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White Feather Postcard Campaign


You can visit Gateway Pundit to download the postcard image above (and others with the names of Senators) that you can enlarge and print, or purchase them from Cafe Express ( a package of 8 White Feather Postcards for $6.59)


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qWagmireOr ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:


Or you can watch the clock run out at:



"In a troubling sign for th... (Below threshold)

"In a troubling sign for the American-financed rebuilding program in Iraq, inspectors for a federal oversight agency have found that in a sampling of eight projects that the United States had declared successes, seven were no longer operating as designed because of plumbing and electrical failures, lack of proper maintenance, apparent looting and expensive equipment that lay idle."



Can we send tar with those ... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

Can we send tar with those feathers?

jp2,Thank you for po... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Thank you for posting that article.

Sad to think that the first encounter that many Iraqi's have with democracy had to be of the twisted Bush/Bush Republican/Republican form -- hope they're not soured on the idea altogether.

Wasn't quagmire the term yo... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Wasn't quagmire the term you cowardly rats used during the invasion when there was a sandstorm? When al Qaeda kills all those with blue dyed fingers because treasonous traitors like you A. Brown, want us to cut and run. Rudi has it right, to elect a democrat is to invite another 9/11. You fucking people disgust me. Why don't you move to North Korea?

Rudi has it right, to el... (Below threshold)

Rudi has it right, to elect a democrat is to invite another 9/11.

When did 9/11 happen? Oh right, after we elected a Republican. Funny, that.

Like Grandma sez;"... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Like Grandma sez;

"When a Republican likes you THAT'S when it's time to start worrying."

It probably would never occ... (Below threshold)

It probably would never occur to you that mainstream Republicans look at you "white feather" loonies the same way mainstream Democrats look at the Code Pink loonies.

Carry on.

So a chickenhawk plucks his... (Below threshold)

So a chickenhawk plucks his own feather and blames it on the other guy.

I'd file this post under:

Sexual aids, neoconservative.

Like Grandpa says,... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

Like Grandpa says,

"When a Democrat pats you on the back, watch your wallet!"

Grandma outlived Grandpa by... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Grandma outlived Grandpa by 12 years (and got remarried!).

man tits:When did... (Below threshold)

man tits:
When did 9/11 happen? Oh right, after we elected a Republican. Funny, that.

Yes, that's right. Bush didn't prevent in 8 months what Clinton didn't prevent in 8 years.

bryandWhy yes, the... (Below threshold)


Why yes, the US military is just filled with Berkeley grads, members of moveon.org and registered members of the democraticunderground sandbox.

Cut-n-run dems, especial the Cad from Searchlight, Harry Reid, have acted with reckless disgregard for our troops and the long range interests of the United States.

"Coward" is just too tame a term for Reid, et al.

There's a great line in Ram... (Below threshold)

There's a great line in Rambo 3 regarding how humiliating it must be for the great Soviet Army to be helpless against against a bunch of rag tag .....

The humiliation for us is the CIC. 'Bush'

This is his war.

These are his Generals.

He has had over 4 years to win.

Are you telling me that the best military in the world can't win?

Or, is it that the CIC has failed in his one chance on the center stage of the world. He has failed because he believed his/his friends bullshit intel. He has failed because he is truly the loser son of a former President. A man thought that the world and the war would play out as he thought.

We, who are truly against a man and his lack of abilities. Give me one project that this man has completed; without govt help.

Jeb is embarrassed and out of a job.

When people defended Clinton at least he had some success under his belt.

We are discussing this today because your man, Bush, is a failure. It does not please me to have this discussion. To avoid further similar discussions please remove your head from the sand. Or will you avoid the obvious and eventually have to remove your head from your ass.

I disagree with you Darleen... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I disagree with you Darleen. I think coward perfectly describes Reid, and Mantis, Brian, A Brown and the rest of the scum infesting this website. Unable to think for themselves because they were educated communists at school. They hate America and all it stands for. Democrats used to stand for something, now they fall for anything. Two groups want us out of Iraq. Leftist Democrats and al Qaeda. Use to be Democrats and the Communists now as always who ever hates America. The white feathers postcard is a good idea. It will let everyone know what we thing of you fucking chickenshit cowards. Fuck you all.

Are you telling me... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:
Are you telling me that the best military in the world can't win?

We're learning a new type of warfare -- Fourth Generation Warfare. It's the kind that must fight ideologies (such as Muslim extremists) which are not in a uniform (as per Geneva) as well as their fighting the war with propaganda.

There were probably mistakes made -- this is war, after all. On the other hand, we don't know how things would have turned out with different plans, either. It's all a guess, and all political.

Jeb is embarrassed and out of a job.
Who says? Jeb Bush reached his max term limit.
Give me one project that this man has completed; without govt help.

He killed the Kyoto Treaty. That, and taking the WOT to the enemy front are fantastic!

Jon Stewart has the easiest... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Jon Stewart has the easiest job in America.

Hello,Please consi... (Below threshold)


Please consider adding a link to my homepage, The
Internet Radio Network. At the IRN you can listen to
25 of America's top Talk Shows for free via Streaming


Interesting. This card sure... (Below threshold)

Interesting. This card sure struck a nerve with all the appeasement crowd.

Took it kinda personal, did... (Below threshold)

Took it kinda personal, didn't they. So much for Wizbang Blue..*S*

Seems like the advent of Wi... (Below threshold)

Seems like the advent of Wizbang blue is causing the loonies to spill over to the rational site. Lee got sick of being the only one over here spouting garbage so had some of his liberal cronies come over and trash the joint.

