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Diane Sawyer's Idea of an Attack

Newsbusters has the transcript of a segment of Good Morning America in which Diane Sawyer accused guest Larry Elder of "attacking" her. Go read it. Elder was simply disagreeing with her that the Imus firing was a "free speech" issue, since it was not the government doing the firing, but rather a corporation. If that is what Diane Sawyer labels an attack, I can't imagine how she would respond to some of the attacks on conservatives. (Some on her own show.) I wish the "attacks" I get from time to time in my email were of the Larry Elder variety.

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It's funny how often 'disag... (Below threshold)

It's funny how often 'disagreement' is labeled 'attack'...

We do have free speech in t... (Below threshold)

We do have free speech in this country, and I would not be surprised that at one time or another the govt has tried to shut someone up. However, this is not a free speech thing. Some people blame the lefties and repugs for getting him fired.

What really happened is that enough Americans said enough is enough with this race spewing BS. CBS et al was happy when Imus was raking in the coins from all the advertisers. But when they started losing money, bye bye.

What is really scary, think back a couple of years during the super bowl. JJ's nipple. The outrage and fines because of that. I emailed the FCC and mentioned how easy it is to explain to my 6 year old daughter what a nipple is. Her mom has them, my daughter has them, I have them, the animals have them. But how in the hell do you explain to her what a four hour erection is? Needless to say, the FCC never answered me. It's all about money.

But the bottom line is that average American taxpayers are getting fed up with not only the Imus's out there, they are also getting fed up on the radio & TV shows that spin the truth; part truth and mostly lies. Even blog readers are getting fed up with the same BS. Depending on what site you go on, it's SPIN SPIN SPIN. Sawyer is no worse or better than O'Riely (SP) on his show. Same thing, different party is all.

Tipper Gore wanted to censure books, that is free speech, writing a book, isn't it? McCain wants to censure the internet. Isn't the internet free speech also. Not only the poster, but also the comments are saying what they want to.

The people on the radio and TV have to control themselves, and start do so damn soon or more will end up like Imus, and IMO he deserved to be fired, and one of the parents of the Rutger players should make Imus get dentures.

Liberals are not use to bei... (Below threshold)

Liberals are not use to being questioned or challenged. Hence the democrats pull out of Fox News debate. They are wussies prepared for nothing except the softballs thrown to them by their cheerleaders in the press.

All of 'em are pansy ass sissy girls. Even the men. How pathetic.

By the way newsbusters rock... (Below threshold)

By the way newsbusters rocks. I love to go there each day and see how blantantly biased the media is.

Someone else figured out th... (Below threshold)

Someone else figured out the dhimmi's defense for everything. FOX FOX FOX, that deadly old FOX. It's funny as he** to watch them mimic each other. Just look at they way they mimic each other about Imus, and no I'm not an Imus fan. Don't even watch CBS at anytime. Blocked them out during the Blather Rather lies.

With all of today's news ou... (Below threshold)

With all of today's news out of Washington re: EmailGate the best conservatives can do is link to a fraction of a transcript (eliminating a large portion of the interview that must have explained Sawyer's comment - can't have that!) then pretend this is newsworthy information?

Man, how does it feel to be scrapping the bottom?

Conservative America has been sunk, and post like this one of Lorie's are nothing more than "bubbles from the bottom!"

And let me make it clear - by "bubbles from the bottom" I'm not referring to the kind of bubbles Jay Tea makes in the bathtub with his rubber ducky - I mean the kind you find rising to the surface on the ocean of political opportunity.

Maybe you guys can sweep the next dogcatcher election - just start a campaign smearing all brown or black haired dogs as being either "illegals" or a "nappy-headed ho's." That'll electrify your core base into action.

Sick - you puppies are sick...

Lee, you're off your meds a... (Below threshold)

Lee, you're off your meds again.

Saywer identified the "attack" which anyone else would consider a "correction". It's in the quote.

Trust me, some people do see any sort of "correction" as an attack. Usually it's proportional to just how invested they are in what they are doing at the moment. Especially if they think of what they've been corrected for as a "good deed" and are expecting praise. In that case, even a mild correction feels like a full out slap across the face.

I don't know if Sawyer was actually upset at all. Didn't see it. Didn't see her expression. Didn't see if her smile looked a bit forced. Calling it an attack is strange but it might have just been a poor word choice.

