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Who are these people?

I've always been fond of the Boston Herald. It's a scrappy little tabloid, stuck in the shadow of the Boston Globe, but routinely eating their lunch on local news. They're fairly conservative, but as a general rule their coverage is less biased politically and more sensationalistic.

Which makes something that happened this weekend a little strange.

On Saturday, they ran an incredibly snide, snippy, and largely fact-free tirade about Paul Wolfowitz and his current imbroglio within the World Bank -- which he titularly heads. The column was written by someone I've never heard of -- "Dale McFeatters" -- and datelined Washington.

This morning, I had a sense of deja vu. Another column on Wolfowitz, same attitude, same snideness, same lack of actual substance, same Washington dateline -- but this one bylined by "Ann McFeatters."

I did a little Googling, and didn't come up with much. "Dale" works for Scripps Howard, while "Ann" is apparently a free-lance writer.

But it still strikes me as odd that on two consecutive days, the Herald would find two columns written by authors with the same last name, same topic, same attitude, and same lack of anything beyond petty vitriol to run on two consecutive days.

Maybe the McFeatters work cheap or something.


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Comments (54)

Have you seen the Washingto... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the Washington Post editorial this morning. These MeFeatters sound like disinformation specialist whose feathers are being hung out to dry this morning.

Yea, I saw the first one fr... (Below threshold)

Yea, I saw the first one from a link from RealClearPolitics...

Amazes me that anyone can write so tabloid-y and still be published in a newspaper (that's not the gossip column or "life" section)

Hitchens has a response at ... (Below threshold)

Hitchens has a response at Slate linked by TigerHawk who doesn't bother to do his own research.

I say:

"Obviously, you haven't reviewed ANY factual data on this matter before you attach yourself at the hip to a serial cognac abuser.


The docs are readily available at Slate, where your esteemed, efficacious and erstwhile Hero of the NeoCon wars rests his addled brain.

Note pg 51.

Paragraph 2

"We have decided to come forward with these issues for two reasons:
-as a matter of principle, we believe that the alleged actions are extremely serious ethical lapses.
-the alleged events are widely know throughout the world bank and beyond. These rumors cause great harm to staff morale, and immense damage to the world banks credibility both as a development institution and as a bank.

First issue; the salary increase for Riza

When Wolfowitz became president of WB, he acknowledged and ongoing romantic liason with a WB employee, and gave assurances that he would resolve it in accordance with WB policy in such a way that she would not report directly or indirectly to him. She promptly left WB on an external assignment with pay to the US State Dept. However, concurrently with her new assignment Riza received a promotion and permanent salary increase of around $50K......."

Let it stand. Wolfowitz is a thief and a liar. But we already knew that, didn't we?

Semanticleo, what, has your... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, what, has your sorry sophistry been banned from JustOneMinute? Can't you come up with more than selective quotation? Read the WaPo this morning. Or pour cheerios on it. Enjoy.

Semanticleo, the problem wi... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, the problem with your "quote" is that Riza was already up for promotion, so the timing of his appointment to the WB was a political snafu.

If he hadn't been appointed Prez of WB, she was going to get promoted anyway.

Not to mention the fact tha... (Below threshold)

Not to mention the fact that he and his "significant other" were as open and honest about their relationship and supposed conflict of interest as one can be in that situation.

His problem was he just trusted people to act responsibly and mature about the ordeal.

Henry;This is an I... (Below threshold)


This is an INTERNAL World Bank document.

(Holy Moly.)

Kim; Try reading the document in it's entirety.
And yes, Maguire banned all opposing viewpoints
to keep Clarice happy. His Traffic is down by
one-half since that time. But the local trolls
are having a grand time; at Maguires' expense.

Paul Wolfowitz more than an... (Below threshold)

Paul Wolfowitz more than anyone else was the greatest early proponent of the war in Iraq. On September 18, 1998 he testified before The House National Security Committee, where "international supervision" over oil assets of Iraq was given as a major goal for restarting the old 1991 Gulf War that was poorly concluded with a Bush ceasefire that left Saddam Hussein in power.

On the Project For The New American Century website, Wolfowitz and others with financial interests in both the oil industry and defense contractors were brought together. As this nucleus helped to comprise the core of the 2000-2007 Bush Administration with 43 members associated with the oil industry and 33 with defense contractors and guiding the policy towards Iraq.

Well, next to the Iraq mess that Wolfowitz inspired, his role at the world bank is yet another disturbing Wolfowitz classic. Also very disturbing is the sheer thought of Wolfowitz and his girlfriend getting it on. The horrors never end from this man.

Mabey next week we will get... (Below threshold)

Mabey next week we will get resignations from wolfie and gonzo. That would be great...or mabey it would be better to spread them out.....either way....DEAD MAN WALKING.

