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If Osama Bin Laden Issued His Own Time table for Withdrawal from Iraq...

It would work to our benefit, right? Writers at Red State interviewed Colonel Michael Everett who is heavily involved in working with the Iraqis "in encouraging the Iraqis to develop legislative tools to resolve their differences and advance their new nation." Colonel Everett discusses Iraq's developing government and why it's such a bad idea for the United States to issue a time table for withdrawal. Here's a portion:

I asked the Colonel about the response of Iraqi politicians to the bill mandating a withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq beginning October 1 and ending no later than March 1.
They have not made an official response, but I would say that the Prime Minister is opposed to it because once again it plays into the hands of the insurgents. If Osama bin Laden stood up and said "Here's my timetable for withdrawing from Iraq" it would be of significant benefit to us both tactically and strategically.

In other words, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are playing into the hands of the insurgents, both tactically and strategically.



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Bunk!!!!!Cheney an... (Below threshold)


Cheney and his puppet, Howdy Doody played right into Al Qaida's and bin Laden's hands by creating theis morass in Iraq. Cheney & Howdy have also opened the entire Mid East into a power vacuum tailored for an Iranian Shiite crescent.

No amount of twisting & torturing of history by you neo-cons and war mongerers can change the reality that the hapless leadership of this Veep and his puppet has immensely advanced the cause of terrorism as well as provided training ground for more terrorism.

Now people like you fools just want to keep pouring in bofies to disguise the fact that your neo-conservatism and brutish use of force has failed utterly.

Yea, yea, support the troops by increasing Bush's body count.

My...my Weider that was suc... (Below threshold)

My...my Weider that was such a reasoned, mature post...NOT!

Oh listen to the wittle ble... (Below threshold)

Oh listen to the wittle bleeding heart asshole called "weider". You sound as dumb as the rest of your BDS crowd. Stick it you piece of lowlife scum. Wheee I feel much better now. (sorry I lied again about not posting anymore but could not help answering the above idiot)

Nicely said, Wieder, and yo... (Below threshold)

Nicely said, Wieder, and you're not alone -- far from it. In the latest NBC-WSJ poll 56 percent of Americans support the establishment of a deadline for withdrawl, and only 37 percent support President Bush's stance on this issue.

If Osama bin Laden stood... (Below threshold)

If Osama bin Laden stood up and said "Here's my timetable for withdrawing from Iraq" it would be of significant benefit to us both tactically and strategically.

It would but that doesn't mean that our announcement of a timetable should help Al Qaeda.

The US military presence in Iraq is the primary reason that Al Qaeda is so strong in that country. The Arab terrorists streaming into Iraq are motivated by the desire to wage jihad against the United States. Once we leave, Al Qaeda's support among the Sunni population will wither and the supply of fighters from around the Arab world will fall off. Iraq's Sunnis (who are secular by nature) will be much more willing to work with us (in a covert manner) once we are no longer forcing a Shiite fundamentalist regime down their throats.

Lee, do you think that the ... (Below threshold)

Lee, do you think that the same 56% would read weider's words and agree that they are "nicely said?"

No, Lee, actually what Wied... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

No, Lee, actually what Wieder said was a crap-filled, rabidly rhetorical screed in which he actually said ZERO.

The Arab terrorists streaming into Iraq are motivated by the desire to wage jihad against the United States.

Well, genius, if the jihadis are motivated by their hatred of Americans (you and me) then it does NOT matter WHAT friggin' country we are in or not in. If we're in Afghanistan, we'll inflame their hatred. If we're in Pakistan, we'll in flame their hatred. If we're in Egypt, we'll inflame their hatred. And if we're in any country remotely resembling something Arab, we'll inflame their hatred.

Once we leave, Al Qaeda's support among the Sunni population will wither and the supply of fighters from around the Arab world will fall off.

You've GOT to be kidding, right? They're like bees: If we don't bother them, they won't bother us. What stupidity.

Western liberals...still...don't...get...it.

PeterFIf that is w... (Below threshold)


If that is what you think, I dare you to watch or read the available transcript from "Buying the War."

Of course, it's that gd commie Bill Moyers, but I dare you to watch it or read the availablem transcript and debunk whatever you can before you "Kill the Messenger" which most of your ilk do rather than deal w/ the truth.

