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Ismail AX -- Or Ismail YK?

Capt. Ed, Rusty, Hot Air and others are trying to figure out what "Ismail AX" (supposedly scribbled on the V tech killer's arm) means. I think it was mis-read by the local police. I think it was supposed to be Ismail YK who is a Turkish singer.

You've never heard of him? He's got almost 6,000 hits on a YouTube Search and over 1 million on google.

I don't get the connection to the killer, but I'll throw it out there. I think we might be barking up the wrong tree.


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Comments (52)

It doesn't need to mean any... (Below threshold)

It doesn't need to mean anything; the voices made him do it.

Perhaps he was a Bob Marley... (Below threshold)
nobody special:

Perhaps he was a Bob Marley fan?

Whatever, it's probably rel... (Below threshold)

Whatever, it's probably religiosity.

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled ... (Below threshold)
johnathan douix:

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled backwards XALIAMSI was the anti-depressant he was on.

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled ... (Below threshold)
johnathan douix:

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled backwards XALIAMSI was the anti-depressant he was on.

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled ... (Below threshold)
johnathan douix:

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled backwards XALIAMSI was the anti-depressant he was on.

Is he the Turkish version o... (Below threshold)
Not Tony:

Is he the Turkish version of Andrew W.K.?

Except "AX" was part of his... (Below threshold)

Except "AX" was part of his XBOX live username.

I suspect it may have said ... (Below threshold)

I suspect it may have said "Ismail YK," too, after a Google search turned up Ismail Yk. Some of the lyrics sound like something this guy might have been into:
Resimlere bak (Look at the photographes)
Mektubumla avun(Be consoled by my letter)
Şarkılar tut (Sing songs)

Kendinden vazgeç (Give up yourself)
Yastığına sarıl (Embrace ur pillow)
Korkular tut (hold on fears)

Dağılsın kalbin (Fall in to pieces of ur heart)
Öl hatta orda (Even die there)
Lanetler yağdır (Curse)
Beni hatırla (Remember me)

I can't vouch for the accuracy of this translation, and of course it's impossible to know for sure what the Ismail Ax/Yk referred to. Interesting, in any case.

AX is also Alpha Chi, a col... (Below threshold)

AX is also Alpha Chi, a college honors society.

i,ve been digging around an... (Below threshold)

i,ve been digging around and think that AX could stand for Alpha Chi Omega, when abbrivated ΑΧΩ. i just found this, messing around. My reasoning is that he reportedly left a letter. That was anti- female and anti rich kid. This might mean something against woman if ismail means something.

<a href=" (Below threshold)
It would seem that Ismail c... (Below threshold)
Another Guess:

It would seem that Ismail could be a spelling of Ishmael (see wikipedia) from the bible, the scorned child of Abraham (not the one taken to be sacrificed), who was an expert in archery and of whom it was said by God: "He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." Then perhaps the inscription means that he is The Ax of Ismail (i.e. the vengance of those that are scorned). This theme thus connects to the marksmanship, the themes presented in the plays of step-children abused, and perhaps refers to a Christian fundamentalist upbringing. It is conjecture, but South Korea of all Asian countries has the greatest number of fundamentalist Christians and is second only to the US in providing missionaries.

It appears to have an Islam... (Below threshold)

It appears to have an Islamic meaning...just put Ismail's ax or the ax of Ismail in your search engine.

Well, who'd a thunk....... (Below threshold)
" imail ax = ismailax = is ... (Below threshold)

" imail ax = ismailax = is mai lax = is my luck "

sorry 2nd post, typos ...</... (Below threshold)

sorry 2nd post, typos ...

"ismail ax = ismailax = is mai lax = is my luck"

The demons drove him to do ... (Below threshold)

The demons drove him to do it.

I think I figured it out. "... (Below threshold)

I think I figured it out. "Ismail Ax" is an identity he threw together from a series of novels in the science/fantasy/horror genre (Trinity Blood). In that series of novels (later translated into Korean) we see read that, "AX's agents are called executors." Also, the series gives a rather strange and bizarre focus on the Catholic Chruch (just as his play does.) -david, chico, ca

We need more data. On which... (Below threshold)

We need more data. On which arm was the phrase scribbled? Equally importantly, with which arm did he shot himself? He may have believed himself to be a vehicle of some god's vengeance.

Its not AX - its 'triangle'... (Below threshold)

Its not AX - its 'triangle' & 'X' as in the Playstation buttons.

Probably the commands for shoot and reload in a first person shooter.

Ismail is on the credits of SOCOM US Navy Seals first person shooter. Or it could be the shooter's PS2 handle.

