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She Can Even Do A Herkie

Michelle Malkin really can do it all. See her do the Defeatocrat cheer.

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I stil think she could phys... (Below threshold)

I stil think she could physically whip Harry Reid's ass. And it wouldn't be close...

Unhinged.... (Below threshold)


Usually I like Michelle but... (Below threshold)

Usually I like Michelle but this is pretty stupid.

Bwhahahahahaha....hilarious... (Below threshold)


Michelle is a hoot. And the democrats are a hoot ...in the "loser" "wussy" sense.

I was just impressed that s... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I was just impressed that she could jump like that -- and I couldn't resist the opportunity to use the word "herkie" in a post. How often does that come along?

She can do it all - except ... (Below threshold)

She can do it all - except find that wily Jamil Hussein.

Oh wait...

Btw, why isn't she signing up for the war? Can someone point me to her explanation for refusing to serve? I've read the excuses by the writers here, but I never got her perspective.

If they would spay her she'... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

If they would spay her she'd stop doing that.

Editor's note: And now that Adrian Browne's IP has been "spayed," he/she/it won't be doing this any longer.


That one is borderline Adri... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

That one is borderline Adrian. I will keep it up, but only to prove Arianna wrong by showing the left really does call female bloggers nasty, sexist names, even though you did it in a roundabout way.

Roundabout?! WTH? The cra... (Below threshold)

Roundabout?! WTH? The crap we put up with in the name of 'tolerance'.

Just because people have protected speech doesn't mean we should tolerate all speech.

Adrian's comment should be deleted, but...don't kill him. There's the protection.

I bet MM could whip Adrian ... (Below threshold)

I bet MM could whip Adrian Browne's ass, as well....

Cute little clip. But, if s... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Cute little clip. But, if she wants a future in cheerleading, she's going to have to learn to shake it with more enthusiasm.

She seriously needs a hobby... (Below threshold)

She seriously needs a hobby.

I think I just died a littl... (Below threshold)

I think I just died a little inside.

Is jp2 in Iraq by the way? Has he ever been? I see Michelle as fighting for Iraq in the place where she can do most: Attacking the bastions of the appeasers.

It's ok with the volume off... (Below threshold)

It's ok with the volume off.

Democrats=Losers?W... (Below threshold)


Was she not paying attention on November 7, 2006?

Though it is entertaining to see evidence that the right is left with no ideas other than name-calling.

Sorry, Michelle, you didn't... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Michelle, you didn't make the squad. Maybe with a little more practice, some MATURITY, and perhaps attention to TASTE and CONTENT, you'll have the opportunity to be taken seriously. Better luck next time.

Great post Adrian!


Hey, at least Jo found it "... (Below threshold)

Hey, at least Jo found it "a hoot". You can tell cause she typed bwahahahahahahahaha....Then she said she found Michelle's gyrations "a hoot". Then she said she thinks the democrats are "a hoot". But the democrats are a hoot in a "wussy way"! Hoot!

Why do I picture Baby Jane Hudson when reading the musings of Jo?

Malkin is one ugly stupid c... (Below threshold)

Malkin is one ugly stupid childish bwitch. What an absolute moron. If this is the stuff that forms your political taste or opinions Ms. Byrd, you must have to sit on it to ingest it.

Pity that you are so willing to show your foolishness!

Editor's note: Steigen made his first comment on my "Be Nice" piece three weeks ago. Apparently he's forgotten that little lesson, because ever since then he's gotten increasingly vile and rude and insulting. I'm not going to bother with a warning.


Why do I picture Baby Ja... (Below threshold)

Why do I picture Baby Jane Hudson when reading the musings of Jo?

You can picture many people. Jo is the biggest sock puppet on this site. Hoot hoot, Sock Puppet Jo! And are you aware that the Republicans were the actual losers in the last election? Bwaaaaaaaa-chooloseroooo!

When does the donkey show u... (Below threshold)

When does the donkey show up?

Editor's note: there's a donkey at the end of the video, but apparently Red missed it. And if anyone's wondering where the ass went, "RedstayteToofpayste" will be looking for a new place to spew his bile.


The democrat trolls seem a ... (Below threshold)

The democrat trolls seem a tad defensive tonight. Perhaps they saw ABC World News Tonight devastating "investigation" of the democrats. And how they are even worse than the republicans when it comes to "pay to play" (paying big bucks for "access").....

Y'all should have seen it. Made Nancy Pelosi look like the biggest hypocrite on earth.