Semanticleo, what are you -... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Semanticleo, what are you -- some kind of remora? One host organism scrapes you off, so you have to find another one to latch onto for a free ride and some table scraps? If you had something worth saying, you'd get your own blog. But in general, you don't ...

Semanticleo, try reading th... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, try reading the WaPo editorial, and you'll realize you're making a fool of yourself. But by all means, pray continue. lol.

"Mabey next week we will ge... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Mabey next week we will get resignations from wolfie and gonzo. That would be great."

That would be great? Great for who?

Democrats get overly excited when they can get away with accusing a Republican for what they are actually guilty of. Criminals accusing innocent people of crimes , it's how Democrats opperate. Like insects that bite when your asleep.

WhiteWashPo eats up the WB ... (Below threshold)

WhiteWashPo eats up the WB attempt to defuse this
ticking time-bomb. Read it all numbnutties.
The internal doc cited above that is, not the
former Vanguard of the Left.

"Having secured for his gir... (Below threshold)

"Having secured for his girlfriend a job at the State Department where the World Bank treated her to a $193,000 tax free salary (which is, by the way, greater than that of Condoleezza Rice), Wolfowitz's credentials as a fighter of corruption are now on par with Kim Jung Il's bona fides for pushing democracy."

Wolfowitz is corrupt, just like Harry "Real Estate" Reid. Same tune just a different song.

Let him go Jay Tea. He is not worthy of your support.

It isn't hard to pick out t... (Below threshold)

It isn't hard to pick out the democrats in any post. They are for nothing and against everything. No trial, no evidence allowed. Automatic guilt.
Hope they feel the same way when the dhimmi's leadership finishes the sell out to foreign powers. There will be no trial, no evidence and automatic guilt when the execute their own followers. No one, not even a far leftie trust or respects their own since they know they are liars and traitors but they play along hoping it'll go away all of a sudden. Won't happen, hate is totally ingrained in the left and it'll take generations to get rid of it.

If Maguire's traffic's down... (Below threshold)

If Maguire's traffic's down it's not from banning you; the Plame case is on hiatus pending appeal. I note that Val Plame's speaking engagements are being serially cancelled, but on short notice each time. I hear the CIA is tethering Larry Johnson. Ooh, I wish I weren't banned over at NoQuarter.

I guess we can add Blogmete... (Below threshold)

I guess we can add Blogmeter and PDF files to your Pantheon of illiteracy. BlockHead.

Did I say sorry sophistry? ... (Below threshold)

Did I say sorry sophistry? Ad hom, invective, or some such. You're not worth banning. You're fluff. Didn't you brag on clogging spam filters over at JustOneMinute or was that a contemporary of yours. As I've noted before, sometimes you are funny. So is bD. Why don't you get together?

Do you have something to co... (Below threshold)

Do you have something to contribute to the topic?
I mean, other than adhom and invective? 'Funny' is a funny word when used by the humorless.

Scrapiron - "It isn't hard ... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron - "It isn't hard to pick out the democrats in any post. They are for nothing and against everything. No trial, no evidence allowed. Automatic guilt."



But then I pretty much repeat myself.

I am a Republican who sees what is, not what I want to see.

Actually, you're a sad, and... (Below threshold)

Actually, you're a sad, and mean, caricature of bD. I've got a lot of respect for him. Very little for you. It's not that you don't have some great points now and then, but you are unpersuadable, and vicious.

What I have to contribute t... (Below threshold)

What I have to contribute to the topic is that two of the finest moderators have decided you are a disinformation specialist rather than an honest advocate of liberal positions. You have an uphill battle here.

And as far as contributing ... (Below threshold)

And as far as contributing to the topic goes, is there any hint so far that you have read the WaPo editorial, as highly recommended by several here?

"I've got a lot of respect ... (Below threshold)

"I've got a lot of respect for him. Very little for you."

It saddens me that the wretched find me 'unpersuaded'

"What I have to contribute ... (Below threshold)

"What I have to contribute to the topic is..."

What 'he' said.

Oh my God, what have I done... (Below threshold)

Oh my God, what have I done? Are you hurt? Honest, I didn't mean to do this to you. Please, look at me. Stand up!

Good. The first step towar... (Below threshold)

Good. The first step toward recovery is the recognition of your 'wretchedness'.

2nd Step; Detox.

The bitter pilll, for your ... (Below threshold)

The bitter pilll, for your detox, is the WaPo editorial; or would you rather be a pig, and wallow in your own, highly instructive, metaphors.

I read it. Hook-line-and-s... (Below threshold)

I read it. Hook-line-and-sinker, baited the
gullible Wapo.

Did you read the PDF?

Guess not. What a shock.</... (Below threshold)

Guess not. What a shock.

