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Begone to Nothingness

The mass murder this week at Virginia Tech was a horrible, inhuman act by a madman. The suffering was made worse, however, by the mercenary and stone-hearted decision by the media at large to broadcast everything they could find about the killer. What started as a reasonable effort to provide news and relevant information, soon devolved into a vulgar circus to see who could make the victims' families experience the worst anguish. It must be said, before I say anything further, that the decision by NBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, and CNN to flood the airwaves with sounds and images from the malignant narcissist, is effectively to promote the worst kind of voyeurism, and to display as cruel an indifference to the pain already endured by the victims' families, as to be worthy of criminal charges in any just society. I firmly believe that on the day when all men are judged, there will be a grim reckoning for the likes of Brian Williams, Steve Capus, Dan Abrams, Roger Aisles, and their cronies.

But for all the crude behavior by the media, the fault for the massacre rests with the gunman. Him alone. For all the efforts made to blame the crime on Gun Control or the lack of it, on administrators or the police, the hate and the decision to destroy so many innocent lives lies on the person who made the choice. I don't know, or care, whether or not he was "mentally ill"; even the mentally ill often know how to keep from hurting other people, and in the end there is no excuse, whatsoever, which justifies murder.

This particular monster wanted attention. He sent out photos, a "manifesto", a video comparing himself to every person he ever considered great, though he was - at best - a pathetic failure who wasn't man enough to accomplish anything more than to blame everyone and everything else for his failures. He is not worth remembering.

You have probably noticed I have not mentioned his name. So far as I am concerned, every evil act he committed took away something of what was left of him, and after so many murders there is nothing left to speak. A man, a real man anyway, is the sum of the good he does, and he establishes his name through honorable and virtuous acts. Heaven is by the grace of God, but a man's honor and name is something he can build and know might have a chance of surviving him. Like Dr. Liviu Librescu, or Jacob Russell Ryker. Maybe like Todd Beamer or Paul Ray Smith.

You don't have to do something bold and daring to earn your name, though. Millions of truly great men and women made their name by being good parents, by coaching or teaching kids, by helping neighbors and looking out for folks in need. Some earned their name through simple hard work, and the record of years of honest integrity. These kinds of people did not get the breaks others did, they didn't get plush jobs or easy lives, but instead of blaming others they persevered and made something of their lives, in some cases succeeding against all odds. A solid work ethic, compassion for the needy, and a focus on providing for their family and loved ones. Just such people, real people worth knowing, worked and saved so their kids could go to college. Virginia Tech, maybe.

You want to know how you can help? Look up these families, maybe send them a note saying you are sorry for them and will pray for them, maybe you look to your community and your schools, and you ask them how you can make a difference for kids. What you do not do, is give even an ounce of attention to the evil soul who did the murders. He wanted fame and attention, so he must be denied these things; he has earned none of it. He, and the jackals who feed off his malice, are nothing but waste. In his case, a wasted life and in theirs, a waste of effort and focus. What you do with waste, is flush the toilet and move on, never thinking about what was never worth a thing beyond its passing.


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Bravo.And as I rea... (Below threshold)


And as I read somewhere else, we can't prevent these kind of atrocities,but we can defend ourselves (to some extent).

Classroom doors must have locks that the instuctor can emoloy and should open out into the hallway. Any window in a door should be small and too high for anyone to reach through to open the door.

Having a locked outside door wouldn't have stopped this monster (he would have had a passkey), but inside security should be looked at in light of this horror.

PS I am NOT faulting VT for their current classroom configuration, simply suggesting that colleges and schools (heck, office buildings) learn what small things can be done to offer some protection.

I agree so with these words... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

I agree so with these words. I have made my local network affiliates, the main networks and CNN, Fox, and MSNBC aware of the fact that I believe them to be using this tragedy for financial gain.

Brilliant, DJ. Just Brilli... (Below threshold)

Brilliant, DJ. Just Brilliant.

