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Mom is kind of a scary broad

Click here to find out which blogger's child had that impression of her after a demonstration of her blade-wielding expertise.

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Some very good stuff there ... (Below threshold)

Some very good stuff there and in the comments too.

I made this remark on my blog: "Training is what makes it possible to make the less lethal choice."

The less training, the less control. The less control, the fewer choices.

I notice that she is a read... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I notice that she is a reader of Theodore Dalrymple. He the best observer and analyzer of the human condition I have ever read, save for the bible. I have never read his blog and never thought to look for it. I'll need to become e frequent visitor.

Sums up recent events very,... (Below threshold)

Sums up recent events very, very well:

"...I mentioned this piece to Buster, written by a law-abiding gun owner who is unable to bring his weapon to the campus, for fear of expulsion.

"'So,' Buster mused, 'as ever, the shooter is not a licensed gun owner, but the licensed gun owner is too busy being respectful of the law to be of any use. A responsible gun owner who is trained to use his weapon is rendered impotent. The law might stop a good guy from making a bad choice, but it's never stopped a bad guy from being a bad guy..."

My son was bothered by a bu... (Below threshold)

My son was bothered by a bully at school. I came home from work one day and my darling wife told me to "teach him how to fight, teach him how to win". The next time the bully and his entourage started their posturing they found themselves looking into the eyes of a non-victim. The fight never happened, and the bully never bothered anyone in my family again.

Agree with Jeff Blogworthy ... (Below threshold)

Agree with Jeff Blogworthy with respect to Theodore Dalrymple. I encourage the reading of his books, but in the meantime a good sampling of his thoughts can be found here.






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