Ann McFeatters is the Pitts... (Below threshold)

Ann McFeatters is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's "Washington Bureau Chief," which probably means she IS the "Washington Bureau."

Here's a puff piece she did on Helen Thomas for MS.:

Thank You, Ms.Thomas

You get the drift . . .

What's not shocking, SC, is... (Below threshold)

What's not shocking, SC, is you clinging to the views of the corrupt bureaucrats who tried this hit job on the boss.

Birds of McFeatters flock t... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

Birds of McFeatters flock together.

Hey, you've been a great crowd! Don't forget to tip the waitstaff!

Wolfie is a despicable huma... (Below threshold)

Wolfie is a despicable human. How do you get a job after Iraq? He is living in sin with his girlfriend while still married nice example for the kids and Baldwin is bad dad?). I love how the holier than thou crowd still stand up for this piece of crap.

Dead man walking (walking behind Gonzo).

Who left the trail of troll... (Below threshold)

Who left the trail of troll bait leading to this thread?

OK Christian Con, please de... (Below threshold)

OK Christian Con, please defend Wolfie's right to live in sin. I'll wait for the silence.

Guess the trolls ran out of... (Below threshold)

Guess the trolls ran out of poles to smoke today and the DT's have them seeing things.

Oh, jeez. Pedanticleo lande... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Oh, jeez. Pedanticleo landed here after being kicked out of Just One Minute.

Well, one more troll to ignore. Get the hammer ready, Jay.

Leo is actually a Willisite... (Below threshold)

Leo is actually a Willisite. I wish he'd get bored and head back there.


Barney:Vengeance i... (Below threshold)


Vengeance is Mine [God's], and recompense;
Their foot shall slip in due time;
For the day of their calamity is at hand,
And the things to come hasten upon them.'

Deuteronomy 32:35, NKJV.

God is the judge, not me. I'll leave it up to Him to exact His punishment when (and if) He sees fit.

By the way, I presume from your attitude that you're a liberal... yet you seem to be poking your nose into Wolfowitz's bedroom. I thought what happened behind closed doors was nobody else's business... see also Clinton, William Jefferson and Lewinsky, Monica.

Whom are you calling black, Barney Pot?

Are "these" people losers? ... (Below threshold)

Are "these" people losers? Haha.


Whom are you calling bl... (Below threshold)

Whom are you calling black, Barney Pot?


Thank you, Jo.One ... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Jo.

One of my greatest pleasures in this life is tying lefties up with their own arguments. The only problem is that with most lefties, like Barney here, it ain't much of a challenge.

BarneyG2000 - "and Baldwin ... (Below threshold)

BarneyG2000 - "and Baldwin is bad dad?"


Maybe dangerous.

He needs a full psychiatric workup and possible commitment to a mental facility.

CC too bad I never defended... (Below threshold)

CC too bad I never defended Clinton's right for a BJ. But you just go ahead a defend Wolfie.

Someone is giving Wolfowitz... (Below threshold)

Someone is giving Wolfowitz a "democrat."

You know, that's a stick up the butt for doing something entirely legal.

CC too bad I never defen... (Below threshold)

CC too bad I never defended Clinton's right for a BJ. But you just go ahead a defend Wolfie.

Please demonstrate where I have ever written a single word in defense of Mr. Wolfowitz. In fact, please demonstrate where, other than this post and the last, I have ever mentioned Mr. Wolfowitz at all.

All I did was make one comment about trolls, and you immediately assume that I was defending Mr. Wolfowitz.

Methinks thou dost protest too much. Guilty conscience, perchance?

Well CC, I am glad to say t... (Below threshold)

Well CC, I am glad to say that I was wrong about you. It is nice to know that you do not judge a person's value by his/her sexual pracitices or his/her beliefs or what are moral family values.

BarneyG2000, Mind ... (Below threshold)


Mind your elders! CCG is 251 years old. That's pretty old even for a troll with a Fred Complex!

Yes, yes, they could be Romulan years...

Wolfie is a despicable h... (Below threshold)

Wolfie is a despicable human. How do you get a job after Iraq? He is living in sin with his girlfriend while still married nice example for the kids and Baldwin is bad dad?).

Not that you actually care about facts and such, but he's been seperated from his wife for 6 years.

What kind of monster prefer... (Below threshold)

What kind of monster prefers Saddam's Iraq?

The Wolfowitz thing is a co... (Below threshold)

The Wolfowitz thing is a complete sham. He's being pilloried for trying to do the right thing at the beginning of his current position. See:

And <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

And Wolfie looks like he is not in a hurry to get married again..Even though she doesn't work at the World Bank, watch out!

Fred complex? What the blue... (Below threshold)

Fred complex? What the blue blazes is that?

I mean, if I am being accused of having a mental illness, at least I'd like to know what I am supposed to have.






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