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Rosie's Outrageous Insult to U.S. Troops

I didn't see The View, but caught a clip on Hannity and Colmes. The transcript is posted at Newsbusters, but it does not do justice to the segment -- be sure to also watch the video posted at Hot Air. The condescending tone of Rosie O'Donnell when insulting our men and women in harm's way was sickening. I honestly don't think she has a clue that she spouted wrong information (with amazing conviction, by the way) or that she insulted the troops she claims to love and support "financially and emotionally." Here is an excerpt of the transcript posted at Newsbusters.

O'DONNELL: Wait, can I just say something? Why do people enlist in the Army?

RICKI LAKE: To get an education, and they're poor-

O'DONNELL: Thank you.

LAKE: -and that's the only way to get one.

O'DONNELL: The vast majority- Yes, Elisabeth. It's true!

According to a recent study by the Heritage Foundation, military enlistees are "better educated, wealthier, and more rural on average than their civilian peers." Additionally, "recruits have a higher percentage of high school graduates" and "the distribution of household income of recruits is noticably higher than the entire youth population."
Token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck responded harshly and Rosie continued to smear volunteer soldiers before she claimed that she does support the troops.

HASSELBECK: First of all, in the past year, the testing scores of our armed services have been higher than ever, so the education level-

O'DONNELL: You are wrong. We have more convicted felons in the Army because we're allowing them to get through.

HASSELBECK: So they're awful. They're awful then.

O'DONNELL: Elisabeth, I do everything I can to support the troops financially and emotionally. I love them as much as you do. I'm as much of a patriot. I want them home.

What are the chances that Rosie will correct the record about the economic and education levels of those in the US military? Read the rest at Newsbusters.

Update: I watched the first 20 minutes of The View today to see if anyone slipped Rosie the statistics quoted above that show her comments about the troops economic and education levels to be incorrect, thinking that maybe she would correct the record. Nope. Not a peep. I don't think she has corrected the record on the "fire melting steel" misinformation either. She did say she is in favor of the system in England that requires the losing party in a lawsuit to pay the other side's legal fees. She did not mention that it was Republicans who have been pushing for that, and other measures of tort reform, for many years while being thwarted by Democrats. She also criticized Fox because they did not match the 70 million dollars raised on American Idol last week. She didn't mention how much of that 70 million was contributed by Fox in the first place. I understand that ABC wants ratings and Rosie's rants have given them that, but you would think they could exercise a little responsibility and correct at least some of the misinformation she has put out over the past year.


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What is to be expected of a... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

What is to be expected of a woman who knows fire cannot melt steel. A person like odonnell is incapable of understanding why someone would defend America or wish to serve this nation. If she were not a coward, she would go to military bases to voice her opinion.

i'm convinced she's one of ... (Below threshold)

i'm convinced she's one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Hey, it's double plus good ... (Below threshold)

Hey, it's double plus good if you can claim to love and support awful people.

Rosie is a saint!

What are the chances th... (Below threshold)

What are the chances that Rosie will correct the record about the economic and education levels of those in the US military?

There's a better chance she will jet out to Oakland to see the steel that "didn't" melt on the freeway interchange.

Rosie was 75% correct, and ... (Below threshold)

Rosie was 75% correct, and the rest...(well...)

Look for The View to nosedive without her.

P.S. The Blonde is a DITZ!

Rosie is human trash, the f... (Below threshold)

Rosie is human trash, the fact that BryanD thinks she is right just shows how evil some people are.

"David" calls a fellow huma... (Below threshold)

"David" calls a fellow human being "trash", then accuses me of being "evil"...

You can't make this stuff up!

Rosie is 100% stupid dis... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Rosie is 100% stupid disgusting democrat propagandist.

"P.S. The Blonde is a DITZ!"

My goodness , what a pathetic apologist/deflection.

It is nose diving now because of her and the show sucks. They should throw her in pit of alligators with a bunch of steaks and chickens strapped to her.

The human waste product als... (Below threshold)

The human waste product also know as ROSIE, must have just graduated from the John (It's a joke) Kerry Jr. College.

Get her arse off the air-waves ASAP PLEEEEEEEZE!!

I think I'm finally beginni... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

I think I'm finally beginning to understand.

The libs say we can't question their patriotism because they don't know what it is.

They cannot imagine anyone enlisting for love of country - think Pat Tillman and the thousands like him who enlisted after 911.

Since they cannot comprehend this, the only thing they are left with is to conclude that the military men and women are poor dumb country hicks who can't get a job and can't get an education any other way.

Of course John Kerry, and probably Rosie, thinks that anyone who does not pull the three band-aid trick and get out in three months is stupid too.

Truth is, nobody is going to charge into a terrorist house in Baghdad for tuition credits. Our men and women of the armed forces are some of our finest people and it is an insult beyond words to have them insulted by the likes of Rosie and John.

"You can't make this stuff ... (Below threshold)

"You can't make this stuff up!," says bryanD.

How ironic.

Rosie hits rock bottom, kee... (Below threshold)

Rosie hits rock bottom, keeps digging. She'll be in China soon. And people like our lovely bryanD just eat it up. What a freaking country....

