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Daddy dearest?

Quite a few people are talking about Alec Baldwin's voicemail tirade at his 11-year-old daughter. Some are expressing a bit of surprise and dismay at this, saying that it seems a bit out of character for him.

Apparently they've forgotten that in 1998, on the eve of Bill Clinton's impeachment, Alec Baldwin went on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and called for Representative Henry Hyde to be hauled out of his home and stoned, along with killing his wife and children. (This, of course, was later explained away as a joke.)

Perhaps Baldwin heard rumors that, when she turns 18, she might register as a Republican?

Update (Lorie): Baldwin has now filed papers to have Basinger held in contempt of court for releasing their daughter's phone messages to the press.


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Comments (68)

Alec has demons. Don't let... (Below threshold)

Alec has demons. Don't let him buy a gun.

The part where Alec is yell... (Below threshold)

The part where Alec is yelling at Ireland about whether she is 11 or 12. WTF??? Baldwin is so addled by his out of control rage that he can't remember how old his only child is.

And denigrating his daughter's mother out loud? Any child psychologist, divorce lawyer, custody attorney, etc. will tell you that that is the worst thing you can do to a child in a divorce situation. I don't care if he has good reason to be angry at his ex: you keep your mouth shut about it when you are talking to your child.

What a pr**k!

The most important thing a ... (Below threshold)

The most important thing a man can do for his child is to be good to its mother.

Good God, is there no priva... (Below threshold)

Good God, is there no privacy in this country anymore?

Those are some terrible things to say to your child, but I sure as hell don't know why I'm reading about it in he news (well I do, Kim Basinger, but you know what I mean.)

Actually Heralder, it was a... (Below threshold)

Actually Heralder, it was an NSA wiretap.

Ah, yes, the old privacy/se... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes, the old privacy/security thing. Did Ireland feel secure? Was her privacy invaded by her Dad? If I felt powerless, and needed help, that tape looks like ammo. Bravo.

That may be how it got out.... (Below threshold)

That may be how it got out. It is Ireland's property.

NB: I know neither the facts nor the law in the case.

Kim,It's not uncom... (Below threshold)


It's not uncommon for you to completely lose me in your stream of consciousness posting.

This is one of those times.

Yeah, Baldwin's no saint, b... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Yeah, Baldwin's no saint, but neither is Kim Basinger who, with the likely help of her press agent, clearly leaked this to the press.

Poor kid will be in rehab before she's 15.

More proof that liberals ar... (Below threshold)

More proof that liberals are just really, really, really, angry people.

Alec also one time almost r... (Below threshold)

Alec also one time almost ran over some women on the Long Island Expressway in some sort of road rage. He scared them to death.

And this guy never misses an opportunity to admit he's a proud VERY partisan democrat.

Keep shouting it from the rooftops Alec.

It's OK, Heralder, you usua... (Below threshold)

It's OK, Heralder, you usually catch my drift. Sometimes I do too.

I like his acting though.</... (Below threshold)

I like his acting though.

It's OK, Heralder,... (Below threshold)
It's OK, Heralder, you usually catch my drift. Sometimes I do too.


Baldwin's spokesmen: "Al... (Below threshold)

Baldwin's spokesmen: "Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years."

Oh yeah - it's all about you, Alec - but this one is the clincher:

Baldwin speaking to his daughter: "You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being"

It's clearly not in the best interest of this child for Baldwin to have any further contact until such time that he gets his anger in check - and even then there may still be reasons to keep him away.

What I meant was that this ... (Below threshold)

What I meant was that this wouldn't be the first time a child used a parent's words against him.

It's pretty standard to sug... (Below threshold)

It's pretty standard to suggest taping or recording abuse, which commonly can end up in the public record. I'm not sure why the actions of this adult shouldn't be in the public record just because his actions were directed toward a child.

I mean there is an irony th... (Below threshold)

I mean there is an irony that her innocence requires secrecy about what should be his public shame.

Am I out in the little tiny twigs of speculation? Someone please drag me back to safety with some links to facts or protect me with a net of law.

