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When Trolls Attack, Part Two: Some Fan Mail From Some Floundering Idiot

For some reason, our "tips" e-mail box draws a lot of nutcases. (For those not "in the know," mail sent to our "tips" address is redirected the e-mail boxes of the entire front page staff -- and, perhaps, a few others; Kevin set it up.)

One particular whackjob (who shall remain nameless) decided to write her own long screeds and send them to us, along with a long list of other bloggers and other writers. For some reason (which I still don't quite understand, and kind of regret), I wrote back to her. The conversation is reprinted below the fold, annotated and elaborated. I have not changed a single word of either her rants or my own responses.

"Do not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you." - Deuteronomy 3:22. This is what you would call Holy War. In fact, much of the Old Testament has to do with the Jews slaying innocent people to take their land because God told them to. It is amazing to me that it has never occurred to many Americans to consider how the other side would react to this Holy War and to the West, several thousands of years later, taking the land, again. There was a Mandate for Palestine before there was a Mandate for Israel. In fact, there already was a Palestine - look at the maps in your Bible - since the times of the Romans. Everyone keeps saying if the Palestinians accept Israel, they can have their own state. Why didn't they already have one? Why weren't they allowed a say in how the West carved up these ancient lands? Why weren't they at least compensated for their land? I believe this is key to achieving any lasting peace. Faith in the Holy Bible is not justification and has no place in foreign policy.

To which I responded:

I have no idea why you're gracing me with yourignorant rants, but right up until the 1930's or so "Palestinian" referred to the inhabitants of the region -- and was often a synonym for "Jewish," since there was no Israel at the time. The "Palestinian Mandate" was pretty much concerned with whether or not the Jews would get their ancestral homeland back.

Conversely, kindly investigate the history of those called "Palestinians" today. Cite a few stories from their past. Name some of their rulers. Hell, name their currency.

The modern-day "Palestinians" are a fabrication of what we now call Jordanians and Egyptians and nomads
of the region.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.


She didn't respond, but sent me another rant -- with the prior rant tagged on to the end:

"Preventing dictators and religious bigots from murdering people requires that concerned young Americans volunteer to take on long, dirty, dangerous jobs far from home," says Sam Gill of Kansas City, Missouri. He goes on to say that the November election and the recent "antics" of the elected Congress demonstrates how foolish volunteers would be to risk their lives again. "Shameless office-seekers have dismantled one war effort and betrayed U.S. servicemen in the field." I would like Mr. Gill to know why it is, exactly, that I think our president and the way he has executed this war have been a shameful disgrace to this country. If the troops were betrayed it was by people like Gill and Bush who can selectively shut out any and all information that they do not want to hear:

