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Hilary Clinton's Favorable Ratings Fall through the Floor

Newsbusters has the story of the most recent Gallup poll that shows Hillary's favorable rating is at a level that hasn't been seen since 1993. In fact, it dropped 13 points in 2 months:

A majority of Americans have an unfavorable image of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton's current 45% favorable rating with the American public is her third consecutive reading below 50% in the past two months, and is one of the lowest Gallup has measured for her since 1993. The recent decline in her image appears to be broad-based, as it is evident among most key subgroups. Even after her image first showed signs of decline in early March, Clinton managed to maintain a healthy lead in Gallup's trial heat of Democratic preferences for the party's 2008 presidential nomination. However, the new poll shows her lead has shrunk to just five percentage points over Barack Obama.

In the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted April 13-15, 2007, more Americans say they have an unfavorable (52%) than a favorable view (45%) of Clinton...As recently as February, her favorable rating was a solid 58%.

That's a rapid descent in a mere 2 months while her unfavorables are still up there at 52%. I'll be shocked, however, if the MSM reports these numbers. To the media, Hillary is the heir apparent to the presidency, so they will avoid reporting information that could hurt her.


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Comments (47)

Actually Hillary Clinton ha... (Below threshold)

Actually Hillary Clinton has a Joe Libermanlike weakness with her own party base, where it probably is far more likely that Barack Obama gets the nomination as long as no scandal emerges to derail him.

The novelty of early campai... (Below threshold)

The novelty of early campaign has worn off. People realize it wasn't just an early announcement and a few weeks of celebrating.

She's the first to drop because she's among the front in getting the most press and she's generally unpleasant to hear speak.

The rest, Rep & Dem, would be smart to cool it for a while.

Well, apparently the MSM is... (Below threshold)

Well, apparently the MSM is not helping Hillary, since her favorable ratings are that low with or without the media's lack of reporting on her troubles. But don't worry, they still have their savior-apparent.. BARACK!!

Recall back in the '04 Pres... (Below threshold)

Recall back in the '04 Presidential primaries, the 'unnamed Democrat' faired better vs Bush than any of the other named candidates or "the less I know about you, the better I like you".

I couldn't stand her before... (Below threshold)

I couldn't stand her before she started campaigning, Listening to her is like death. The thought of another Clinton presidency is worse then death. I just do not believe that the American people want to go through more years of Clinton.

hit post to quickly...... (Below threshold)

hit post to quickly...

Obama's best course of action to win the primary is to say the 'unnamed Democrat'. The less, non-puff piece, press he gets the better he'll fair.

Hasn't this always been Hil... (Below threshold)

Hasn't this always been Hillary's pattern on a national level? When she talks about serious politics, people start noticing her and recalling that they don't like the idea of her in power. When she goes light and fluffy and apolitical, her polls go up as people return to thinking of her as a First Lady and badly-treated wife.

Her approval rating will al... (Below threshold)

Her approval rating will always be an inversion of her exposure. The more people see and hear, the less they will like. ...and she sucks!

You guys do know when the e... (Below threshold)

You guys do know when the election is, right? Remember who was way ahead in December of 2003? How'd that work out?

In all the fuss over the possibility of electing a woman or minority, the best Democratic candidate, who I think could win the general handily, has been ignored. I hope the damn fool democrats figure it out in time.

I'm gonna try to guess. Ap... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna try to guess. Apparently it isn't Gephart, and you told me it's not Obama. No overt clues, now; it ruins the fun.

The polls also show Obama k... (Below threshold)

The polls also show Obama kicking the asses of all of the Republican candidates. Odd that Obama's strong showing isn't being reported in the right-wing media...

Mantis, it is not when the ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Mantis, it is not when the election is, it is when the primaries are. Anyone running against her that is serious only need ask two questions to derail her candidacy. What will you charge to stay in the Lincoln bedroom this time? Will Bill have accesss to female Whitehouse staff? Your assersion that any Democratic candidate can win the general election overlooks the fact that in the last general election 62,000,000 voted Republican. That is a larger number than any Democrat ever received. What makes you think that will not happen again? Obama? I doubt we will ever elect a President with the middle name of Hussein. Call me prejudiced.

Lee: "The polls also show O... (Below threshold)

Lee: "The polls also show Obama kicking the asses of all of the Republican candidates."

Links please.

Lee:The polls als... (Below threshold)

The polls also show Obama kicking the asses of all of the Republican candidates.

mantis:(from a post prior to Lee's)
You guys do know when the election is, right? Remember who was way ahead in December of 2003? How'd that work out?

RealClearPolitics has Obama... (Below threshold)

RealClearPolitics has Obama leading Giuliani by (an avg of polls) .8%, Obama leading McCain by (an avg of polls) 6.4%.


Should Repubs simply surrender right now?

Well we won't. Well, perhaps we will, deny the obvious, and simply call it "political redeployment"

Hmmmm, before taking that dramatic step, perhaps it would be wise to consult President Kerry as to his faith in these polls.

