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Seattle High School Students Being Sent to White Privilege Conferences

How would you feel if you were told that your high school aged child was being forced to attend a White Privilege Conference? Your first reaction might be to ask "what is a White Privilege Conference?" In brief, it's an indoctrination camp:

White people, you're privileged, and guilty, guilty, guilty of oppressing disadvantaged minorities. Denial only makes things worse.

This is the message currently emanating from the Seattle School District. Never mind that this dubious construct undercuts needed emphasis on minority student achievement.

District officials this month are sending students from four high schools to an annual "White Privilege Conference" in Colorado. The conference is billed as an "opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression" -- "a challenging, empowering and educational experience."

The conference has little to do with mastering reading, writing, math and science; or with graduating from high school and keeping one's head above water in college. Those are the lessons high-school students should be learning, not that they will be given social promotions in the name of equity and inclusion.

The focus of Seattle Public Schools bureaucracy is clearly political indoctrination, not academics. The district is even planning an "equity summit" in the spring, which White Privilege Conference attendees are to help lead.

What's the thinking behind this theory of white privilege? For the 2006 conference, a paper by Tobin Miller Shearer (who is white) argued that white people could not enter the kingdom of God unless they confronted the way racism and white privilege shaped their lives and spirituality. He maintained that white people tend to be far too individualistic and need to acknowledge their membership in a group that is unavoidably racist.

If white people are individualistic, then how is it possible that they can be collectively racist? Mr. Shearer can't have it both ways.

John Hawkins says it's another reason to support vouchers. I say it's another reason to homeschool.


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Comments (30)

"a challenging, <b... (Below threshold)
"a challenging, empowering and educational experience."

Empowering to whom? Certainly not to the kids being sent to this concentration camp to be programmed into thinking they are guilty of something.

The kind of privilege where... (Below threshold)

The kind of privilege where if you're accused of rape most people will believe it, regardless of the evidence?

I'll pass.

Wtf...May as well send them... (Below threshold)

Wtf...May as well send them to a Mosque!

Wait, what? For the 2006... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Wait, what? For the 2006 conference, a paper by Tobin Miller Shearer (who is white) argued that white people could not enter the kingdom of God unless they confronted the way racism and white privilege shaped their lives and spirituality.

Why the fark is someones personal version of religion being made mandatory in public schools?

Excellent point, John Irvin... (Below threshold)

Excellent point, John Irving. I can't believe I missed it.

Nice catch, John Irving. T... (Below threshold)

Nice catch, John Irving. The gall of the school district in Seattle is just amazing and terrifying all at once. I will never understand the reasoning behind the thought process of "if I am not achieving at the same level as you, then you need to be dragged down to my level".

Where's the American Commun... (Below threshold)

Where's the American Communist Lawyers Union on this?

What's appalling is that there are idiot parents who are putting up with this BS.

I tell you, the boomer generation has to have the largest number of f'ing idiot adults who never should have been allowed to procreate.

I used to be in the Junior ... (Below threshold)

I used to be in the Junior League of Chicago, and I'm proud to have been a member of an organization that was devoted to training effective community volunteers. We, too, got diversity training, along with a "White Privilege" video presentation. While I am still smarting at some of what was said in that video, there was something that made sense, at least from the perspective of a volunteer going into a community outreach situation: assuming one (as a successful, affluent white woman) had all the answers. It is valuable to listen to others, to ask what they believe their most pressing needs are. To assume you already know is to employ a sort of "whiter privilege" and that can put up barriers between you and the community group you are working with.

I suspect that this training isn't aimed at the same purpose. There are inarguably advantages to being white in our society, but most white men and women (or boys and girls) haven't done anything they need to personally atone for. Assuming they do, and directing your seminar/indoctrination session accordingly is counter-prodctive and wrong. Period.

WTF? I've typed thirty dif... (Below threshold)

WTF? I've typed thirty different things here and deleted them all. No words can really express my amazement.

Ha! I had the same problem,... (Below threshold)

Ha! I had the same problem, Oyster.

"Baghdad" Jim McDermott.</p... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Baghdad" Jim McDermott.

Lt. Ahern Watada.

Removing then putting back Christmas trees at Sea-Tac Airport.

And now White Priveldge Conferences.

It's truly embararassing to live in this city sometimes. If I didn't love my job so much, the mountains, the hiking, the biking, my Chruch and, yes, even the weather, I swear to God I would move. And it's exactly why I'd NEVER move back to the Bay Area. I'd lose my fricking mind living there.


