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Bad role models

My mother used to say that everyone in life has a purpose, even if it's to be as a bad example.

Two examples of that recently -- to radically different degrees -- are New Jersey Governor John Corzine and the asshole who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech (whose name need never be spoken again).

Corzine's crash, it now turns out, was breaking several laws. He was riding in the front seat without a seat belt. His driver was doing about 90 miles an hour, with no emergency situation and no lights.

Wednesday night, two guys in New Hampshire pulled a "Corzine" -- but they weren't so lucky. Their wreck killed them both, injured several others, and eventually involved six vehicles.

The assholes, it is worth noting, were both 1) fleeing the police and 2) not wearing seat belts.

The only fatality I truly mourn was the brand-new Corvette they totalled.

Meanwhile, at Boston University, less than a day and a half after the Virginia Tech massacre, one student lost control of his temper and started making threats.

Ugly threats. Violent threats. Specific threats.

So he got his ass tossed out of school and into jail. And if he didn't have rich Mommy and Daddy to bail him out, he'd still be there.

Sometimes, the bad decisions and misdeeds of people can serve as a warning to others. Sometimes, they can inspire copycats. And sometimes, they just prove to be a complete and utter waste.

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Jay-Someone IS pos... (Below threshold)


Someone IS posting as THE MASS MURDERER on Kim's Houston thread.

She seems to not be catching it-it's absolutely disgusting. Hopefully you guys can feel it is worthy of deletion.

Rory, I can't say anything ... (Below threshold)

Rory, I can't say anything about that. But rest assured -- it HAS been noted, and it IS being addressed. Not as quickly as some (myself included) would like, but in an entirely appropriate fashion.

I don't often ask for favors or say "trust me," but I'm saying it now. Trust me. Trust us.


Actually Governor Corzine h... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Actually Governor Corzine had his emergency flashers on when his black SUV pulled up on traffic causing , everyone to try to get out of the way and forcing the red pick inadvertedly into the shoulder which caused a chain reaction ..I wonder what the big emergency was?..Most of what politicians leave in their wake, as role models is negative reinforcement, especially if they are in power; 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'. A safe rule of thumb is watch what they do, and do the opposite?

About Governor Corzine I ha... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

About Governor Corzine I have a question. Will he or his family be able to sue the state of New Jersey?

His driver, a state employee, failed to enforce the no seat belt law. He is required to have front seat passengers wear seat belts, if not he can't drive the car. Add to that the gross, provable speeding violation of 26 mph over the limit.

Stranger things have happened.

Jay Tea-Thanks for... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea-

Thanks for the response.

I don't envy you guys having to monitor comments 24/7 and I think that has to be one of the hardest jobs when it comes to blogging.

One of these days someone should write a book about "moderating" I think it has to be a nightmare.

Wednesday night, two guy... (Below threshold)

Wednesday night, two guys in New Hampshire pulled a "Corzine"

What class.

From this day on any wingnut who is still stupid enough to open their festering cakehole in support of the Iraq war while staying stateside is pulling a "Jay Tea".

-Seems fair.

From now on anyone who open... (Below threshold)

From now on anyone who openly advocates against the United States and United States Military from the comfort of a United States armchair and internet connection is pulling a " RedStayteToofPayste"

Steve Crickmore - "I wonder... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore - "I wonder what the big emergency was?"

Don't be silly.

The "big emergency" was that he is a very important man, MUCH more important than you or me and the other riff raff, and so he makes his own rules.

Besides he had a photo op to get to.

That was fun! Any more we c... (Below threshold)

That was fun! Any more we can do? :)

Please, dude. "Pulling a C... (Below threshold)

Please, dude. "Pulling a Corzine?" Somehow, I don't think that one's gonna catch on. Corzine was exercising his right wing held dear right not to wear a seatbelt, and his driver was speeding. Just out on the freeway today, I saw about 45% of the cars on the road "Pulling a Corzine." Wake up: Dem's houses aren't being raided and pedophilic phone messages aren't popping up on their email accounts, so quit trying to feebly push the evil of the Republican party off. Hey, just two weeks ago this guy that lives two blocks down from me and my kids "Pulled a Foley." Turns out he's been molesting the two neighbor boy brothers next to him. In your honor, I think I'll take off my seatbelt before I run his ass down with my car.

So does the "special needs ... (Below threshold)

So does the "special needs driver" exist?

Was he a "drop" or a patsy?

Or is it Thin Blue Line time?

Ryan - "Please, dude. "Pull... (Below threshold)

Ryan - "Please, dude. "Pulling a Corzine?" Somehow, I don't think that one's gonna catch on."

Ryan - "Just out on the freeway today, I saw about 45% of the cars on the road "Pulling a Corzine.""

Your thinking is uncoordinated.

I believe your Vulcan perso... (Below threshold)

I believe your Vulcan personaltiy, Mr. Spock, is lacking in what we Americans revel in, and that is "sarcasm". I was being "ironic" in my second statement that you referenced.

I recently pulled over for ... (Below threshold)

I recently pulled over for an official horde of cars cruising by at about 80. There were at least 15, paced and trailed by unmarked SUV's, most of the rest with lights flashing. It was Bill Clinton.

My thanks to those two youn... (Below threshold)

My thanks to those two young men who permanently reduced their carbon footprints in one last blaze of CO2 emissions. Evolution in action. My sympathies for those critically injured and inconvenienced by those two permanently stupid former CO2 emitters.

My question is: <a href="ht... (Below threshold)






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