets."

"We honestly thought that by withholding evidence and holding a kangaroo lineup and press conferences, this lyching could have moved forward"

"I regret that we were forced to recast testimony in an effort to 'fix' our case last December to try to put this miscarriage of justice back on track."

"We had the tree, the rope and the accused, we were close".

This moron has quite a lega... (Below threshold)

This moron has quite a legacy. We now all know what it means to be "Nifonged."

When are Rev. Al and Jesse,... (Below threshold)

When are Rev. Al and Jesse, New York is "himeytown", Jackson going to issue their apologoes after berating these guys and convicting them in the press. Facts are of no value to these two. Racism is a one way street in spite of what they'd like you to believe.

In a paper near you:... (Below threshold)

In a paper near you:
"Help wanted 88 positions to fill. Apply to Duke University"

Isn't it funny how the "vic... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny how the "victim" really is a nappy headed Ho !!!

"Help wanted 88 po... (Below threshold)
"Help wanted 88 positions to fill. Apply to Duke University"

You're kiddin', right?

If any of them were adjunct faculty before, they'll probably be offered instant tenure. Such is the alternative universe known as liberalism.

I've been wondering what's ... (Below threshold)

I've been wondering what's sparked such particular handwringing among conservatives about this particular case. Rather than leave a lengthy comment, I'll just direct you to my take on it:



Oh Ted: from your post I h... (Below threshold)

Oh Ted: from your post I have gleaned that you are criticizing conservatives only for questioning the validity of the charges, and for what reason? Because from the very beginning there were so many inconsistencies and holes you could drive a truck through it? How dare they demand justice!

Your other charges are blatantly partisan as you completely neglect to hold accountable those who insisted from the beginning the Duke students were guilty and held that assertion long after so many inconsistencies became apparent. You ignored race-baiters like Al Sharpton, comments from liberal blogs either shrugging it off or implying their guilt and all the other bloggers digging to find past issues the Duke students may had had to ridiculously employ the old tactic, "Well, when he was fourteen, he was arrested for shoplifting, so he MUST be guilty of this rape!".

Meh. Try a balanced and objective post in regards to this case and maybe I'd read it all. If anyone made this a partisan political thing, it was you. You fell right into the trap of doing exactly what you accused others of.

Try renaming your blog "The... (Below threshold)

Try renaming your blog "The Rhetoric Gar[b]age".

I always find it interestin... (Below threshold)

I always find it interesting when people ask others to be objective but fail to do it themselves . . . particularly when they sink to namecalling. Oh well.

I'm sure you know this and are intentionally misreading my post for your own purposes, but for the record:
1) I didn't say there was anything wrong with conservatives, or anyone else, questioning the validity of the charges. What I suggested is that there's an inconsitency with the vehemence seen in conservative circles about the sanctity of due process in this particular case, and the more general criticism of those who advocate for the strict adherence to due process in other cases.

I also suggested that there's a similar inconsistency among liberals, who are generally advocates of due process, but who seemed to quickly side with the accuser in this case. Your suggestion that I somehow ignored this is incorrect. On the contrary, it's the fact that both conservatives and liberals seemed to flip-flop from their usual stances that interested me.

But again, you already knew all this. I post this more for the benefit of others who might be reading this comment thread.


No Ted, you reserved your c... (Below threshold)

No Ted, you reserved your contempt for what you saw as the conservative side of the issue, quoting conservative bloggers at length, and apologized for the liberal side explaining it away as almost virtuous.






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