Sorry for the sour note amo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Sorry for the sour note among the choir, but it's a bit naive to expect the MSM to act in an honorable way. The MSM hates waste, so you can bet they will recycle this tragic event until it no longer draws attention. You can bet there will be some new angle, spin, or point of view about this for months to come. Even stories like this one bring to remembers the monster you want to forget. It's just another cost of living in a free and open society, but the benefits still far out way those costs.

I respectfully, but strongl... (Below threshold)

I respectfully, but strongly disagree. Most of my educational background is in psychology and social work. I've also considered even becoming a probation police officer recently. I think the videos were an excellent journal by a deeply psychotic personality into why this individual involved himself in his trail of violence on one hand. But these videos also provide vital clues for parents, teachers and mental health professionals to look out for the warning signs in troubled children or young people and get them the proper mental health help before their actions elevate to the level of acting out.

Critics of the media often seem to look for ways to undermine the freedom of information by some means, instead of exhibiting the wisdom to learn from everything they view. The videos by Cho were an amazing journal of information that will enrich the study of psychology, psychiatry and criminal justice studies for years.

The role of prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness that can escalate into serious crime has only been enhanced by these videos from this very delusional personality, Unlike some manipulative personalities such as Ted Bundy who often gave clearly false testimonials simply to mind mess with others and delay his execution for years, the videos by Cho were an honest statement by a clearly delusional and psychotic personality worthy of scientific evaluation just as much as the warped last journals of many MidEast suicide bombers. Antiterrorism efforts are also enriched by the journals of Cho as well. I'd personally like to see the videos in their entirety myself, and study them. Maybe that's because I'm scientific minded and see these videos as a unique learning opportunity.

Well said DJ, Well said...<... (Below threshold)

Well said DJ, Well said...

Paul,I'm not so su... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:


I'm not so sure those terrorists should be tossed in with Cho and the psychosis label. And I don't think for a minute that airing the beheading videos would advance science one bit.

While you have gone with psychosis, I have also heard narcissism and psychopath - two very different diagnoses.

I wonder if we'll get some other opinions?

Ace has photoshopped this l... (Below threshold)

Ace has photoshopped this loser with dildos by his head--and also wearing a dildo belt. Fitting tribute, I think. The MSM is this country is beyond reprehensible...like most of our resident leftists.

I was told he is a sociopat... (Below threshold)

I was told he is a sociopath.

The networks over did it big time. Paul, you may have a professional curiosity to view this mans "soul" but there is other sicko's out in the country that are viewing also. Their delusions of notoriety are being fed. One time in the evening would have been just fine. Glenn Beck made a good point on why hardly no one remembers the shooter of the Amish School. Because the Amish stepped up and made the story about forgiveness and moving on. They went to the shooters funeral, so the news was about the Amish going to the funeral, not the shooter. ww

You have probably notice... (Below threshold)

You have probably noticed I have not mentioned his name.

I've felt the same way. Somehow by highlighting who he was I feel that we're giving him part of what he wanted... which is pointless for him at this point, but perhaps important for any other would-be copycats. Will they see the fame and intrigue that the sociopath has won and become envious ? Will it be the needle that tips the balance and provides them just enough motivation to attempt similar acts ?

While I believe in the media's right to engage in the behavior that they have, I question responsibility of their exercise of that right. I also question whether 'our' voyeuristic obsession is responsible. Can we discuss the case and the specifics but simply refer to the perp as 'the unnamed dork' ?

Robert and Wildwillie, my d... (Below threshold)

Robert and Wildwillie, my diagnosis of Cho is that he's a paranoid schizophrenic whose delusions would have been very treatable with medication if only he sought help. Witness his marked change in appearance from earlier photos with glasses to his disturbing angry appearance on the videos for example.

