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A little late to the party

Recently, the Washington Post published a piece where they labelled John McCain as "the most absentee '08 Senator." Since he started campaigning seriously for the presidency, it seems that the good Senator has missed quite a few roll call votes -- 18 straight ones, and 26 of 33 in the last month.

It's a compelling statistic. While he's running for a new job, he's pretty much blowing off the one he already has.

Too bad I already beat them to the punch. In August of 2004, I pointed out how John Kerry had barely made 10% of roll call votes for the entire second session to date of the 110th Congress -- not just over one month.

At the time, I argued that Kerry ought to show the same character and sense of duty that Bob Dole had when he resigned from the Senate for his own 1996 presidential campaign. In this case, I'm considering doing the same for McCain, Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Dodd.

But not just yet.

McCain's absenteeism could be an aberration. Kerry's was systemic. I'll give it a little time before I'll pass judgment.

I'll also be curious to see if the Washington Post's newest concern about senatorial absenteeism will extend to McCain's Democratic rivals.

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McCain should throw in the ... (Below threshold)

McCain should throw in the towel now. Unfortunately he seems like the bitter type and who knows what he's going do or say in the period after that moment comes.

McCain should just hang it ... (Below threshold)

McCain should just hang it up now. His 'friends' in the MSM, the ones that just gushed over him when he would say something that was contrary to the President, have decided that this 'useful idiot' is no longer necessary to get a Dem elected as POTUS.

McCain got his ego stroked big time, by the NYT WP and other MSM outlets, just so that he would either embarrass or PO other Republicans. As long as he was the MSM's favorite 'maverick', he would get plenty of face time on 'Meet the Press'.

McCain was being set up by the press, who now see that he has no chance for the Presidency, and are stabbing him in the back now, instead of 2008.

All state and federal polit... (Below threshold)

All state and federal politicians that are running for another position should be required to either comply with their oath, to 'well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office', or resign their position since they are interested in another.

Does anyone really believe we are getting 'value' from the salary and benefits package we give to McCain, Hanoi John, Hildebeast, Osama, etc?

PA has been littered with 'candidates' more interested in their next job, than their current one, Bob Casey being the poster child for absentee office holder/candidate.


I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

Does anyone really belie... (Below threshold)

Does anyone really believe we are getting 'value' from the salary and benefits package we give to McCain, Hanoi John, Hildebeast, Osama, etc?

Absolutely NOT. I cannot believe we give these people a pension with yearly cost of living increases. You have to filthy rich in order to run in the first place, then you get all the graft money to grease skids, and after a lifetime of wasting taxpayers money, we reward them with a fat pension and health benefits that 99% of the population will never see.

Give them a 401K and match 50 cents to the dollar for the first 6% that they contribute. Make them pay monthly premiums for health insurance that covers 80% if they use the HMO. Then let them buy COBRA health insurance when they retire.

That's what the average Joe gets, so why not ALL goverment workers? It's pathetic that my tax dollars go to fund pensions of these corrupt, yet loaded assholes and I have to save every dime for my "retirement" which will be NEVER. And don't get me started on Social Security.

All the Senators you listed... (Below threshold)

All the Senators you listed should resign to run for office. If that was a requirement, you wouldn't see to many Senators running for other office. Even without a statutory requirement, it would be the honorable thing to do. That rules out any of the above listed doing it. McCain should resign to run. It would demonstrate a sense of honor and willingness for personal sacrifice that would change the debate in a positive manor.

If there were the slightest... (Below threshold)

If there were the slightest RISK of these people ignoring their responsibilities, they wouldn't DO IT. So where is the hue and cry, from their constituents, from the public, from the blogs or MSM (like how I left them for last?)??

It stands to reason that he... (Below threshold)
Mel Sharples:

It stands to reason that he would face off against a seriously absent governor like Mitt Romney, who spent less than half the year of his last term in office in his home state.

It's nice to see charges of absence leveled at McCain given the fact that we have a President who was absent for most of his National Guard service and a VP who was absent for Vietnam entirely.

Pick your issue and wind up against those you hate. Just don't throw your stones too far, because the charges will come back at your own golden boy/girl sooner or later....

Maybe we're better off when... (Below threshold)

Maybe we're better off when these people don't show up?






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