If his PS2 handle is Ismail... (Below threshold)

If his PS2 handle is Ismail my theory is that it
is a "reminder" to keep firing and reloading.

hmm tricky.. i'm more into ... (Below threshold)

hmm tricky.. i'm more into studyin his behaviour of why he did such thing.. and all these pieces put together.. we'll get d answer
Ismail AX mite or mite not have anything to do wid d shootings..
I'm very sure d police has gotten way ahead .. his laptop.. shud have given off many hints.. from d type of songs he listen to, d websites/cookies he visit, history of his actions online n computer.. personal writings etc way heaps
Then his english essays plays etc

Ismail AX.. it mite be sth to do wid "korean"..
if he's a gamer, then it cud be associated wid games..

anyways, my condolences go out to the victims n their families etc. this incident made me upset for the past few days..

mel, I like your contractio... (Below threshold)

mel, I like your contractions. With minimal experience it would not slow down comprehension.

Ismail AX sounds a lot like... (Below threshold)

Ismail AX sounds a lot like a counterstrike, WoW, or starcraft clan member's handle, the AX being the clan name.

Nah, the clan name usually ... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Nah, the clan name usually comes first in brackets, dashes or some other combo (e.g., [AX], -=AX=-).

It does sound like a gaming name though. Maybe BF2 or 2142 maybe. He did have a laptop though so it is doubtful he was playing a FPS. Could be wrong though. He was a little wacked out so I'm thinking WOW. Also, it seems like he would have been too shy to have been active in a clan.

Bored and started searchin,... (Below threshold)

Bored and started searchin, thought this was weird...

In 15/7/1999, in Yazid village in Beni Swaif Governorate, there have been fatal clashes occurred between a family owns about 43 acres and some of tenant farmers. The disputes were erupted because the owner family insisted to evacuate the farmers from the plots. When the last refused to leave the plot the owners decided to stay in the plot in order to prevent the tenants from entering it.

Thus when the tenants entered the plot the members of the owner family open the fire against them to kill Mahrous Farag Ibrahim 30 years, Korani Sayed Abdella 45 years, Shehata Gaber M. 17 years and Shehata Sayed Abdella 38 years. While both of Nagi Abdel hamid, Heba M. Wahba, Ismai'l A. Radi, Hamdi Nagi Abdel Hamid, Sayed A. Radi, and M. A. Ali were wounded.

The injuries have told the researchers of the Center that the clashes were erupted because the plot that the family claimed its ownership of it in the absence of any documents can assert their claim.

The farmers mentioned that the family have practiced several kinds of pressure against the tenants to let them leave the plot.

Particularly through the head of investigation department of the police station in Ahnasia who treated them harshly and when we refused to leave the plot they resort to violent ways. The security forces were moved quickly in great numbers to put the village under siege where they terrorized the tenants and insulted their wives and sons and then arrested 15 of tenants. Six of those arrested were detained and then committed to the prosecution they are: Nasr Aldin Mahmoud 50 years, Shams Aldin Mahmoud 61 years, Mahmoud Shams Aldin 30 years, Moghtar Shams Aldin 33 years, Yehia Nasr Aldin 17 years and Ali A. Hassan 37 years. While there are three other farmers are still runaway.

this is an online gaming re... (Below threshold)

this is an online gaming reference. There is an AX Clan in games such as jedi knight and red faction. I'm thinking this dude was an avid online gamer and he has sort of acted out his game fantasy. There are no square brackets probably because he was in a rush?

It's probably the password ... (Below threshold)

It's probably the password to his computer account.

dumbasses...... (Below threshold)


Ismail YK is popular for be... (Below threshold)

Ismail YK is popular for being a dark singer. His popular song last summer was one using a bad-omen curse to his ex which is "Allah kahretsin", an intense way of saying, "God damn (you)." Most singers do not use such heavy words. But the chances of Ismail YK being the meaning behind Ismail AX is unlikely.

I started researching this ... (Below threshold)

I started researching this yesterday when I read what he wrote. Hearing that he sighned his note with this makes me a beleiver in waht I have found. "ismail Ax" is referenced as an unknown word grouping in what is called text tagging. To summarize, text tagging is used to cinduct searches based on text on web pages etc. Anyway....The phrase ismail Ax is tagged as NN,NNP thaose tags reference that the phrase is, ambiguous, or improperly labled, ie it is in question. Since we allready know cho was known for sighning his name as a question mark I belive he simplu adopted this unknow word gropuing as his name by capitilizing the "I" in ismail it now becomes a proper noun. the name is symbollic of a question. He questioned his own identity.

Wonder if the sniveling lit... (Below threshold)

Wonder if the sniveling little coward was also too stupid to remember the command line syntax for a unix-style mail application. The -ax is a common set of options for many unix commands. There is such an application available for Windows XP, but I don't know if it has a command line option.