P.S. I showed my friend and co-worker (who is black) this story and she just said "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of..."

Why the fark is someones... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Why the fark is someones personal version of religion being made mandatory in public schools?

Let me see if I can explain since I live here: It's OK to NOT to have a separation of church and state as long as it does something to promote one's liberal/secularist agenda. Capice?

White privilege... What a l... (Below threshold)

White privilege... What a load of utter B.S.

Read "The Redneck Manifesto" by Jim Goad.

90% of all whites are America's scapegoats, not America's elite "establishment".

Yeah Peter its pretty dumb ... (Below threshold)

Yeah Peter its pretty dumb alright...just as dumb as Imus being fired for free speech?
Whats the point of talking if You cant say what You think?
Seattle/Tacoma? I thought the leftist kooks were confined to San Fran sicko and old new england?

Live and learn I guess? Didnt Nowak pass thru there too?

'Why the fark is someones p... (Below threshold)

'Why the fark is someones personal version of religion being made mandatory in public schools'?

All I see is a normal operation of the hate America crowd. Remember folks, these are typical of the democrats of today. Nothing, absolutely nothing surprises me from these folks.
They are so ate up with BDS everything they do reveals how insane they are. If you think they wouldn't kill your family if they thought it would gain them a vote you are in bad trouble.

Look how brave the terrorists got immediately after Peeeloshi visited one of the head terrorists and promised him the surrender of the United States. She is already responsible for hundreds of deaths. Soon it will be millions and odds are some of us will be in that group.

Ok,.....When is this kind o... (Below threshold)

Ok,.....When is this kind of crap going to END, and WHAT and HOW are WE going to DO it!!!!!!!????

or.....is this country and the world going to be a lost cause, and I should just start praying for a COMET to put us out of this liberal misery!??

This game is not going to e... (Below threshold)

This game is not going to end soon. The Black and white people are on different paths with the white population becoming more and more afraid of voicing what they think. The dialogue is not honest between the races. Mostly because of the money to be made by race baiting and the votes that come by saying what a politician thinks the minority wants them to say. I know, it sounds racist, but it is what is happening. ww

Seattle/Tacoma? I though... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Seattle/Tacoma? I thought the leftist kooks were confined to San Fran sicko and old new england?

You're kidding right, 914? I know we're tucked away here in the corner of the U.S. and no one really pays us much mind (save for Bill Gates' little company), but we're just a couple of steps below S.F. and Portland, OR, as far as rampant liberalism goes.

In fact, during the 2004 election, 65% of King County voted for Kerry. Not as bad as San Fracisco or (83%) Marin counties (73%) in California, or Multnomah County (75%) where Portland is located, but pretty damn close.

And don't you know we're the King of Coffeehouse Liberalism? This IS the home of Starbucks, ya know. The art of liberal slackers hanging out with no job and complaining for hours on end about da man for just $3.75 all started right here, my friend. (At least that's what they, er, proudly claim.)

Wow Starbucks? thats right!... (Below threshold)

Wow Starbucks? thats right! I forgot about them coffee shop libs..!

Of course I prefer home brewed coffee thats cheaper then gasoline!!

I was naive I dare say! We got plenty of them muslim coffeehouses opening up in Minnesota..I think the disease is spreading!

Seattle.Of course.... (Below threshold)


Of course.

Blame Howard Schultz, 914.<... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Blame Howard Schultz, 914.

Gosh, and how could I forget about adding the Starbucks liberal coffee cup rantings to my list! Shame on me.

Then there was a little controversy over West Seattle High School's school name: the Indians. They changed the name to Wild Cats as not to offend the many casino-running tribes in our area who, I guess, don't want anyone or anything else being called indians, except by other indians, I guess.

In a related matter, I had a parent of a kid on the little league team that I coached at the time during the indian-name mascot controversy request that we change our team name--which was the Indians (after the Cleveland Indians)--because she found it a "little insenstive". She was dead serious, too. I thought about laughing, but decided not to say anything for about 20 seconds, smiling dumbily, and then thanked her for her thoughts and walked out onto the field. I kid you not.

So I can assure you, I'm quite familiar with Seattle's unspoken race appeasement issues (for want of a better term that's evading me at the moment).

The fastest way to understa... (Below threshold)

The fastest way to understand race appeasement is to share a foxhole with someone of a different color. You don't have any problems about race there. I think Seattle libs should take time to go to Iraq and share some of the misery the GI's are going through, and you would learn not to hate or fear people of different color, but realize they are just like you, have the same hope and dreams, etc.