* State Department experts warned CENTCOM BEFORE THE IRAQ WAR WAS STARTED about lack of plans for post-war Iraq security. (So-called) planning for post-Saddam regime change began as early as October 2001. Ask your dear leader how many civil officials were sent to Iraq to aid in the following areas and why the job was not done: public health and humanitarian needs, transparency and anti-corruption, oil and energy, defense policy and institutions, transitional justice, democratic principles and procedures, local government, civil society capacity building, education, free media, water, agriculture and environment and economy and infrastructure.
* In a declassified State Dept. memo dated Feb. 7, 2003, officials warned of "a failure to address short-term public security and humanitarian assistance concerns (that) could result in serious human rights abuses which would undermine an otherwise successful military campaign, and our reputation internationally." And that there were "serious planning gaps for post-conflict public security and humanitarian assistance between the end of the war and the beginning of reconstruction.
* "In the rush to war, the Pentagon ordered American divisions to leave their best and safest armored vehicles behind, parked in rows on their American bases, and go to war in thin-skinned Humvees..."
* Soldiers and Marines - many of them Guardsmen and Reservists - were sent off to war in old and useless flak jackets instead of the best body armor money could buy.
* A fall 2002 report by the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency indicated that the U.S. had no hard evidence that Iraq was stockpiling chemical and biological weapons.
* This administration led our troops into war without a plan for the aftermath. However, Desert Crossing, the war game, was conducted by the United States Central Command in 1999 and was led by Marine General Anthony Zinni (ret. - the very same who said it would take several hundred thousand troops to occupy a country the size of Iraq) and tested "worst case" and "most likely" scenarios of a post-war, post-Saddam, Iraq. Highlights are:
o Assumed 400,000 troops may "still be a mess" - (Rumsfeld insisted that the number be sharply reduced).
o Forewarned that regime change may cause regional instability by opening the doors to "rival forces bidding for power" which, in turn, could cause societal..."fragmentation along religious and/or ethnic lines" and antagonize "aggressive neighbors."
o A transitional government...would likely encounter difficulty...from a "period of widespread bloodshed in which various factions seek to eliminate their enemies."
o Stressed that the creation of a democratic government in Iraq was not feasible, but a new pluralistic Iraqi government which included nationalist leaders might be possible.
* A high-level intelligence assessment by the Bush administration concluded in early 2002 that the sale of uranium from Niger to Iraq was unlikely. A host of economic, diplomatic and logistical obstacles made such a sale improbable. Among other problems, it would have required 25 hard-to-conceal 10-ton tractor-trailers filled with uranium across 1,000 miles and at least one international border.
* The Senate Intelligence Committee found that Hussein was distrustful of al-Qaida and viewed Islamic extremists as a threat to his regime.
* The former CIA official who coordinated Middle East intelligence said the administration "went to war without requesting - and evidently without being influenced by - any strategic-level intelligence assessments on any aspect of Iraq."
* "President Bush's aides did not forcefully present him dissenting views from CIA and State and Defense Department officials about possible stiff Iraqi resistance. Bush embraced the predictions of some top administration hawks, beginning with Vice President Dick Cheney."
* Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith inappropriately manufactured "alternative" intelligence reports wrongly linking Hussein with al-Qaida.
* Rumsfeld set up his own little CIA inside the CIA to "get the information they wanted." Cheney was constantly at the CIA breathing down their necks.
* Retired Army Maj. Gen. John Riggs said that Rumsfeld created an "atmosphere of arrogance" in which military advice on Afghanistan and Iraq was ignored or discounted. As a result, Rumsfeld and his deputies miscalculated badly in planning how Iraq would be secured after Hussein's ouster. He was forced to retire minus one star after an interview in which he said the Army had been stretched thin and needed thousands more troops.
* As the Iraqi insurgency was escalating in spring 2004, top Pentagon authorities rejected an appeal for more troops from L. Paul Bremer.
* "President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and others continued to describe the insurgency as a containable threat, posed mainly by former supporters of Saddam Hussein, criminals and non-Iraqi terrorists - even as the U.S. intelligence community was warning otherwise."
* "...Rumsfeld and Franks stifled the free exchange of ideas and shut out the National Security Council. They dismissed concerns about the insurgents and threatened to fire the one general, William Wallace, who dared to state the obvious in public."
* "Vice President Dick Cheney exerted 'constant' pressure on the Republican former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the panel's Democratic chairman charged...The pressure was to stall an investigation into the Bush administration's use of flawed intelligence on Iraq."
* The administration tried to divert $6 million from Homeland Security's 2006 budget that was supposed to be used to develop explosives detection technology to cover a budget shortfall.
* Research efforts are often frustrated inside Homeland Security by "bureaucratic games," a lack of strategic goals and months-long delays in distributing money Congress has already approved.
* In 2006, NATO military chiefs asked for 2,500 more troops and air support to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan and they got nothing (our troops are part of the NATO contingent).
* "Five years later, reconstruction is offset by anarchy" in Afghanistan. "When the Taliban was pushed out (in 2001), they were neither replaced by effective government, nor were they replaces by alternative security forces. NATO is now dealing with the consequences of previous failures in policy."
