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That which we call a rose...

Recently, I stumbled across a bit of odd trivia from World War II. I discovered that four ships, from three different navies, all had a very, very odd distinction in common.

The four vessels:

The aircraft carrier USS Robin (United States Navy)
The battleship Arkhangelsk (Soviet Navy)
The light cruiser Murmansk (Soviet Navy)
Patrol Boat No. 102 (Imperial Japanese Navy)

It's been a while since I've done a trivia question, as they normally last 45 minutes or so, but I'm going to toss this one out. And no fair Googling...

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Well, the USS Robin was the... (Below threshold)

Well, the USS Robin was the HMS Victorious. I think the same holds true for the Arkhangelsk, it was a British ship so my guess is all four were originally someone else's?

Yup, JimK got it.T... (Below threshold)

Yup, JimK got it.

The Arkhangelsk was HMS Royal Sovereign and was lent to the Russians in 1944.
Patrol Boat No. 102 was the USS Stewart, sunk 2 March 1942 and raised by the Japanese and recommisioned in 1943.
As mentioned, the USS Robin was HMS Victorious for a short while in 1943.
The Murmansk was the USS Milwaukee and given to the Russians as part of Lend-Lease.


the USS Robin was HMS Vi... (Below threshold)

the USS Robin was HMS Victorious for a short while in 1943.

Other way round: HMS Victorious was briefly renamed the Robin while serving with the US Pacific Fleet. No US Navy ship would have ever had that name -- it goes against all the rules the USN used for naming ships.

Patrol Boat 102 was origina... (Below threshold)

Patrol Boat 102 was originally USS Stewart, DD-224. It was captured by the Japanese while drydocked in Java. When they needed the dock, they refoated the Stewart and eventually rearmed her and put her back in service. She susrvivard the war and was repatriated under the designation RAMP (Recovered Allied Military Personnel)-224. The name had been reused on a DE in 1943. She was sunk as a target in 1946

Muumansk was USS Milwaukee,... (Below threshold)

Muumansk was USS Milwaukee, an Omaha class light Cruiser. Turned over under Lend-Lease to the USSR, and returned in 1946

I should have read the comm... (Below threshold)

I should have read the comments before replying. Sorry about the duplicate info

The DE USS Stewart is now l... (Below threshold)

The DE USS Stewart is now located at Seawolf Park in Galveston, Texas.

The real USS Robin (ATO140,... (Below threshold)
William Hamblen:

The real USS Robin (ATO140, ex-AT140, ex-AM3) was a WWI "Bird" class minesweeper converted to an ocean going tug for WWII. She was sold in 1948. HMS Victorious always was HMS Victorious and always was a British ship. The "Robin" moniker was a briefly used code name.






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