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Wizbang's Great Michelle Malkin Midnight Massacre

(Disclaimer: the "massacre" actually took place between 4 and 5 a.m., not at midnight, but I can't resist a good alliteration)

Michelle Malkin provides a great service for public discourse. It's not what she says or does, but the reactions she provokes. She is a catalyst. Somehow, she consistently manages to get people to let down their guard and unleash their true inner hatred and venom, exposing themselves as the vile, despicable, loathesome people they are -- but manage to conceal most of the time.

I have my own theory: because she's a "twofer" minority (both a woman and Asian), the left tends to think that they ought to "own" her fealty. By choosing to embrace conservatism, she is seen as a traitor to the "identity politics" that defines so much of the left and, as such, is subject to the full traditional penalties for heresy.

But regardless of the cause, the effect is unmistakable. Pretty any much discussion of her -- or something she has said or written -- is pretty much guaranteed to eventually degenerate into vile sexual and racist slurs. It's apparently not enough to argue with her positions and statements; she must be utterly destroyed as a person. Hell, most times they don't even bother to go after what she said or did and go straight to the vileness.

A textbook example is Lorie's piece yesterday, where she linked to Michelle's latest "Vent." In that one, Michelle put on a cheerleader outfit and did a little routine.

I have to wonder if she did that deliberately. (Michelle, that is, not Lorie.) I suspect she was setting up her detractors to launch a fresh wave of bile and sewage against her, "taking one for the team" to get them to expose their true inner ugliness.

Well, it worked out amazingly well over here. RedStayteToofpaste, Adrian Browne, and Steigen all played right into her hands and vented their spleens all over the place, with some of the nastier comments seen around these parts for some time.

But they won't do that again.

I find myself struggling to find some leftist equivalents of people like Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter -- women who are so reviled by the right that they immediately resort to crude sexual, racial, or other personal attacks instead of their points. Only two come to mind -- Rosie O'Donnell and Hillary Clinton. For them, though, the nastiest attacks I can recall tend to focus on their appearance in general, and their weight specifically. I don't recall anything as vile and as common as the racist and sexual slurs Malkin receives on a regular basis.

I find myself wondering when NOW will ever issue a statement decrying the treatment of Michelle Malkin, or for gay rights groups to denounce the routine "transexual" schtick against Ann Coulter. But I don't bother holding my breath waiting for 'em.

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The left must vent against ... (Below threshold)

The left must vent against MM and Coulter because they cannot beat them in any debate. Facts are stubborn things. Throw in the fact that both of these 100 pound women could beat any left-wing hack's ass--witness the rascist, misogynist slurs. Radical leftists (most of them these days, it seems) are a nasty bunch.

A decade later, I'm still s... (Below threshold)

A decade later, I'm still stunned by feminists' reactions to objections to Bill Clinton's behaviour.

I'm glad you left the comme... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you left the comments up; they don't hurt Michelle, and leave the commenters hoist on their retard petard.

Dressing up as a cheerleade... (Below threshold)

Dressing up as a cheerleader and jumping around your backyard is not "a great service for public discourse". I thought she looked pretty cute in her outfit, but she certainly isn't starting any kind of discussion by calling Demorats losers. People do that on LGF and other Righty political blogs on an hourly basis.

Blue Neponset- "Loser is a... (Below threshold)

Blue Neponset- "Loser is as loser does." Forrest Hump
Don't be lying about LGF, I follow that blog religiously and THAT does not happen hourly. It is applied only as necessary. The Dhimmicrat(ic)s could be called that every minute with their behavior if we weren't so nice.

How about 'Michelle Malkin'... (Below threshold)

How about 'Michelle Malkin's Midnight Mocking Massacre Morning'.

Sorry I missed all the fun.... (Below threshold)

Sorry I missed all the fun. By the way, in a new poll 55% of Americans think we are losing in Iraq, so I guess Michelle thinks that America is a loser?

PS, Bush is at 28% approval (ouch)!

Kat, Oh yeah, says... (Below threshold)


Oh yeah, says you!

Is that the kind of dialouge MM's cheerleader show was suppose to spawn?