LOVED IT!!!!!!!! :)

Biggest sock puppet would b... (Below threshold)

Biggest sock puppet would be Glen Greenwald (sp?) He's on your side. And he was BUSTED big time. Nice try but weak.

Anyway, I'd hate Michelle too if every day I lived in fear of what her blog was going to EXPOSE for my party.

Again, LOVE IT!!! Bwhaahahahahahah

"Why do I picture Baby Jane... (Below threshold)

"Why do I picture Baby Jane Hudson when reading the musings of Jo?"


*oh,lord*(recovering...)</p... (Below threshold)


Yeah, jo: Unless you're a sprightly 99-year-old, you should think on tuning your horn.

Tobacco-ravaged larynx is not the best "voice" for consideration.

Bryan, I'll take that as a ... (Below threshold)

Bryan, I'll take that as a "yes" that you saw the ABC devastating piece on your party. No wonder you're pissy.

Ka ching.

And now your senate majorit... (Below threshold)

And now your senate majority leader is under fire from David Broder! New column out tomorrow is devastating for ole Harry. Agghhhhhh....what a bad week for you guys.

Tee hee.

ON-TOPIC: Why is Malkin NOR... (Below threshold)

ON-TOPIC: Why is Malkin NORMAL when posting at VDARE.com, hard-working (but wrong, usually) at her own blog, and just bat-sh!t CRAZY here?

It seems to be: If it's the Bush Line, and it's Videotaped, it's a disaster. RedEye, HotAir,1/2 hr News Hour, Atlas/Althouse vlogs; they're utterly without redeeming value, not funny, ZERO production values, impossibly self-indulgent, and make the worst Hollywood BILGE look not too bad.

jo:ABC? MIssed it. I DID se... (Below threshold)

jo:ABC? MIssed it. I DID see the Bill Moyers special on PBS last night about the incestuous government-media war propaganda network. Very good indeed (and yes, I know about Moyers getting rich via CPB production deals, anyway:) The kicker was: as Time lays off field reporters, neocon pundits who got EVERYTHING wrong viz. the war and Iraq, namely Kristol (neo-right) and Beinhart (neo-left) are HIRED (by "cash-strapped" Time) as columnists! Also provided some insight into the retirement of Wm Safire (embarrassment or shame: you decide). ***1/2/****

PS: DAVID BRODER???? He makes Washington Week in Review look positively SCINTILLATING. You people are really looking for "friends", huh?

JO: "tee hee" is kinda cute... (Below threshold)

JO: "tee hee" is kinda cute. Stick with that one.

FREAKY FACT: It is said that no one who begins a David Broder column EVER FINISHES AWAKE.

Try it at home.

Jo: OK, I read the Broder c... (Below threshold)

Jo: OK, I read the Broder column and remained sentient. murphy linked to it next thread over.

I don't know. You have Cindy Sheehan living next door to Bush PERMANENTLY (as in, "can I borrow a cup of sugar" and "get off my land"), you have Crazy State Legislatures calling for W's impeachment, and Waxman about to put Condi under oath about The Run-up, and all everyone is obsessed about is a highly replaceable Senator.

It's like raising with a pair of deuces.

Criticisms of style which i... (Below threshold)

Criticisms of style which ignore substance are analogous to ad hom arguments, bD. It's like raising in rummy.

If you raise with two deuce... (Below threshold)

If you raise with two deuces, more people will think you have two pairs than think you have twos paired. Bid softly, but carry a big schtick.

The Truth hurts, doesn't it... (Below threshold)

The Truth hurts, doesn't it Adrian, Toofpayst, & Steigen. Dems are pussies, with a bad case of cranial rectal inversion. They may pull their heads out, but I seriously doubt it.

Hi, Sock Puppet Jo! Bush an... (Below threshold)

Hi, Sock Puppet Jo! Bush and Republicans polled at an all-time low this week! Guess those ABC and Broder pieces aren't having the effect you fantasize about, eh? Glad you "love it!" Bwhahahahaaaa! Tee hee! And all that! Can't wait for 2008 to come, eh? Bye, Sock Puppet Jo! Have a wonderful day looking for new emptiness to crow about!

Brian:And <a href=... (Below threshold)


And so did the Dem "led" Congress:

Approve, 36
Disappove 43

And dropping.

To mimic you, "can't wait for 2008 to come."

It seems to be: If it's ... (Below threshold)

It seems to be: If it's the Bush Line, and it's Videotaped, it's a disaster. RedEye,

I take it you've never actually watched RedEye. It has about as much to do with the "Bush Line" as the LA Times. Hell they had Kucinich on the other night.






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