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Cho Seung-Hui: "I died like Jesus Christ"


The rambling manifesto's Cho Seung-Hui sent to NBC are starting to appear online. You can see the original NBC News report at LiveLeak, and some more of the raw video via AP. From the AP video comes a piece of the text I haven't seen quoted elsewhere.

"Thanks to you I died like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and defenseless people."

Um, no you didn't...


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Comments (54)

That's messed up. And that... (Below threshold)

That's messed up. And that block wall behind him looks like most state college dorm walls that I've seen. And I've partied in more than a few in my day ; )

That kid's still messed up though.

He didn't inspire weak and ... (Below threshold)

He didn't inspire weak and defenseless people, he perspired weak and defenseless people. Slip of the thought pattern I guess...

Is it possible this person ... (Below threshold)

Is it possible this person was nuts?

Just a thought.

scratch my perspire with ex... (Below threshold)

scratch my perspire with expire...

I'm having my own brain fart slip of thought pattern >_

Expired might be a better w... (Below threshold)

Expired might be a better word choice than perspired.

This has nothing to do with class struggle. It doesn't even have anything to do with this person's delusions.

No one sane is inspired by someone who targets students *in the same classes he attended* for being the oppressor class. Sheesh.

He killed his PEERS.

It's quite possible that he... (Below threshold)

It's quite possible that he's going to inspire generations not to be weak and defenseless people in the face of brutality.

Yes, he was insane with an evil twist leaning towards singleing out women.

Yes, astigafa, he was nuts.... (Below threshold)

Yes, astigafa, he was nuts.

For whatever reason and in whatever way he was truly messed up, that's what it was.

The one time that we know o... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The one time that we know of when this evil person actually encountered "weak and defenseless people" - he shot them.

From Ann Coulter, just posted:

Only one policy has ever been shown to deter mass murder: concealed-carry laws. In a comprehensive study of all public, multiple-shooting incidents in America between 1977 and 1999, the inestimable economists John Lott and Bill Landes found that concealed-carry laws were the only laws that had any beneficial effect. And the effect was not insignificant. States that allowed citizens to carry concealed handguns reduced multiple-shooting attacks by 60 percent and reduced the death and injury from these attacks by nearly 80 percent.
I know Synova, thanks for p... (Below threshold)

I know Synova, thanks for pointing out my brain fart =-P

Yeah, I hit "post" and saw ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I hit "post" and saw you'd already caught that while I was typing.

I think Ace at Ace of Spade... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I think Ace at Ace of Spades has the right idea, start photoshopping pictures of him in dresses with dildos...give him the kind of fame he didn't quite bargain for.

To quote Ace, regarding NBC:

NBC spokesmen said they would handle the videos with "all the discretion, care, and sensitivity that a certifiable ratings bonanza deserves."

Indeed. The only thing that would top it if NBC had a video of him killing US soldiers in Iraq...
...of course, CNN beat them to that.

He didn't inspire weak a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

He didn't inspire weak and defenseless people, he perspired weak and defenseless people. Slip of the thought pattern I guess...

I think you mean "expired"...

Anti-Christian, Anti-Rich, ... (Below threshold)

Anti-Christian, Anti-Rich, Anti-West.

If he had any political affiliation, it was with the socialist wannabe Left.

To clarify that had nothing... (Below threshold)

To clarify that had nothing directly to do with him being a murderous scumbag. But it looks like that was his thing.

I think he was firmly place... (Below threshold)

I think he was firmly placed where the extreme left and the extrme right meet. In the sewer.

More photoshops please.

We are anonymous, we are legion, anonymous does not forgive morons who kill defenseless people.

A perfect portrait of a par... (Below threshold)

A perfect portrait of a paranoid schizophrenic not taking their medication to control their delusions if ever there was one.

A perfect portrait of the h... (Below threshold)

A perfect portrait of the horror of a paranoid schizophrenic nat taking their medication to control their violent delusions.

Sorry for the double post. ... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the double post. A systemic glitch here.