No, not nicely said at all.... (Below threshold)

No, not nicely said at all. And it's not a matter of not liking the opinion presented.

Peter's got it right. The content of Weider's comment was zero.

The "morass" in Iraq isn't what Bin Laden wanted at all, (he wanted us to attack the Islamic world indiscriminately and solve his problem of moderate Islam,) and please let us remember that *before* we did anything like this the "terrorists" were already motivated sufficiently to declare war and undertake the attacks on 9-11. WE did not start this.

I know that runs contrary to some people's dearly held faith, but it's true. The answer to "why do they hate us" is #1 We're wealthy and tolerant of deviance, and #2 When the life of your citizens sucks, it is useful to find someone to blame.

I'd like the liberals here to explain what to do about those reasons they hate us. We can stop being the wealthy, liberal, free country that we are and stop tolerating deviance, or we can at least *try* to make the life of citizens over there just a little less sucky so they have less need of an external scape-goat in order to pacify their populations.

Ohhhhhh, I've been "dared" ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Ohhhhhh, I've been "dared" to watch a show on PBS! How ever will my warmongering, racist, homeless-hating, corporate-loving, closed-minded neocon heart ever bring myself to watch a show on PBS?!


The government PR/propagand... (Below threshold)

The government PR/propaganda stunts are super unconvincing. The guy is told what NOT to say, he follows orders. The rest is folderol.

"Withdrawal of troops"?

Once upon a time Osama bin Ladin told the US to get out of Saudi Arabia. And we did (97%). Was that cutting and running?

See, the key is to find where the opposing sides' interests intersect.

Iran was cooperative after 9/11, but Bush insisted on naming them an element of the Axis of Evil. We should reverse policy and begin a rapproachment there and with Syria. They are both more than willing and able influence events in our mutual direction.

Secondly, allow Afghanistan to share the world opium concession with Turkey as an economic basis for stability and to undermine funding source of outlaw groups.

In Iraq, the Shiites are indisputably under the sway of Sistani. Allow him to form a government in the Shiite provinces.

Allow Jordan and Syria to aid the Sunnis if neccessary.

Secretly put bounties of Wahhabist heads and scalps. Let the Kurds run it. They've always been mercenaries and it will put them on the good side of the Turks more often. Then they could have their own parallel interests.

PeterFThat's right... (Below threshold)


That's right, bhole, "kill the messenger." That's why you neo-con war mongering assholes always have your head in a hole.

Knowledge about what is acually occurring that runs counter to your brainwashed thoughts is ALWAYS to be discounted.

That is why you & all the other Bushie b-wipes are shoveling our troops into the meatgrinder that makes your hearts soar like a hawk.

Those who lose their temper... (Below threshold)

Those who lose their tempers first, lose.

Thanks for demonstrating that with you very first post, Wieder.

PeterF & LinogeSo ... (Below threshold)

PeterF & Linoge

So you want to deny reality? This from the Moyer's Report,

"ERIC BOEHLERT: One of the first big embarrassments was-- Powell had talked about this British intelligence report.

COLIN POWELL: I would call my colleagues attention to the fine paper that United Kingdom distributed yesterday, which describes in exquisite detail Iraqi deception activities.

BILL MOYERS: Supposedly that 'exquisite detail' from British intelligence came from a top secret dossier

ERIC BOEHLERT: Literally within a day or two it was-- it was proven in the-- in the British press that that had simply been-- downloaded off the internet. And was plagiarized. And it actually contains the typos that were in the original.

BRITISH REPORTER: (2/7/03): The British government dossier is supposed to be about Iraqi deception and concealment. It says it draws upon a number of sources including intelligence material. Well, actually what it largely draws on is a thesis written by a Californian post graduate studentÂ...

ERIC BOEHLERT: That was just the first of many embarrassments that were to come. But within days-- the British press was going crazy over this-- over this revelation.

BRITISH REPORTER: As for the student himself, he's accused the government of plagiarism.

BRITISH REPORTER: If the government is reduced to trawling academic journals then how good is the rest of its case for war against Iraq? "

Now, kindly dismantle this as that "lib" PBS Moyers lying about Powell and his fraudulent UN speech and kindly explain your ignorance to the run-up to the Iraqi war.