It's just so STUPID. A Nerd... (Below threshold)

It's just so STUPID. A Nerd project courtesy of MS Paint. Thinking it's clever, and support for W is worth a small study grant.

Now, these (on the other hand) ARE clever and WOULD make a good novelty postcard or poster:

Can we get banners that say... (Below threshold)

Can we get banners that say "Wizbang! Blue was an inside job!"?


"When people defended Cl... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"When people defended Clinton at least he had some success under his belt."

HA! what F'n success? A c**k sucker getting his c**k sucked? That's his only accomplishment and that is all the jackoff cared about.You morons will continue to polish that turd because you idiots defended him. Fran , take your perpetual fraud of a reality and feed to those who are used to eating shit , your party of criminal frauds.

Paying the price for the Clintons and the embarrassed fools that loved and supported that white trash POS. Angry idiots , take it out on your the criminals you've elected , what am I saying , you knew they were scum from the beginning. Your Democrats.

HA HA ! YOU ARE STILL DEMO... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:



Can we get banners that say... (Below threshold)

Can we get banners that say "Wizbang! Blue was an inside job!"?_Dave

I like that!

I personally oppose the Dem... (Below threshold)

I personally oppose the Democratic proposal. But the Bush White House never planned for a long term occupation in Iraq or has any viable plan to "win" this war either. Will there also be cards to note this as well?

The Bush White House plans for Iraq are too similiar to the Nixon Administration's goals of "peace with honor" in Vietnam. To declare some sort of symbolic "victory", hand over duties to homegrown Iraqi police and military, withdrawal American soldiers, but unfortunately Iraq will soon collapse just like South Vietnam did within months. In all truth and honesty neither the Democrats nor the White House have the political will to really do what's required to "win" in Iraq. Iraq could be "won" if the U.S. would devote whatever manpower and material resources to win there, but won't. So Iraq won't be won. It will be lost.

Threads like this aren't a genuine forum on Iraq, but just some partisan excuse to claim that one wrong policy on Iraq is somehow better than the other wrong policy. What's the difference? Both mean defeat in Iraq, only the White House policy will take a little longer to lose by a few months.

Paul, I hate to mention thi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Paul, I hate to mention this to you, but Nixons plan for Viet Nam was working until the scumbag communist loving cowardly democrats pulled the funding necessary for the South Viet Namese to defend themselves. Seems they could not stand for a Republican plan to succeed. Kind of like today. Look up SEATO and see what our obligations were under that treaty.

We're learning a new typ... (Below threshold)

We're learning a new type of warfare -- Fourth Generation Warfare.

Unfortunately, so are the bad guys. Iraq is like a laboratory in which terrorists can get the kind of training and experience that they would otherwise never be able to get.

The legacy of Iraq will be similar to the legacy of Afghanistan. The thousands of Islamic jihadists who we assisted during the war with the Soviets in Afghanistan have formed the backbone of today's Al Qaeda and are responsible for thousands of terrorist attacks worldwide.

Similarly, the jihadists fighting in Iraq today will become the vanguard of the next-generation Al Qaeda. They will be spreading their deadly atrocities across the Middle East, Europe and eventually here for decades to come.

This will be George Bush's legacy. A collapsed, failed state in Iraq that exports terrorism and instability throughout the region. And a new Al Qaeda. More sophisticated, skilled at combating modern military forces and conducting hideous terrorist attacks on civilians, experts at political assassinations and intimidation.

And to think Bush once said "bring 'em on".

Don't these moonbats have t... (Below threshold)

Don't these moonbats have the 'Blue' to infest? They all spout the same talking points. Pathetic.

The cut and rund defeatists... (Below threshold)

The cut and rund defeatists would have also surrendered in WWI and WW2--thank God there are still sane and tough people now, as there were then.

True, and fortunately the s... (Below threshold)

True, and fortunately the sane and tough people today are recognizing the hopelessness of Bush's current Iraq plan. As Paul H said above, there are no good options at this point. There is no easy or right way out of this mess. All whom you label cut and run, defeatist, etc, are merely those who recognize the time has come to re-evaluate our goals and stop the wasting of American lives.

The dimmers HATE for GW is ... (Below threshold)

The dimmers HATE for GW is so intense they can think of nothing else. They do not want GW to be successful. At any cost.

I do believe we can win in Iraq, and one way to assure that is to get the ROE down to one point. ww

Yeah, Groucho, keep on re-e... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Groucho, keep on re-evaluating your goals there bubba. The Left is much like Ameobas - they swim around all day and are repulsed by pain, attracted by food and every 59 minutes they multiply. Yep, people like that would see hopelessness in any plan that requires (alphabetically):

Backbone - Amoebas have none.
Beliefs - Amoebas have none.
Bravey - Amoebas have none.
Courage - Amoebas have none.
Determination - Amoebas have none.
Fortitude - Amoebas have none.
Guts - Amoebas have none.
Morales - Amoebas have none.
Patience - Amoebas have none.
Resilience - Amoebas have none.
Sacrifice - Amoebas have none.
Standards - Amoebas have none.

So it is not hard to see how the Left views this war. Break out the yellow paint and let loose the curs of cowardice!

I'd be curious to know, ww ... (Below threshold)

I'd be curious to know, ww and SShiell, what you see as the goal(s) this administration has, right now, for the Iraq occupation and how well you think they're being met.

SShiellHarmful:</p... (Below threshold)
La Mano:



Amoebas - No
Lefties - Yes


About equal

Don't these moonbats hav... (Below threshold)

Don't these moonbats have the 'Blue' to infest? They all spout the same talking points. Pathetic.

Well, it's better than posts that contain nothing but insults. Wouldn't you agree?






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