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Spring is here, and the nuts are in full bloom...

Just down the road from me, in Plainfield, NH, we have our own "Ruby Ridge" going on. This anti-government whackjob got caught playing games with taxes and other financial reporting laws, and got his ass indicted. He decided to play the classic 2-year-old's defense tactic of "I don't see you, I don't believe in you, so you can't do anything to me" and said he didn't recognize the government's authority, then barricaded himself in his home. His wife was arrested, released after promising not to rejoin her husband in his little play-fort, and promptly ran right back to him.

Well, they've been tried and convicted in absentia, and it looks like they'll get sentenced the same way today.

Ed Brown says that the government is out to get him, and that the woods are surrounded by snipers and other government enforcers just looking to take his freedom away from him. (There might also be black helicopters involved.)

The US marshal begs to differ. He says they're keeping a casual eye on the Brown home, and will arrest the couple if they get the chance, but they're in no great rush to lock 'em up.

To me, this is a perfect chance to test Molly Ivins' proposed solution to the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco, Texas. Ivins proposed simply building a big fence around the compound and declaring it a federal prison.

That strikes the perfect balance in the situation. The government can't just ignore those who flout the law, but on the other hand the Bill Clinton/Janet Reno solution is -- if you'll pardon the grotesque phrase -- "overkill."

The most important thing here is to not let them become martyrs. Don't dismiss them, but don't take them too seriously either.

In fact, here's a thought: under the Ivins plan, the Brown home would become a federal prison. To convey the proper attitude, the prison should have some insulting, derogatory, and humorous official name. "The Ed Brown Penal Institute" comes to mind, especially if properly abbreviated into "Brown-I."

Readers are invited to contribute their own nominations for the name. Should the government come to its senses and follow the Ivins plan, I will cheerfully forward them to the Bureau of Prisons.

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So, does this idiot have li... (Below threshold)

So, does this idiot have like 2 years' worth of MRE's in the basement, or does he think he can just waltz to the grocery store next week?

Damn good thing for the Bro... (Below threshold)

Damn good thing for the Browns that Janet Reno's not still in control. They'd be toast, literally.

The federal magistrate that... (Below threshold)
Former Juror:

The federal magistrate that let the Browns go is not a very good jurist. I served on a jury in a different matter he presided over and right after the jury was empanelled he had each juror stand up and say their name, where they live, a little about themselves and "someone or something they like". So people were saying, "I'm Jane Doe I have two beautiful children Tom and Sally and a great husband Bill. We live at 36 Maple Ln in Pangaea, NH and I just love spending time at our secluded lake house". They said that stuff because none of these people had had much interaction with a court before. They didn't know better but the magistrate sure as hell should have. I was somewhat less forthcoming when I gave my spiel. Needless to say after my fellow jurors found out the facts of the case, like the accused owned over 300 rifles and consorted with violent meth addicts, they weren't too happy with the "judge" for making them stand up and divulge that personal information at the start. (An aside: that sort of personal information is no longer required on that federal court's jury questionnaire specifically to protect juror's families. And I happen to know it was removed around the time this very same magistrate was challenged about its needless presence on the old form. He threatened someone with contempt for not providing their children's and parent's names and addresses and then the magistrate found out he was on rather shaky legal ground and relented. So he'll threaten someone with contempt and jail for refusing to give up personal information not relevant to jury service but these nutballs he lets walk.) Of course he isn't a judge he's a magistrate and as I said a poor one at that. He's endangered not only the lives of these nutcases, as you say, but also any law enforcement officers that will have to deal with them. It would appear such concerns trouble him not one jot though.

Article about what the Magistrate did in the Brown case here

There is one noticeable dif... (Below threshold)

There is one noticeable difference between the Branc Davidians and this couple: kids. OTOH, why ATF was being used for CPS work in Plano, I will never know.

PS I think the over/under for a troll to work GWOT or Bush into this thread is 7 posts...

But it is a "voluntary" inc... (Below threshold)

But it is a "voluntary" income tax!

I wonder if the Libertarian Party is en route to assist.

Too bad they don't have the clout of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Since there are no kids, li... (Below threshold)

Since there are no kids, like in Waco, its doubtful the libs would want them killed.

Adding to the Ivins idea:</... (Below threshold)

Adding to the Ivins idea:

Build a fence around them, call it a prison, and put big signs up saying "MORONS INSIDE FENCE - don't go in unless you want to catch a case of stupid."

"Ed Brown says that the gov... (Below threshold)

"Ed Brown says that the government is out to get him ..."

Is the government NOT out to get him?

"Brown-I"I nearly sp... (Below threshold)

I nearly sprayed my keyboard over that.

Damn...trolls must be aslee... (Below threshold)

Damn...trolls must be asleep.

Oh well, not the first time I have been wrong about them.

Damn...trolls must be aslee... (Below threshold)

Damn...trolls must be asleep.

Oh well, not the first time I have been wrong about them.

Posted by: MunDane

No, I'm hunt-and-pecked-out from the other thread.


Ah, here he is. Come out a... (Below threshold)

Ah, here he is. Come out and face the music. Or link to some.

This shows uncommon wisdom ... (Below threshold)

This shows uncommon wisdom on the part of the U.S. Marshall responsible for this. Lesser men would of stormed the house by now just for the glory.

So, Brown is somewhat partially resisiting the government, and the U.S. Marshall is somewhat passively resisting Brown's passive resistance.

Baroque?<a href="htt... (Below threshold)


or Gypsy with a backbeat?

I'm DYING for more Amy Diamond, but no luck...

I'm living for more. Who c... (Below threshold)

I'm living for more. Who could ask for anything more?

