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There is Hope for Journalism

In the wave of the horror at Virginia Tech, we should still not forget other important news. Jemele Hill, who writes for ESPN The Magazine, has a compelling column addressed directly, and honestly, to Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann, the three men falsely accused of rape at Duke University.

Her words are neither trite nor easy. They are exactly what needs to be said, and it shows promise for the future of Journalism. Ms. Hill has done a good thing, and not for her own advancement, nor for a cause, but in simple obedience to Justice and Decency.

Thank you, Ms. Hill. Especially since it would be easy for people to forget these young men, now that the spotlight has moved on.

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That was one heck of an art... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

That was one heck of an article written by Jemele Hill. I know that she must have crossed a lot of her ESPN colleagues and jeopardized her career by writing that. The effort is much appreciated.

If I could, I would like to pose another question to Ms. Hill. ESPN has been making a lot of noise recently about the decline in the percentage of major league baseball players who are black. The implication is that ESPN doesn't think that there are enough black players in baseball, whatever "enough" may mean in this case.

So the question is: given the implication that some sort of quota should exist for black players, and given that the number of major-league roster slots is fixed, which non-black players does ESPN propose should be banned from baseball so that more black players can be called up?

Agreed, there are bigger ev... (Below threshold)

Agreed, there are bigger evils in this world than "offending" somebody. We should stop focusing on race as a motivator for anything.

Bravo for Jemele Hill! That... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Bravo for Jemele Hill! That's some courageous writing.

Her email address is printe... (Below threshold)

Her email address is printed at the end of the article. I've sent her a note of respect, perhaps others might too.

Not to malign Miss/Mrs/Ms H... (Below threshold)

Not to malign Miss/Mrs/Ms Hill...but if the only good, honest journalism is at ESPN, maybe it's not a realistic hope...






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