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A Big Farewell on American Idol

Spoiler alert to those who have not yet watched tonight's episode of American Idol.

It took country week to stop the "Vote for the Worst" voters. Sanjaya finally got voted off of American Idol tonight.

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Long overdue.... (Below threshold)

Long overdue.

YES!... (Below threshold)


I'm converted.Ther... (Below threshold)

I'm converted.

There is a God!

Finally Sanjaya is off the ... (Below threshold)

Finally Sanjaya is off the show. I actually like the kid and think he probably has a future on a sitcom (or something) but he is no American Idol.

This year's Idol hasn't been as fun as previous years in my opinion but I think it's just that I have been too busy to really get into it.

I like Blake and Melinda best.

<a href="http://voteforthew... (Below threshold)

http://votefortheworst.com will be disapointed.

The vote rigged. American I... (Below threshold)

The vote rigged. American Idol has lost all credibility.

Audit trail?...... (Below threshold)

Audit trail?...

I'm thinking Jordin Sparks ... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking Jordin Sparks may win the whole thing. She was FANTASTIC this week. And so was Phil Stacey.

Still cannot believe Chris Richardson has made it this far. I don't get it.

I can't believe it has been... (Below threshold)

I can't believe it has been on the air this long, I can proudly say I have never watched it.

It took country week to ... (Below threshold)

It took country week to stop the "Vote for the Worst" voters. Sanjaya finally got voted off of American Idol tonight.

That's it, I'm taking an overdose of Prozac and checking out.

Boy oh Boy, Jay Leno will b... (Below threshold)

Boy oh Boy, Jay Leno will be having a sendoff for Sanjaya fit for royalty tomorrow evening as he always invites the losing contestant on for a segment.

For whatever Sanjaya lacked in talent, which was indeed a great deal, he seemed to more than make up for it in sheer showmanship and drive to reinvent himself each night out and amaze and entertain. He certainly gave comics an endless source of comedy material, and for this they should remain forever grateful. Sanjaya probably drove up the ratings on IDOL by creating a great controversy as well as some comic appeal. All in all, this flash in the pan, Sanjaya phenomenon has been very good for this program. He'll actually be missed by many viewers in a preverse sort of way.

Sanjaya may yet get a recording contract somewhere(in the late 70's new wave label Stiff Records rounded up every kook and wierdo they could find like Ian Dury, Wreckless Eric and others, and gave them a recording contract. It was either collecting a disability check or else working for Stiff Records in those days). Sanjaya may even become a crummy Holiday Inn type performer as well. "Hey how you doing. You folks here from Pittsburgh. And this next song goes a little like this..."

God bless you Sanjaya, if no one else will.

I thought he was an average... (Below threshold)

I thought he was an average singer. What was terrible were the better then average singers that were let go before him. Now the competition will be fair. Great singers going against great singers. I agree with the above comment about Jordan Sparks. She has it all. Stage presence, looks, confidence and a great range. ww

Our long national nightmare... (Below threshold)

Our long national nightmare is over.

The whole season needs to b... (Below threshold)

The whole season needs to be voted off. The entire list of contestants has the combined personality of pocket lint and I still don't know any of their names. The vote will still come down to either a Justin Timberlake clone or an Aretha Franklin clone.

Face it, the only excitement in the show was Results Night and waiting to see if Sanjaya would be voted off. Now they won't even have that.

This whole season was one big snore.

I have only watched snippet... (Below threshold)

I have only watched snippets of "American Idol": it's not, and has never been, my thing. What I saw of Sanjaya's singing talent didn't impress me, but one thing stands out about the guy -- he had guts.

Think about it. This young guy was goaded by Simon, relentlessly taunted in papers and on the web, and he kept it together. I have to say I admire his pluck.

Hey I don't remember any ot... (Below threshold)

Hey I don't remember any other #7 idol meeting the President after getting voted off. No matter what you think of the guy, he definately made an impression on (and for) American Idol

I knew Sanjaya would go but... (Below threshold)

I knew Sanjaya would go but I hoped Phil and Chris would go first...it was fun seeing what Sanjaya would do each week. The show is as I thought boring and talentless with or without him so whats the difference if he stayed awhile longer to make the show interesting...although I am starting to like Jordin...

NOw that two will be going ... (Below threshold)
Proud of it:

NOw that two will be going I hope it's PHil and ChriS.






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