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Jesse Jackson is a Nappy Headed Ho

(rant mode officially on)

Can you believe the freaking gall of this man???? Check out his commentary on Duke.

REV. JESSE JACKSON SR.: Duke: Horror and Truth

"Divorced Mother Of Two, Working Way Through College, Allegedly Raped, Abused By Gang." Had the headline read that way, the fury would have been great. [because there was no fury about the case -ed] The facts that the police didn't arrest anyone, that the gang was not talking, that it took two days for the police to search the scene of the crime would have added to the anger.

But that's not how it was reported. Rather, it was reported that a black stripper was accusing members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape after she and another woman were hired to dance for them at a party. That method of reportage put race and class in the center of the story.

Jesse Freaking Jackson is complaining that people injected race into a news story. --Let me say that again in case you missed it-- Jesse Freaking Jackson is complaining that people injected race into a news story.

I guess it's true that irony is lost on infantile race baiting dumbasses.

Anyone who considers themselves a follower of this man is a moron. It is high time the mainstream media quit kissing his dirty feet and call him out for being the bigoted racist moron he is.

(It hurts my brain to have to do this....)

To point out the obvious rebuttal, it was the exact fact she was black that made the 3 poor INNOCENT men go through the hell they endured.

(Having to rebut Jesse Jackson is like debating a first grader)

Jackson has no shame. He and the rest of the black "leaders" helped put these guys through a living hell and he has the freaking gall to whine....

I'm going to stop now before the 4 letter words start flying.

(rant mode not off, only suspended)

Comments (47)

Jason Whitlock in the Kansa... (Below threshold)

Jason Whitlock in the Kansas City Star yesterday has the best take on this matter that I have read. Find it through RCP Wed.

What a disgrace this man is... (Below threshold)

What a disgrace this man is as well as those who heed his words. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

BTW Paul, do you have a link to where you found this commentary?

"..it was the exact fact sh... (Below threshold)

"..it was the exact fact she was black that made the 3 poor INNOCENT men go through the hell they endured." Paul

Now you are bring race in to it! The 3 poor innocent men went through hell because a DA tried to exploit an opportunity to showcase a high profile case.

Novak is exposing Hayden's ... (Below threshold)

Novak is exposing Hayden's duplicity about the term 'covert'; Imus, who mumbles about Russert's perjury in the Plame case, is no longer beholden to NBC.

Please. Have lunch.

Or, should I say, "Lunch, H... (Below threshold)

Or, should I say, "Lunch, Ho!"?

We love, BG2, how blind to ... (Below threshold)

We love, BG2, how blind to race you are.

J.R. I didn't link it on pu... (Below threshold)

J.R. I didn't link it on purpose... the slimebag gets no link from me.

Get there via drudge

Yes Barney it was ME... (Below threshold)

Yes Barney it was ME who brought race into the Duke case.

You stupid moron.

Paul,Can't agree w... (Below threshold)


Can't agree with your commentary more.

Careful when debating fools/idiots/morons etc like Jesse Jackson. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Paul, so it was all race re... (Below threshold)

Paul, so it was all race related and not the fault of an over zealous district attorney who tried to exploit the case for his own political gain?

J.R. I didn't link it on... (Below threshold)

J.R. I didn't link it on purpose... the slimebag gets no link from me.

Get there via drudge

Not to denigrate the click-through traffic of this site or anything, but if he's already linked by Drudge, what difference could it make? Just a symbolic gesture?

Barney, what sort ... (Below threshold)


what sort of half-assed point are you trying to make?

mantisyup. <a href... (Below threshold)


yup. philosophy

BTW A few days later he stopped the egregious pop ups

So, is Jessie still going t... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

So, is Jessie still going to give the accuser a college scholarship, as promised?

I just think he doesn't car... (Below threshold)

I just think he doesn't care about the irony, he's been let off so many times.

Here's a link to Jesse's finest moment (his only fine moment in my opinion) and why I think he sees the irony but doesn't care.

I mean, he read Green Eggs and Ham in the exact same way he would have read any poem about bashing whitey.
If he didn't see the irony in that he's a lot more stupid than I think.

Paul - it's not "Jessie Fre... (Below threshold)

Paul - it's not "Jessie Freaking Jackson."

It's Je$$ie $hakedown Jack$on.

Not quite as evil as Arafat... (Below threshold)

Not quite as evil as Arafat, but similarly, and just as wrongfully, motivated. And Al's anutha.

