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Top Political TV and Radio Moments

Don't miss Laura Lee Donoho's top ten political television and radio moments. She did a wonderful job supplying not only pictures, but personal memories that brought back many memories of my own. I would have chosen many of the same moments, but have a few she did not list.

She recalled Nixon's resignation as she watched as a newlywed. I was a child on vacation at Kure Beach, NC. I remember my mom cried as she watched it and I asked her why she was crying. She was not a follower of politics, by any stretch of the imagination. She said it was just really sad and that she felt really bad for Nixon because she thought he did something everyone else in politics did, but that he just got caught. Funny, but decades later that is the same way many felt about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I was a teenager on vacation at a rental beach house in Pine Knoll Shores, NC during the Iran-Contra hearings. We watched a lot of the hearings on the tv when we came in for our lunch, bathroom and snack breaks from the beach. The house had a huge open family room/dining/kitchen area and the tv was on while we were making sandwiches and eating. Everyone watching that week was ready to sport an Ollie for President button.

I remember hearing about the Challenger explosion when I was a student at NC State. I overheard some teachers who had been listening to the launch live on the radio. I went from there to my part time job and listened to the coverage on the radio the rest of the day and will never forget hearing Ronald Reagan's moving statement, which made Laura Lee's list as well.

I recall watching the Waco fire live. I was home from work either sick or on vacation, I don't remember which, but recall seeing the fire reported as it happened. I remember sitting there for what seemed an eternity and asking "Where are the fire trucks?" I just couldn't believe they were not there on standby considering all the references Koresh had made to burning and fire.

I also remember being home from work when the first World Trade Center bombing took place and thinking it was weird that I was often home and watching tv when these big live news stories broke. I also remember how monumental it seemed that we were being attacked by terrorists on U.S. soil. I thought that it was just the first of a series of attacks, that surely many others would not follow. That was not the case, though. I never would have dreamed that it would be years later before we were again attacked on our own soil.

I watched the second plane crash into the WTC in 2001 live on the Today show. I remember Katie Couric trying to blame the attack on Bush's reluctance to insert himself into the Middle East peace talks as Clinton had done. I only heard her mention it just that once before she dropped it. I guess she quickly realized (or was told) how inappropriate that was. Bush bashing would not resume in earnest until many months later.

Be sure to follow the link to read all of Laura Lee Donoho's list as well as Neal Justin's list which inspired Laura's. I didn't mention it above, but I completely agree with her choice for number one.

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"...and thinking it was wei... (Below threshold)

"...and thinking it was weird that I was often home and watching tv when these big live news stories broke."

My friends and I have stopped pulling all-nighters... the last two times we had them were September 10, 2001, and the night the Columbia disintegrated, sometime in early 2003.

Thank you for this link...h... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Thank you for this link...having been a part of all of this ...I agree that these were important moments...

One of the most riveting sc... (Below threshold)
sammy small:

One of the most riveting scenes I ever witnessed live on TV was the Tiananmen Square tank standoff.

And on 9/11 I remember Pete... (Below threshold)

And on 9/11 I remember Peter Jennings kept wondering aloud where Bush was, and then said something about how some presidents were good in this sort of thing, and some were not, or some other such nonsense. Peter was suffering from BDS even before there was a name for it. Anyway, now we know of course that Bush was extremely busy getting out of the way of the enemy. Poor Peter Jenninngs. He just never got it right.

And don't let us ever forge... (Below threshold)

And don't let us ever forget the LATEST earth shattering moment which happened very recently!

Larry Birkhead walking calmly out of the courthouse and dramatically pausing and saying something about "I told you so!"

I watched that LIVE! (pinching myself)....


"Anyway, now we know of cou... (Below threshold)

"Anyway, now we know of course that Bush was extremely busy getting out of the way of the enemy."
-- Jo

How was he doing this by reading about a pet goat?

Oh, you must mean later on during September 11th, when he was comically flying around the country, as if "the enemy" gave a damn where he was.

>Oh, you must mean later on... (Below threshold)

>Oh, you must mean later on during September 11th, when he was comically flying around the country, as if "the enemy" gave a damn where he was.

Not comical. It's a procedure in place since the cold war. Evacuate the president. Keep him moving, so he can't be targeted.

As your god, Rosie O'Porkchop, would say, 'google it'.

yea i am so cool. meeeeeeee... (Below threshold)
bob bagle:

yea i am so cool. meeeeeeeee. i love my self.






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