If she *was* hurt by Larry Elder's correction it's got to do with her, because what he said was by no means out of line.

I listen to Larry Elder's r... (Below threshold)

I listen to Larry Elder's radio show almost daily and he is the definition of class. He is able to articulate complex topics in consice terms and is able to backup his statements with facts and references always giving callers with opposing view points plenty of time (often too much in my opinion) and they often resort to name calling and attempt to change the subject when he makes them defend wild accusations. This country could use a lot more people like Mr. Elder.

That was quite a vicious at... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

That was quite a vicious attack. What, is she taking lessons in courage from the Rutger's womens' basketball team?

Jo, Scrapiron,If, ... (Below threshold)

Jo, Scrapiron,

If, and I repeat IF, I was a Demo running for President, I would not go on Fox for several valid reasons (which you refuse to understand). Fox claimed Obama went to a Muslim school. That was and is pure BS. He went to a public school. That and other lies, half truths Fox has made, hell no the Demo's shouldn't go on Fox.

Will Rudy, McCain, Rummey, et al go on Air America? Hell no they won't, and for the same reasons the Demo's say about Fox.

And it's starting with Imus. The people from both parties, not the rabid few on each side that spin BS, but decent people have said enough is enough. The media (radio & TV) needs to censor themselves, same as the blogs, which allow spinning half truths, etc.

The govt will not censor all this, but the American taxpayers will, and it just pisses off the demos and the puggies when they get called on it. Why can't you present the truth without the spin, name calling, etc?

I don't hate the left or the right, most of the time you people give me free laughs. But wise up, change will be coming if it isn't cleaned up by yourselfs.

I guess the democrat presid... (Below threshold)

I guess the democrat presidential candidates won't be going on Larry's radio show anytime soon.......too scaaaweeey. lololol

Allen, you're comparing Fox... (Below threshold)

Allen, you're comparing Fox and Air America?

Yeah I can see how much they resemble each other, one is the most-watched cable TV network stealing viewers from the msm and making $$$ as it goes. It started from greenfield and provided the first (and only) real challenge to the msm networks in the last 50 years.......the other started out with high praise from special interest groups and props from the msm, only to fizzle and live on deaths doorstep supported only by embezzling $ from children's charities. LOLOl

Allen, Air America is not t... (Below threshold)

Allen, Air America is not the equivalent to FOX. CBS is.

By your thinking no politician should go anywhere "for good reason."

The dems seem to be full speed ahead on protecting themselves from the nasty media. If the Republicans start the same behavior enough so I notice I will do my best to cream their sorry *sses for it.

It's no permissible for them to hide in a democracy like ours. If they can't handle an even marginally hostile press they've got NO business trying to tell me that they can handle running the country.

Sure enough -- 30 seconds o... (Below threshold)

Sure enough -- 30 seconds on the internet fact-checking the lying conservative bloggers was enough to prove that this bit about Sawyer being "attacked" was indeed just more made up crap -- that Lorie dutifully linked to without even checking.

Watch the video and you'll see that Sawyer is laughing when she says she was "attacked" -- it was a joke!

But don't take my word for it - here's a link to the video. THE WHOLE VIDEO, not just an out-of-context snip of a transcript without any indication that she's laughing while she says the quoted remark -- but if watching an ABC video makes you conservatives wet your diapers you can fast-forward to the end.

Anytime Byrd or Priestap link to another blogger you need to drill down and find the lie. Watching the video you'll see that Sawyer's reaction is in jest.

So I repeat again -- on a day when BIG news is happening the best conservative bloggers have to offer their readers is nothing more than lies on top of lies. Amazing.... and what's even more amazing is that you guys comment as if it's real.

You're all warm and cozy in this make-believe fantasy world fed to you by bloggers -- swallowing the lies they tell you without even checking.

Lee, once again you are cor... (Below threshold)

Lee, once again you are correct. Markos and Huffington etal are MUCH more credible and truthfull and we'll all be right over for enlightenment. Thanks for the help.

Synova,I used Air ... (Below threshold)


I used Air America as an example, but will concede to your knowledge on CBS. I honestly think all politicians should go on any network, and no matter what network it is, should broadcast the event in a fair manner. No network related mouth piece should be able to try and spin what was said. That means both parties.