The liberal lefties learned... (Below threshold)

The liberal lefties learned in the 60's from our troops coming home. How they spit on them, called them baby killers and such. They now don't want to appear to hate the troops, but in their heart they do. Just look at the way Reid and Pelosi are using political tricks with the funding of our troops. Rosie is insignificant. She has problems, it is so obvious, but like Cindy Sheehan, as long as the dimmers can use them, they will. When they crash and burn, they throw them away. ww

Based on her recent rant, a... (Below threshold)

Based on her recent rant, and her lifestyle, does anyone really think she is fit as a 'dad'?

I almost feel pity for anyone raised by her.

Human trash, yes. Fat Dyke... (Below threshold)

Human trash, yes. Fat Dyke, yes. Fit to be a Dad or Mommy #2, absolutely NOT.

The kids she and she adopted are probably already screwed up in the head and it will get progressively worse.

The war is a disaster; the ... (Below threshold)

The war is a disaster; the past Republican Congress was a scandal; the country owes China more money then there is to pay; deficits have soared; gas is rising faster than the tempers of some of the righties who post here and what do you want to talk about?

Rosie. Rosie all the time. Rosie daily. Rosie day and night.

Pretty indicative of the bankruptcy of ideas in the Republican Party, isn't it? Throw out the name Rosie and the faithful unleash their venom.

Who the heck cares about Rosie? Or what Rosie says or what Rosie believes? Apparently only you folks.

I suspect Rosie pulls the "... (Below threshold)

I suspect Rosie pulls the "facts" for making these stateemts squarely out of her ass... which gives her a lot a material to work with.

Whats worse, knowing your... (Below threshold)

Whats worse, knowing your real parents dont want you, or ending up with 2 rugeaters, one of which could be a nose guard for any NFL team, if only she could cut back a bit on her anger issues.

Brazen liar you are ther... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Brazen liar you are there jfo. Defender of the criminal frauds who cry there is no plan B in Iraq. Our Republican Commander in Cheif has no plan for defeat, that's a democrat thing.

BraynD:RE: "Rosie ... (Below threshold)


RE: "Rosie was 75% correct"

Please present your evidence to back up your statement.

Rosie. Rosie all the tim... (Below threshold)

Rosie. Rosie all the time. Rosie daily. Rosie day and night.
Pretty indicative of the bankruptcy of ideas in the Republican Party, isn't it? Throw out the name Rosie and the faithful unleash their venom.
Who the heck cares about Rosie? Or what Rosie says or what Rosie believes? Apparently only you folks.

Yes, even should just quietly ignore those who wrongfully denigrate, in a very public manner, our family members putting their lives at risk for this country. How devoid of character you must be.

Rosie has no idea what she ... (Below threshold)

Rosie has no idea what she is talking about. She is an offensive bore.

My bro's step-son is heading to Iraq later this year and he's anything but stupid and uneducated.

Facts don't matter to people with talk shows on which they can shout down anyone with an opposing view. How about Rosie have on one of these poor, uneducated soldiers fresh from the field? Someone who believes in the mission? Someone who just re-upted for another tour? Someone who would tear that bore a new one for her absolute idiocy.

Big surprise bryanD loves R... (Below threshold)

Big surprise bryanD loves Rosie, he believes fire doesn't doesn't degrade steel as well. Those bridges in Cali, yup you got it, detonated by the Bush admin!

Mike:We can do a c... (Below threshold)


We can do a character check anytime you want. You're free to make ad hominem attacks, which is a statement about your argument I suppose.

But to stick to some facts, there have been roughly 24 blogs about Rosie in the last 6 months or so. I'd say that borders on obsession with a meaningless woman. In the same time frame far fewer blogs about the state of the deficit, its impact and the debt to China and its impact.

"You're free to make ad hom... (Below threshold)

"You're free to make ad hominem attacks, which is a statement about your argument I suppose."

So I suppose your ad hominem attacks are a statement on YOUR argument then jfo? Hello, pot....

"gas is rising faster than the tempers of some of the righties who post here"

"pretty indicative of the bankruptcy of ideas in the Republican Party, isn't it? Throw out the name Rosie and the faithful unleash their venom."

D-HoggsYou might t... (Below threshold)


You might try looking up the definition of an adf hominem attack. You have it wrong.

care to explain jfo? big su... (Below threshold)

care to explain jfo? big surprise you don't see your comments as attacks on anyone.

Ad hominem: marked by or being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

Hmmm, kind of like yelling about wiz bang commenter's (the right's) "rising tempers" or their "lack of ideas"?

Furthermore, you state, "But to stick to some facts, there have been roughly 24 blogs about Rosie in the last 6 months or so. I'd say that borders on obsession"

Really? You should really work on getting your facts straight there jfo. In the last 6 months there have been 10 posts about Rosie. And considering there were 293 posts in April alone, based on that, a very conservative estimate of 1,500 posts in 6 months, that would HARDLY be considered an obsession.