Blue Neponset:... (Below threshold)

Blue Neponset:

Dressing up as a cheerleader and jumping around your backyard is not "a great service for public discourse". I thought she looked pretty cute in her outfit, but she certainly isn't starting any kind of discussion by calling Demorats losers.
I'll ignore your maligning LGF and other non-Liberal blogs as I think it detracts from what made sense in your post.

I thought Michelle's cheerleader rant was insipid and not up to her usual, well-reasoned, on-the-mark opinions. As for JayTea's point about how it acts as 'troll bait', I think Michelle gets enough of that already without drawing yet more virtiol in her own direction. While the cheerleader bit was silly, my guess is she wanted to make a point and have a little fun while she was at it. No harm, no foul.

I think Ann Coulter, however, is conservative women's (myself among them) worst enemy.

She's a bit to eager for media coverage, and her nepalm-laced statements serve merely to sell more books and fatten up her pockets than to advance either the state of discourse or the conservative cause. The points underlying the bombast are invariably good ones, sound ones even, but the invective closes off the ears of those we need so badly to illuminate and recruit to the conservative point of view. In the end, I simply can't use her as a means to support my reasoning as too many people 'tune out' the moment her name is mentioned.

There's always the possibil... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

There's always the possibility that MM was just having a little fun. Or maybe her husband talked her into it. (I know I would!)

Blue Nepo- No, not dialog.... (Below threshold)

Blue Nepo- No, not dialog. That was me being nice when you insult a lizardoid. Some of us who have fought in the fever swamps with the Nutroots can sling with the best of the worst of the DU/Kos/Firedawgpond. Here at the Wizbang, we keep it civil.

I'm hoping that Wizbangblog... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I'm hoping that Wizbangblog does a piece on Debbie Schuessel soon because I have some REALLY vile remarks to make about her (but don't want to be "off topic").

Thanks in advance!

Kat, if you have to resort ... (Below threshold)

Kat, if you have to resort to insults that you can't post here then maybe you aren't actually making very good arguments in the first place. Just sayin.

A lame, but occasionally tr... (Below threshold)

A lame, but occasionally true argument, BN. So far kat's argument is beating your insults.

What argument? All I have ... (Below threshold)

What argument? All I have heard from Kat is (paraphrasing) "LGF Rocks and Dem Loser walk!" If he or she is trying to make a point please tell me what it is.

Let's have a contest to see... (Below threshold)

Let's have a contest to see what the point that Jay and Kat are trying to make is. The successful entrant will explain to Blue Neponset what it is, and may get to endure some of his scintillating insults in return.

Just the fact that you supp... (Below threshold)

Just the fact that you support coulter is all I need to know about you. Fucking scumbag

jeff, I hate to intrude on ... (Below threshold)

jeff, I hate to intrude on your illiteracy, but where did I say here that I supported Coulter? I just used the standard attacks on her as an example.



Politics in the 2000s. We'... (Below threshold)

Politics in the 2000s. We're devolving back to the schoolyard at an alarming speed.

Don't do me any favors Kim.... (Below threshold)

Don't do me any favors Kim. Hopefully I can live a long and happy life w/o knowing what Kat's point was.

There are braindead, racist... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

There are braindead, racist and sexist retards on the right; and there are braindead, racist and sexist retards on the left. Having said that...

The greater level of vile vitriol, almost without question, comes from the left. Why? Just a little theory of mine, but those on the left tend to be more creative than those on the right (though I would personally dispute my own theory having been a creative person in advertising for, ack(!), almost 20 years). Case in point: The plethora of pithy and clever abundance of leftist bumper stickers. (Example: Bush on Mars in 2008; Bush Lied, People Died.). Or on t-shirts ("Meet the Fuckers" with pictures of Bush, Cheney, etc.). And any other medium they can find like, say, a lampost or mailbox.

In all instances, the little internal policeman that lives inside most people and halts them when they're about to say something inappropriate, tasteless, off color, gross, vile or whatever is either off duty or taking a break with many leftists. But that's also the key to their abundant creativity; being able to turn off or ignore that policeman and let the great ideas and creativity flow. But when that internal policeman fails to show up for duty for some of these creative people, that's when the invectives fly. And any attempt to get them to turn it on is seen as repressing their "freedom of speech, man."

I'm almost certain vile invectives about Hillary or Cindy Sheehan or Jane Fonda have been hurled by righties on many occassions. But with the verocity and fervor and near hatefuless of leftists, like the kind Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter endure? Not even close. IMO.