I have heard many political speeches, and soon as it's done some dumb ass speaker comes on and tries to tell me this is what the person really said, and it's completely wrong. It's all the SPIN the networks want to put on it, and try to brain wash you with.

When will the BS quit. I can hear what the "critter" running for office says, I don't need the BS that comes after the speech. Now, am I right or wrong on that? I would like a answer to a honest question, from anyone.

Just another case of the bl... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Just another case of the black man keepin' da white girl down...


(She's "laughing". That's your your defense? Seriously?...Wow...)

Lee, the link Lorie linked ... (Below threshold)

Lee, the link Lorie linked to *said* Sawyer was laughing. No one was hiding that she was laughing. Did you fail to follow the link?

I watched the video... the whole thing... and it was just exactly what was said at the link. Sawyer was laughing but she did seem to be surprised, if nothing else, that he'd corrected her and she used the word attacked, which is weird.

Not saying she was upset, but she seems to have viewed his words, even if good-natured as an "attack" of sorts. He seems baffled at the word and laughs too.

Why don't you follow your own advice and find real things to be upset over.

Allen, if the dem candidate... (Below threshold)

Allen, if the dem candidates went on FOX they'd have uninterrupted time to say their bit during the debate. You don't like the commentary, turn it off afterward.

I don't think they're scared of FOX. They just know that the longer they keep their mouth shut the less time they'll have to stick their foot in it.

"Lee, the link Lorie lin... (Below threshold)

"Lee, the link Lorie linked to *said* Sawyer was laughing. No one was hiding that she was laughing. Did you fail to follow the link?"

In fact it DOES NOT say she's laughing, Synova.

Go ahead, Synova -- quote where Newsbusters says Sawyer is laughing... please -- go ahead -- anyone else is welcome to do so also -- go ahead, prove big bad Lee is wrong...

Diane Sawyer is still alive... (Below threshold)

Diane Sawyer is still alive? And anyone cares?

"There were big smiles on both sides"

Yeah, Lee, it didn't say "laughed."

Do you wake up each morning wondering how to prove yourself a moron anew?

It's funny how often 'di... (Below threshold)

It's funny how often 'disagreement' is labeled 'attack'...

Right, but only when the right disagrees..

Maybe Sharpton and jackson will show up to save this woman from an "attack" by this...


That's not gonna fly....

The Lie-Alleger-In-Chief is... (Below threshold)

The Lie-Alleger-In-Chief is back in the house!

What is evident from the exchange --evermore upon multiple viewings -- is how entirely off the wall Sawyer's "attack" comment really was. A real "HUH????" evoker.

And those toothy grins and "nice to see you's" at the end. She's a professional t.v. host, faccrissakes.

Hoo-wee! Is Newsbusters as ... (Below threshold)

Hoo-wee! Is Newsbusters as dumb as a bag o' hammers, or what?!!

(THX for the video link, lee.)

Good gravy, Lorie. Not real gravy, or even good gravy. Something else.

How can any democratic cand... (Below threshold)

How can any democratic candidate running for president say they will be tough on terrorism when they run from a news show?

The reason an erectile dysfunction commercial advises to see a doctor for a four hour erection is because the FCC and FDA require it.

Again some lefties again prove their dislike for female thinkers. Whenever Kim or Lorie post, some lefties immediately attack them as a person. ww

Diane may have been laughin... (Below threshold)

Diane may have been laughing and smiling (as newsbusters admits) but she wasn't kidding. She thinks she was attacked, and it's pathetic.

She needs to go back to tough interviews, like the one with the nutjob from Iran and ask him what is in his Ipod. LOL. What a joke.

Speaking of wussy liberals who can't take it, Laurie David was on CNBC with Joe Kernan and he asked her a few tough questions about global warming and she gets all flustered and uncomfortable. (she also smiles, but we know she didn't mean it. YOU GET IT LEE - you're busted.

How do we know she was pissed because of a few tough questions? She goes immediately to the Huffington Post and reams Kernan. Go to newsbuters and check it out. Then check out the responses to her post. MOST don't agree with Laurie and her man made global warming BS, and even those who agree with her say she did a terrible job of responding.

Bwhahahahahahahahah LOVE IT!!!!!