I think Cho's South Korean culture may have played a major role in his refusal to seek treatment, as this culture has some unique views on masculinity, and seeking professional help might have been seen as a sign of weakness and unmanly on his part so he remained in intense emotional pain and avoided treatment. Also schizophrenia tends to manifest heavily in persons in their 20's to early thirties, which also seems to be another good indicator.

Cho also made many delusional statements such as asking the viewer if they know what it's like to be cut from ear to ear or burned alive, when he never ever experienced either himself. He felt compelled to attack his imagined atackers, consistent with the paranoid schizophrenic psychology. His grasp of reality was absolutely gone. Treatment with an antipsychotic drug such as Haloperidol probably could have avoided this entire incident, but likely his South Korean male self image and culture got in the way of seeking help for his acute mental illness.

In the MidEast, Palestinian suicide bombers often leave a suicide video right before they blow themselves up. In this case, some irrational religious and political opinions such as that a Muslim can only find their way into paradise by standing up to a superior nonbeliever of Islam and lose their life contrasts against Muslim moderates who respect life and value it. A combination of sociological factors such as poverty often fuels much of this, although radical politics or even mental illness could also be factors as well.

Paul Hooson:Bu... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson:

But these videos also provide vital clues for parents, teachers and mental health professionals to look out for the warning signs in troubled children or young people and get them the proper mental health help before their actions elevate to the level of acting out.

Horse Hockey!

There were plenty or warning signs to the danger this nutjob posed long before Monday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon "parents, teachers and mental health professionals" knew very well what signs he exhibited (and fully covered by all the networks) there was no use in any of the networks airing any of the contents NBC received Wednesday.

NBC's only responsibly was to handle that package with care as to prevent any damage to evidence, turn it over to law enforcement officials, then make the announcement of what happened and clearly state:

"NBC is in receipt of a package from who we believe to be the V-Tech shooter. It was turned over to authorities and the contents of the package will be disclosed when permission is granted by the proper authority."

Paul, your out to lunch on this one.

Paul, did you realize that ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Paul, did you realize that some families who lost children to this - thing - saw his face all over the news and that execrable video, before they were even able to see the bodies of their dead child?

The conduct of the media was criminally cruel.

Marc, even the relatives of... (Below threshold)

Marc, even the relatives of Cho in South Korea noted mental health issues with Cho as a boy. Read my above statement on the role of the self image of South Korean males who will not seek treatment for illnesses because they consider it unmanly. I know of one young South Korean grocer who nearly died of a serious stomach ulcer because he refused treatment because he was so goal oriented in running his business. Many South Koreans will commit suicide if they are not accepted into higher education or draw poor grades for example.

Marc, I think your view comes from digust with the killer, whereas my interest is educational in understandings the killer's psychology.

So far as I am con... (Below threshold)
So far as I am concerned, every evil act he committed took away something of what was left of him, and after so many murders there is nothing left to speak. A man, a real man anyway, is the sum of the good he does, and he establishes his name through honorable and virtuous acts.

Wonderfully said, DJ. I could not agree more.

Paul, did you realize t... (Below threshold)

Paul, did you realize that some families who lost children to this - thing - saw his face all over the news and that execrable video, before they were even able to see the bodies of their dead child?

I get the impression Paul doesn't care about that DJ. It's more important to play psycho-analyst via a video box hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Reminds me of that clown that "analyzed" Bush and declared he was nuts, for lack of a better term, and all those with BDS jumped all over it.

You want to know how you... (Below threshold)

You want to know how you can help? Look up these families, maybe send them a note saying you are sorry for them and will pray for them, maybe you look to your community and your schools, and you ask them how you can make a difference for kids.

Do these people a favor: leave them the fuck alone.

Marc, I think your view... (Below threshold)

Marc, I think your view comes from digust with the killer, whereas my interest is educational in understandings the killer's psychology.

Analyzing me now? If you have so much concern you carry your butt over to the forensics lab in Virginia and volunteer yourself.