Back to your question, H. ... (Below threshold)

Back to your question, H. Yes, son, there is no privacy in this country, anymore. Everybody knows that YouTube is a verb.

Couldn't care less. My onl... (Below threshold)

Couldn't care less. My only surprise is that so many seem surprised that Alec is such a prick. Maybe his use as the leader if F.A.G. in "Team America" has thrown off which body part he represents.

Heralder has a point. This... (Below threshold)

Heralder has a point. This is strictly a family matter and should be handled privately by the family and whoever in the courts is handling the divorce and child custody issue. There's no reason why I need to know about it.

On another note I've heard that Baldwin is prone to hissy fits and bad displays. I read of an instance where other cast members walked out because of his behavior. He's always been that way, so the what-he's-been-put-through excuses fall on deaf ears. But that was way over the top to be talking (or yelling) at a child like that.

Two things occur to me....<... (Below threshold)

Two things occur to me....

1) This message SHOULD have been left on his own voicemail. Just so he could vent and get control of his anger BEFORE he left her a more calm, measured message. I don't care how pissed off you are at your kid, it's obscene the way he spoke to her. "you don't have the brains...." That gave me chills. In a bad way.

2) If this is how he speaks to his DAUGHTER...I can only imagine *shudder* what he used to say to his wife when she pissed him off. *shudder*

Okay 3 things...the guy IS a jerk even if you don't consider this whole episode. Google him.


As much as I think of Alec ... (Below threshold)

As much as I think of Alec Baldwin, head of the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G.), I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.

No one has brought up perhaps the spoiled little brat might have deserved the dressing down.

Sheesh, parents these days are so lame, no wonder kids run all over them and end up going to college to become crazed killers.

That is after learning to h... (Below threshold)

That is after learning to hate America and capitalism from marxist socialist commie professors (who could't get a real job anyway and NEED the protection that tenure provides).

I think VT can lay the blame squarely on the faculty for filling the little Korean's head with hate and then they failed again when they produced a monster.

...or cretins named "BillyB... (Below threshold)

...or cretins named "BillyBob".

Dicipline children? Definit... (Below threshold)

Dicipline children? Definitely YES. Demean them? Hell no. Children grow up into adults. ww

BillyBob,Speaking ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Speaking as conservative, you give the rest of us a bad name.

Your comments regarding VT are wayyyy the f*** out of line.

Sure am glad BillyBob ain't... (Below threshold)

Sure am glad BillyBob ain't my daddy.

"I'm not sure why the ac... (Below threshold)

"I'm not sure why the actions of this adult shouldn't be in the public record just because his actions were directed toward a child."

First, it's not in the best interests of the child -- imagine her school mates teasing her over what her father said, for example -- so Bassinger, if it was her who leaked this - is not looking too sharp here either.

And second, the court apparently ordered the voicemail sealed according to a statement I read from Baldin's spokesman.

How dare you all impugn the... (Below threshold)

How dare you all impugn the character of "The World's Greatest Actor", Al-wick Bal-win...

I'm sorry, BillyBob, but th... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, BillyBob, but the position of "troll" has already been filled at this blog. We will certainly contact you should the position become available, as your credentials seem well-suited to the position.

Does anyone else find <a hr... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else find Baldwin's gesture rather comical considering who is standing in the background?

Give is a second, you'll see it.

In the shadow of the VT kil... (Below threshold)

In the shadow of the VT killings and all the missed red flags, what is the system going to do with this nut? The intervention must be now, before he kills his ex and daughter. In my opinion, he should be arrested on sight and detained in a psych ward until he rots.

Did Alec really say that cr... (Below threshold)

Did Alec really say that crazy stuff on Conan? That's about as looney as Ann Coulter. It's a good thing he's just an actor and not a political commentator or columnist.

LMAO!.. BAD Heralder!.. BAD... (Below threshold)

LMAO!.. BAD Heralder!.. BAD!..LOL

Publicus, what exactly make... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Publicus, what exactly makes one an "official" political commentator?