What about this one? Where ... (Below threshold)
As a Chicagoan, I rant ever... (Below threshold)

As a Chicagoan, I rant everytime I see the 'rev-hu-rund' Jackson on TV and in our newspapers. The media here are so hyper-local in their focus that they've lost sight that the rest of the U.S. sees him as a hypocritical race-baiter extraordinaire.

Blame the Chicago Sun-Times, as they give Jackson a column on the editorial section's front page twice a week. Blame the Democrats, as continue to give Jackson the position of dee facto spokesman for "Black America", as if all African-Americans were of the same, left-wing midset. Blame every corporation that has caved in to Jackson's extortion campaigns. Blame every pseudo-intellectual, White apologist who assuage their misplaced guilt by promoting Jackson ("Hello, Charlie Rose!" and others).

Oh, and buy a copy of Kenneth Timmerman's excellent "Smackdown" http://www.amazon.com/Shakedown-Exposing-Real-Jesse-Jackson/dp/0895261081/ref=cm_lmf_tit_16_rsrsrs0/104-3714684-8383919 for yourself and a few well-meaning but naive friends.

langtry langtry langtry ... (Below threshold)

langtry langtry langtry -- comment of the day.

Big Mo... sorry, point taken

Somewhere there is a dark w... (Below threshold)

Somewhere there is a dark wet ecosystem that is missing its top predator. "Oh jessie...where are yooo?...the pill bugs, earwigs, and slugs are growing out of control..."

Apologies. I noticed my abo... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

Apologies. I noticed my above link quotes a story that's no longer at the URL he links.

Here's the original Duke Chronicle article which has Jackson promising to pay college tuition for the accuser no matter the outcome of the case.

Jesse Jackson is a cheap ra... (Below threshold)

Jesse Jackson is a cheap race hustler and extortionist who has deluded America into thinking he's important for 30 years.

It's really way beyond time for someone IMPORTANT to stand up and call a spade a spade.

There are actually several moderate and conservative black columnists out there who have exposed Jesse as the fraud that he is. Oddly, you don't hear about this in the antique "news" operations.

Jackson actually is an orda... (Below threshold)

Jackson actually is an ordained minister but should have been "defrocked" long ago, IMO. Both he and Sharpton are shameless self-promoters and Jesse Jackson has made an entire career out of the fact that he was with Martin Luther King, Jr. on the day he was assassinated. I very much suspect that the late Dr. King would be thoroughly ashamed of Rev. Jackson who is a race baiter and racist bigot of major proportions.

As to the Duke case - I think the 3 INNOCENT young men said it best when they opined that they were particularly thankful that their families had the resources to defend them against FALSE and politically motivated charges, but that they worried about those who were not so fortunate. The 3 of them showed more class in that moment than Nifong ever has in his whole, sorry life.

I will not be satisfied unless and until that p.o.s. Nifong is forced to surrender his license to practice law and is forced to resign as D.A. As one of the mothers opined, the reason why she does not want her son to return to Duke (despite being invited) is that she doesn't want her son in the same town with THAT man still in office. Do you blame her?

I would be open to the argu... (Below threshold)

I would be open to the argument that the case was about "race" only insofar as Nifong's political motivation was to appeal to the black voters.

I don't know that the story would have been treated a whole lot differently if the stripper had been a lyin white skank, although I wouldn't be surprised if Nifong would have "viewed" the case differently.

Now you are bring race i... (Below threshold)

Now you are bring race in to it! The 3 poor innocent men went through hell because a DA tried to exploit an opportunity to showcase a high profile case.

In a predominantly black city. Nifong was way behind in the polls and in debt. This was just the thing he needed to pull out the election victory.

Nifong used race just as surely as Jackson or Sharpton do.

I wonder what the state of ... (Below threshold)

I wonder what the state of race relations in the US would be like if James Earl Ray's bullet had struck Je$$e Jack$on instead of Dr. King?

Here's a litmus test wrt ra... (Below threshold)

Here's a litmus test wrt race in the Duke case.

Question 1: "Would the media have shown such rabid interest in the case had it been white accusing black, or black accusing black?

Question 2: Would 88 members of the Duke faculty have been outraged had it been white accusing black, or black accusing black?

Question 3: Would the three suspects have been vilified and threatened by other "compassionate" (lol) fellow students if it had been white accusing black, or black accusing black?