In fact given how they botched the job when he was declared a threat to himself and others then let loose they probably need all the help they can get.

And BTW your "interest" is a self interest with ZERO regard for others. And based on this thread at this point you're in the extreme minority.

Their should be a clue in that fact for ya.

DJ, the media unfortunately... (Below threshold)

DJ, the media unfortunately saw the video as a "holy grail" type item to market because of intense interest in the story, just as every aspect of the life of Lee Harvey Oswalt was brought to the surface after the Kennedy assasination in 1963. Normally this video would only receive play in some tabloid outlets, but because the story was so big, the Cho videos actually received major media airplay.

I'm certainly sorry for the victims, however the entire system completely broke down in the community where Cho lived that psychiatric treatment was not forced by court order at some point. Here in Portland, Oregon even some political protestors are held for psychiatric obsevation for about a week if police believe their activity to be irrational. Many police have at least some experience in psychology, however some here want to lower police hiring standards which I strongly oppose. Right now many homeless or alcohol or drug addicted persons get some treatment before their problems escalate. However many still remain homeless due to lack of funds. In the Virginia community where Cho lived, better standards to deal with suspected mentally ill persons who may be a danger to themselves or others are certainly needed.

Thank you DJ.Just ... (Below threshold)

Thank you DJ.

Just a note, the VT community is shunning the use of the killers name today, so I thank you for not using it as well.

Excellent Post DJ.... (Below threshold)

Excellent Post DJ.

Paul, I have to take your verbiage with a truckload of sodium chloride. FIrst of all you live in or near the People's Republic of Portland. Second of all, myopic as that makes you, you attempt to diagnose and label based on media-released reports. Thirdly, I'd just like to mention that an hour outside of Portland, we have a dearth of psychiatrists. We can't get decent mental health treatment for folks, and recent attempts to refer a few with no insurance and behavior causing high risk to their own health and well-being was unsuccessful. And I am having to watch them slowly kill themselves despite our community's best efforts. So much for the wonderful mental health system in Portland. As far as what's available in VA, with our very liberal laws and virtual disbandment of State Psychiatric Institutions, its near impossible to force treatment on an unwilling person who hasn't committed a crime, and to find a place that has an empty bed who will accept them is often a frustrating trial anywhere.

Lastly, the media is no place for forensic psychiatric evaluations. You're crazy to propose that it is. Hope you're taking your meds.

Paul Hoosen: The p... (Below threshold)

Paul Hoosen:

The psychotropic drug angle. That's the key.

DJ, I wholeheartedly... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

I wholeheartedly agree.

Paul Hoosen,
The videos should have been made publicly available via the internet for those who wanted to psychoanalyze. That's what it's there for. Being force-fed the same clips over and over was pointless and did not show any compassion for the victims' families. I know that I've watched more ESPN recently than I have in a while.

"Ace has photoshopped this ... (Below threshold)

"Ace has photoshopped this loser with dildos by his head--and also wearing a dildo belt._nikkolai"

Is this your second Dildo Post, or am I mistaken.
Might have been another Ace reader. Wanking their way through WWIII.

Epador, it is very easy for... (Below threshold)

Epador, it is very easy for persons with little income to get on the Oregon Health Plan and receive free medical and psychiatric care and medications. OHSU has a huge base of patients with little or no income who receive OHP benefits. The only real problem is when some persons resist treatment. In the Virginia community, Cho certainly resisted treatment, which I think had much to do with his South Korean culture where seeking treatment for problems is seen as unmanly.

DJ, I have been saying the ... (Below threshold)

DJ, I have been saying the same thing all week. Nice to know I am not alone. Bravo indeed!

Sean has it right here I th... (Below threshold)

Sean has it right here I think. Suppressing something like this that is clearly newsworthy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But keeping it on a regular rotation on network news isn't helpful. NBC should have made the full video and text of the note available for those who wanted to seek it out, but not ran it ad nauseam on air.