* The Marine Corps is again recalling members of the Individual Ready Reserve for an involuntary tour of duty. Soldiers' tours have been extended and others have had to leave for Iraq or Afghanistan early. (The war supporters act as if it is heresy that Congress wants all troops to have the required training and time at home before redeployment. As far as they are concerned, the U.S. can just keep sending the same people back and start new wars with Iran and N. Korea, too.) "Many of us routinely asked for more troops," said a retired senior general who commanded an infantry division in Iraq.
* Fighting nearly four years in a two-front war has put unprecedented stress on the Army and the Marine Corps. "The idea that 300 million Americans send the same 140,000 people again and again and again into combat is absolutely immoral." - Frank Schaeffer.
* Scores of Mississippi National Guard troops who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina were refused even 15-day leaves to aid their displaced families.
* Four of Bush's political appointees at the State Department sidelined key career weapons experts and replaced them with political operatives. The reorganization of the department's arms control and international security bureaus produced an "exodus of experts with decades of experience in nuclear arms, chemical weapons and related matters, including the State Department's top authority on the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
* "Pentagon civilians ascendant. Rumsfeld loyalists elbow military aside. The three military service chiefs have been dropped in the Bush administration's doomsday line of Pentagon succession, pushed beneath three civilian undersecretaries in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's inner circle."
* The Republican side of the House Armed Services Committee inserted a provision in a military authorization bill to fire the lawyer who was leading the office of the special investigator for Iraq reconstruction. Investigations had sent American occupation officials to jail and had exposed disastrously poor construction work by companies such as Haliburton and Parson and discovered that the military "did not properly track hundreds of thousands of weapons it shipped to Iraqi security forces."
* Looted munitions are being used to make deadly roadside bombs and will probably continue to support terrorist attacks throughout the region. Some sites are not secure more than 3 ½ years after the war started. The entire country was considered one big "ammo dump" and commanders lack the manpower to secure the sites "without harming the war effort." (As illogical as that sounds.)
* "We have been shortchanging these returning soldiers ever since the conflict began. Look at the inadequate funding in the Veterans Administration. That's caused by the fact that there has been a deliberate underestimate of the number of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who will need care." - a retired military officer.
* The National Guard is less prepared than it has ever been to respond to a terrorist attack, a natural disaster or other crisis.
* The new commander in Iraq also "wrote the book" on counterinsurgency. The army's new manual calls for about as many troops to occupy Baghdad, alone, as are in the entire country.
* Some headlines:
o "Al-Qaida has won in Fallujah."
o "Anbar prospects are dim. ' We have been defeated politically.'"
o "Terrorism up after war."
o "War costs felt all through the ranks...The military is making cuts big and small to fund the $8 billion-per-month conflict in Iraq. Meanwhile, troops and their families pay an even steeper toll."
o ""We're not in control any longer,' one expert says of American efforts to rein in violence."
o "U.S. troops troubled by turncoat Iraqis."
o "POST COMBAT STRESS HITS HARDER...Number of troops needing help threatens to overwhelm Veterans Administration."
o "True cost of Iraq war could reach $2 trillion..."
o "Security lapse leaves nuclear warehouse unguarded for several days" (Bush made sure to guard the oil ministry, though.)
o "Wars affect the training of officers...Fort Leavenworth forced to alter curriculum"
* Private donations built a new high-tech facility at Fort Sam Houston specializing in treating amputees, burn victims. The Intrepid Foundation has also built dozens of houses for families of wounded soldiers while they undergo treatment. There is also a charity that tries to provide plane tickets so troops can go home or families can go to Walter Reed because the government apparently cannot provide these services.
* Several government witnesses told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that almost every measure of the performance of Iraq's oil, electricity, water and sewage sectors has fallen below pre-invasion values...
* "Billions of dollars earmarked for rebuilding Iraq have been diverted from reconstruction projects because of insurgent violence and poor planning by the U.S."
* In June of '05, "the NRA and its allies in the House defeated an effort to restrict gun manufacturers' exports of high-powered .50-caliber rifles. The guns, which can bring down jet airliners, are dream weapons for terrorists."
* Some history: During the Anfal campaign against the Kurds, Hussein's regime enjoyed wide support, including arms sales, from the West. A measure to condemn the campaign as genocide failed in the United Nations, and the first Bush administration vetoed a bill to impose sanctions against the regime." The "West" of which they speak included American companies that sold chemicals knowing they would be used in Hussein's chemical weapons. America supported Hussein at the time because they are afraid of Iran and the power that comes with its oil; the same is true for all of the oil-rich Middle Eastern nations.
* E. Thomas McClanahan, an avid war supporter says, "...the war on terror is a reflection of the unprecedented nature of the threat we face, which originates from a decentralized, largely invisible force of fanatics outside the control of any recognized nation state." How did starting the war in Iraq fit this scenario?
* Is this enough? I have more. Anyone who could read this and still think everything is all right with the president or the war is delusional. I am not delusional, I am not a moonbat, and I am not a Democrat. I am a military family member.