"I suspect she was setti... (Below threshold)

"I suspect she was setting up her detractors to launch a fresh wave of bile and sewage against her, "taking one for the team" to get them to expose their true inner ugliness."

Yeah! That silly cheerleading tirade was totally orchestrated to bring the out the worst of Teh Left !1!!1! Thats the ticket! Eat it Dhimmi Tratorz!!

MyPetGloat:Yea... (Below threshold)


Yeah! That silly cheerleading tirade was totally orchestrated to bring the out the worst of Teh Left !1!!1! Thats the ticket! Eat it Dhimmi Tratorz!!

Whether it was "orchestrated" or not here is it's proof of purpose.


Damn, I have to make a macro for this, it would make responding to RUBBLE so much easier:

And your comment is related to the post, how?

BTW "Do you approve or disapprove of the job the Democratic leaders in Congress are doing?"

(2/7-11/07) approve 41, disapprove 36
(4/18-22/07) approve 36, approve 43

DAMN, Reid's and Pelosi's approval rate is falling faster than Sheryl can wipe her ass with a "single square."

Oh cool! Lookie what the li... (Below threshold)

Oh cool! Lookie what the link Marc brought sez too:




Polls don't matter there though, right?

OK, so Michelle Malkin writ... (Below threshold)

OK, so Michelle Malkin writes a book about how internment camps for Japanese-Americans were a great idea, and then the left is accused of rabid hatemongering. And people wonder why we're a little frustrated?

OK, so Michelle Malkin w... (Below threshold)

OK, so Michelle Malkin writes a book about how internment camps for Japanese-Americans were a great idea

No, she wrote a book about how it was a reasonable response for the United States AT THAT TIME, and that it actually did what it was supposed to do. A bunch of leftists pretend otherwise, but that's just more "imagination" at work.

Of course, it's more "no connection with reality" than "imagination."

There does seem to be a bur... (Below threshold)

There does seem to be a burning hatred of right-leaning women simmering just under the skins of the left. There also seems to be an unending supply of racial and misogynist invective.

It was a fine trap.

Never fail to occasionally provide an opportunity to allow them to show how hateful and vile they are. They will not let you down.

tbagyou imply that t... (Below threshold)

you imply that the attacks on coulter are somehow completely unfounded. Like she is some innocent lamb that the liberal dogs attack for no reason.

Ps the Boston Globe called and they still are not interested in hiring you.

Jeff, does the word "fuckin... (Below threshold)

Jeff, does the word "fucking" make you tough? Something tells me you're just a cowardly little worm.

Funny how no one ever menti... (Below threshold)

Funny how no one ever mentions the #1 reason for misogyny on the Left: most young men on the Left--and these make up a majority of those who frequent Left-wing Internet sites--were drawn to their political views not by love for their fellow man, but by fanatical support for abortion, drugs, and pornography. In short, they want instant gratification for themselves. To their minds, Michelle Malkin is just a piece of ass who won't put out, and therefore ought to be raped.

Note to all you lurking lefties out there: if any of you EVER lay your hands on ANY woman in my presence, you will experience my Marine Corps training first-hand. Got that?

MyPetGloat:Pol... (Below threshold)


Polls don't matter there though, right?

Yeah, look what I brought you. Just for you MPG.

It took me to point out the obvious and what we all knew. And yes they do matter in a small sense, to smack down loonbats like barneyRUBBLE.

And on occasion you. Not that it's hard or anything, just fun.

jeff, we've all recognized ... (Below threshold)

jeff, we've all recognized that you are an illiterate moron. Please stop confirming it.

Again, I never said that "the attacks on Coulter are somehow completely unfounded." I merely pointed out that a great many of them focus not on what she says and does, but on her appearance -- "skinny bitch," "Mann Coulter," and the like. Politically, she's akin to Pat Buchanan, but he gets called a Nazi, not a "fat, balding white guy." It's that dichotomy I'm noting.

Poor jeffy. He so much wants to put me in my place, but he keeps tripping over his own shoelaces.


Am I the only person who th... (Below threshold)

Am I the only person who thinks Michelle Malkin's routine was just kind of lame? It seems to me that if you're going to do this kind of satire, you have to fully embrace the role, rather than just playact at it.