And Allen comparing Fox to ... (Below threshold)

And Allen comparing Fox to Air America is not even worthy of a response.

Any openings in Bellevue?

I hear that the republicans... (Below threshold)

I hear that the republicans are going to do a debate on MSNBC. Yes, MSNBC, the home of Sissy Matthews and Keith Olbermann and all the other liberal journalists.

Why are they doing that? Oh yeah, I know.

They're MEN.

You dhimmis ought to get some to run in your party someday.

"Liberal Men" is quite the ... (Below threshold)

"Liberal Men" is quite the oxymoron.

The party of tax and spend is raqpidly becoming the party of retreat and surrender. They have never met a fascist or Islamo-nazi dictator that they couldn't kowtow to.

"Liberal Men" is quite ... (Below threshold)

"Liberal Men" is quite the oxymoron

Bwhahahaha...you got that right. Even Bill Maher says the dems not going on Fox makes them look like [email protected]@ies, AND makes Ann Coulter right about them. LOVE IT!

BTW, here is the link to that Laurie David interview. The one where she clearly is not use to being "challenged" in any way whatsoever. Then she rushes to the Huffington Post and reams her interviewer! How dare he! Ahhhhhhhh, the feminization of liberalism continues.....


Jo: "Diane may have been... (Below threshold)

Jo: "Diane may have been laughing and smiling (as newsbusters admits)"

Nope, they lied. They never pointed out that she was laughing when she said it, and implied that she was offended and pissed. That's why you didn't include a quote from Newsbusters where they said she was laughing -- it's not there. And no link from Lorie or Newsbusters to the video so you could see for yourself!

We had two big lies yesterday on Wizbang -- that the Iraqi Parliament building was outside of the green zone, and this one -- which claimed that Sawer was offended. Clearly she wasn't; her
remarks were a joke.

Still no correction from Kim on her post which lied about the Parliament building. Maybe Kim feels she doesn't have to issue a correction because it's her opinion that the building was outside of the green zone, despite the plethora of links in the comment thread that it's in the zone, and even a quote and link to a State department spokesmen confirming it's in the green zone.

Just more lies from Republicans...

"There were big smiles on b... (Below threshold)

"There were big smiles on both sides,"

I read the newsbusters thing, watched your video link from beginning to end, and what I watched was *exactly* what I expected. It was not misrepresented. The interpretation that Sawyer may have been genuinely feeling as though Elder had made it personal isn't far fetched. "Ha ha, I can't believe you attacked me!" "Ha Ha Ha, I didn't attack you!" They both seemed stunned at the other person's behavior, though not angry, just surprised.

You claimed something else had gone on, that the quote was misleading, "eliminating a large portion of the interview that must have explained Sawyer's comment - can't have that!" you said.

Nothing else in the interview explains Sawyer's comment so you're the liar, Lee. There was absolutely nothing elsewhere in the interview. They never even mentioned free speech, IIRC, until Sawyer said something about free speech issues on all sides, as a wrap up, and Elder corrected her.

And free speech means he can attack her, ha ha ha?

How do the wide smiles explain that choice of description. It's just weird.

Is it huge shattering news? Not at all. Cry me a river.

Synova, right on.I... (Below threshold)

Synova, right on.

I just watched the video and Diane is smiling (as newsbusters says) but she wasn't laughing (as Lee claims) as she said it, she laughed a little nervous cackle at the end, which wasn't really a laugh as the video shows. The video only reinforces newsbusters point - they should have linked it.

So newsbusters is right (as usual) and Lee is wrong again. But hey Lee, thanks for the video link that proved you wrong! How gallant of you! :)

(ka ching)

Although Diane made a fool ... (Below threshold)

Although Diane made a fool of herself with that "attack" complaint, kudos to her for showing on the screen the various lyrics from rappers, saying much worse things than Imus. If we can get rap music cleaned up through public pressure, then this will ALL have been worth it.

Again, Diane, good job, just don't be so thin skinned. :)

Oops, Lee is hiding under h... (Below threshold)

Oops, Lee is hiding under his desk (as O'Reilly would say) tee hee.

I'm off to lunch! Cheers!

I agree, Jo. It was a fine... (Below threshold)

I agree, Jo. It was a fine interview.

