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Remember Me

This amazing video was created by Lizzie Palmer. If you have family or friends in Iraq or Afghanistan, this will be very emotional but it's well worth watching it. And its message is very important.

Hat tip: Ian at Hot Air


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Comments (7)

wow. beautiful in so man... (Below threshold)

wow. beautiful in so many ways.

Thanks Kim.... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kim.

Thanks Lizzie... (Below threshold)

Thanks Lizzie

Thank you for this link...<... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Thank you for this link...
It is too easy for us to support "The Surge" ..
sooner or later...in spite of our determined effort to be removed from the sacrifice....
We know....or will know...real people that are directly effected/affected by our President's position on Iraq...

In spite of your personal opinions...please don't pretend you share the fear.
This link..gives a glimpse..into the worst nightmare of any parent/spouse/child..

..and yet..so many of you cry out More..More..
Watch this video...
Bring'em Home Now!


Nogo, A glimpse into... (Below threshold)

A glimpse into the nightmare of any parent/spouse/child was seen in the video. Perplexing, perhaps, to you is that I know some folks stationed over there who are apparently deluding themselves into thinking they are doing important work. They sense it would be easy to come home but would not be comforatble with it at this time. I don't pretend to "share the fear". I am willing however to respect their opinion of the work they are doing and relate to others their feelings. By the way, Nogo, how do you receive a serviceman who actually feels he/she is doing good in Iraq despite the threat to their life of which he/she is well aware?

Just like a dumbass to look... (Below threshold)

Just like a dumbass to look at this video and construe "BRING 'UM HOME NOW".....

Of course, then Lizzie could make a couple more videos. The first would be of millions of Iraq's being slaughtered (see South Vietnam & Cambodia, circa 1975). The second woulod be of untold terrorists acts funded directly from the second richest oil producing country in the world.

Ah, what the hell, BRING 'UM HOME.

Wouldn't the best way to su... (Below threshold)
David Tracy:

Wouldn't the best way to support our loved ones (brothers, sisters, mothers, best friends, uncles etc.) be to bring them HOME from a country that has insurgents pouring across the borders, lusting to kill American infidels, even though that means causing their own suicides?

The video, reportedly (?) picked up by Fair-And-Balanced® Fox News begins by correctly identifying the troops as our loved ones. The captions of the slide show, with emotionally-moving music, then ask: " . . . Aren't you proud? Are you still there? Did I do something wrong? Aren't you missing me? . . . "

Yes, loved ones, we are proud of you. We're still here and we ARE missing you -- and NO, loved ones: you didn't do anything wrong. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Rove and the other neoconservatives in the current administration are the ones who did wrong. They put all of you into this mess, in harm's way, and they will keep you there for the sake of political expediency, until the next administration has to clean-up the mess they created.

In this way, after they are long gone from the White House, they can spin their interpretation of their war's history by claiming that they didn't lose the war they created. They will claim that, after all, they still wanted you loved ones to keep fighting against an enemy that we cannot tell apart from the Iraqi civilians who support us. Many people, especially those working for Fox News, will believe their nonsense and promote their contrived version of reality.

In the future they will brazenly claim that whatever administration follows theirs is the one that really "lost" the war that you fought and sacrificed for. They know that the next administration will most likely be a democratic one because President Bush's approval ratings are the lowest of any president in recent memory, and many scholars speculate that President Bush could eventually be considered one of our country's worst presidents of all time. Many thoughtful people have been arguing for some time that the war is already lost, and that we just can't re-shape the entire world in our own image, even if we would like to get our hands on their oil.

In the video, the slide show of our loved ones (and the captions arbitrarily created for them by a 15-year-old) continue:

" . . . I do my job. I don't ask for much. Some people hate me. But I don't complain. . . ."

We love you, loved ones. That is why we stick-up for you by being against the war. We want to bring each one of you home where you belong. Some people do hate you. You know who: every Arab who saw the Abu Ghraib photos; that is, EVERY ARAB.

And while we can't be absolutely certain that these other guys hate you, we do know that they do not love you. They are: President Bush, Vice-president Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove and Rice. You know, the leaders of this administration, chock full of Vietnam draft avoiders who are using you, our loved ones, like political pawns in chess, and want to keep you in harm's way by selfishly trying to save face (as we explained above), even if that means too many of you loved ones will come home in bags.

We love you so much we want you back here with us, living, loving and breathing, ASAP.

The video ends: "Each and every soldier needs our support. Don't let them down."

Absolutely. Come home, loved ones, safe and sound. God bless America.

David Tracy,

Las Vegas






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