Mike, maybe mantis is simpl... (Below threshold)

Mike, maybe mantis is simply Lee's sockpuppet but Lee's schizophrenia precludes him from "knowing" that.

Actually, thats very unfair to Mantis, so I officially apologize to Mantis for casting aspersions.

Lee: "The polls a... (Below threshold)
Lee: "The polls also show Obama kicking the asses of all of the Republican candidates."

Links please.

Lee has his own reality to which he's referring. For those of us still in touch with reality,

You can find a variety of '08 Presidential polls here

Here's an example of what Lee means when he says 'Obama is kicking the asses of the all the Republican candidates'.

Time Poll
4/5-9/07 Giuliani 45% Obama 45% (Margin of Error +/- 3%)
Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll
4/5-9/07 Giuliani 42% Obama 46% (Margin of Error +/-4%)

Odd that Obama's strong showing isn't being reported in the right-wing media...

Odd that 'right-wing' media doesn't report bogus Democrat propaganda ?

Hmmmm, before taking tha... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm, before taking that dramatic step, perhaps it would be wise to consult President Kerry as to his faith in these polls.


What people are failing to ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

What people are failing to put together is the fact Hillary was Bill Clinton's Karen Hughes. She was the brains and imspiration for focus behind his politics.

Unfortunately, liberals keep trying to make her president when she does not have the charisma or the tools. Hillary is more like Dick Nixon than Bill Clinton. When she speaks in a shrill manner about the failures of this president and how he lied the US into war (saying the almost identical same thing as her husband and Gore about Iraq) you can't help but wonder what she would bring to the table.

She is a weak candidate who ran for the senate in one of the two most liberal states in the country. She muscled her way onto the power committees because she is a Clinton and controlled the purse strings for the party. Her job in the Senate was only a platform to soapbox and mark time for the '08 elections. She has no legislative experience, and her votes were nothing more than PR moves to bolster her image. Maggie Thatcher she is not.

I think Diane Fienstein and Barack would make better presidents than Hillary. Right now, my vote is centered on Obama and Guliani

Can you sayPreside... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Can you say

President Barack Hussein Obama?

Doesn't scare me at all.

Times Bloomberg:Ob... (Below threshold)

Times Bloomberg:

Obama 46%
Guiliani 42%


Obama 48%
McCain 40%


Obama 50%
Romney 31%

No wonder you guys are whimpering.... Obama is kicking ass, and even Edwards has Romney and McCain whipped, and is only trailing Guiliani by 2% points.

Yeah, let's ask Howard Dean... (Below threshold)

Yeah, let's ask Howard Dean and Kerry how good those early polls are. lol. "President Kerry".....bwhahahahah.... hilarious.

Oh yeah, we're really worri... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, we're really worried by Mr. $400 haircut, can't even win my own state for reelection 2004 John Edwards.


ROFL.. no wonder you're a L... (Below threshold)

ROFL.. no wonder you're a Liberal Lee.

The Giuliani / Obama difference is within the margin of error. You said before Obama is 'kicking all the Republican candidates asses'... Once again you're a proven liar (using your definition), Lee... or I should say LyingLee.

Jo: (D)______... (Below threshold)



Concentrate on the above.
So it is written,
So it shall be done.
(else you'll get crow's feet!)

Lee, read Obama's book. He's a BS artist.
(His wife is a smart cookie, but she ain't running)

I guess you can add Hunter ... (Below threshold)

I guess you can add Hunter to the (R) column, but with Ace of Spades on your side, who needs enemies?

Osama is more of an empty ... (Below threshold)

Osama is more of an empty suit with an empty senate record than Christmas in Cambodia John Kerry.

Thats almost impossible, its hard to get worse than Hanoi John.

Osama will only get votes because he is black, yup, that makes sense.

well Lee-Aren't yo... (Below threshold)

well Lee-

Aren't you the "selective" little quoter-

Here's the part of the poll Lee omitted-

Rudy Giuliani (R) 48% - 42% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
John McCain (R) 42% - 45% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
Mitt Romney (R) 37% - 44% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

Rudy Giuliani (R) 45% - 43% John Edwards (D)
John McCain (R) 40% - 44% John Edwards (D)
Mitt Romney (R) 30% - 50% John Edwards (D)

Source: Bloomberg / Los Angeles Times
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,373 American adults, conducted from Apr. 5 to Apr. 9, 2007. Margin of error is 3 per cent.

Ya Lee that's some ass -kicking Obama beating Giuliani by 4% when the margin of error is 3%.

And this far out, we're loo... (Below threshold)

And this far out, we're looking at "Adult" respondents, not 'Likely Voters."

...surveyed 1,373 adults, including 1,246 registered voters. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The sample included 557 probable Democratic primary voters, who were asked about potential Democratic candidates, and 437 probable Republican primary voters, who were asked about GOP hopefuls.

(Wait-- Am I actually arguing about poll results?)

bryand: "I guess you can ad... (Below threshold)

bryand: "I guess you can add Hunter to the (R) column, but with Ace of Spades on your side, who needs enemies?"