Question 4: Would an ambitious, self-serving DA have used this episode to whip up racial fury in the black community to show himself as the "defender of the minority" just prior to elections if it had been white accusing black, or black accusing black?

If you answer no to any of these you've found the answer.

This just in: Santa Claus b... (Below threshold)

This just in: Santa Claus banned for saying "HO HO HO"

Scott"It is really b... (Below threshold)

"It is really beyond the time for someone IMPORTANT to stand up and call a spade a spade."

Good one! ha ha ha ha h ha

It's pointless to listen to... (Below threshold)

It's pointless to listen to Je$$e, or Sharpton for that matter. What was Imus thinking--subjecting himself to the Tawana Brawley fraudster?

Mitchell:<bloc... (Below threshold)


It's pointless to listen to Je$$e, or Sharpton for that matter. What was Imus thinking--subjecting himself to the Tawana Brawley fraudster?
Good point, and one that had me going "Huh?". Imus 'faced the music' in the right way: he just did it with the wrong person.
It was Crystal Gayle who in... (Below threshold)

It was Crystal Gayle who initially brought race into this. She knew what she was doing. Rich white guys who she thought would just roll over and not fight. She is not mentally ill either. I am so sick of that excuse when it comes to woman. She tried to shake down innocent college kids for her own drug addicted benefit. I have no pity for this "thing" or those that support her deeds. ww

pfffffff you mean Crystal G... (Below threshold)

pfffffff you mean Crystal Gail Mangum, the victim.

Jeez, I wasa wonderin wtf Crystal Gayle had to do with the damn case.

Classy post.... (Below threshold)

Classy post.

Just for the record, Jesse ... (Below threshold)

Just for the record, Jesse Jackson was not on the balcony when MLK was shot. Ralph Abernathy was.

"I'm so glad they didn't mi... (Below threshold)

"I'm so glad they didn't miss a lacrosse game over a little thing like gang rape."

- Nancy Grace.

Correct waldo -- and if I r... (Below threshold)

Correct waldo -- and if I remember rightly, he was left out of the entourage by King himself, who felt JJ was getting a little too big for his britches; and JJ was allegedly quite upset about it .

Another Nancy Grace quote f... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

Another Nancy Grace quote from that same interview DrJohn quoted:

GRACE: OK, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let`s go out to Dave Foley, defense attorney. Don`t move, Kevin Miller! David Foley, if they`re innocent, why not cooperate? Why stall? Why did they have to have a court order for 46 or 47 lacrosse members to give DNA? It`s very simple. You take something that looks like a Q-tip. You swab the inside of your mouth. It`s nothing more than like a doctor looking for a sore throat. Why? Why wouldn`t they give their DNA?"

Guilty until proven innocent. The new American way!

Compliments of ICE-T....I w... (Below threshold)

Compliments of ICE-T....I will await the rally!!!

"I got a ho from the East, got a ho from the West
Got a ho that likes to jack it off and rub it in her chest
I got a ho from the North, a ho from the South
A ho that likes to suck it long and hold it in her mouth
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A bitch with a knife, a bitch with a gun
A bitch with a ass big as a TV set
And there's a bitch over there; hey, the one I'm gonna get
But yo but maybe not, she might not like me though
No sweat to a vet; I'll slam a sista though, word
Ice in the whole damn herd
I fuck 'em all and leave 'em on the curve
I got a bitch with a mink, who rocks a fat gold link
who likes to fuck me with her ass up on the kitchen sink
Got a bitch with tits, a bitch with ass
A bitch with none, but hey I give her a pass
And I love 'em all, I love 'em crazily
And they love me back - that's why they stay with me
So if you havin girl problems, I'll be there for you son
Got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one - hit it..."

Metprof, your 'question' is... (Below threshold)

Metprof, your 'question' is way flawed and you know it. You have to answer no to number 4 because if it was white accusing black or black accusing black, how can he possibly be the 'defender of minorities'. But I get your point and no, of course the case would not have been big news had it not been rich white kids against a poor black girl. Hundreds of rapes occur every week, and we only hear about the rare few outside of local news. But this was the case that everyone thought was finally going to bring the rich white majority to the mercy of JJ and crew. Finally we had a case the captured the landscape of the US " Priveleged white males dominated underpriveleged minority female".....at least that was half of us were thinking.....the other half, the half that knew this did not smell right, were afraid to stand up and say something. Afraid because the Jacksons and Sharptons of the world would call you a racist if you were white ( or not black I should say) and an Uncle Tom if you were black. This is killing the black community in the eyes of others. It makes the black community look unaccountable for any actions. Why is the black community not publically lashing this girl who almost single handedly ( lets not for get Mr Nifong, but he is certainly being taken to task for his wrongs. He will be disbarred when it is all said and done, for sure) started race riots in Durham. It set race relations back 15 years in that county and probably other places also)