Alec Baldwin has certainly been vocal about his politics before.

However, I do not believe political affiliation and bad parenting are related. I've know good and bad parents of all stripes.

Rage from anyone on the lef... (Below threshold)

Rage from anyone on the left no longer surprises me. They have preached hate from the rooftops since 2000. Baldwin has been right in the middle of it. Ban him from any contact with the child and maybe she'll have half a chance of growing up a human.
The hate filled rants of the shooter at VT were almost a carbon copy of the democrats daily hate filled messages. Hate America, Hate Bush, Hate all republicans, It's all someone else's fault I didn't make a million dollars before I was 12. Support the enemy and treat them like alligators, feed them hoping they will eat you last. The war is lost, surrender is immanent.

The little rat that killed 32 students and the copy cats all got their hate from the democrats in the past 6 years. It's been real hard to avoid becoming a hater of everything. Republicans know this is so and try to deal with it sanely, Democrats know this is so but just repeat the hate over and over, they spend half their time defending each others hate filled remarks.

For your viewing pleasure:<... (Below threshold)

For your viewing pleasure:

Coffee is for closers

How the hell does he have g... (Below threshold)

How the hell does he have grounds to sue about somebody releasing a tape of what was left on their answering machine?

It's an answering machine. It's an entirely voluntary taped record of a phone call that /he chose to leave there/. I can't see where he's got a leg to stand on.

We're lining up the hammer ... (Below threshold)

We're lining up the hammer to hit the nail on the head, Chuckg. Why should he be protected from the consequences of his foolish and dangerous action, just because the object of his action is a helpless innocent?

everyone who knows him ... (Below threshold)

everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years."

poor, poor Alec. Must be tough to star in a idiotic TV series, produce and "act" in onscreen flics and collect tens of millions for doing so.

They need to put him on that show were they trade families.

Send him to live for a month with some tribe deep in the jungles of Borneo drinking "fruit" juice made from tree bark and eating bugs and worms for dinner.

marc: "Must be tough to sta... (Below threshold)

marc: "Must be tough to star in a idiotic TV series,.."

Uh, marc, I believe that you and I would agree about alot, but we are definitely disconnected on this topic.

"30 Rock" is hilarious, especially the "Six Sigma" expisode. I particularly liked Tracey Morgan being chased by the "Black Crusaders", a group of influential blacks whose mission is to destroy blacks who make the African-American community look bad: led by Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey and including Colin Powell, Grover from Sesame Street, and Jesse Jackson. They meet 4 times annually in "the skull of the Statue of Liberty" and did the following:
- took away Eddie Murphys Oscar because of his actions towards "scary" Spice
- Made fitty-cents album tank
- made Coolio disappear (even though he's still around!!

Too funny. As as ex-GE-er, I can relate.

I have to admit, however, t... (Below threshold)

I have to admit, however, that Alec Baldwin is an incredible actor. And he's by far always the funniest host on Saturday Night Live. He's HILARIOUS.

Only his politics and his fathering skills need some drastic changing. C'mon Alec, your brother Stephen has wised up, now you're next.

Anyone who has been through... (Below threshold)

Anyone who has been through a contested divorce, particularly one with a custody dispute, knows how awful the whole thing is for everyone involved. Family Court is probably the toughest day to day judicial position around. The judge made the correct decision on temporary custody because Baldwin literally made the other spouse's argument for the record. He was stupid and abusive in his behavior.
I have never agreed with Baldwin's politics and find him to a pompous and bullying ass. And he certainly got the latter handed to him in this matter.
But before I go away feeling good about this liberal demagogue jerk getting some real justice, I have to ask why and for what reason the tape became public. I know the answer to that question: It gave the person who released it a measure of revenge and payback. That retaliatory punch landed on two people, one who deserved it and one innocent, the daughter. Dragging an eleven year old into such a sordid public matter is unforgivable, no matter how much a spouse thinks they have been harmed. It reeks of selfishness, uncontrolled resentment and out of control priorities that every parent must measure on a daily basis.
Alec Baldwin will be a loser as a result of this (I think he is a loser, period). Kim Bassinger will be seen as irresponsible and a loser for dragging her daughter into this mud wrestling match. And that poor eleven year old girl will suffer far longer than her crazy, self centered parents. Shame on both of them.