Also, someone made the remark that the Democrats, rather than letting their colleagues "vote their conscience," bribed them with pork projects to get their troop withdrawal bill through. Well, if they had a conscience it wouldn't be for sale, would it? The idea that the Democrats by themselves, with the smallest possible majority, could change things in Washington is absurd.

And in case you missed it:

"Do not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you." - Deuteronomy 3:22. This is what you would call Holy War. In fact, much of the Old Testament has to do with the Jews slaying innocent people to take their land because God told them to. It is amazing to me that it has never occurred to many Americans to consider how the other side would react to this Holy War and to the West, several thousands of years later, taking the land, again.

There was a Mandate for Palestine before there was a Mandate for Israel. In fact, there already was a Palestine - look at the maps in your Bible - since the times of the Romans. Everyone keeps saying if the Palestinians accept Israel, they can have their own state. Why didn't they already have one? Why weren't they allowed a say in how the West carved up these ancient lands? Why weren't they at least compensated for their land?

I believe this is key to achieving any lasting peace. Faith in the Holy Bible is not justification and has no place in foreign policy.

Phew. But there was more. She finally deigned to answer me. (To be honest, I think that part of what prompted her to answer was that I flooded her with a bunch of copies of the same e-mail. It was accidental; I kept getting error messages saying the mail had failed, so I kept trying. I didn't think to check out my "sent" box. In the end, I think I sent it almost a dozen times.)

Maybe this will clue you in. I have no idea why you feel inclined to post your ignorant rants on the Internet for the whole world to see. I find that big mouth Lorie Byrd especially irritating. Never heard of you.

Spare Me Sanctimony
Please spare me the sanctimony.Does Ann Coulter not hate? Does Michelle Malkin not hate? Does Charles Krauthammer not hate? This woman is trying to make a buck selling a book.

Everytime I post anything here YOU retards call names like little children - so sorry if you don't like it. I don't know why the Kansas City Star even prints Malkin with her constant screeching about moonbats.

You people obviously do not know anything about the Bible or its role throughtout history. You don't know about religions, period. But somehow you know about these third world people. Did these third world people crash our world or did we crash theirs?

You are all the same. I distrust politicians. I hate politics but I despise Republicans because I feel that they have betrayed their own people. I can't believe anybody takes the clowns in Washington seriously. You people are sick.

I have not had time to read all of your responses. I think somebody actually went to the trouble of doing so. So, I will get back.

And my comments about Lynne were directed to Lynne and somebody has removed them from the other posts. They went something like this:

Let's talk about the Republican's grotesque women. Ann Coulter and Lynne The Mindless Blathering Idiot are the epitome of stupidity. They are crass crude, rude, vulgar and nasty, they are the polar opposite of feminine. What is it that the Republican's find attractive in their women?

There is nothing more grotesque and unnatural than women hatemongers and warmongers.

Just because you people are ignorant of the rest of the world and you are scared sh*tless by these people does not give you the right to put my loved ones in harms way and then pretend like they have been given everything they need to protect THEMSELVES. You have children. I have a nephew who is a U.S. Marine. If he is man enough to put his life on the line for you people you should be man enough to at least read the paper and stand up like men when things are not right and there is nothing right about this war.