And the end of the day though, this case will end up doing alot of good for the black community because they will start to see Jesse and Al as the frauds they are. Thats twice Sharpton has jumped the gun on somebody and left looking red faced and stupid, never offering a syllable of an apology to those falsely accused, and then has the audacity to refuse an apology from Imus the Idiot. As dumb and ignorant as Imus' words were, they were only words. This girl and Mr Nifong tried to steal 30 years of 3 young mens lives. Id say they are a bit different, but according to Mr Jackson, Imus is a disgrace and should never be forgiven, but the Duke boys are owed no apology from him, or so he says. After all, its not like he accused them of being gang rapists or anything. Hey, at least Crystal Gail MAngum got her college tuition paid for out of the deal so who says crime doesnt pay? I kid of course.

As an outsider looking in, the black community would do itself a favor by not re-electing the "Black President"

Ok, when any white person c... (Below threshold)

Ok, when any white person can be fired for any random comment it's time to stop. Get over it, it's not that big a deal. A Colorado college teacher says everyone who died Sept. 11th deserved it and they were all Nazis: somehow that's freedom of speech. A black man stands up in a televised meeting in front of the black caucus and says all white people need to be killed and black people applaud and black congressmen say NOTHING when they follow his tirade at the same meeting. And somehow that's freedom of speech too. Ok, publicly stating the idea that people should kill other people because of their ethnicity/nationality/religion is nowadays somehow the freedom of speech. Yet a random rude comment is unforgivable and reason to take away someone's livelihood. You know what a double standard is? Racism. I'm not in favor of trading racism against black people for racism against white people. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are racists. The fact that they have convinced the media that they are the spokesmen for black America only shows how stupid people have become. Jesse Jackson missed his only calling in life: to stand in front of Martin Luther King and take that bullet. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both nappy headed hos.

Spot On! I'm ranting about... (Below threshold)

Spot On! I'm ranting about the same issues today because I've plain HAD IT with Sharp "Ima" ton and Mumble Mouth Jackson. I wanna know WHY these idiots aren't being hounded by the MSM? Why is everyone backing off them instead of going for the jugular? They don't deserve to be included with humanity--they're nothing but bottom feeding pond scum!

Kateri aka Miss Beth

BarneyG2000 - are you retar... (Below threshold)

BarneyG2000 - are you retarded? Yes the DA was over zealous and yes he exploited a high profile case. WTF though, why do you think the case was high profile? Could it be that it is because 3 "white" men who went to a high priced and some what exclusive school ALLEGEDLY raped a poor black stripper who went to an none prestigious community college type university located on the wrong side of the tracks? Could it be? This case was about nothing but RACE (or for you liberals, the evils of poor socio economics in America which must be changed through wealth redistribution so exotic dancers can also go to Duke, but for free). No, I guess this was about a shithead DA who did not care about the black vote to get reelected and a media that could honestly care less about selling news papers because they actually make a living selling a ton of stories about white on white or black on black crimes (sarcastic for those of you who don't get it).

Ain't it a bitch, Osborn?<b... (Below threshold)

Ain't it a bitch, Osborn?

Well Jesse Jackson said Gee... (Below threshold)

Well Jesse Jackson said Gee it's too bad they are inncoent after all but they shouldn't be having strippers anyway-WELL JESSE WHAT WERE YOU DOING ON THE DVD FOR PLAYBOYS 50TH ANNIV. PARTY WHERE THERE SEEMEND TO BE A LOT OF NAKED WOMEN?

Wow, what a great article. ... (Below threshold)

Wow, what a great article. I don't believe the media is ever going to stop kow-towing to the Rev, however. It's not so much that anyone believes in what he says. If you ask me, it just makes us white people feel a little better about being richer than the average black person, or for the actions of people who looked like us (I'm not going to say our ancestors, because my ancestors freed slaves) two hundred years ago, if they give Jackson some time. The faulty assumption, of course, is that Jesse Jackson actually does speak for/represent the interests of the black community.






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