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Laughter, the best revenge

"Silence! I kill you!"

The Verizon guy line is priceless...

(Some NSFW language)


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I agree, it's priceless.</p... (Below threshold)

I agree, it's priceless.

But you have to wonder how soon the streets will be full of raging Muslims in high-handed protest.

That was fantastic.... (Below threshold)

That was fantastic.

Comedy really does give a w... (Below threshold)

Comedy really does give a welcome break!

Any idea who the comedian is and if this performance is commercially available? It looks as thought the video was taken of another video.

Dave, His name is ... (Below threshold)


His name is Jeff Dunham, great act.

I was lazy..should have loo... (Below threshold)

I was lazy..should have looked before I asked.

Jeff Dunham. Although I don't know about this performance.

His Melvin the Superhero an... (Below threshold)

His Melvin the Superhero and Bubba J acts are good, too.

I saw that last week. The ... (Below threshold)

I saw that last week. The first time he did "I keel you!!!" I almost peed.

That's actually a live act ... (Below threshold)

That's actually a live act that was taped. Near the end the camera jiggles and you can see the top of the guys head. Anyways, very funny, especially when the other puppet gets involved in the act.

Jeff Dunham is hilarious.</... (Below threshold)

Jeff Dunham is hilarious.

This is pretty funny too...... (Below threshold)

This is pretty funny too... one of Jeff's other puppets (Walter) on suicide bombers...


I thought this was pretty f... (Below threshold)

I thought this was pretty funny too, it came to me in an email encouraging me to share it with others. Enjoy!

Subject: GOP Promises: Laugh or Cry? (forward to friends)

Editor's note: the note said to "forward." It did NOT say "plaster all over other people's blogs," nor do I feel overly amicable towards Dances. Since neither part of the statement "forward to friends" applies here, and it's not relevant in the least to the topic at hand, I'm exercising my editorial discretion and deleting it.


Hey, Dances - why don't you... (Below threshold)

Hey, Dances - why don't you get your own bloody blog? Then you can post whatever videos you want and fondle yourself to your heart's content while watching them without ever being moderated.






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