Synova and Jo, both having ... (Below threshold)

Synova and Jo, both having been caught lying about the Newsbusters article (they both wrote that the piece mentioned the laughter when in fact it didn't) are back -- avoiding the fact that they lied, and lying further about the video.

See for yourself, folks -- watch the video that Lorie and Newsbusters didn't want you to see....

Oh yes, we saw the video an... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, we saw the video and we saw Diane Sawyer react with the "attacking me" quote and her look of dumbfoundedness, and her smarmy smiling, and we interpret the video differently than lee, so we're all liars.

You are such a fraud lee.

The Lie-Alleger-In-Chief is back in the House.

I didn't, and wouldn't, wat... (Below threshold)
DDA Dave:

I didn't, and wouldn't, watch Diane Sawyer. But I do, and did, listen to Larry Elder when he played a segment of the interview. Larry made it clear that Ms Sawyer was joking when she accused him of attacking her.
Larry is famous for calling people on their efforts to play the victim card. DS was pretending to play the victim card. A bad joke? Kind of funny, actually.

Go ahead DDA Dave. It's no... (Below threshold)

Go ahead DDA Dave. It's not that hard to watch Diane and it's worth it to watch Larry.

Jo's lying schizophrenia is... (Below threshold)

Jo's lying schizophrenia is now documented:

"Diane may have been laughing and smiling..."

Posted by: Jo at April 14, 2007 10:14 AM

[followed by:]

"Diane is smiling (as newsbusters says) but she wasn't laughing..."

Posted by: Jo at April 14, 2007 12:19 PM

and not to be outdone - Synova, who may well be a Jo sockpuppet for vice versa, demonstrates her own brand of schizoid lying:

"No one was hiding that she was laughing."

Posted by: Synova at April 14, 2007 02:16 AM

[followed by:]

"It was not misrepresented..."

Posted by Synova at April 14, 2007 12:13 PM

Now when you say it was not misrepresented, are you saying that when Newsbusters wrote that Sawyer was laughing they weren't lying? -- oh wait, they didn't write that she was laughing - that was just a lie told by you two... lol.

Oh what a tangled web they weave.

The depths these liars take is a fascinating subject, and I apologize to those that Im sure grow tired of me chasing these lies down and exposing them, I am just truly amazed at the extent to which these people feel emboldened to outright flat-out lie in support of their politics.

STILL no correction from Priestap...

Lee, you're coming off look... (Below threshold)

Lee, you're coming off looking like an 5th grader on this one, bud...

Who really gives a rat's ass?

But nik, this is lee's comp... (Below threshold)

But nik, this is lee's compulsion, to insist that everyone is a liar. He really can't help it. I think he's OCD.

nikkolai: "Who really gi... (Below threshold)

nikkolai: "Who really gives a rat's ass?"

Apparently the commenters here on Wizbang who read these lies day after day don't give a rat's ass -- as the remark above suggests. If -- and even if it was just occasionally -- someone like wavemaker would have the integrity and cojones to correct the blatant errors and lies then I wouldn't have to.

But Lorie and Kim lie, then Synova and Jo and wavemaker lie -- and all the while the White House gets caught destroying millions of emails to hide their lies, and the "anonymous" State Department source of yesterday's lie about the parliament building bombing get caught in his/her lie... and the conservatives who comment here do nothing, they just pretend it's "real" and attack anyone who calls them on this bullshit. Amazing...

Still no correction from Priestap, and her post yesterday containing her lie has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, even though it's all based on lies. Also amazing...

^^^^^^^^^EXHIBIT A</... (Below threshold)


I watched it too..I was a l... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

I watched it too..I was a little surprised they limited themselves to Imus and not venture into the millions of official e-mails deleted by the White House?
If Ms Diane was the lefty you all portray her as ..she would have said something like this..

"C'mon, let's be up front..nobody with a computer is buying the crap that because Karl Rove accidentally hit delete on his emails they can never be retrieved..do they?"

jist sayin..Diane is not a lefty...

Lee- LIE LIE LIE L... (Below threshold)


c'mon ...that seems like a LIE fetish to me dude.....

Whether it's Iraq, Diane Sawyer, or ANY topic change the record...because your stuck in an annoying groove.

I apologized above, KB, re... (Below threshold)

I apologized above, KB, recognizing that it might be annoying... but it is on topic -- I'm commenting on the Sawyer post above and the "intentional factual errors and falsehoods" (is that better?) that it contained and were made by commenters that followed.

