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The Killing Fields

The number of patients with gunshot wounds admitted to the hospital's trauma center has more than doubled over the past five years -- a sign of what the hospital's chief of medicine calls a genocide on the streets. 'The rising tide of violence is staggering,' said Dr. Andre Campbell, adding that while African Americans make up 6.5 percent of the local population, they comprise at least 70 percent of gunshot victims. 'I characterize that as a genocide,' he said.

* * *
'We have a growing number of individuals who are the collateral damage of our urban war,' said Sharen Hewitt, director of the Community Leadership Academy Emergency Response project.

Pretty grim, huh?

Unfortunately those are the grim realities of life in the progressive city of San Francisco, California.


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Comments (12)

As terrible as these number... (Below threshold)

As terrible as these numbers are, it isn't genocide when the shooters come from the same group as the victims. Bizarrely enough, I'd say that civil war would be a better term. But what best defines it is criminal gangs engaging in a war for control of drugs and other activities.

Can genocide be self-inflic... (Below threshold)

Can genocide be self-inflicted? Wouldn't it then be democide instead? But since the government is not particularly involved, would it even be that?

Do you mean the citizens of... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Do you mean the citizens of SF did not turn in their guns when they were outlawed in the city? Go figure.

This has gone on long enoug... (Below threshold)

This has gone on long enough. It's become a quagmire, and we should set a timetable to get out of San Francisco immediately.

If the Speaker of the House needs to visit her plastic surgeon there, let her pay for her own security.

Libs get what libs deserve,... (Below threshold)

Libs get what libs deserve, right?

Soon san fagfrisco will be a city of illegals, asians, moonbats, and black women. The black men will be dead or in jail, illegals will enjoy their sanctuary, asians will stick it out, moonbats will be moonbats, and the productive tax paying citizens will have had enough, and get the hell out of there.

Just make it a "Gun Free Zo... (Below threshold)

Just make it a "Gun Free Zone". That'll fix it.

Gianni - Your post... (Below threshold)

Gianni -

Your post could be the basis of a good novel. We could title it after some god-like figure who just shrugs and gives up.

Whoops - too late.

I agree that it's time to c... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I agree that it's time to cut and run from this quagmire of a civil war. It's senseless to send our young police officers into a lost cause like that.


A word mash for this might ... (Below threshold)

A word mash for this might be sociosuicide. The root causes for this in SFO are unfortunately many, and are unlikely to be addressed until the bottom falls out.

And just think - this is th... (Below threshold)

And just think - this is the town that outlawed firearms... I see that is working quite well.

Wasn't it here, about a wee... (Below threshold)

Wasn't it here, about a week or two ago, when we were talking about an article moaning about how blacks were leaving San Francisco?

There is only one solution.... (Below threshold)

There is only one solution.

The US government must refuse to cooperate with San Francisco's law enforcement in any way, and provide sanctuary to San Francisco felons.







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