I am 44 years old and I held that Marine when he was just a little baby with the biggest blue eyes. A bunch of clowns like you are not going to stop me.

There are so many things wrong with the Bible that it literally screams out for FAITH. Of course, you have the right to believe that the Bible is the divine word of God. You do not have the right to foist your beliefs on the government, establish the state of Israel as according to the Bible and get the U.S. embroiled in decades of violence and killing.

There have been some remarks made here where it has become clear to me that many of the people who post on this site that are for war are completely ignorant of the Bible and other religions and how much it has played a part in history and the present day calamities in the Middle East.

Lionhearted should expound on his post if he expects to be taken seriously be anyone. God is not up there pulling the strings and running things like we are all just so many puppets. That is what you call free will. That is the only way that anything makes any sense on this earth. If you are a Christian then I guess you already know that the Jews rejected Jesus Christ as the messiah and so believe that you have faith in an imposter. They are the "chosen people" and the Old Testament is filled with examples where God supposedly told the Jews to kill every living thing to take this land. Women, children, elderly, the infirm, animals, crops, they burned everything so there was no trace left. That is the beginning of Holy War.

Now that I had her attention, I unloaded yet again:

I guess "reading comprehension" is not one of your strong points. Let me point out a few things you apparently missed:

1) I'm a born-again agnostic. The Bible holds little weight with me.

2) I'm not Lorie Byrd.

3) If someone is forcing you to read our page, notify the police immediately. Otherwise, feel free to stop
reading us. In fact, I hereby demand you stop reading us immediately.

4) It seems that my earlier statement that "Oh, and don't feel particularly obligated to continue sharing your "insights" with me. I've already got my Recommended Daily Allowance of ignorance" didn't register. Let me make it clearer: you obviously don't like what I write, and I don't like what you write. Stop reading my work, and stop sending me yours. Immediately. I have far, far better things to do than read your feeble howlings.


Finally, we had something resembling a dialogue, instead of her monologuing at me and ignoring my attempts to engage her.

I don't care what you are, you are obviously an ass. I have been forced to read the drivel from your site. Why anybody would think it would be of interest to intelligent people is beyond me. You put the crap out there for the whole world to see so go jump in a sewage lagoon. If you don't want people to read and respond to your crap get it off the Internet.

This threw me for a loop. She was being "forced" to read Wizbang? And since she was unable to stop reading, I should stop writing. This is when I shifted from actual discussion to mockery.

You have been FORCED to read my "drivel?" For heaven's sake, who's doing it? Where are they holding you prisoner? Tell me, and I'll notify the police immediately!

What a frigging moron you are. You don't like what I read, so it's MY problem that you can't simply stop reading it. "Stop me before I click on my bookmark again! I'm too stupid and feeble-minded and weak-willed to stop myself, so it's YOUR responsibility to not publish the stuff I hate!"

You sound like those asshole Islamists who insist that women cover themselves, head to foot, because men can't control themselves and will be compelled to rape them if they see a woman's hair, or ankle, or arm -- and it's the woman's fault.

Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your own actions. I never heard of you before, I certainly never requested you read my stuff, and would be thrilled beyond words if you never visited our site again.


That didn't make much of an impression, either.

OK. So, you are on my mailing list and you are threatening me with posting my stuff. Did it ever occur to you that maybe that is the whole idea? I have been trying to call attention to this bungled war since before it began. I post my stuff wherever I can. Idiot. My local newspaper insists on printing these insanely stupid "blogbits" and somebody has quoted that uncouth Lorie Byrd I don't know how many times. It is listed as wizbangblog. I read the paper front to back to see what kind of crap that people are saying. Here is a typical post: They have found the WMD! They found 7 cannisters of CHLORINE! That is a "blogbit" from americanthinker.com Some of the rejects at townhall reject the legitimate news and tell me I should get my news from Bullwinkle blog. I think all the Republicans who will not do anything about this war are COWARDS. Including you. IF YOU DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO READ AND RESPOND TO YOUR CRAP, GET YOUR CRAP OFF THE INTERNET.