I don't like the video's be... (Below threshold)

I don't like the video's being shown. It hurts the people directley involved. I understand that others think it is of a value. It allows us in Colorado to better understand what type of people to look out for. But I see no reason or need for me to see either his face or name. Why would we ever give these guys thier 15 minutes for killing people. Blur his face, and call him the VT killer, or idiot, but don't make him famous.

What you do with waste, ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

What you do with waste, is flush the toilet and move on, never thinking about what was never worth a thing beyond its passing..I think that was the problem, first his family, then his high school, then the police, then the mediical health hospital tried to pass the problem of this psychopath on. The university was probably praying he would graduate this spring with an improbable B.A. in English, and then he would be someone else's problem. I mean honestly what kind of placement could this guy have got? Sure, don' t overexpose the VT ' killer's video manifesto , but I think to borrow a Zen expression 'never underestimate the value of nothingness'.

Yang-Sun revealed the eight... (Below threshold)

Yang-Sun revealed the eight-year-old was diagnosed as autistic soon after his family emigrated to the US.

She said: "He was very quiet and only followed his mother and father around and when others called his name he just answered yes or no but never showed any feelings or motions.

"We started to worry that he was autistic - that was the big concern of his mother. He was even a loner as a child.

"Soon after they got to America his mother was so worried about his inability to talk she took him to hospital and he was diagnosed as autistic."


I don't for a minute want to excuse what this guy did. However, if he was mildly autistic and never really treated for it, then it is an absolute shame.

You're all, except perhaps ... (Below threshold)

You're all, except perhaps for Hooson, forgetting something -- THE PREDOMINANT POLITICALLY-CORRECT "CONVENTIONAL WISDOM" OF MAINSTREAM ACADEMIA.

THESE are the people who need to be hit over the head, over and over and over and over -- until maybe, just maybe, they'll get introspective and self-analytical enough to realize that their monolithic cultural relativism, and their rigid adherence to whatever gives rise to "gun-free zone" myopia NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY TURNED UPSIDE-DOWN. And immediately.

So, repulsive as this monster's rantings certainly are, and as intensely painful the losses of his precious victims, I have to agree, for the first time ever, with Paul Hooson, and be glad the cretin left us with a wake-up call that even the heavily-insulated administrators of academia can't ignore.

I disagree Steve/Buddy, and... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I disagree Steve/Buddy, and you both missed my point. First off, it's easy after the fact to blame normal people for somehow not knowing what to do with a dangerous and abnormal person. It somehow gets forgotten that most people, even the bad ones, are not prone to mass murder, and so the norms are ineffective as prevention, and fluffy sophistry ignores the grisly truth.

Autism has to do with slow learning, not antisocial behavior and narcissism. IF he was autistic, that neither explains nor excuses his decision to murder. I have seen autistic children, and they tend to be LESS violent than the average person, not more so.

But my point was that the flooding of media attention to the killer, without a moment's thought as to how it would wound the victims and their families all over again, was categorically wrong.

This was not an 'error in judgment' or a 'difference in perspective', this was people not caring that attention to malignant narcissists like this guy only fuels the next one. Mass murderers want attention, and the media happily, deliberately obliges them, at the cost of society in general and to the additional pain of innocent individuals in specific.

The short answer is, glorifying murder is not moral or ethical conduct, and the media must be made to understand that their actions will not be tolerated.

Your right Justin. He gave ... (Below threshold)

Your right Justin. He gave us a wake up call. But I don't need to know his name, or see his face to be woke up. The incident did that.

Utter bilge, lostone. EVER... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Utter bilge, lostone. EVERYONE I know has had something to tough out, some portion of injustice, bad luck, personal limits, something.

And I have decided, however arbitarily, that the mention of the murderer's name in this thread will NOT be tolerated. Set up a shrine to him in your home, if you must - here he is not to be mentioned.

