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"You Caused Me to Do This"

ABC News is reporting that one line of the several pages long note left by the Virginia Tech shooter says "You caused me to do this."

Cho Seung-Hui, the student who killed 32 people and then himself yesterday, left a long and "disturbing" note in his dorm room at Virginia Tech, say law enforcement sources.

Sources have now described the note, which runs several pages, as beginning in the present tense and then shifting to the past tense. It contains rhetoric explaining Cho's actions and says, "You caused me to do this," the sources told ABC News.

As Jay Tea says below, the responsibility for the shooting lies with the shooter. As I wrote late last night, there are lessons that can be learned, but that anyone other than the mass murderer is to blame is not one of them.

Update: I agree with Henry's observation in the comments section, "After reading the story you linked in your prior post about the 'Bath school massacre', this brings to mind the big note that Kehoe left behind...'Criminals are made, not born'. No real explanation will ever be enough to justify murdering so many in cold blood." Even in all of the writings left by the Columbine killers, no one could really answer the "why" question. Evil and insanity are not easily explainable.

Update II: More on the note in this Fox News report (which also includes information from the Chicago Tribune). Link via Atlas who writes about the ISMAIL AX signature on the note. Below is a bit from the Fox News piece. Read the full article and the Atlas post for speculation about the significance of the ignature.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the note railed against "rich kids" and "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" on campus.

The Tribune also said Cho had been behaving strangely lately, setting a dorm room on fire and allegedly stalking women. Other reports said he had been taking medicine for depression.

A Virginia Tech professor said Cho's work in creative-writing class was so disturbing that he had been referred to the school's counseling service.


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... After reading ... (Below threshold)


After reading the story you linked in your prior post about the "Bath school massacre", this brings to mind the big note that Kehoe left behind..."Criminals are made, not born".

No real explanation will ever be enough to justify murdering so many in cold blood.

"You caused me to do this" ... (Below threshold)

"You caused me to do this" is so emblematic of Sociopathy it's practically a cliche.

A Sociopath believes that they are forced to take action; that, in effect, they other person forced them to take harmful or murderous action against others. A Sociopath believes that his/her very existence is predicated on eradicating the person (or persons) who threatens them. Humiliation is life-threatening to someone who suffers from Sociopathy: O.J. Simpson is a classic case as is, it would appear, Cho Seung-Hui.

L, I've heard that a charac... (Below threshold)

L, I've heard that a characteristic remark of the Borderline, AKA Sociopath, is: "I hate you; don't leave me.

L, I've heard that... (Below threshold)
L, I've heard that a characteristic remark of the Borderline, AKA Sociopath, is: "I hate you; don't leave me.

Kim: People who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder definitely exhibit similar tendencies, although the motivation to strike back would likely be different than that of the Sociopath. A Borderline "acts out" or provokes because (and this anecdote comes from my Dad, a PsyD) they believe that they don't actually exist. In acting out against another person they elicit a reaction and it is that reaction that confirms that they do, in fact, exist. Heady stuff.

A Sociopath, on the other hand, has no real sense of right or wrong outside of what is either supporting or threatening them. Morals exist within a sort of vacuum for them: for someone like O.J. Simpson, the fact that Nicole allowed some young stud to drive the Ferrari O.J. had given her was deeply offensive to him. The humiliation he suffered at her hands threatened his very survival, and excused any abuse (including her murder) to which he subjected her. It's a really twisted version of "self defense", but in a Sociopath's mind it excuses his transgressions.

langtry, despite what many ... (Below threshold)

langtry, despite what many (including myself) believe, we haven't had yet any [b]complete[/b] proof that OJ Simpson killed Nicole and her lover. I agree with what you say otherwise...they develop their own sense of right or wrong based on whatever seems to be helping/hurting them (and I emphasize "seems").

The Wikipedia article regarding the Bath School Massacre:

<a href="http://www.thesmok... (Below threshold)

An example of Cho's "disturbed" writing at The Smoking Gun, for those who are interested.

I'm not sure it is any more "disturbed" what passes for creative writing in many classes these days, but it certainly demonstrates the lad wasn't likely to make the Dean's List any time soon.

Argh..when I asked about th... (Below threshold)

Argh..when I asked about the text formatting, I meant the little editor that you get in the "type your comment" page, does html formatting work here? I forget :(






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