This brings us up to yesterday. I sent off what is currently the final word in the matter:

I have no problem with "people" reading and responding to my stuff. It's you that I have the problem with. Based on your frothings, I'm not sure you qualify as "people."

I hereby forbid you from ever perusing wizbangblog.com ever again. You are not allowed to read it in any form. Obviously, your mental health and stability are threatened by our postings, and we will NOT be liable for any further harm.


I think I'll send her a link to this piece and see if she wants to play some more...

After all, I have McGehee's advice to remember:

Remember, Jay -- never play with people's heads.

Unless they bounce really good.

Comments (25)

You responding to her email... (Below threshold)

You responding to her emails is like those who respond to the Nigerian email scammers just to see what will happen. Entertaining for you, but pointless and boring.

Looks like the troll got a ... (Below threshold)

Looks like the troll got a troll back! Here fishy, fishy

Airing dirty laundry is har... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Airing dirty laundry is hardly entertainment. This seems like a personal matter to me.

It's apparent this person w... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's apparent this person wants to silence conservative commentators. I say conservative as in meaning not being left wing anti-American. There are many liberals (not lefties) with whom I have had meaningful exchanges which have altered my point of view on some topics, yet it's apparent unreasoning lefties can't be reasoned with.

You're lucky that's over th... (Below threshold)

You're lucky that's over the internet, Jay. Otherwise, I think she'd be throwing cats at you.

Best laugh I had all day...... (Below threshold)

Best laugh I had all day... But then I thought, what's the point? Irony is lost on the true believers whether its right of Ghengis Khan or left of Pol Pot (or vice versa) the true believer is caught up in their own righteousness. Obviously your troll is a true believer and arguing facts is pointless other than the entertainment value.....

I have been force... (Below threshold)
I have been forced to read the drivel from your site

I would have seriously recommended the use of a tinfoil hat to prevent the government mind penetrating messages from entering her cranium, to include the insistence that the tinfoil hat have a pointy top for better deflection capabilities.

I would also remind her to keep it close by even while driving and don it whenever the noise of rotary wing aircraft could be heard.

And finally I would insist that this critical information be shared with as many people as possible.

There was a Mandat... (Below threshold)
There was a Mandate for Palestine before there was a Mandate for Israel. In fact, there already was a Palestine - look at the maps in your Bible - since the times of the Romans.

Funny... remind me again, who was it living in that area before the Romans showed up?

Consider that a rhetorical question, since Jay Tea has already proven that the troll has trouble with facts.

Did she sign any of them, C... (Below threshold)

Did she sign any of them, Cho? She has that BDS stuff really bad, bad enough to be comitted to a mental facility.
Since Biden (D) set some people streight on the WMD that was found by the (worshipped by the democrats) U.N. inspectors and listed at the U.N., where will she say it went? Mystery to everyone with a brain. You can't deny it was there since the inspectors inspected it. Another BDS inrlicted lie shot to he** and back. Funny that 'Saddam' did for a fact have WMD and no one can now find it so it never existed in the warped mind of the democrats.

I deal with mentally ill pe... (Below threshold)

I deal with mentally ill people all day and this is boring. Why, even some of my patients have emotional problems too. ZZZZZ.

But lets get back to tipping trolls anyway. Its harmless enough, as long as you don't get caught by their owner.

My guess is she's with that... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

My guess is she's with that Fred Phelps character who protests at soldier's funerals.

Is there a pool on this running? I'll take that square!

Funny that 'Sadda... (Below threshold)
Funny that 'Saddam' did for a fact have WMD and no one can now find it so it never existed in the warped mind of the democrats

I archived some debate stuff from a couple years ago.

