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Response to European Reaction to VT Massacre

Pam at Blogmeister USA has a must read post on the reaction of the European media to the VT shootings. She has had enough and points out some of the truths about violence and gun laws that those in Europe choose not to acknowledge.


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Comments (17)

France, while you're lectur... (Below threshold)

France, while you're lecturing the United States, I think you missed a few hundred cars being burned, and cops being assaulted. Run along now and tend to your own MASSIVE problems.

Jealousy is a powerful thing. It causes people and countries to make fools of themselves.

Is anyone really surprised ... (Below threshold)

Is anyone really surprised that tragedy in America is met with condecending lectures from abroad?

Give it six months.<p... (Below threshold)

Give it six months.

They'll be telling us about the "world wide support" we got, because some politicians sent some condolence letters.

My toilet could begin spout... (Below threshold)

My toilet could begin spouting epithets against America and I will simply consider the source.

The Onion has outlets in fr... (Below threshold)

The Onion has outlets in france and germmnay?...

My toilet could begin s... (Below threshold)

My toilet could begin spouting epithets against America and I will simply consider the source.


Skrook the Euro-Weenies. </... (Below threshold)

Skrook the Euro-Weenies.

Can you imagine what young Cho's parents are going thru?

You know what your parents ... (Below threshold)

You know what your parents always told you about people who bully you, or put you down? That that is the way insecure, troubled people try to feel better about themselves.

Anyway, every time I hear countries trying to put down the best country in all of history, I remember that old life lesson. It certainly applies.

The Euro=peons have always ... (Below threshold)

The Euro=peons have always had a condescending attitude towards America. They view us as unrefined and barbaric, and simply cannot imagine how our unsophisticated society outpaces their own brand of civilization in nearly every measurement.

The French feign horror at the "intrusion" of American cultural entities like McDonald's and Disney, yet fail to explain why their own people flock to them.

Envy fuels resentment. Add in a heavy dose of leftist politics, and you have the formula for pretending their high-tax, low-growth social welfare states who cannot even begin to defend themselves retain some degree of superiority.

These are the same people t... (Below threshold)

These are the same people that caved to the Muslim Imans, when the Danish newspaper published those cartoons lambasting Mohammad. These same people were living under the fear the Communist in the now defunct Soviet Union. They did not lift a finger to help in their own defense. Well, if they don't like what we stand for, we should just pull out our troops and businesses and leave them to fend for themselves. We all know that there would be another war in six weeks and France would be the one that starts it.

"Give it six months.<... (Below threshold)

"Give it six months.

They'll be telling us about the "world wide support" we got, because some politicians sent some condolence letters."

And then lecture us on how we frittered away their good will by doing such and such.

For anyone who has never li... (Below threshold)

For anyone who has never lived in France: The entire French population would have you believe that everyone who lived through the Nazi occupation was a member of the resistance. That would make the German occupation of France one of the greatest military accomplishments of all time. Where a mere 20 divisions of troops (approximately 450,000 troops) kept 45 million French resistance fighters under wraps for over four years.

And then there are the Germans themselves, peaceful nation that they are. And how about those Rumanians under Ceaucescu, Yugoslavs under Tito, Spanish under Franco, and who can forget that stalwart of peace - Mussolini. And who knows what happened behind the closed doors of Albania. Yeah, they have such good reason to feel superior.

And last but not least, in case the Europeans continue to feel so superior, I will leave you with one word - Beslan!

C'mon..what do you expect..... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

C'mon..what do you expect..from the Times of London..the British hate us..oh sure they sent a lot of troops to Iraq with KIA over 150...
The are a part of th EU..and you know how so many of them refused to send troops to Iraq because they didn't believe Bush..as any true American did..

It is not what they think..it is what we know...

Screw everybody but us..(no..I'm serious)

We all remember the famous ... (Below threshold)

We all remember the famous saying about people who live in glass houses......

Sure. We're so screwed up ... (Below threshold)

Sure. We're so screwed up here. That's why this week alone I've personally met two people who recently surrendered their European citizenship to be become Americans....

No, we're not alone in self-destruction, but Europe is way ahead of us in that regard as they repeat history at a faster pace than ever.

I'll go thank Pam now for pointing out the obvious.

PIMF :-)... (Below threshold)

PIMF :-)

These responses are so path... (Below threshold)

These responses are so pathetic, especially the first one. It appears that you guys have not even one iota of common sense. Do you really think that Europeans feel superior towards the Americans, simply because France did not support the US in the Irak War, and that they are jealous of the US? Give me a break. Although diplomatic relations haven't been so great between Bush and the former french president, Chirac, it doesn't mean that the French do not feel compassion for the VT victims. Everyone is horrified, even those who have a "condescending" attitude.
Just a quick fact: no war happened in France. I guess you are mature and smart enough to make a difference between suburbs riots and burnt cars and a civil war, can you?
Are burnt cars worst than 30 students killed, eh?
We had riots that lastes one month, in the Parisian suburbs, but no one was killed. WE, civilians, DO NOT possess FIRE ARMS, and guess what? We are definitely PROUD about it. We don't have 80 people killed/day by bullets like you guys have in the US. So, to conclude: Fermez votre gueule au lieu de balancer des conneries sur des sujets que vous connaissez a peine.






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