Maybe if Imus had done that he wouldn't be making racist jokes.

Will they be asking for don... (Below threshold)

Will they be asking for donations to the slavery reparations fund also?

The only thing that surprises me is there is no addendum to the seminar agenda spelling out why these kids are also personally responsible for killing the planet.

Oh, and uh... /sarcasm off... (Below threshold)

Oh, and uh... /sarcasm off.

Well, yeah, whites are priv... (Below threshold)

Well, yeah, whites are privileged in the US and start with a leg up over a lot of other people because of a history that accords whites in this country a dominant political and economic position. But the thing is, that's historical fact ... and I don't think that sitting around feeling guilty about it really does anything.

If a white sees injustice here and wants to remedy it, there are plenty of ways to do so -- for example, going to a poorly performing school in a dominant-minority neighborhood and signing up to be a tutor and mentor for somebody who is disadvantaged.

Conferences like this -- sitting around, expressing guilt over being white, etc., etc. -- is worse than racism in some ways, as it's little more than self-centered navel-gazing.


Pennywit, it is NOT a histo... (Below threshold)

Pennywit, it is NOT a historical fact.

Thinking that all whites were privileged gets you nowhere. Think about indentured servitude (slavery by another name). I point you again to "The Redneck Manifesto" by Jim Goad.

Read it and you will be enlightened and angered.

The problem with the "white... (Below threshold)

The problem with the "whites are privileged" thing is that way too many of us look at our families and we fail to see the privilege. All we see are lifetimes of labor with nothing to show for it.

There are lots of minorities who were far more privileged than I was growing up, who were born into families far more well off than mine, with more generations of high school or college graduates than mine.

At what place does "need to acknowledge their membership in a group that is unavoidably racist" begin to make sense?

The fact that in some places and at some times it was nearly impossible for a black man to find work and white men didn't face the same situation doesn't translate to any privilege for me, or my dad, or... Privilege applied to a group identity does not help individuals and it's as individuals that we go though life.

Neither can one help a group. We can only help individuals, really. A tutor doesn't help a group (good idea though) a tutor helps an individual. We can make a difference on an individual level by taking others as individuals on their own merit. Each of us is able to make a difference in the life of individuals by helping each other and treating each other decently.

Identity politics, when the identity is a race *is* racism because it sees the race most of all. Maybe someone can argue that it's good racism, but it's racism.

"Identity politics, when th... (Below threshold)

"Identity politics, when the identity is a race *is* racism because it sees the race most of all."


"Maybe someone can argue that it's good racism, but it's racism."

More like hypocrisy.

Yes, one should help indivi... (Below threshold)

Yes, one should help individuals. But to say, "We can only help individuals" is, I think, incorrect.

There is such a thing as social justice.

Certainly, minorities do not reap the same benefits of the political/power structures as the majority.

You can also "help individuals" by improving their environment and advocating for community rights.

(Think about blighted inner cities. For instance, in Kansas City, MO, well-heeled corporations receive millions of dollars in tax-increment-financing, while the city streets are literally decaying, and the city sewer system is on the verge of collapse -- to the tune of billions of dollars for needed repairs that has been ignored for decades by the political structure -- but not ignored by affluent/savvy property owners, who flee to the suburbs. The outlying suburbs also provide millions of dollars of tax abatements to retail giants like Target and national restaurant chains: despite having a high-income, growing demographic that in no way represents "blight" that such tax abatement was designed to off-set.)

Maybe, instead of saying, "you can help only individuals" you should say, "only individuals can help."

We all bear responsibility.

I'll stick with what I said... (Below threshold)

I'll stick with what I said.

Only individuals can be privileged. Only individuals can reap the benefits of the political/power structures.

Only by helping individuals will a community be helped or improve. Without helping individuals, improvements to the community are ineffective, no matter how good they make the benefactors feel.

Do you think dumping money into Kansas City, MO will solve the problems there? I've seen inner city renewal that went nowhere because the community simply could not support the pretty rebuilt shopping center. Which was why it failed to begin with. Certainly there are things that can be done but if it's just fixing the infrastructure without addressing why people didn't see fit to maintain it to begin with, it's going to just go the same way.

And I'd go as far as to say that any solution that doesn't concentrate intensely on individual members of the community will fail.

I'm responsible for what I do. I'm responsible for *not* being a bigot or racist. I'm responsible for how I treat the people I come in contact with.

I'm not responsible for what other people do or have done, even when those people look like me in some way.

I am responsible for not enabling feel-good do-nothing guilt ridden silliness.






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