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He ain't got rhythm

I think I've finally figured out John Kerry's fatal flaw. It's not that he's a career gigolo. It's not that he's a flip-flopper of legendary status. It's not that he's a sheer and utter phony.

It's that like so many other white men (myself included), the man has no sense of rhythm. Of timing.

John Kerry was against the Viet Nam war, then he was for it, then he was against it again. He was against the first Gulf War, for the second, then against it again. He always had the right positions, but at the wrong time.

In the past week, he's displayed his remarkable gift not once, but twice.

First up, barely five months after his "botched joke" pretty much shredded whatever chances he ever had of winning the presidency -- and caused a huge headache for his fellow Democrats just before the November elections -- he's toying with the notion of running again. (Hat tip to Jim Addison of Wizbang Politics)

Then, after Don Imus has pretty much become the corpse that he's looked like for so long, Kerry decides that it's time for him to defend the I-Man, who did so much for his failed campaign back in 2004. Apparently Kerry agreed with those who noted that one of the biggest casualties of the whole Imus affair will be Democrats, who gained access (through Imus) to whole groups of voters that they couldn't otherwise reach.

Poor John Kerry. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but in his case one that's always behind will never be correct.

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It seems when most politici... (Below threshold)

It seems when most politicians test the political winds, they immediately note the prevailing wind direction and cast themselves into the fray based upon that initial gust. They are hoping the initial gust remains true to the final wind direction.

While the rest of the world has already piled on Imus, Kerry stayed mum. Not wanting to alienate his erstwhile supporter and hoping for a reactive change in the wind. And now he senses a wind shear to some extent and wants to join that tide so he can be identified with a winner for a change.

That could be one exsplanation for his actions. Personally, I just think Kerry can't help being stupid!

"It's that like so many oth... (Below threshold)

"It's that like so many other white men (myself included), the man has no sense of rhythm. Of timing."

Jay Imus has just offended us in the white men community.....

Give him 3 months to figure... (Below threshold)

Give him 3 months to figure out that he's not able to raise campaign donations to the degree needed to mount a serious run and he'll slide back into the wings again.

Wait, this is John Kerry -- give him 4 months to figure it out.

Actually, John F. Kerry ain... (Below threshold)

Actually, John F. Kerry ain't got much of ANYTHING going for him. Nobody with decent eyesight could call him physically attractive, he is possessed of a second rate mind, a dubious work ethic and minimal loyalty. The only thing he DOES have much of is blind ambition - but blind ambition is not a qualifier for the Presidency and I hope it never is. When a candidate lacks a positive agenda or any shred of moral compass, they are unfit.

And unlike "innocent until PROVEN guilty" - I hold politicians guilty of moral bankruptcy unless and until they can prove otherwise, cynical old broad that I am!

If his timing lags enough, ... (Below threshold)

If his timing lags enough, Kerry might "lap" himself, so to speak, and he'll be right again...for a moment.

One thing I admire Kerry fo... (Below threshold)

One thing I admire Kerry for is that he dumped Joe Wilson after the SSCI revealed his lies. Had he stuck with him, Joe would be Ambassador to France, today.

I laff and laff at the abso... (Below threshold)

I laff and laff at the absolute schmucks that the democraps parade out for presidential races. kucinich, kerry, edwards, sharpton, gore, etc. Then I cry when our guys have a hard time beating them!!

Didn't I hear somewhere tha... (Below threshold)

Didn't I hear somewhere that John Kerry served in Viet Nam?

Naw, he swerved.====... (Below threshold)

Naw, he swerved.

All the years in the senate... (Below threshold)

All the years in the senate and Kerry produced NOTHING. His whole life is based on playing it safe. His favorite color is plaid. ww

"Wait, this is John Kerry -... (Below threshold)

"Wait, this is John Kerry -- give him 4 months to figure it out."

Now that was funny Lee.

All the years in the sen... (Below threshold)
average wizbang poster:

All the years in the senate and Kerry produced NOTHING.

So the BCCI scandal was nothing? Reagan's Iran Contra scandal was nothing? Gotcha.

Again, the losers here are obsessed with yesterday's democrat politicians. Kerry is nothing these days, totally irrelevant, but apparently plenty for the wizzers.

Oh, more than 160 killed in Bagdad today, are you going to be writing another post about how the surge is working?

As imperfect as John Kerry ... (Below threshold)

As imperfect as John Kerry is, he at least stepped up to defend his friend, Don Imus. Where are all the others like John McCain, Tim Russert, Barack Obama and others who Imus always made time for now? They could have stepped up last week to defend their friend and save him, but clearly chickened out in the landslide of the character smear attack of insult comic Don Imus by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who want to impose their vision of culture on America.

Paul, I have to admit, as m... (Below threshold)

Paul, I have to admit, as much as I despise John Kerry, every now and then he shows me a flash of something admirable.






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