If someone says, "I love Go... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If someone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen. - 1 Jhon 4:20

I don't think any analysis ... (Below threshold)

I don't think any analysis of this pussy is worthy of our time. He was a weak little self-absorbed pissant who hopefully will enjoy his existence in hell. If there is any justice, he will live forever in the circle where those "rich kids" and minorities he hates will be giving it to him in a private place every second of his miserable eternity.

Schizo's cannot plan and or... (Below threshold)

Schizo's cannot plan and organize their thoughts to carry out a plan like this. He is psychotic.

Sometimes I think he was rebuffed by a rich, white girl. His anger at times seems specific. Like a life changing experience or delusion. ww

I don't think Cho was clinc... (Below threshold)

I don't think Cho was clincally nuts. His actions were consistent with someone who lacks empathy and is highly narcissistic.

I wish they had not aired t... (Below threshold)

I wish they had not aired the video for one important reason. It is what this sicko wanted. I would have denied him his opportunity for glory. I have not seen it, and I will leave the room or turn off the tv if it is aired for that reason.

Enjoy Hell, you cowardly sc... (Below threshold)

Enjoy Hell, you cowardly scum.

Has anyone else noticed he ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone else noticed he sounds a little like Napolian Dynamite?

As I've said in similar thr... (Below threshold)

As I've said in similar threads in the past, its not appropriate to even give this scum the attention he's getting in this thread. Don't mention his name, don't post his pictures and videos, and don't even discuss his deeds. Just mourn the lost victims and realize that one of the prices we pay for a free society is that maniacs like him are not locked up at the first sight of mental disturbance.

This was the act of a COWAR... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

This was the act of a COWARD and should be labled as such. There is some irony in the fact that this same mentality exists in the bloggers at Daily Koz, Wonkette, Etc. that believe the death of someone else who they percieve as EVIL & (OMG) RICH! can be justified in thier minds. Acts of cowardice brought to you through the mindset of perceived superiority!

Synova-You said-</... (Below threshold)


You said-

He killed his peers

Not a chance- for days now I have been mourning the high quality of people that he took away with him.

The inequality of it.

They were never ever his peers or equals.

We have lost a community of great people, and we will never know the enormity of the loss of their potential or what might have been.

Wildwillie-With th... (Below threshold)


With the narcissism, lack of empathy and dehumanization of others I think the term or diagnosis for him is-


I realize this is off topic... (Below threshold)

I realize this is off topic and I apologize, bearing in mind waht epador said, I found this video of The US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon via LGF a much better watch.


NBC gave this crazy killer ... (Below threshold)

NBC gave this crazy killer exactly what he wanted. They gave him a forum that others will see as possible. NBC claims that as soon as they got the package that they contacted the FBI. They only contacted the FBI after they made copies of everything. What have they done will certainly have copy cats in the future.

NBC soldout their journalistic integrity for ratings. The other networks ABC, CBS & FOX lined up like sheep to participate in this folly.

I am so dissapointed, it will some time before I ever consider whatching TV news again...

A good idea for his funeral... (Below threshold)

A good idea for his funeral:

His corpse should be on public display so people can line up to piss on it.

Heralder, I watched that ma... (Below threshold)

Heralder, I watched that marine video, wasn't it awesome?

Wasn't it interesting that the guy sent this stuff to NBC? I guess he figured he'd send it to the people who would be the most sympathetic to his views.

Jeff, many feel as you do. ... (Below threshold)

Jeff, many feel as you do. And looks like some of the parents of the victims were so mad at NBC that they cancelled their Today Show appearances this morning.


Jo,Absolutely incr... (Below threshold)


Absolutely incredible. I'll be watching that a few more times.

One of the things about this VT shooting that continues to bother me is that he got the chance to take his own life. I was really hoping he would be killed by law enforcement (since no one else was armed.)

I thought of Rainbow Six and the part where the one of the R6 snipers was being reprimanded by Clark for not taking a head shot on a terrorist who had killed hostages. He had purposefully dropped his aim and gut shot him instead so he would die a painful death.

The little Korean was just ... (Below threshold)

The little Korean was just a nutcase loser whose mind was filled with leftist ideals of class warfare.

He did not inspire anyone and he certainly did not die like Jesus Christ. He died like a coward loser. He did not have the balls show up for court tickets, let alone take a bullet from a cop.