"I know the answer to that ... (Below threshold)

"I know the answer to that question: It gave the person who released it a measure of revenge and payback."

I can think of other reasons.

I'm sure he never acts like this in front of the Judge. So much is hear-say and how does a parent convince a judge and whomever else that their former spouse *really is* as bad as they say he (or she) is?

But why not *just* show it to the Judge?

Well, has the Judge ever seen anything similar? We don't know. But if it's never been *enough* or if Baldwin has a history of being able to charm the Judge or others back to his side, it makes a whole lot of sense to release this to the public.

Then it's not just a public dig at Baldwin, it public pressure on the Judge and others not to let this slide.

Not saying that's what it is or that Bassinger has been butting heads with people who see stuff like this and let Baldwin smooth it over.

What I *am* saying is that there *is* more than one possible answer to the question, "why leak the tape."

Then it's not just a ... (Below threshold)

Then it's not just a public dig at Baldwin, it public pressure on the Judge and others not to let this slide.

I'm not saying that's what it is or that Bassinger has been butting heads with people who see stuff like this and let Baldwin smooth it over.

What I *am* saying is that there *is* more than one possible answer to the question, "why leak the tape."

Good point. But don't you think the judge well knew the "public pressure" issues in this dispute. For example, the judge had held the mother in contempt already on custody and visitation.
I won't argue that Baldwin has tried to smooth things over. He and many others who display this behavior will try that.
My point is (and I didn't clearly say this in my first post)that the paintiff (Mom) should have taken this to the judge in camera or in a closed hearing to protect the child. Publicizing the incident serves what purpose? It serves no legal purpose if the intent is to protect the child. That result could be obtained by petition in a closed hearing. That sort of procedure is done frequently in cases that attract prurient public interest. The daughter is the the one who will pay the price for her parents irresponsible behavior.

It is somewhat.... "amusing... (Below threshold)

It is somewhat.... "amusing"... that espousing stoning someone is accepted to be a joke, while McCain's horrible singing is treated as the most horrible thing since the ten plagues. Gotta love double standards.

As for the message itself... outright pathetic. No other explanation for it. However, the Baldwin family has never been known for its couthness, politeness, or general purpose manners. Thankfully, Jayne is not actually part of that family...

Drago:Uh, marc... (Below threshold)


Uh, marc, I believe that you and I would agree about alot, but we are definitely disconnected on this topic.

Guess we'll stay "disconnected," about 99.99% of ALL TV series are garbage.

Drago, The Office is hilari... (Below threshold)

Drago, The Office is hilarious.

HughS,I'm saying t... (Below threshold)


I'm saying that *if* the people involved did *not* think that a private hearing by the Judge would do the job, *then* releasing the tape to the public might put pressure on the Judge to do his or her job.


If a private hearing by the Judge would be sufficient to get someone who repeatedly called his child a "pig" and threatened to straighten her out because he was going to be there "all day" and it was the "last time" she'd *ever* pull a stunt like not answering her phone again barred from visitation, perhaps permanently, then dandy.

If that's the case (when I wrote before I hadn't heard the horrific things he said) then it was just to destroy him in public.

If the anticipated result of giving it to the Judge was "well, divorcing parents are often frustrated and say things they shouldn't" then as a parent *I'd* face contempt of court (because the court was contemptable) and do the same thing.

It turns out that Baldwin lost visitation rights for now. It would be vastly interesting to know if that ruling came down before or *after* the tape was made public.

Don't you think?

I just had a thought.... (Below threshold)

I just had a thought.

What if the daughter released the recording?

I wonder, too, Synova. I t... (Below threshold)

I wonder, too, Synova. I think it is her property.

