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24 Thread -- Old School

Last week "24" returned to its roots with Jack motivated not only by a sense of duty, but out of desire to rescue a loved one. The other familiar turn was Jack acting without authorization. He generally ends up acting as a free agent at least part of the season with Chloe sneaking around CTU supporting him until someone catches her. It is time (no, way past time) for Chloe to be allowed to kick some butt. I don't even care if it is terrorist butt anymore. It is also past time for some new plot twists. There have been some doozies in the past, and while seeing the former First Lady stab the disgraced former President with a knife she was using to slice kiwi might have been a bit of a shock, it wasn't an interesting plot twist.

A new episode of "24" airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox after the new series Drive.

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I keep checking my calendar... (Below threshold)

I keep checking my calendar to see if I'm forgetting someplace I have to be. This is the first time in about 3 weeks that I will be able to watch "24" live. Monday nights have been hard lately--too many things on that I want to watch, and if I'm away from home, too, I have to do some creative taping! (No, I don't have DVR yet!)

I too, am ready for Chloe t... (Below threshold)

I too, am ready for Chloe to kick some butt. She can come up with a scowling stink-eye 'look' that gives me the willies.

I think it would be a great... (Below threshold)

I think it would be a great idea to have Chloe and Morris (Maurice?) take off after Jack together. They are both such strong characters. Maybe they could drag Ricky along with them. I'm pretty sure now that he's a good guy.

I ADORE Morris and Chloe. ... (Below threshold)

I ADORE Morris and Chloe. I will be absolutely heartbroken if they kill him off. He's the perfect match for Chloe.

Are these people (VP and To... (Below threshold)

Are these people (VP and Tom) really going to act like adults?

There's been a lot of dropp... (Below threshold)

There's been a lot of dropped threads this season. It started off great and was kicking butt all the way through I think # 8 - what ever episode it was where the ex-President got stabbed.

From then on we haven't heard any more of if he's alive or dead; or who's behind the assassination conspiracy (presumably the VP, but maybe not?); or Chloe's husband's struggle with caving in to fear; or the Russian situation; or Jack's bro' wife, or Jack's Dad.

Would love to see this worked back in. It's definitely a bit loose this season. Maybe it's because the creator Joel Surnow's working on that Fox "Half Hour News Hour" thing?

A similar thing might have been going on with this season of Battlestar Galactica; the main writer-producer is developing a prequel series called "Caprica".

I agree about all the dropp... (Below threshold)

I agree about all the dropped threads. That sort of thing drives me crazy! Another one is about thd president's sister and that whole line.

Ah, I think I see now how Ricky is going to get to be the head of CTU--if Bill resigns.

Sorry I was not able to com... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Sorry I was not able to comment tonight. Sneezing my head off from being in the pollen too much today.

I agree with all above and really, really like the Chloe/Morris dynamic.

I hope the season ends with a bang because it really has floundered in episodes. I hate the dark scenes. I often can't tell what the heck is happening. Tonight in the shootout at the end I was completely in the dark until after it was all over. I also have missed Chloe seeing any action. I have a feeling that will change before the season ends, but most of the season she was riding Morris over the drinking thing. That was really annoying.

You can't sneeze and type a... (Below threshold)

You can't sneeze and type at the same time, Lorie?

Umm...for those of you comp... (Below threshold)

Umm...for those of you complaining about dropped threads this season...could someone please go untie the bank manager's wife Jack left roped to a chair in their home before taking the bank manager off to get him killed last year...oh and BEROOOOZ wants to know when he gets out of limbo too.

The only thing I regret now... (Below threshold)

The only thing I regret now is that the season is over... Does anybody know how long do we have to wait to see what happens next? I'm longing to know what happens to Chloe and Morris!!!






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