See, for example, Airplane, vs. the Scary Movie franchise. In Airplane the characters and, to a lesser extent, the actors are entirely convinced their lives are in jeopardy. The characters occasionally say or do funny things, but everything they do is within the context of trying to save their lives and reacting as people would in a life-or-death situation.

In the Scary Movie franchise, on the other hand, characters consistently mug, say lines that make no sense, undertake actions that are clearly aimed at just putting over the joke of the moment.

Malkin's "cheer" video suffers much as the Scary Movie franchise does. First, her posture, and tone of voice make it clear that she does not seriously back the Democratic Party or Harry Reid's statements.

A cheerleader would be expected to put more of herself into the cheer -- jumping, doing splits, smiling, etc. Malking evinces very little of that behavior, and what little she does evince is clearly sarcastic. Among other things, her leaps are clearly perfunctory at best. The only element of the cheer that clearly seems to work is the final word "go."

Unless she's willing to lose herself more in the role, her satire does not work as well as it could.

Other nits:

Costuming. The donkey on her shirt should have been larger. Web video tends to be run at a very small witdh, meaning that if such things are to be noticed, they need to be larger. Also, her costume appears to be white combined with a gray-ish/brownish skirt. She should have incorporated more blue into the costume, as that color is more associated with the Democratic Party.

Script. "Harry. Reid. Failure. Defeat. Surrender. Surrender." This part doesn't work well. A better script would have read, "Harry. Reid. Failure. Defeat. Surrender. Retreat." This would have been both more rhytmic and more memorable, enhancing its value as propaganda.

Contrast Malkin's effort, for example, with Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends.


langtry and pennywit have j... (Below threshold)

langtry and pennywit have just said everything I wanted to say, and then some, more eloquently than I was going to. This was lame - the fact that the reactions were lamer is no defence.

Michelle's cheerleader vide... (Below threshold)

Michelle's cheerleader video is hilarious. Very smart, very smartly said and done.

About vitriol, I've read my share of it from mostly the Left, a few from the Right but it's vastly far worse and more abundant from the Left and by now, predictable.

Malkin always makes her point well and anyone such as her who does is always the magnet for the Left's attacks and ongoing malignments. I see it every.blasted.day, read it but read past it by now.

Sorry, poor grammar (^^)...... (Below threshold)

Sorry, poor grammar (^^)..."anyone such as SHE who does is always the magnet..."

Pennywit (as is his annoyin... (Below threshold)

Pennywit (as is his annoyingly consistent habit) raises some good points. It's a very fair critique of Michelle's performance, and the movie comparison is remarkably apt.

That being said, I don't think those improvements in her performance would have had the least bit of difference on the effect I noted above. But those of us who weren't unhinged by it might have appreciated it a bit more.


Funny, but I think if you s... (Below threshold)

Funny, but I think if you substitute Rosie O'Donnell for Michelle Malkin and lefty for righty in Jay's piece it makes essentially the same point. Same goes for Coulter. They all serve about the same purpose, really. And anyone who seriously thinks the comments against Malkin represent some new level of crudeness need to go back and read past comments on Rosie, or even Hillary, by some of the regular Wizbang troglodytes, who never met an insult or slur they didn't like.

pennywit,Good critiq... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Good critique of the latest Malkin Opus!

On the whole I agree with you that Malkin's Scary Movie came off as lame but where I disagree is that I believe she really gave it her all. Unfortunately, all that flop sweat doesn't add up to one iota of entertainment value on the screen (much like Red Eye -- the FoxNews foray into entertainment).

Was Ms. Malkin supposed to be playing a Liberal/Democrat sincerely cheering Harry Reid? -- if this is the case I fear she couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag (and her hairdresser, makeup artist, costume designer as well as her choreographer should be fired). Or is she supposed to be a Republican mocking Harry Reid? -- well, that doesn't quite make sense either -- oh well . . .

What starts out as a feeling of embarrassment FOR Ms. Malkin on the part of the viewer turns to mere pity by the end of the video.

On the positive side, I trust no animals were harmed in the making of Malkin's Scary Movie.

Great one! Michelle is exc... (Below threshold)

Great one! Michelle is excellent, you can tell she really gets a kick out of getting the nutroots to go ballistic and make fools of themselves...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
firecracker journalists

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