I'd hold my fire (!!!). Tho... (Below threshold)

I'd hold my fire (!!!). Though a parent (especially father/daughter, mother/son) should never demean their child, the So. Cal./Hollywood mode of "family" CAN BE unique.

I'm aquainted with some nebulously (to me), but obviously wealthy people in So.Cal (Thousand Oaks and Beverly Hills) whose children call them by their first names(!) Their biological children (not step- this or that).

And when mom drags in at night, she cooks herself dinner, but cooks none for the (teenage) kids. Sure, they might have eaten, but Mom never asks. The kids are just miniature adults who were "zoned out" by mom (due to mental fatigue?) sometime in the past.

I think AB has zoned-out his girl, but then instinct kicks in. Considering the divorce, the guy is doubly powerless, and when his gift phone is spurned, he cracks. Again: calling one's daughter a "pig" is detestable, and from her father, will not be forgotten by her, but there is more to consider and remember: A woman scorned (Kim Basinger: no career: who knows?)+ the emancipation of "wise" kids...

And second, the co... (Below threshold)
And second, the court apparently ordered the voicemail sealed according to a statement I read from Baldin's spokesman.

Sealed? How can it be sealed? It's all over the internet.

Kim, she's 11 years old. I ... (Below threshold)

Kim, she's 11 years old. I don't have the research for this right now but can minors actually "own" property (in a legal sense)? Granted many feel-good parents and such let their children behave in that way and allow them to feel as if it is theirs, but since minors can't even enter into legal contracts, can they legally own property?

bryanD, I'm a yeller. I ha... (Below threshold)

bryanD, I'm a yeller. I have "days". I yell at my kids. My kids are self-sufficient, often for necessity.

What he yelled at her is classically abusive. It wasn't just angry and loud. It was classically abusive the same way that a friend of mine's brother was abusive. *He* would go "off" but the physical violence would be *her* fault. *She* had done something to *him*.

When ever I've talked to someone in an abusive relationship, that's the dynamic. Whatever the other person did, it was the abused person's fault.

Not everyone is careful to be angry about an action, (that was disrespectful and that is wrong, what you did is childish, what you did is hurtful), but this is clearly an attempt to destroy the girl emotionally. *You* are a pig. *You* don't have any brains. *You* insulted me for the last time!


I would not speak to someone who spoke to me that way ever again.

I'm an adult. I have the power over my own life to make that choice.

Is some Judge going to tell this kid that she has to have visitation or contact with someone who treats her like that? Just because he's her dad?

Like I said... I'm a yeller. I have "days." My kids are used to a certain amount of... volume and expressed frustration. If *I* said any of those things to any of my children... even the ones older than 12 years, they would be destroyed. No matter how stressed, how clinically depressed, how frustrated, I couldn't even *begin* to bring myself to try so very hard to hurt my own child.

The words were deliberately hurtful. I'd expect an adult on the receiving end of something like that to be in tears. Probably physically sick, and shaking.

This is NOT a matter of strange Hollywood parenting styles that children (because children *are* pretty danged resilient) adjust to the way they adjust to all the various strangeness of their own families.

I believe minors CAN own pr... (Below threshold)

I believe minors CAN own property, its just ther eis a gray area concerning "sharing" spaces and services.

(note to the following below, its about property not privacy, legal guardians should have the right to conduct any searches they wish concerning their charges, especially when if their "charge" does something illegal, the legal custodian is the one who almost always carries the burden)

The rights of minors are also undermined by the fact that young people tend not to own property. Young people often use shared spaces, both at home and at school, which are controlled by adults. Since property owners may grant access to police and even authorize searches in many cases, young people have a reduced ability to protect their 4th Amendment rights when sharing space with others. The best protection is to clearly mark your own property so that it's clear that it's yours. Even your parents can't consent to a search of something that's clearly yours alone.

Oh, and this website actually "advocates" illegal activity (at least hiding it from the police), so you don't need to point it out to me ;)

25. You recommend never lying to police, but what if they ask if I have illegal items and I do? Should I admit to having illegal items? Should I lie?