Bryan, AoS is hilarious. How does his support translate into "political pain" of some sort for Hunter?

If you have specific example, even better.

a4gI know, I know ... (Below threshold)


I know, I know and the damn thing is over ten days old....

I just hate bursting Lee's bubble...snort

Lee: "No wonder you guys ar... (Below threshold)

Lee: "No wonder you guys are whimpering.."

Hilarious!! Lee thinks we're his boyfriend!!

As Obama demonstrated in hi... (Below threshold)

As Obama demonstrated in his shameless attempt to score political points off of the atrocity at Virginia Tech, he simply isn't ready for prime time national politics yet. He fails to impress on details of any issue or policy. His high standing now is mainly the result of the "blank slate syndrome" - the same reason "unnamed Democrat" always outpolls the ones with names: the less detail the citizens know about a candidate, the more likely they are to "fill in the blanks" the way they WISH he were, the way their own ideal candidate would.

These balloons always deflate as people learn more about the New Kid In Town.

Hillary's decline in favorability and increase in negative ratings reflects more of the current state of her own party and the independents. Republicans have consistently disliked her for 15 years or so - roughly since we first met her. But she can turn that around, as Democratic voters are notoriously fickle and tend to go with the last shiny object that catches their eyes.

LEEThe polls a... (Below threshold)


The polls also show Obama kicking the asses of all of the Republican candidates. Odd that Obama's strong showing isn't being reported in the right-wing media...

Funny, I count 12 different polls from across the political partisan divide on this single page and Obama trails in every one of them.

I suppose to give you the benefit of the doubt if you happen to feel (as you must Lee) trailing your competition in a range of 5 to 16 points is a "strong showing" your correct.

I was listening to the pill... (Below threshold)

I was listening to the pill-popper extraordinaire (Rush Limbaugh) the other day on my lunch, as a political junkie in a not just red but I'd say crimson red state, that's all you get. He said at this point he thinks Hillary has an 80% chance of becoming our next president. You should read the transcript, I found out from a link on the Drudge Report. He has very convincing logic.

I am afraid that Rush has g... (Below threshold)

I am afraid that Rush has gone back on the drugs.

Lee tried. Lee lied.... (Below threshold)

Lee tried. Lee lied.

And a man named Obama will never be our president. And I don't care for his wife. That little crack on 60 Minutes about "as a black man" her husband has to worry about his safety while filling up his car with gas (or something like that).......WTF??? Geeze, the last thing we need is a first lady black "victim" race baiter like Al Sharpton. No thanks.

"How does his support trans... (Below threshold)

"How does his support translate into "political pain" of some sort for Hunter?_Drago"

If Hunter needs a fat ass who thinks he's a pirate to be his representative, it's a problem.

Example of tooldom: the fake Michael Ware nanny nanny boo boo incident. Did Tub O. retract his SCOOP?

Current example: Even now he's declaring the ardent CONSTITUTIONALIST Ron Paul a "leftie".
Sure, Left as in George Washington viz a viz King George III.
But in the modern sense???

"Ace" is a keyboard commando. Why he's not lending a hand in "WWIII" perhaps you can enlighten me on. He's not too old, and 3 months of Diet Private status will melt those pounds off!

bD, in all my years of blog... (Below threshold)

bD, in all my years of blogging I've run across exactly one person using the chickenhawk argument who wasn't a chicken, and it isn't you.

Q: What did the military ca... (Below threshold)

Q: What did the military call the congressional aircraft that brought Hillary over to Iraq?

A: Broomstick One

Rush knows very well how to... (Below threshold)

Rush knows very well how to awaken the conservative base. There is always a method in Rush's madness. Oh yeah! Didn't Barrack have an admitted cocaine problem? Wow. And he wants to be president? Isn't there a lefty rule about that? Hm. Just wondering. ww

"Isn't there a lefty ru... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Isn't there a lefty rule about that?"

Come on WildWillie, you should know better than that. It's only wrong when a Republican does it.

I swear lee gets more and m... (Below threshold)

I swear lee gets more and more pathetic, if that's possible. It's his MO, post a bunch of crap, have everyone prove you are a lying sack, then disappear to the next post without answering for your idiocy. Truly pathetic.

kim, If I have a goo... (Below threshold)

If I have a good ace, I play it.
(And who's the "one"? Rutherford Hayes?)

The poll numbers speak for ... (Below threshold)

The poll numbers speak for themselves, Hoggy - I don't need to defend them - or to answer the putzes like you, with your grade school-level retorts.

Pick the best remark or retort above that was directed towards me and I'll come back and answer it - but I'm sorry, hanging around here playing badminton with intellectual midgets like you just ain't my cup of tea.

Anyone seen hoggy? Guess he... (Below threshold)

Anyone seen hoggy? Guess he's hiding under the covers in fear...

C'mon, ya' gotta tell me wh... (Below threshold)

C'mon, ya' gotta tell me where this Rutherford Behiden Hayes is blogging.






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