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Selective Photo Enhancement by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Check out this little bit of photo enhancement from the CBC on a picture they chose to use with a story about Environment Minister John Baird declaring Kyoto a "risky, reckless scheme." Courtesy of Kate from the Canadian blog Small Dead Animals. This is not photoshop on the level of the recent "fauxtography" scandals, but is pretty darn close to that famous O.J. Simpson picture that was altered for the cover of Time magazine.

Rusty Shackleford has more at The Jawa Report.

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If you look carefully a gre... (Below threshold)

If you look carefully a green helmet guy is in that space needle. They're everywhere, they're everywhere.

I am surprised that the wor... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I am surprised that the word "sepia" does not seem to be in anyone's vocabulary. I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me - a sepia version of the same photo. The question still remains, was it done to make the sky look more polluted? That is a matter of some subjectivity. I don't think the use of sepia tones to modify a photo is that unusual, is it? I'm just trying for some objectivity here.

I'm just trying for som... (Below threshold)

I'm just trying for some objectivity here.

That's a streeeeeetch that's not warranted.

It's highly probable it's been "enhanced" by a resident ecco-wennie that's pissed Canada may pull out of the Kyoto treaty in favor of the much more responsible, and Bush proposed, Asian-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6) initiative.

They ridicule us for believ... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

They ridicule us for believing in one God, but think themselves Gods that can Influence the weather.

Not surprising. Next time ... (Below threshold)

Not surprising. Next time there's a story about ANWR on one of the MSM networks (ABC,NBC,CBS) watch what image they use. If they do like they've done in the past, it'll be a picturesque shot of beautiful Alaska that is most certainly not part of ANWR (which isn't scenic as is falsely being portrayed).

If it's Canadian and is not... (Below threshold)

If it's Canadian and is not about girls or SCTV, forget it. It's not photoshopped, it's GBY/ photo filter, whatever. Windows 95. Who cares (6 people so far)

But seriously, Canadians are cool and were some of the best fighters of both world wars. HOSERS!

You know, that "smoke" is a... (Below threshold)

You know, that "smoke" is actually mostly water vapor which condenses in cold air. The colder the air, the more is going to condense into a "cloud" ;)

What I find funny is that Al Gore uses the same tactic in his "inc. truther" film. Granted I don't think he photoshops it, he still uses a backlit cloud of water vapor at dusk to demonstrate the "products" of industrial combustion.

(which, in today's day and age of scrubbers and EPA regulations in the US are almost always just CO2 ,H20 vapor, and N2 ...with a small (miniscule part-per-million) rate of various CO and NOx getting by the scrubbers)






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