Just a reminder, folks - th... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Just a reminder, folks - this article was all about NOT glorifying the murderer. Use his name and your comment gets whacked.

To bad the press did'nt agr... (Below threshold)

To bad the press did'nt agree with you DJ.

Actually autisim, and it's ... (Below threshold)

Actually autisim, and it's related illness Asperger syndrome, DOES often lead to anti-social behavior, and many autistic people, due to the utter frustration of trying to interact with a world that seemingly does not understand them, do develop violent tendencies.

This situation was, perhaps, an extreme, but to say 'autism has to do with slow learning, not antisocial behavior and narcissism' is not really correct. Especially in a case of untreated autistic.

Untreated autism CERTAINLY could lead to one who exhibits many of the outward signs that Cho did, and those CERTAINLY include many socially-awkward and anti-social aspects, although he would seem to be on the far extreme of that. If that report was true, and he was diagnosed autistic, well, that explains quite alot, to me.

Well strike my comment, I g... (Below threshold)

Well strike my comment, I guess, since I arbitrarily mentioned a name.. I wasn't glorifying anything, just seeking to reason 'why'.

8 years ago today..here in ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

8 years ago today..here in Denver..was Columbine..

When our President said the other day the VT students and professors where "at the wrong place at the wrong time" He was wrong..

At VT just as at Columbine, the students and teachers were at the Right Place..school.

The shame in NBC for playing the video and the still images must be shared by all including cable who played them as well while silently cursing that the killer had not sent the stuff to them..
After all... nobody likes to be scooped...
Here in Denver we just refer to the killers as "the two" ...

Remember Columbine..4/20

DJ, btw.I share yo... (Below threshold)

DJ, btw.

I share your view that running the vids, et al, are counterproductive, to some extent. I just happen to think that this was absolutely preventable, if indeed there was a previous assessment of autism. See here: http://www.jaapl.org/cgi/reprint/34/3/374

Copycats are a real phenomena, and this hyping on the news 24/7 serves only, realistically, to stoke those fires. However, if we weren't watching, they wouldn't be showing them, so I'm not sure the blame, on the face, is with the media. We are a voyeuristic, depraved culture. The videos would be a best seller, if offered up for sale.

Well the one thing that I f... (Below threshold)

Well the one thing that I find despicable is John Derbyshire and others { I think even Steyn ventured down the same road}-who are blaming the victims-for essentially not being macho enough to stop the carnage.

Thank God for J-Pod who decided to take admonish them-but then he was rebuked by K-Lo. I really don't know what is wrong with the people who are claiming that somehow the victims were cowards.

They don't even have all the facts yet....

I don't want to go too much into this but I have had to take a knife from someone and stare down somebody with a gun so I acted one way in those situations what some would call brave but let me tell you something-you never know how you will act.

One time I saw my grandmother fall and I froze right in place watched my entire family rush past me to her aid-no one could understand it because I was the one that was always defending the pack of younger cousins-yet I froze. I was not the same person that had disarmed a guy with a knife or ran infront of a guy with a gun to block him from others.

Another story I worked my way through college in a bar.
One time and this is no exaggeration it took ten of us to subdue one guy. It was really weird. Drunks are almost always half way incapacitated and they are relatively easy. We had our hands full with this ONE guy. The bouncers said that the idiot had to have taken PCP, and later the police told us -no he was just nuts. I think it is possible to have a chemical inbalance of the brain that causes so much rage and makes you near impossible to take down because you aren't feeling pain in the normal sense. Who knows-but I remember it took ten of us to take down one guy and get him out to the parking lot-and he was "simply" nuts- not on PCP.

Honestly Deryshire and his compatriots are digusting they have no idea what transpired in those classrooms yet. They feel helpless and to make themselves feel better and more macho they call these kids "sissies" and other put downs. Derbyshire puts thes kids down to feel better about himself. He kicks the victims and the survivors and their families because those are the only people that he can reach out and hurt, they are the most vulnerable right now so hurting them is the only way he can feel less 'helpless", and yet superior to them-he would have behaved differently. He has no idea and criticizing the survivors before all the facts are out is abhorrent behavior yet it's our Conservative critics engaging in it. Their behavior shold be an embarrassment, and should be admonished.

