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Match Game '07

"It rained so hard in New England..."

"How hard did it rain?"

"It rained so hard in New England, it sank a boat designed to sink."

My ducks are loving it, but my fellow New Hampshirite Giacomo is less than thrilled.

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Can anyone explain what a "... (Below threshold)

Can anyone explain what a "diesel powered nuclear sub" is?
Seriously, while I have a very low opinion of 'journalists' today (they're not just biased, they're usually lazy, stupid and ignorant), I will give this one the benefit of the doubt before I start calling it lazy, stupid and ignorant.

Saw that too, but it's been... (Below threshold)

Saw that too, but it's been corrected to "diesel powered nuclear missle sub"...

Must be all that great editing.


Yeah J, those editors sure ... (Below threshold)

Yeah J, those editors sure are great the way they caught that right away.
I wonder how many emails they got before they changed it.
It's also nice to see the "correction" tag they attached to note the error.
Sorry, I just like to make myself laugh.

I guess my charitable instinct was wrong. Lazy, stupid and ignorant is usually the way to bet.

"It rained SO hard that . .... (Below threshold)

"It rained SO hard that . . ."

I saw a squirrel putting life jackets on his nuts.


If you can convert diesel i... (Below threshold)

If you can convert diesel into nuclear fuel we just might save this here planet from global warming!






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