All this attention is just what he wanted. We should drop him from our memory after pissing on his grave.

I think Ace at Ace of Sp... (Below threshold)

I think Ace at Ace of Spades has the right idea, start photoshopping pictures of him in dresses with dildos...give him the kind of fame he didn't quite bargain for.

Actually, not a bad idea. It would a least show any would be copycats how they'll be memorialized.

Rory,I said: He ki... (Below threshold)


I said: He killed his peers

You said: Not a chance- for days now I have been mourning the high quality of people that he took away with him.

In the context of his grandiose claims of class struggle and sticking up for the little guy, he did kill his peers. He was a student at the same school, in the same classes. He probably killed more children of working class parents than anything else.

Of *course* this wasn't *really* about class warfare or struggle. It was just an excuse born of his delusions.

As shown by the fact that he chose to kill people no more privileged than he was.

Go down a couple posts to the one about European reaction and follow the link and read them.

When you're done being nauseous (particularly over the remark from Italy) you'll see that others seem willing enough to buy into his delusions, despite the fact that he killed his PEERS and not members of an oppressive ruler class.

"Actually, not a bad ide... (Below threshold)

"Actually, not a bad idea. It would a least show any would be copycats how they'll be memorialized."

It'll also make it a little easier to spot them :)

Heralder: That was awesome... (Below threshold)

Heralder: That was awesome. I sent the link to my husband, too. He loves that stuff.

I do n't mean to make light... (Below threshold)

I do n't mean to make light of the tragedy that occured at Va. Tech or the lives that were lost. I have prayed for them and their families. I know this will most likely make some of you very angry, but I also prayed for the very disburbed, angry , lost soul of Cho. I prayed for God to have mercy on his lost soul, because somewhere in time he made a deal with the devil, and we all know what that can do to a person.Some can handle it, most can not. But for to claim he died like Jesus Christ is a mockery of the most precious gift ever given to us.Jesus died FOR us, he didn't kill for us.Putting all that aside, I could not help myself when I said my prayers, for God to please help Cho's lost soul.

I don't care for rich peopl... (Below threshold)

I don't care for rich people either. But this guy didn't "die like Jesus Christ." Jesus Christ never hurt anyone - and was killed by the rich and powerful.

This guy killed a bunch of powerless students - and the rich, and powerful will benefit from what he did because fewer citizens will be able to own firearms - diminishing the only check we have against tyranny from above.

As a parent I am recommendi... (Below threshold)

As a parent I am recommending a way to stop the copy cat syndrome. If the fact that Mr. Cho sought help on his own at the police dept, then to go to a mental health facility, to a judge giving an order for a psychiatric evaluation at a Psychiatric Hospital to only find that the doctors evaluation then found him not to be any danger to others so the possibility of a committment to the hospital was gone.
The population needs to be told that this was also a result of the fact that he sought help and ended up where he started. Then to make a memorial in the name of the victims to help others with mental health issues so that this does not happen again and the victims can be honored to address that this tragedy does not happen again and it will help stop copy cats. Also the leaders of all schools should have students nationwide to come up with ways to better acknowledge the victims and their stand for better mental health care. Students should be told that they need to communicate with their freinds or counselors and not be loners for their own mental health. Just like we are addressing obesity we need to address how mental health is vital to not only the student but to those around him or her. Also it should be stressed that parents should be notified that they can obtain the written permission to know of their childs health and educational status on campus and this is not encourged on the college level. Our children turn 18 and the next day parents have no input in their child's health or education and this is what happens. If a child has a medical or educational problem I think we must make parents aware that they have the right to seek this permission to obtian information on the status of their children so that they can assure that they get the services they need.
This is only mn opinion. I do not want to see more copy cats and there has to be a means to turn it around so we look at people like Mr. Cho as sad and needing more help and this will turn off many to emulate his horrific acts of violence. If something is not done now we will see more chaos and I fear more threats and killings. Anyway just an idea and I hope it helps

We may want to stick our he... (Below threshold)
As a society thinketh...:

