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Nancy Grace- The Take Down

If you haven't seen this, it's an instant classic. If you have seen it, it's worth watching twice

I'm not a big Jon Stewart fan really but this is an 11 on a scale of 1-10.


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I saw this and almost feel ... (Below threshold)

I saw this and almost feel sorry for Nancy Grace. I remember watching her at the time of these accusations last year and winced nightly at how much she had already convicted these guys. It was a disgrace. She and Wendy Murphy both made fools of themselves. When there was no DNA match for any of these players on the "victim" Wendy Murphy went into her tirade of how they probably used condoms, AND that when assaulting the "victim" with a broomstick, of course it left no DNA.

And I did turn on Nancy Grace the night of the exoneration, and when she wasn't the host, I laughed out loud.

It was worth watching again... (Below threshold)

It was worth watching again.

It's nice to have things like the Daily Show and Youtube around. I get regular reminders of why I never turn on the cable news channels at home. That collection of clips represents the sum total of my viewing of Nancy Grace and it's far, far too much at that.

Your right... good one.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Your right... good one.

Paul, you're right. That w... (Below threshold)

Paul, you're right. That was definitely off the charts funny.

Sort of related: <a href="h... (Below threshold)
Bless the hearts of the poo... (Below threshold)

Bless the hearts of the poor "Daily Show" writers & producers who had to sit through all those hours of Nancy's show in order to get those precious clips for us! Too funny!

Where is Lee when Nancy nee... (Below threshold)

Where is Lee when Nancy needs him?

Nancy's performances on these kinds of cases show why she is no longer a prosecutor.

She and Nifong could really identify on this one, because she had a one track mind. Convict, convict, convict.

She never got the part about the government's duty to "do justice". It was a blind spot carried over to her show.

No wonder she was a "no show" on April 12.

Nifong will be her new co-h... (Below threshold)

Nifong will be her new co-host...

When I watched this on yout... (Below threshold)

When I watched this on youtube, to the left you could click on another clip of the daily show making fun of John Edwards visit to a nursing home. They had him telling everyone there he would make them all younger. (I guess that was right after he and Kerry would all make them rise out of their wheelchairs and walk again)...

Nancy Grace is such an over... (Below threshold)

Nancy Grace is such an over the top twit, she's an easy mark for someone with a little humor.

That was great. Grace is a pig.

If Don Imus gets fired for ... (Below threshold)

If Don Imus gets fired for falsely calling a bunch of basketball players "hoes," why does Nancy Grace not get fired for calling three white boys "rapists?"

Geez, that was funny.... (Below threshold)

Geez, that was funny.

The name of that channel needs to be changed to "Kangaroo Court TV."

One word - Volcanic.<... (Below threshold)

One word - Volcanic.

I honestly have never seen any TV figure punked as badly as Miss Nancy was by Stewart and his writers.

Flan....delicious flan...


Flashback: when that guy on... (Below threshold)

Flashback: when that guy on CBS news was caught pushing phoney memos, this is the kind of sendup he would have received if "journalists" had any self respect.






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