That's more than can be said about you and wavemaker -- in this thread at least, eh?

I see no point in arguing w... (Below threshold)

I see no point in arguing with a delusional person.

I said newsbusters acknowle... (Below threshold)

I said newsbusters acknowledged there were smiles, and the laughter was not exactly at the moment she said the "attack" part but a few seconds afterwards. And it was not a "that's funny" laugh, but a fake pissed off cackle.

Sorry Lee, but you lose again! But hey, I give you a C for effort!

And again Lee, thanks for the video link to prove we were right.


Nogo, Diane indeed is a lef... (Below threshold)

Nogo, Diane indeed is a lefty and that is evident everyday. I don't care if she worked for the Nixon administration, she's a lefty. Her husband is Mike Nichols, the famous Hollywood director, and they are part of the democrat clique at Martha's Vineyard - entertaining all the Hollywood lefties as their friends.

But nice try.

Nogo, are you referring to ... (Below threshold)

Nogo, are you referring to this e-mail scandal?


Dudes, don't you realize we guys have loooooooong memories for this stuff? Read the whole thing. It's like a trip down memory lane of all the Clinton corruption and scandals. The missing e-mail scandal is under the "Four Year Probe Continues" section.


tee hee.

Nogo, is the missing e-mail... (Below threshold)

Nogo, is the missing e-mail scandal you are referring to? lol.


DAMN!.. I take my lady out ... (Below threshold)

DAMN!.. I take my lady out for one evening on the town, and somebody let LEE miss his meds!.. Lori?.. Kim?.. this is coming out of someone's checks!

Oh, Lee. You pathetic lose... (Below threshold)

Oh, Lee. You pathetic loser. Will you feel all better about the world if I apologize for reading "wide smiles" getting in my mind that the interview ended with some joviality and thought that "laughed" was in there after the fact?

This is the sort of "lie" that you go on about and that, Lee, is why you can keep hitting your head against this wall to no effect whatsoever. Why take you seriously if this is what you consider serious wrongdoing? Can't find any real lies to get all het up over?

Nevermind your lies, not having either read the transcript and description nor having found and watched the video, that the transcript was deceptive. It wasn't. And I'd put money on betting that you watched the video *without* reading the description before you made your first howl of vindication.

The transcript and description led me to expect exactly what I watched on the video.

This is what I said (my "lie" I suppose) after reading the transcript and before watching the video.

Me: "I don't know if Sawyer was actually upset at all. Didn't see it. Didn't see her expression. Didn't see if her smile looked a bit forced. Calling it an attack is strange but it might have just been a poor word choice.

If she *was* hurt by Larry Elder's correction it's got to do with her, because what he said was by no means out of line."

Well, Lee, it seems that to me, at least, the terrible transcript did not demand any terrible conclusions which is why I carefully said that we couldn't see what her reaction was even if her choice of words seemed very strange.

Watching the video I have the same reaction. Was she really upset? I don't know if she was. I think it's possible.

Me: "The interpretation that Sawyer may have been genuinely feeling as though Elder had made it personal isn't far fetched. "Ha ha, I can't believe you attacked me!" "Ha Ha Ha, I didn't attack you!" They both seemed stunned at the other person's behavior, though not angry, just surprised."

So what, if anything at all, that I said about the transcript, video, and interpretation of expressions and voice, are a lie, Lee?

That I remembered that the transcript specifically made clear that both parties were distinctly cheerful, or seemed to be, and forgot the exact wording used?

Here's your lie, Lee. You described the transcript as, "...an out-of-context snip of a transcript without any indication that she's laughing while she says the quoted remark..."

Two out and out untruths, Lee. That the transcript was an "out-of-context snip" when the transcript seems to have been the whole interview, beginning to end, at least it's the same as the video. And then "without any indication that she's laughing" when it clearly *indicated* that there was good humor by saying "wide smiles" and making a point to point that out. But you didn't read that.

Oh, and three lies, because you claimed that something *else* in the interview must have explained the "attack me" comment. And it doesn't.

But lord help me, I remembered the joviality but not the wording of the description.

Yes, Lee. You keep on with your valuable public service, digging out our conservative lies. No doubt it keeps you out of trouble.






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