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Rosie, Reid, Rudy and the Evil Rich

In my Townhall column today I do a wrap up of some of the stories that caught my eye this week.

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It's a very good column...c... (Below threshold)

It's a very good column...covered much territory very succinctly.

I doubt, however, that the O'Donnell thing was as it's been annonced (so far, everyone's saved face and that's about it). If Disney/ABC had wanted her, they'd have met her demands. In this case, I initially thought Disney/ABC was taking the lower way out by not being forthright about parting the ways with O'Donnell, but now (another day to think this over) I think they've taken the nicest possible way out: let O'Donnell work her explanation as it suits her while Disney/ABC remains silent otherwise.

Reid: we can only hope he'll resign and the sooner the better. It's tough to continue to hear someone quite so obtuse and conflicted actually being paid by the taxpayers while working so hard not to represent the country.

Guiliani's statement about the Democrats: I completely agree with him. But otherwise, I wish he'd stop supporting so many of their pet projects and objectives. I'd enjoy hearing/listening to Guiliani on the news, in the media for the next eight years (that's an important quality to electing a President that many voters overlook during the campaigns: who'll be most interesting, tolerable and "entertaining" -- to be frank -- for the whole spate of two Presidential terms [I can say right now that the Clintons for another eight years, with Hillary's bobbing head, shrill voice and ever changing accents would be intolerable for me]), anyway, Guiliani would be infinitely interesting in the media, BUT, he's got a lot to prove to me in the next few months that he's not a Democrat in yet another costume. Just saying.

Good column, Ms. Byrd.

I heard Rudy being intervie... (Below threshold)

I heard Rudy being interviewed today on Michael Medved show. He was terrific. As a supporter of Romney, I am persuaded that Guiliani is the guy!

The Rosie deal is a farce. ... (Below threshold)

The Rosie deal is a farce. Barbara Walters has the nerve to say she had nothing to do with the decision not to renew her contract. It was between ABC and Rosie. So, Barbara can arrange for her to be on the show, but not have anything to do with her renewing? ABC was tired of Rosie. If she made the ratings rise, ABC would never get rid of a cash cow, no pun intended, unless it brought too much baggage. ww

"The right to free speech c... (Below threshold)

"The right to free speech comes with responsibility and even if ABC had decided to fire O'Donnell because she did not put forth the image they wanted, it would not have been a blow to free speech. It would have just been a blow to ignorant speech."

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