We may want to stick our heads in the sand because the images and what they represent offend our sensibilities. I understand that many are in excruciating pain from the loss of loved ones and cannot bear the thought of looking at the person who inflicted this heartache. On the surface this appears to be a clear case of a mentally disturbed individual venting his rage on innocent lives and therefore, our habit is to dismiss it in our minds as an abnormality, a deviation from the norm, but in actuality this is indicative of a very complex phenomenon exemplifying the direction we are going in as a country and ultimately, a species. Our modern culture has seen an over abundance of violent TV shows & movies, violent lyrics in music, cruel and angry reality shows, portrayal of mean-ness as the ultimate form of entertainment. There is a preoccupation with body image, physical appearance, money and so on... look at us, we worship the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan whose lives are a series of partying, drugs and sex.... Our children are excessively exposed to these themes, images and messages at a very young age. Psychology 101: Children live what they learn. When the predominance of the information children receive from society is of this nature, it then becomes their sense of reality. They believe that these are the things that constitute our experience and existence as human beings.... where is the over abundance of images depicting love, compassion, kindness? We are creating a generation of superficial, plastic, selfish people where the great search in life is about excess and trying to appease an inexhaustible craving for physical pleasure. Our greatest error is thinking that each thing is separate unto itself. For every action there is a reaction and everything is connected, so we are sadly misguided in thinking that what we portray in the name of entertainment does not have a tremendous impact on our children's psyche and present the foundation of their beliefs..... There is no one thing that causes an individual to reach breaking point, instead it is the culmination of everything he has ever experienced in his life and the impressions left upon his psyche, lest we forget all those children who endure physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. These experiences are assimilated and ultimately create a toxic fusion of energies and emotions. Children today are feeling more alienated and dis-jointed than ever, as parents are caught up in the "fight for survival" spending more time and energy at work ultimately leaving less and less time for raising their children in a balanced and harmonious manner. Whilst in the mind of the parent what they are doing is in the best interest of the child as they can provide more material things.... the truth is, a child would much rather a sincere hug and the attention of a parent than the latest barby doll or video game.... Do you not think that the 4-6 hours they spend playing bloody video games or watching television shows that depict screaming, cruel and out of control people are laying the foundation of their belief system? Needless to say, the horse is already out the gate and it will take awareness from the majority to recognize it is heading in the wrong direction. I pray that we wake up before many more are unnecessarily slaughtered by these mostly affected minds who in the midst of their darkness, are screaming for us to heed the call....

"Thanks to you I died like ... (Below threshold)
Ismail Ax:

"Thanks to you I died like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and defenseless people."

Um, no you didn't...

. .

But, who the hell is "Jesus Christ:" ...Is it, he, they, something that really MEANT something to Seung Cho? Because if not, then, its just a nonsense term, "Jesus Christ," figuratively speaking, a social icon, a symbol. He means that most people, he COULD have meant it in the sense that most people take "Jesus Christ" here in America, the land of the elite, the 'brats, and the 'snobs,' to be somekind of a social symbol that means somebody who cares for the weak and the defenseless and 're-ax' on behalf of the weak and defenseless.

Seung Cho didn't speak much, but when you ask why he killed, you could say it was because he was frustrated of having watched and of having himself felt, all the mutilation of the weak and the defenseless. So, in that context, he 'spoke out' for the silently suffering weak and defenseless in this country, the multilated, the 'torched,' and also for those in the countries the ruling elite of this country, the 'brats,' the 'snobs,' leave weak and defenseless. He 'spoke out,' of course, with bloodshed and killing (and mutilations back at "the Americans").

There's an opressor elite. Yes. There are 'snobs,' 'brats.' Yes. There are 'mentors.' The elite and the power leaves no room to breath. The weak and the defenseless are 'torched.' Yes. And the stupid so-called "Jesus Christ" doesn't do anything but leave a "church" full of 'brats,' 'snobs,' 'mentors,' 'tormentors' tormenting the weak and defenseless. Making themselves rich while suffocating the free and the pure.

So bang, bang. Cho shot them dead.


Maybe there'll be another 'inspired by....' Like he said, and you, for no good reason, deride.

