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Harry Reid's Plan for America

Doug Ross has put together an imagined Meet the Press interview with Harry Reid, including a plan for CSI to start investigating terrorist attacks.


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Lorie, since you're so incl... (Below threshold)

Lorie, since you're so inclined to read propaganda only, why not take a look at "Buying the War." or at least reading the transcript? I'd like to see what "lie" you could put to even just one item in that report.

Then for followup, I'd like to see how you dismiss the Tenet book, thank you, for liberal, Democratic, defeatist lies. Oh, I forgot, Tenet was appointed by Clinton and anything Tent says is suspect other than what can be "used" to promote blood & slaughter.

Can you stop feeding your face at the Republican trough long enough to dismiss reality?

Another damned cockroach...... (Below threshold)

Another damned cockroach...you libtards are the ones who invented political correctness, the epitome of fascism and you have the nerve to call a blog post propaganda. You guys are irrational to nth degree.

Wieder -- it is not propaga... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Wieder -- it is not propaganda, it is a joke. Satire. Parody. Kinda like most of the shows on MSNBC.

an "imagined" interview -- ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

an "imagined" interview -- that says a lot.

Sorry Wieder, I forgot to a... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Sorry Wieder, I forgot to address "Buying the War." If this information is accurate, then it appears that Moyers is the propagandist.

If I get a free copy of Tenet's book, I will read some of it, but doubt I could stay awake for all 10,000 pages or however long it is (seriously it is over 500 pages). I am certainly not spending my money on it. This "review" at Wonkette says in the book he establishes that everyone in the White House is a dick. I have heard plenty of Dems say that for six years now and they didn't even take 500 plus pages to say it.

Hey, while we're at it, can... (Below threshold)

Hey, while we're at it, can we get CTU Los Angeles to investigate the Virginia Tech massacre?

"Wieder -- it is not pro... (Below threshold)

"Wieder -- it is not propaganda, it is a joke. Satire. Parody. Kinda like most of the shows on MSNBC."

That's exactly why you think? the way that you do.

My mistake; I thought truth was what you were after.

BTW Lorie, if truth is what... (Below threshold)

BTW Lorie, if truth is what you seek, look at the original link and cease swilling at your multiple propaganda troughs.

It'd be interesting to see whether you could even dissect one single item from the Moyers program w/ your own independent research. Here's betting that you couldn't find a thing other than your usual diet of wolfing someone else's unsubstantiated comments and offering it up as your own regurgitation.

"(seriously it is over 500 ... (Below threshold)

"(seriously it is over 500 pages)."_Lorie

Always flabbergasted when literate people complain of how many pages a book has.

A pitcher of tea, a bag of sunflower seeds, and a good book: one of life's simple pleasures. Number of pages: 1000% irrelevant.

I can't decide who is more ... (Below threshold)

I can't decide who is more stupid--Murtha or Reid. It's a real close call.

Can't figure out why Wieder... (Below threshold)

Can't figure out why Wieder is so Pi$$ed?.. LOL..

I guess I have read well ov... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I guess I have read well over 100,000 pages in my life and don't regret one page of any of the "good books" I have read. But, bryanD, but if you read the rest of my comment you would have seen that from what I have heard about the book, it is not one I think deserves 500 pages worth of my time. I have a family that I love spending time with and there are only 24 hours in a day and not enough years in a life. Sorry, but I have a stack of books that I really want to read and have yet to get to. I will read them first. I will read the excerpts from and summaries of the Tenet book, but seriously doubt I will ever read all 500 plus pages of it.

Lorie,You mentioned ... (Below threshold)

You mentioned the number of pages, not me. I know what you mean about more-or-less time-wasting books. But those are almost always hagiographies puffing nothing into something. Tenet's book is of historical value. The fact that Bush endorsed his leadership and awarded him the Medal of Freedom in better times, and that Tenet was notoriously gregarious, and prone to after-hour schmoozing with those worth being schmoozed, should make the book anything but boring. And in light of the intense public glare at the main events in question, the tolerance for fabrication is apx .017%.

The best review of Tenet's ... (Below threshold)

The best review of Tenet's book I've heard so far is that it's yet another Washington insider's tale of being underappreciated, subtitled "If They'd Only Listened To Me." As I understand it, the Library Of Congress has had to request funding for a whole wing devoted to just those tomes.







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