Wieder, that program rocked... (Below threshold)

Wieder, that program rocked. Where are all the pro-Bush documentarians? (Besides HotAir :))

Weider, did you fall out of... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Weider, did you fall out of Lees ass? Oh my God another idiot joins this blog. Where do you get your opinions, out of your ass? What a dumb fuck. Off topic, but just. I know Rosie said fire will not melt steel. Seems as though George Bush or his minions must have planted C4 under that onramp in Oakland that appears to have failed do to a fire under it. It was a steel structure and we all know fire does not effect steel, right Weider? They probably used the same crew that brought down the twin towers. No doubt to tie up traffic and make life generally more difficult for the liberals in the Bay area.

Zels(click your heels) Rags... (Below threshold)

Zels(click your heels) Ragsdoofus

Still in reality denial, aren't you? You, and the rest of the Wizfool gang will bend over backwards ( until your head is you know where) to deny reality and call it MSM.

If you aren't a Bush a-sucking puppy, just explain the quoted segment above or the entire show, if you have a stomach for anything other than sucjing someone else's blood for your jingoism.

BryanDGlad you saw... (Below threshold)


Glad you saw the Moyers piece.

What you won't ever find here at Wizprop is a piece logically and factually debunking what Moyers presented in that PBS Special. Not even the resident Wizbang Philospher Emeritus, Jay Tea, will dare touch that project.

It will be ignored, just as any unassailable contrarion evidence is cast into oblivion because it is an "inconvenient truth."

What amazes me (Wieder does... (Below threshold)

What amazes me (Wieder doesn't amaze me) is that BryanD can calmly promote theocracy, government sanctioned murder and secret death squads, and playing ancient enemies against each other.

And *we're* the warmongers?

Holy freaking sh*t. Excuse my French.

It's clear to me that hate rests at the left. Do any of you liberal sorts who believe in human value want to disown any of this vile and cold condemnation of real and living human beings to hell?

I'd probably pick on Weider and not Bryan but Bryan actually suggested something (horrifically vile as it is) and so far Weider hasn't expressed so much as a thought.

So bravo, Bryan. I have to give you props for that.

>i>That's right, bhole...</... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

>i>That's right, bhole...

bhole? bhole? LOL. Wow, I've been insulted....by a 6-year old!

To which I can only reply:

I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you, poppy pants!

(Amazingly you write a lot of words yet say very little.)

Back in 2002 we had the cho... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Back in 2002 we had the choice of gearing up to take binnie L and secure Afghanistan..proping up their govt and giving farmers an option to poppies...
or Invade Iraq...

After over five years binnie L REMAINS a greater threat to our security than Saddam ever did..

The leader of those that Attacked us on 9/11 is still at large.

The person who sent anthrax from within the United States?

Still at large...

Rational dialog concerning these two biggest failures...still at Large..
"Surge"..still at Large
KIA Iraq

Period US UK Other* Total Avg Days
4-2007 99 12 1 112 3.86 29
3-2007 81 1 0 82 2.65 31
2-2007 80 3 1 84 3 28

Bin Laden remains at large ... (Below threshold)

Bin Laden remains at large (if he's alive, have we decided that he is actually sill alive?) but I think I'd like a little support for the notion that he's more of a threat to us *today* than Saddam is a threat to us *today*.

More of a threat *today* than Saddam *ever was*, is a claim that requires more than a little support.

"poppy pants" - n. <p... (Below threshold)

"poppy pants" - n.

What happens when someone eats too many almond poppy-seed muffins. May also trigger false positives in drug screening.

mullah cimoc say usa media ... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

mullah cimoc say usa media not free. moyers him afraid for speak the true words most important of this subject:

in pashtu this word neocon (nikan)
meaning "israeli spy in white house and pentagon".

when not say these words him story one big lying.

Oh, look, it's the Borat of... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Oh, look, it's the Borat of the Islamic set...now the level of discourse has truly been raised amongst the Left.

"Glad you saw the Moyers pi... (Below threshold)

"Glad you saw the Moyers piece." Weider Moyers is full of it with his biased proganda. But of course lying is a way of life for you.






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