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Hating Bush is not a Foreign Policy

My blog board column at the Examiner this month is about the need for the Democrat presidential candidates to tell us how they would handle foreign policy if they won the office.

"Hate is not a family value" is a popular bumper sticker slogan many liberals have proudly displayed on their vehicles alongside Gore/Lieberman and Kerry/Edwards stickers.
Because the family values issue has taken a backseat to national security, it is about time for a new slogan. "Hate is not a foreign policy" is my suggestion for the perfect bumper sticker leading up to the 2008 election.

For well over three years now, we have heard Democrats tell us everything that is wrong with President Bush's policy in Iraq, with many of the criticisms falling under the other popular liberal bumper sticker phrase, "Bush lied, people died."...

For several years, most Democrats' "policy" on Iraq consisted of hatred for whatever policy George Bush supported. Over the past couple of years, though, that "policy" has evolved from hatred of Bush and any policy he suggested to a call for withdrawal before the mission is complete. Most recently, Democrats passed a bill that would only fund the troops if a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq was included.

To put it in bumper sticker language, the policy went from "hate" to "retreat." Hate is not a foreign policy, and retreat is not a plan for success.

Please read the rest at The Examiner.


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Comments (45)

Fine column, bad slogan; it... (Below threshold)

Fine column, bad slogan; it is automatically misunderstood because of the ambiguity in the word 'hate'. This ambiguity did not apply to the original slogan because leftists are presumed to be incapable of hate. Well, we know better.

How about 'Love is not a foreign policy'.

What, Lori? You mean BushLi... (Below threshold)

What, Lori? You mean BushLied!!! just isn't enough?

Not like Madame Hillary doesn't lie about anything -- ohyah! She's claimed to be Jewish -- ahh, Hillary -- the woman who never got erroneous information, and never made a mistake. And, of course, most importantly -- the Madame is NOT REPUBLICAN!!!

Kim -- when was the last ti... (Below threshold)

Kim -- when was the last time you heard a leftist proclaim BushLOVES?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Lori's title is clear, concise and correct!

I recently saw a bumper sti... (Below threshold)

I recently saw a bumper sticker that read:

"Worst. President. Ever."

Now how is it, I wonder, that everyone who sees that bumper sticker knows exactly who it is talking about?

Larkin, because BDS suffere... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Larkin, because BDS sufferers are usually pretty easy to spot.

OK, FB, what is the typical... (Below threshold)

OK, FB, what is the typical leftist gonna think when he reads "Hate is not a foreign policy"? He's gonna say "Yeah, out with the bums. Dam joos".

It utterly stinks as a slogan. I appreciate Lori's thoughts, and there is a good slogan keying on the fecklessness of the Democrats in foreign policy and national security, but this ain't it.

Larkin,You mean pe... (Below threshold)


You mean people still remember Jimmy Carter?

That Carter era economy is certainly something to brag about. Best thing to happen under Carter was Herb Brooks and Olympic gold, wonder if Jimmah will take credit for that?

Bwhahahahahhaha.....Larkin ... (Below threshold)

Bwhahahahahhaha.....Larkin you lose. What an idiotic post.

BTW, every time I see some sort of BDS bumper sticker, I check out who is driving and peek inside the car, and it's always some greasy dirty looking person and the car is always disgustingly messy. Like mental patients on a weekend leave.

love it.

Speaking of BDS, I just had... (Below threshold)

Speaking of BDS, I just had to tune into The View this morning to see if Rosie was on a rant about the Va Tech shootings and of course she was.

And true to form, she somehow managed to get in a rant about Bush. Unbelievable. These people are psycho.

I wanta see a worst preside... (Below threshold)

I wanta see a worst president ever sticker in a car in a block long line at a gas station.

Don't it always seem to go?

How about "Best Economy Eve... (Below threshold)

How about "Best Economy Ever".....on the bumper of a new Cadillac Escalade...lolololol

"out with the bums. Dam joo... (Below threshold)

"out with the bums. Dam joos"_kim

"Like mental patients on a weekend leave."_jo


Oh, it won't fit on a bumpe... (Below threshold)

Oh, it won't fit on a bumper sticker, but

"Greatest Strategic Blunder in American History

_ Gen. W. Odom, USA

(guess what?)

The one who prescribed a fa... (Below threshold)

The one who prescribed a farrier had the same thought as did I.

bryanD, I'd take Wolfowitz ... (Below threshold)

bryanD, I'd take Wolfowitz over Edwards any day.

If you actually wanted... you know..something INTERRESTING or NEWSWORTHY about Wolfowitz, try here:

Somebody linked to wonkette... (Below threshold)

Somebody linked to wonkette? Bwahahahahahaha... too funny.

I bet Ann Coulter was grinning ear to ear when she first heard of the $400 Edwards haircut. Today Robert Vaughn (the actor) was on The View and said even he thought the most expensive haircut in Beverly Hills was $100 for men. Leave it to Edwards to go to twice in 17 days for $400 a pop.