This is a tricky situation. Of course you should never admit to having illegal items, but you should also make every effort to avoid lying to police. You're always free to remain silent, and police may not hold your silence against you as evidence of wrong-doing.

Nonetheless, this is a rare situation where some experts secretly recommend lying. The main reason to avoid lying is because police are good at detecting it, but in this case that doesn't matter as much because you're already a suspect if they ask about contraband.

The most important thing is to be prepared for the inevitable next question: "Do you mind if I search you/your car?"

Always refuse the search, and remember that you can't get in trouble for asserting your rights.

I doubt there are many peop... (Below threshold)

I doubt there are many people who don't know that Baldwin is a jackass. Now we know his daughter knows, too.

What mantis meant to post.

Ireland may not legally own... (Below threshold)

Ireland may not legally own her own voicemail, but she has access and control over it. What would the legal punishment of her be if she were the one who released it?

This was a Basinger set-up.... (Below threshold)

This was a Basinger set-up. It's about custody.

Basinger no doubt had the daughter say something that would irritate Baldwin, knowing how he tends to be excitable.

Then they sat back and recorded his tirade and marched on over to the judge and got Baldwin's visitation suspended. The recording was released following that action to demonstrate Baldwin's lack of fitness.

Having said that, I also must say that I despise Baldwin. One chooses with whom shares a bed and this unfortunately speaks to Basinger's poor choice.

Love is a many splendoured ... (Below threshold)

Love is a many splendoured thing, but it is not about choice.

Not only should he NOT get ... (Below threshold)

Not only should he NOT get custody, but there should be a restraining order.

From what I understand, he ... (Below threshold)

From what I understand, he was yelling because she didn't answer the phone. She didn't prompt the outburst by something she said - he was mad she didn't answer.

And a caveat to that .... After reading what he said, I don't see that anything she could have said would have justified that. I think his opening phrase (paraphrase) 'you made me look like an a**' was what caught my attention. He wasn't worried about her - he was worried about how he appeared.

Bassinger probably should have gone with it to the judge. (Just as Baldwin should have hung up and called the child back rather than screamed at her.) However, if I would have heard someone say that to my child, I would have done anything - including contempt of court - to keep her safe from his threat about the next visitation.

I've long though Bassinger was the flake in the relationship - now that certainly is questionable. I also thought it possible that the child released the tape as well.

Repulsive bastard.... (Below threshold)

Repulsive bastard.

Call in Team America, and let's take the f'er out!

Sealed? How can it be se... (Below threshold)

Sealed? How can it be sealed? It's all over the internet.

The tubes will be sealed.

What mantis meant to post.

Ha! Damn, I should have posted that.

This discussion about the 1... (Below threshold)

This discussion about the 11 year old girl "owning" the tape is silly. Did she purchase the phone? Is it equipment in a home she owns? Of course not. What possible basis would there be for saying she owned the tape?

On the other hand, if she did own the message machine, thus the tape, then she could release it, assuming the gag order applies only to Baldwin and Basinger.

And what sort of people name their child "Ireland," anyway?

The sad thing is that both ... (Below threshold)
Tex Mex:

The sad thing is that both parents are talented actors, but they seem stuck in some personal revival of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". Alec Baldwin has admitted that in his svelte youth, he snorted a line of cocaine long enough to reach the moon and back, and claims that Kim Basinger hides similar habits. His recurrent rages and weight gain suggest that various substance-abuse issues are not entirely in the past. Nothing packs on the pounds and disinhibits fighting like alcohol. His telephone rant to his daughter, Ireland, clearly evidences a codependent relationship.

Baldwin needs to stop rationalizing to the press what are, in fact, indicator symptoms of addiction, and instead address the matter in rehab. Basinger may wish to check in to a separate facility.

Ethanol contains seven calo... (Below threshold)

Ethanol contains seven calories of energy per gram; seventy-five percent more than protein does.






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