Librescu he LOVED those kids, he laid down his life for them-and people are degrading the kids that probably followed his orders to jump out the windows. In the fog of not knowing what is going on around you, of being in a unique situation and not knowing what decision to make a clear voice yelling at you to kick out the screens and jump out the windows saves you from the dissonance. Librescu probably told those kids to do it- he was that voice. He did the math and figured he would not jump and he would save those kids, and now John Derbyshire and Mark Steyn hurl dispersions at those kids that Librescu loved so much.

Whos' soul does that make happy?

Not Librescu's.

DC ..No one is glorifying t... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

DC ..No one is glorifying the video..The glimpses I have seen of it, were fortunately so ludicrous and so mindless and rambling that even the most deluded psychopath, must feel that the VT shooter was completely nuts. Don't worry, I think we will remember the victims long after we have forgotten this psycho.

Steve, sadly I must disagre... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Steve, sadly I must disagree with you. All the psycopath notices, is that the murderer got lots of pub and attention.

Absolutely the wrong message.

--- My earlier post was rem... (Below threshold)

--- My earlier post was removed for offending the moderator. I hope this post will convey what I feel is a succinct and important message ---

While every person faces difficulties in life, the path to becoming evil is not direct. We can, and should, change the way children treat other children and prevent the sort of systematic and criminal harassment of 'losers' that make troubled children more likely to disrespect the law and others. Systematic verbal, physical and emotional abuse in our schools is dismissed as 'bullying' but in warefare it is considered torture. Only when children are raised feeling that the law protects their rights and that other people respect their freedom to live without criminal harassment, will these children grow up to show the same respect to others. The old saying goes, you reap what you sow. And so it goes.

My message is not about the past. It is about making our future better for all people.

That theory has been proven... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

That theory has been proven wrong countless times, lostone.

Go back to Berkeley and tell 'em you need a refund.

"That theory has been p... (Below threshold)

"That theory has been proven wrong countless times, lostone."

I'm open to learning new things and you seem quite sure of yourself. If you have references available I would appreciate the opportunity to better my understand of this matter.

I may take that up when the... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I may take that up when the topic is "Societal Myths", but it would be off-topic for here.

as you wish... (Below threshold)

as you wish

lostone, are you from Berke... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

lostone, are you from Berkeley or was DJ taking a humorous swipe at the peace and flower movement of the 60's or the FreeSpeechMovement?..The VT shooter was bullied and I think he bullied..but I think his psychosis as in "a loss of contact with reality" goes way back to his early childhood, and judging by one of his plays MCBeef,I think it was, he may even have been abused as a kid.

DC ..No one is glorifyin... (Below threshold)

DC ..No one is glorifying the video..The glimpses I have seen of it, were fortunately so ludicrous and so mindless and rambling that even the most deluded psychopath, must feel that the VT shooter was completely nuts. Don't worry, I think we will remember the victims long after we have forgotten this psycho.

If NBC makes it a point to not air a fan during a sporting event making a spectacle of himself to avoid copycats, why in the world would they air this video?

did I miss something? alot... (Below threshold)

did I miss something? alot of mentally ill people do NOT murder. and clearly he knew the difference between right and wrong... because he tries to lame blame elsewhere. maybe I am simplistic, but I think the mental illness is not the cause ????

oops "tries to LAY blame"</... (Below threshold)

oops "tries to LAY blame"

anyway, great piece DJ

For those interested, it ap... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

For those interested, it appears this guy had a number of competing mental illness's but we are not sure which one was the most prominent..For the most complete article, I have read so far check out Psychopath? Depressive? Schizophrenic?






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