Memo to John Edwards - something I think he's forgotten:

You. Are. A. GUY.

brainy,So Wolfie n... (Below threshold)


So Wolfie needs to be set against a trial lawyer to still lose in a popularity contest? You have BDS, buddy.

And an apologia already (how long has he been on the "job?) to explain why he paid a quarter million dollars for a Libyan woman's promise to screw him twice a week?

Now the fact that the World Bank position does not require senate approval allows Wolf to leave the sinking ship of state in as dignified manner as possible (no embarrassing questions!). Until the Sock Incident, that is. Classic!

Yes, BDS is reinfecting its hosts, the neocon enablers and policy parasites. Enjoy! Get drunk and forget about it. Change your nic.

You've been propagandized a... (Below threshold)

You've been propagandized about the World Bank business, bD.

jo, haircuts are negligible... (Below threshold)

jo, haircuts are negligible campaign issues. Anyway, Laura Bush pays $700 for her's, FYI.

See? It's gonna be THAT kind of election year.
Sure, Shrillery sucks and Obama's a phoney. The fact is: EVERYBODY is going to be running against Bush's Neocon Adventurism. It will just be a matter of degrees.

(I think Richardson or Gore will be the D nominee. )

Oh, I see brainy's second l... (Below threshold)

Oh, I see brainy's second link. Did you bother to read it, bD?

Right, bD, when Cheney is n... (Below threshold)

Right, bD, when Cheney is no longer around to assure you your regular daily supply of energy, you'll be wistful for a little 'Neocon Adventurism' as you wait in the gas line.

"You've been propagandized ... (Below threshold)

"You've been propagandized about the World Bank business, bD"_kim

Oh, so the World Bank directors and rank and file have been propagandized, too?
The mind is a terrible thing to waste on neocon tabloids. Here's a true conservative take:


bryanD, what the hell are y... (Below threshold)

bryanD, what the hell are you babbling about? You raised an innane, incosequential point about Wolfowitz's socks and I countered with an innane, inconsequential point about Edwards' hair. Why you felt the need to spout off about "popularity contests" or Laura Bush, I can't fathom.

Then I raised a factual, relevent point about the slander the media perpetrated against Wolfowitz... and you replied by repeating the debunked slander as fact.

Damn. You're. Dumb.

For several years,... (Below threshold)
For several years, most Democrats' "policy" on Iraq consisted of hatred for whatever policy George Bush supported.

Well, you COULD read policy plans written by various Democratic lawmakers...or you could just dismiss that, say they have no policies, and that they're motivated by hating Bush.

I, for one, don't know Bush and have no personal feelings about him whatsoever. There are many policies of his that I consider very bad which I would like to see changed.

I think the "right" (sic) has pushed the "Bush-hater" line about as far as it can go. If you think that Democrats would support the policies they oppose if only person carrying them out weren't Bush, you're dreaming...

'Hating Bush' may not be a ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

'Hating Bush' may not be a suitable foreign policy..though it may be better than simply 'Loving Bush" the subtheme our administration's hitherto foreign policy' where loyalty reigns over competence...The few wets, of the war, inside the administration, who said that Iraq would be more difficult than the President wanted to believe, have all been forced out .Bush and Cheney don't seem to be so strong on foreign policy, in so far as it involves actual policy.. They are much better at Churchillian blanket statements without his rhetorical skills that "we are at war on terror" or It (Iraq) will end in victory" and "the cause of freedom".
To quote a general "We cannot "shorthand" this issue (of failure to have a long term strategic plan) with concepts such as the "democratization of the region" or the constant refrain by a small but powerful group that we are going to 'win,' from""Why I Declined To Serve" (to accept the job of military czar) by retired Marine Corps general John J. Sheehan.
Monday, April 16, 2007

kim, "daily supply of energ... (Below threshold)

kim, "daily supply of energy", "gas line"

And brainy's link to the Gigot-era WSJ?

Neocon flackery from the Chamber of Commerce phone bank drones. I've skimmed it. For giggles.

"Well, you COULD read polic... (Below threshold)

"Well, you COULD read policy plans written by various Democratic lawmakers..."

I seem to remember a Democratic lawmaker setting the removal Saddam from power as the official policy plan of the U.S.

Who COULD that have been....

"And brainy's link to the G... (Below threshold)

"And brainy's link to the Gigot-era WSJ?

Neocon flackery from the Chamber of Commerce phone bank drones. I've skimmed it. For giggles."

Right, bryanD. MUCH better to take as gospel the anti-semetic drivel you linked to.

Back to the subject. I dis... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Back to the subject. I disagree Lorie. It appears to be the politics of the left to hate Bush. They cannot stand to have lost two elections to this man. There will be some who chime in here that Bush cheated, but the facts are that it has been proven Democrats are the party of cheaters. Kennedy, Johnson, the Governors race in Washington State, etc, etc. Pregnant chads. Why is it that ballots for Bush were clearly marked while those for gore were pregnant?

I guess if you want a larger government with intrusions into everyones life, if you want to increase taxes to pay for social programs that will weaken this free nation, if you want cradle to grave government assistance with all that entails. Bush is the worst President. If you want lower taxes, less government, a stout defense of this nation and the ability to fight our enemies on thier lands not ours. Bush is your man.