ISMAIL AX = ALIAS MIX, MAIL... (Below threshold)


i dunno. Ismail Ax doesn't really hold any big significance, though

well, considering since he ... (Below threshold)

well, considering since he seemed that he studied the bible ismail (there are many different spellings of the name) is a biblical character who was hostile towards the world and the world hostile towards him. So if you make that connection then it sounds like he is comparing himself to that character, which makes sense because he talked about the world treating him poorly.

i just found some info abou... (Below threshold)

i just found some info about what ax may stand for

ax is another spelling for axe, which could represent killing

so a hostile killer who feels against the world is basically what i think it means

ESKIMO... (Below threshold)


go to myspace and such simi... (Below threshold)
Tony Chez:

go to myspace and such similar sites and search ismail ax. or myspace.com/uzi4life

Could AX stand for Anti-Chr... (Below threshold)

Could AX stand for Anti-Christ?

Makes as much sense as anything else.

I think the Ismail YK theor... (Below threshold)

I think the Ismail YK theory has substance.

In a hurry,or under stress,the shooter could have drawn the "one top part" of the "y" too long,thus creating the illusion of an "x".

According to the investi... (Below threshold)

According to the investigators:

ISMail is a mail server for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Ax is a user name for ISP email accounts. ISMail accounts can store an unlimited number of messages, and send and recieve messages of nearly any size. The killer's profile clearly shows nothing that could be linked to Islam or Muslims by any reasonable person.

His roommates report that h... (Below threshold)

His roommates report that he was not a gamer.

I guarantee that Imail ax m... (Below threshold)

I guarantee that Imail ax makes sense in his twisted reality. Whether it does or not in ours would be co-incidental.

If it was Ismail Ax, the co... (Below threshold)

If it was Ismail Ax, the connections to moby dick are wrong because Moby Dick's Character was ISHMAEL not ISMAIL.

Now Ismail Ax could be a anagram and if it is "Alias Mix" could make a lot of sense.

now in religious context if its Ismail YK

you can get "I am Silky" and in the Islam faith you are not permitted to wear silk.

ben turküm ve bunun is... (Below threshold)

ben turküm ve bunun ismail yk ile hiç bir ilgisi olduğunu düşünmüyorum.

"Ismail Ax" is an anagram f... (Below threshold)

"Ismail Ax" is an anagram for "Axis Mali" which is Latin for "Axis of Evil" so there you have your connection to North Korea.

You guys are giving this gu... (Below threshold)

You guys are giving this guy way too much credit. He probably just used the name because he thought it sounded ominous or mysterious. I don't think the guy was very intelligent...based on the plays he wrote.

The return address on the E... (Below threshold)
Neil Lehto:

The return address on the Express Mail envelope to NBC was

A. Ishmael
88 Revel Dr
Blacksburg, VA 24060

It could be Bevel,Fevel Bovel or Revol (Lover backwards) There is no Revel Dr in Blacksburg. I could find no such street by any of the above.

Lets be honest here, who wi... (Below threshold)

Lets be honest here, who will ever know what the scrawlings of a deluded individual really mean. Although, the bible reference appears to be most consistant as it was reported that he understood the bible exceptionally well. The guy was obviously too far gone in the mind so who knows what he was thinking.

Hey I AM TURKISH AND THIS P... (Below threshold)

Hey I AM TURKISH AND THIS PERSON HAS NOTHING EQUALITY WIHT ISMAIL YK. That guy was a FREAK! Ismail Yk is a great turkish singer and very FAMOUS one. I LOVE HIM :D Hi is not a satanist either, most of hes songs is about LOVE :))))

I did not know axis mail tr... (Below threshold)

I did not know axis mail translated to axis of evil, that is very interesting. And to the poster who said the murderer wasn't very intelligent, i beg to differ. The assassin orchestrated a very elaborate plan. First off, he used 2 German weapons in the murder, killed everyone in the German class except for the girl who looked like a skinhead neo-nazi, then goes into the next class and kills a holocaust survivor who developed planes for the United States during the cold war, on holocaust remembrance day, and 2 days before Hitlers birthday. I do not know if these are pure coincidences or not but they are very strange. Another strange thing i noticed about Blacksburg, Virginia is that there is a game company there called "Great White Games" which developed a game called "Brave New World" and among other games in their devlopment are about "Caves" "Alternate Wars" and other strange things. And in Brave New World what happens is America is turned in to a fascist government. A company called underground creations is developing a re-make of Brave New World and another game where alien forces from heaven and hell attack the wolrd in the year 2112 and warriors from a "secret antarctic base" must rescue earth from the heavenly creatures. Very strange if you ask me.

ısmayir hici semiyorum </... (Below threshold)

ısmayir hici semiyorum






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