This is what Blix said about the missing WMD that Saddam insisted they dumped in the desert but made no record of:

Referring to the vast stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons (such as VX, sarin and anthrax) unresolved when UNSCOM was ejected in 1998, Blix said:

"If they exist they must be presented for destruction. If they do not exist, credible evidence to that effect should be presented." He continued,

"This is perhaps the most important problem we are facing. Although I can understand that it may not be easy for Iraq in all cases to provide the evidence needed, it is not the task of the inspectors to find it. Iraq itself must squarely tackle this task and avoid belittling the questions."

Hans Blix stated that Iraq still has not made a "fundamental decision" to disarm, despite recent signs of increased cooperation

Blix said he found it "a bit odd" that Iraq, with "one of the best-organized regimes in the Arab world," would claim to have no records of the destruction of these illegal substances. "I don't see that they have acquired any credibility," Blix said

Nothing new in what she sta... (Below threshold)

Nothing new in what she states compared to most lefties. Probably in the sub 110 IQ level, also like most lefties.

As funny as it is to see a ... (Below threshold)

As funny as it is to see a loony moonbat get spanked.....there goes 10 minutes of my life I won't get back.

Jay, how on earth did you e... (Below threshold)

Jay, how on earth did you ever find the time and patience to read all of that garbage??

For about a year awhile back, I subscribed to a conservative publication because I enjoyed reading articles about current events by people who shared my philosophies and world views.

But in desperation I did not renew the subscription. Many of the contributors had developed Diarrhea of the Keyboard, and the articles were pages long. Either that, or they failed to take classes in writing where they might have learned how to write "tightly", to take whole paragraphs and condense them into one or two brief sentences in a meaningful fashion which got the same point across with fewer words.

Some people who are wordsmiths, and admittedly I am one, fall in love with their own words, especially seeing them in "published" form where they know that other people have or will read their words. In some extreme cases such people are simply incapable of stepping back after writing something and reconsidering it entirely, let alone "editing" it for brevity and clarity.

That fanatical troll clearly falls under the category of someone who has fallen prey to all of these downsides to being a wordsmith.

Add to that the apparent fact that she seems to be a "whackjob", and I think you have a prime recipe for apply e-mail filters dilligently.

O M G!!!One of the b... (Below threshold)

O M G!!!
One of the best posts of all time.
The poster of these remarks, JT, obviously has found her life. Her life is fabricating an alternate reality, a fantasy land, a world not connected to the one we inhabit (other than using words to communicate (?!)).
The poster comes to any written information with her preconceptions intact; her perceived reality is not affected by what she reads; her filter is strong and systematically excludes any information which does not fit her preconception.
The poster is the exact opposite of liberal. The poster is an extreme example of a religious fanatic.

I totally ignored her when ... (Below threshold)

I totally ignored her when she wrote me so I drove her to you. Heh. I won't waste my time replying to people I think should have "Psychotic Liberal Parasite" tattooed on their foreheads to warn decent people about them. Keep up the good work, Jay. If she's writing you she's leaving me alone.

You know, I didn't realize ... (Below threshold)

You know, I didn't realize it until now, but maybe we ARE being forced to read wizbang!

Woah. Someone's off their ... (Below threshold)

Woah. Someone's off their meds.

I actually feel kind of sor... (Below threshold)

I actually feel kind of sorry for this poor woman. She is obviously a very insignificant person and is screaming at the top of her lungs because no one will listen to her.

AND you forced me to read t... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

AND you forced me to read through all the comments, too!


A guy with a gun came and m... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

A guy with a gun came and made me read this post.

That's my story about why I was reading it instead of actually doing work.

I guess it takes guts to po... (Below threshold)

I guess it takes guts to post an exchange where you completely got your ass kicked with facts and logic and reason and responded with talking points and sophmoric insults. Good job! Who's ready for round 2?

I love how you people call ... (Below threshold)

I love how you people call a post that conflicts with your insane agenda, a "rant"

Ryan, I started off by show... (Below threshold)

Ryan, I started off by showing just how wrong the whackjob was with her stance on Israel, and it ended with her saying that she was "forced" to read Wizbang. Exactly at what point did I fall to her superior knowledge of facts?







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