You know, bD is clearly int... (Below threshold)

You know, bD is clearly intelligent, and really could be something, if he didn't pull shit like this. You linked it, brainy, I reminded him of it, now Jay Tea posts on it, and all he can do is argue that the OpinionJournal is a 'neocon tabloid'.

It's just pitiful rhetoric. They say, bD, that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. At least try. It just doesn't feel right if you don't even try.

Uh....Zelsdorf... the "Bush... (Below threshold)

Uh....Zelsdorf... the "Bush is your man" list of strengths is incorrect. If you want to list Bush's strengths:

Lower taxes and strong defense, yes.

Less government, sadly, no.

Lower taxes and st... (Below threshold)
Lower taxes and strong defense, yes.

1. My taxes aren't lower. Are yours? (Sadly, I'm not in the top 1% in income.)
2. What kind of shape is the military in exactly?

kim, why do you act like th... (Below threshold)

kim, why do you act like there isn't an imbedded pro-war, free trade(NAFTA/WTO/SPP), open borders base of influence who call themselves neoconservatives?

Which publications agree with these tenets? WSJ, National Review (neoconized in the 90s), Weekly Standard, NY Post, NY Sun, Jerusalem Post, Times of London (thx. Murdoch!), etc

Remember the rule of thumb: war/free trade/open borders.
The relevance of these issues in the campaign will be telling.

#1 Laura Bush is a WOMAN. ... (Below threshold)

#1 Laura Bush is a WOMAN. John Edwards is a GUY. Most guys would be embarrassed to spend that much money on hair. But not John. Moral of this story? Ann Coulter was right.

#2 Laura Bush ain't complaining about the two Americas.


Somebody buy bD a labelmake... (Below threshold)

Somebody buy bD a labelmaker so he can classify all these evil ideas, while steadfastly ignoring the facts of the case.

Publicus, if your taxes are... (Below threshold)

Publicus, if your taxes aren't lower, than that means you aren't paying any.

Im getting a $17,700.00 ref... (Below threshold)

Im getting a $17,700.00 refund. Don't think it would be that much under Gore/Kerry/Hillary or whatever left winger they run. But then again, THEY know so much better how to spend my money....

You mean people still re... (Below threshold)

You mean people still remember Jimmy Carter?

Yes I do, and, up until the last few years I considered him to be the worst President ever. Jimmy had some tremendous blunders but nothing to compare with Iraq.

When Howard Dean was asked ... (Below threshold)

When Howard Dean was asked by Chris Matthews what his plan for Iraq is he answered, " We don't need a plan." Enough said. The dimmers have nothing. Just complaints and gimme gimme's. ww

Don't tell Larkin, but the ... (Below threshold)

Don't tell Larkin, but the Iraqis are glad we deposed Saddam.

LOL bD. You "tolerant, open... (Below threshold)

LOL bD. You "tolerant, open-minded" lib asshats refuse to read the neocon-supportin' liars at the freaking WSJ, but expect me to bow before the sage advice of the idiots you link to.
"Reality-based" my ass.

Publicus, yes my taxes are lower, overall, thanks for your concern. Of course lately they've gone up a little bit since I took advantage of the red-hot economy to get a better, higher-paying job...
As for the military, the Army and marines are a bit strained just now, but that's the fault of the previous DEMOCRATIC administration hamstringing them budget-wise. I was in charge of trying to get the needed equipment for my sub during that time, and those cuts really hurt. It takes awhile to build that stuff back up, especially if you're left with a large mess that was exacerbated by the pansy-assed policies of the same DEMOCRATIC administration.

Kim, that's the extent of B... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Kim, that's the extent of Bush's costly foreign policy. A slight % of living Iraqis may be pleased Saddam is gone (they want us out of there in any event) but as you know the majority of Americans don't consider the war to have been worth the result.

Well, Steve, the "slight %"... (Below threshold)

Well, Steve, the "slight %" that is the entirety of the Kurdish population is pleased as hell Saddam is gone, and they have pleaded for us to stay. Repeatedly. Read some of Mike Yon and other bloggers who... this may overload your system... are actually there.

It seems to me the people who are rooting loudest for us to just leave are a big part of why we haven't already.

Crickmore, you and the left... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Crickmore, you and the lefty Democrats have allies in those who oppose us. It is not the Iraqis who wish for our speedy exit. It is
Sadr, the Iranians and al Qaeda. I am supprised the DNC is not receiving financial support from Bin Laudin. Which of the Democratic nominees do you think the Iranian Mullas will support? Pelosi seems more interested in visiting State sponsors of terrorism than she is to talk realistically with he own President. Wonder how deeply involved she is in the brewing scandle concerning Feinstein and the North Hunters Point Naval facility?

"It seems to me the people ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"It seems to me the people who are rooting loudest for us to just leave are a big part of why we haven't already."

That's is exactly right. The Dims wonder why they are called traitors and why "THEY" have soldiers blood on their hands.

Some of us will never forget..







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