By the way, don't go back t... (Below threshold)

By the way, don't go back to the 9/11 thread. metprof just had you for lunch.

Paradox. A thread about cr... (Below threshold)

Paradox. A thread about crazy people and bryanD is posting in it.

We miss you in the thread below where you were making a fool of yourself, please come back and entertain us.

Heralder to bryand: "We mis... (Below threshold)

Heralder to bryand: "We miss you in the thread below where you were making a fool of yourself, please come back and entertain us."

Bryand won't be back until he receives his marching orders from Soros (via media matters) and Vlad (via Pravda).

BTW Bryan, your "performanc... (Below threshold)

BTW Bryan, your "performance" in the "Truther" thread was so pathetic, I can't believe your "handlers" are very pleased.

If you happen to get "recalled" to Moscow, I would seriously think about defecting to the non-Jihadist West (ie, the US.)

Ed's Play Pen.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Ed's Play Pen.

"Since there are no kids, l... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

"Since there are no kids, like in Waco, its doubtful the libs would want them killed."
Thank you G...from now on..every post I make..regardless of topic I will end with your quote...giving full credit of course. As for Waco..of course Crazy Gun guy pedophile Karish deserves no blame...
Remember JR was Clinton's choice..and we know how Clinton can't hold a candle to "W"

"Since there are no kids, like Waco, its doubtful the libs would want them killed"...Gianni

nogo, I don't want to put w... (Below threshold)

nogo, I don't want to put words in gianni's mouth... but i think he's going for a twofer there... not only a waco reference, which i suspect is the greatest number of americans killed by agents of the federal government quite a long time... another for bill clinton's resume... but an abortion shot as well... which i don't agree with gianni on, but have to give him props... it's a nice tie-in of the common elements... kill children either before or after they're born, it's just fine with them...



JayI so enjoy it whe... (Below threshold)

I so enjoy it when we can take the late Molly Ivins at her word.
It's not even required to invoke all of the Reno/Davidian atrocities to hoist her (figuratively speaking, of course) on her own petard.
If the Feds wanted to build a wall around the place and call it a prison then the "impounded" could expect this even if it was a minimum security camp ala Club Fed:

1) All incoming mail would be opened and read by the prison staff.
2) All inmates must be present at mail call.
3) All incoming food would be searched and approved of by prison staff.
4) All inmates would be required to stand in the presence of prison guards at 4PM daily for an official count. Any inmate not present would be noted as an escapee.
5) Any inmate not present at any of five counts conducted every 24 hours, not counting the above, would be noted as an escapee.
6) The inmates must meet with their assigned prison counselor at any and all times. Abscence is considered an escape offense.

And it goes on and on and on....at the "easy prisons". Those are the official prison policies. If Molly wanted it to be a level 2 security facility ( as opposed to a camp...Club Fed) then just kick it up a notch, as Emmeril says.

Ivins had as much a clue about the U S Penal Codes as she did about the people incarcerated under such.

HughS, it was a SATIRICAL s... (Below threshold)

HughS, it was a SATIRICAL suggestion, but one that I thought had a grain of reason to it. It was an unreasonable solution to an unreasonable situation -- and, I think, a good way to deal with this sort of standoff. It's "wait 'em out" with a dash of humor to it.

But to take your comment a smidgen more seriously than it deserves, "Brown-I" would pretty much cover 1, 3, and 5 be default. And time served in Brown-I would NOT be eligible for credit if/when they surrender.

You got a better solution, HughS? I'd be curious to hear what it is.


TNX for the tunes, fidelio.... (Below threshold)

TNX for the tunes, fidelio.

JayMy comments were ... (Below threshold)

My comments were aimed at Molly Ivins, not you. I didn't make that clear. I thought your suggestion was funny and maybe some follow ups are in order.

HughS, Molly can't take you... (Below threshold)

HughS, Molly can't take your questions any more. She kinda shuffled off this mortal coil a couple of months ago. But since I suggested applying it here, I'll take any heat on it.

She was a moonbat, especially at the end, but -- God love her -- she was a hell of a writer, a hell of a wit, and came up with some great ideas.


JayI did I refer to ... (Below threshold)

I did I refer to her as the "late Molly...." up the thread.

I lived in Texas when Molly hit the big time. She was close to being Menckenesque in her evisceration of Texas state politicians in her day (the late 70's and 80's) and having lived in that political environment for years, the politicos, regardless of party, mostly deserved what she dished out and she flourished. She was smart and quick.

But when I moved from Texas, and Molly went national, she lost her local flavor and energy. The same acerbic wit that worked so well in the Statesman, the Observer and Texas Monthly didn't consistently work well nationally when she joined the MSM media mob and sold out from her roots. I find it interesting that Anne Richards experienced the same.

I know if I lived in New Ha... (Below threshold)
John N:

I know if I lived in New Hampshire I would t and go and protect the Browns from this government that saw fit to murder 3000 of our citizens at the WTC. It is time my fellow citizens to protect yourselves by what ever means necessary from the tyranny of this bunch of scumbags called the US Government. Civil chaos must become the order of the day clean across this country. We are now dictated to by a government that is already worse than the Nazi's

John, why don't you just st... (Below threshold)

John, why don't you just stop paying taxes?

You got it wrong. Ed was in... (Below threshold)

You got it wrong. Ed was in court to defend himself. He had evidence that shows he does not have to pay income tax. The judge would not allow him to present any evidence to defend himself. That is why he refuses to accept the judge's ruling. Ed has filed several documents and appeals that the judge has ignored.

When you are not allowed to defend yourself in court it is an unjust court. The constitution gives us the right to defend ourselves.

I think Ed is right. If the court does not have to follow the rules, why should he?






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