You don't know. Everybody can't 'get help,' 'be given help,' until the last breath is suffocated, until the last cry is silenced. There'll always be the possiblity that the next "Jesus Christ" will 'ax' out just as bloody and violently at 'the Americans' the next sping cleaning out season. Or sometime, once again. What do you know about America?? Someone such as YOU hardly even lives in the same country. And someone like you HARDLY lives in Korea or Iraq or Darfur or Nigeria. Because a whole lot of kind and gentle people suffering 'Americans' in those places would like to 'torch' back a few dozen 'American' 'brats' and 'snobs.'




Ismail Ax

So, Cho Seung Hui is Christ... (Below threshold)

So, Cho Seung Hui is Christianist, or Christian terrorist.

Go to www.choosejesusrightn... (Below threshold)

Go to www.choosejesusrightnow.com & click on BUMPER STICKERS.

Question Marks..."... (Below threshold)

Question Marks...

"This didn't have to happen", Cho Seung-Hui said, after brutally murdering thirty-two people at Virginia Tech University.

And this terrible tragedy of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers didn't have to happen, if we'd only listened.

But we never listen.

We never listen to those that are different from us- the outcasts, the lonely, the homeless, the ones that are unspoken for. We don't try to understand. We shun them and put them out of our minds because of our fear that we will become like them.

And these people become more and more lonely and alienated in their isolation.

Words like "creep", "deranged misfit" and "psycho" devalue this killer's humanity so we don't have to face how similar he is to us. Cries of "how could he have been stopped" are uttered by media quick to sensationalize and gain market share, when the words "how could he have been listened to" are never considered.

Because we don't want to listen.

We don't want to hear about loneliness and alienation when we're all so busy with our lives, making money and making friends. And the unpopular, the ones that don't fit in, the lonely ones are ignored or made fun of because we don't care to understand anything about them.

As a boy, Cho Seung-Hui "was picked on, pushed around and laughed at over his shyness" (Associated Press). When he started college, according to the Guardian, "his mother took his dormitory mates to one side to explain about her son's unusual character and implored them to help."

And he clearly needed help, devaluing himself so much that he called himself "Question Mark".

There are more "Question Marks" out there. There are millions of them. And if we don't listen to them, they will follow the same path again and again, because people are not connecting. We are becoming more and more disconnected from each other, creating more and more "Question Marks" every day.

Most "Question Marks" don't become murderers. Some just kill themselves. Most harm no one and live just as we do, needing antidepressants to appear what we call "normal". They may be someone you know, someone you love.

This "Question Mark" was once a little boy, who cried, and smiled and loved, He wanted to fit in just like you and I. But that desire to fit in transformed itself into anger towards a society that shunned and ignored him.

How many more times will we shun and ignore the one that doesn't fit in, the one in the corner, the one that's different? When all we have to do is listen, before it's too late.

But we won't.

Thirty-two human beings who did not know Cho Seung-Hui were murdered.
They were sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, with dreams of futures that will never come and children that will never be born. The thirty-two leave behind people that love them. People that are now scarred for life by this horrible day of death.

To most of us that have not been directly involved, this tragedy will become a memory and fade like all the others that came before.

And the "Question Marks" will appear with more frequency, again and again, because we don't listen.

We never do.



Praise me(seung cho), I did... (Below threshold)

Praise me(seung cho), I did the right thing by killing those white and rich people who don't give a fuck about poor and weak people. Why the fuck you guys hate me just because I took revenge, you guys don't even know how much it hurts to be picked on and made fun of every day.

This guy was fuckin insane.... (Below threshold)

This guy was fuckin insane. hardly to know why did he do that. he lets lots of people hurt becoz of he was hurt. what a selfish guy~!!!

He's just weird and crazy. ... (Below threshold)

He's just weird and crazy. i mean how can you kill 30 people and not feel gulity????

He clearly identified with ... (Below threshold)

He clearly identified with Jesus Christ. It is the classic christian 'identity', where there is this incessant need to feel persecuted and shunned.

This USA raised Korean boy ... (Below threshold)

This USA raised Korean boy has left so many questions. Somepeople have mentioned that he was wearing marine coustume which has been disappeared quickly. How could he handle the brutal murder in so calm and precise manner with one handgun?(Police announced that he only used one handgun although he had two)
They were talking about a mind control....it's somewhat strange and fisy!!

Here's a website<a h... (Below threshold)






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