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Is There Some New Bug Going Around?

Apparently I didn't get the memo because over the last 24 hours 4 of the 5 residents in my house have been doing their best Linda Blair impersonations - always in the middle of the night. Usually I'm hip to this stuff since most of my friends have small children as well, but this one caught us totally unprepared. Considering that anything that went down came right back up there wasn't much to prepare for - save for hiding every drinking cup in the house...

Somehow I've managed to avoid this bug, but I've been the cleanup crew the entire time. I'm not sure what is worse...

Note: Winners for the Weekend Caption contest will be delayed until Monday evening.

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There's something going aro... (Below threshold)

There's something going around, I think. My wife caught some flu bug from someone at work and then passed it on to my 3-year-old. My wife was sick for 2 or 3 days. My daughter has been sick since Wednesday, but she's been improving a lot today - she finally ate food. Her temp spiked at 105 a couple times, but the doctor wasn't particularly concerned as she showed no signs of an infection. She just prescribed children's Tylenol (or the equivalent) to keep the temp down.

Oh, and by some miracle, my... (Below threshold)

Oh, and by some miracle, my son and I have completely avoided it.

Heh, would you rather Davei... (Below threshold)

Heh, would you rather Daveigh Chase impressions?

It's been going around all ... (Below threshold)

It's been going around all over the country, though it was particularly awful here a few weeks ago... exactly coinciding with a whirlwind weekend visit by Deb's relatives from California, who had the joy of flying from Boston to San Francisco while sick.

The only one of us who didn't get it is the 1 year old, who merely turned red, warm, and seemed like she was fighting something off the first day.

It was just awful. I feel for you.

Yikes! I hope they feel be... (Below threshold)

Yikes! I hope they feel better soon. I also hope that doesn't make its rounds here as I'm going to catch a stomach bug if ones making the rounds. I'd rather have the drizzlin' runs for a week than puke just one time...

God bless you, Kevin. Look... (Below threshold)

God bless you, Kevin. Looking after (and cleaning up after) sick children is the toughest part of parenting.

Best remedy: a teaspoon of Coca-Cola syrup (available at pahrmacies) over crushed iced, sipped slowly.

Also, be vigilant to the possibility that it's food poisoning, not flu. I'd give the doctor a call this morning...

How do autistics process th... (Below threshold)

How do autistics process that they are sick? I realize there is no one or simple answer to that. Just some insights.

How do autistics process... (Below threshold)

How do autistics process that they are sick?

Same as everyone else who gets this bug. The first sign of it seems to be the vomit. They reacted just like any other child would...

I don't know what this bug ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I don't know what this bug is or if it's even one bug or many. However, to get the attention of the medical community for all those suffering from this illness the bug or bugs need a name and it should be sinister sounding. I propose Avian Hepacrud. When you call in to work just tell the boss your kids have Avian Hepacrud and they likely give you the week off with pay just to keep you from bringing this dreaded pestilence in to work.

Boyo got slammed with it la... (Below threshold)

Boyo got slammed with it last week. It came at him hard and fast and then he just slept for about 24 hours straight and then started feeling better. He couldn't stomach any sort of cough meds, and he had a cough but he's old enough to take Alka Seltzer Plus and that kept his fever down.

TMI... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


OK Mac. I'm telling everyo... (Below threshold)

OK Mac. I'm telling everyone I see with the pukes that they have Mac Lorry Disease, otherwise classified as Avianus hepaticrudisitis.






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