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Rudy, don't take us for granite


And just for the record, this New Hampshirite hasn't endorsed anyone yet -- and isn't planning on doing so any time soon.

Got that, Rudy?

(Hat tip: Jim Addison of Wizbang Politics)

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Good post Jay...in 2004 Rep... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Good post Jay...in 2004 Republicans sent a clear message to the nation..successfully.. that "flip-flop" will be the subject of derision. For any Republican Presidential Candidate to discount this and "flip-flop" and not believe they receive the same attention that Kerry received is taking the "base" for granite.

"And just for the record, t... (Below threshold)

"And just for the record, this New Hampshirite hasn't endorsed anyone yet"

I'll put a dollar down that it's the Repubilican nominee...

granite, or granted?... (Below threshold)

granite, or granted?

oh man ... I'm slow, today.... (Below threshold)

oh man ... I'm slow, today. Sorry Jay. How could I ever doubt you?

Does anyone else find nogo ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else find nogo postal kind of weird?

Yes...their are..I a... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yes...their are..
I am a father...as any father here will attest..
from toddler through high school our kids will think us weird...
..am I weird to remember the Kerry "flip-flop mania? ...by the way his candidate position deserved it..
I am just sayin'...Mitt/McCain/Rudy and their flip-flop pandering are no better....
We will see in the Republican debate this week...
...By the way..where is the NRA calling out Mitt on his BS claims as a "hunter" the way they did when Kerry did his BS photo-op hunter thing? Rudy(ya think those cross dressing photo's are presidential?) McCain is already done...
I will admit the height of my perceived weirdness by folks who knew me was when I voted twice for Reagan back in the 80's...

Does New Hampshire matter? ... (Below threshold)

Does New Hampshire matter?

Yo, it seems a play on word... (Below threshold)

Yo, it seems a play on words, taking conservatives for granted because they are like granite (his rock-solid base)...?

or it could be Jay is just having an off-day...

hmmm ....Yo and Henry,<br /... (Below threshold)

hmmm ....Yo and Henry,

Just being from mASSachusetts and around liberals, kinda sorta makes me a little RETAHDED.
MY thinking is Jay is playing on N.H. being the "Granite" state.

A possible answer to WHY the NRA is holding back an opinion on Romney, maybe because the choice might just have to come down to Mitt Romney vs Shillary Clinton.

As an NRA member take a wild guess were MY vote is going.........

Nit picking in primaries help us decide who gets in the ring, once in the ring WE better WIN the fight.

Thank you, Knight. Yes, it ... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Knight. Yes, it was a play on our being "the Granite State." The pun is a long-standing one here in New Hampshire; every now and then, I forget that certain colloquialisms might not "travel" well.


I thought the "don't take u... (Below threshold)

I thought the "don't take us for granite" pun was very funny. Sometimes -- this is one of them -- some folks overthink the comedic and colloquial and overlook the steak for the sizzle.

Like skiing -- or mountain biking or...-- you have to go with the Zen of the thing. In this case, go with the Stone of it, I guess. Or, Rock, whatever works.

I figured it was a pun, I j... (Below threshold)

I figured it was a pun, I just didn't get the reference....






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