Ad Hominem: appealing to fe... (Below threshold)

Ad Hominem: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect

jfo: "the faithful unleash their venom"
"bankruptcy of ideas in the Republican Party"
"tempers of some of the righties"

Sonuds to me like you are appealing to the moonbats "feelings" and "prejudices" that conservatives are all temper driven mad men with bankrupt ideas jfo. No, that couldn't be possible as you don't resort to ad hominem attacks.

DHoggs:I don't hav... (Below threshold)


I don't haver a need to explain anything. Just take a few minutes and learn what an ad hominem attack is and you'll understand. You van google it.

I'm certainly not going to get into a school yard fight with you about how many blogs and posts have dealt with Rosie. The number and content speak to the issue I raised.

Of course you don't feel yo... (Below threshold)

Of course you don't feel you need to explain anything jfo, thats because your a fucking moron talking out your ass. How's that for ad hominem? You say you want to talk about facts, well, I gave you facts, and you ignore them. Do a search jfo, 10 Rosie posts in over 1500 posts. Wow, what an obsession!!! Idiot. Apparently your reading comprehension is for shit as well jfo, there are two definitions of Ad Hominem right above, along with examples, from YOUR posts.

Yikes - I'm sorry you're su... (Below threshold)

Yikes - I'm sorry you're such an angry guy with such a potty mouth Hoggs. Lets make a deal, you ignore me and I'll ignore you.

Oh, and remeber what i said about tempers in my first post?

Let me spell it out for you... (Below threshold)

Let me spell it out for you jfo, you saying that the right is "bankrupt of ideas", terming conservatives "the faitful" that spew "venom", these are all attacks based on YOUR PREJUDICE and FEELINGS about conservatives, not on intellect. Ergo:

"Ad Hominem: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect"

How about this one, once again jfo:
"Ad hominem: marked by or being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made"

Ummm, where exactly is your ANSWER to the CONTENTIONS made in Lorie's post jfo? Yeah thats right, you have none, instead, you "answer" with AD HOMINEM attacks about the Republican's "bankrupcy of ideas" and wizbang commenter's tempers, and the "faithful's" "venom". Good God you're dense.

How convenient that you wan... (Below threshold)

How convenient that you want to ignore your idiocy jfo.

"from someone who though... (Below threshold)

"from someone who thought "Mission Accomplished" referred to the whole war on terror" Hot Air reference to Rosie

It appears that Hot Air elects to ignore the totally bogus photo-op arranged by Rove &/or his sycophants wherein the carrier was turned around to reflect a "typical" landing at sea w/o the backdrop of San Diego, the chosen plane was smaller than standard carrier planes, the greeting crew wore color-coordinated jackets w/ the colors of the "Mission Accomplished" banner. They also chose not to mention that the crew and their families were delayed 10 hours for their reunions due to the Rovian stunt, that the President could have been landed more safely & w/ far less arrangements in a chopper.

The flight suit swagger w/ the pronounced cod piece was just icing on the photo-bogus-cake.

HogI'm sorry we co... (Below threshold)


I'm sorry we couldn't make a deal as it seemed a sensible solution. But i want you to know i will uphoid my end from now on.

I refer you again to my original post about anger.

So you may talk on and on as much as you need and I will ignore you.


According to the descriptio... (Below threshold)

According to the description of American Soldiers by most of the members of the American Communist Party (democrats) we are about to turn loose hundreds of thousands of mentally retarded trained killers, (who have every right to hate anyone connected with the dhimmi's), on the public. Hmmm, wonder who they will go after?

It is a sorry state of affairs when a pampered member of the Royal Family in the U.K. has more courage, honor, and dedication to freedom for others than the entire democrat party in the United States.

Now if we answer all of jfo... (Below threshold)

Now if we answer all of jfo's idiotic, hypocritical comments with facts that he can't argue with, he'll just keep running and hiding and pledge to ignore all facts, although me thinks he has already done so. Eventually we will never hear from him again. Sounds good.

"by most of the members ... (Below threshold)

"by most of the members of the American Communist Party (democrats)" Scrapiron

Well Scrappy, since you think that that is approriate labeling of the opposition party, then try out the fitting name for you and your like-minded wingnut generates, the "Schutzstaffel Party" or otherwise known as the Republican Party

Funny jFO that you would in... (Below threshold)

Funny jFO that you would include the deficit among your topics that you think Wizbang authors won't discuss. Considering that this post was penned yesterday, I think your complaint rings hollow.

Of course it doesn't exactly paint the dire picture you would like it to, maybe that is your problem.

It's funny, you should read some of the other posts from the past couple of days. I know 2 of them that describe you very well. Something about changing the topic and trolls in general.

Whizbang Search results:</p... (Below threshold)

Whizbang Search results:

Rosie O'Donnell - 24 blog articles where she is the subject or mentioned.

Deficit Spending - 9

Debt to China -1

I repeat my comment that many folks here are more obsessed with Rosie then a looming financial disaster waiting to happen.

Weider (no relation to Joe,... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Weider (no relation to Joe, as wimpy as your arguement is) a wingnut has a purpose in life. It is what holds something together. A moonbat on the other hand just barks. No bite, no use just barking. Kind of like you Weider.

According to Ragshaft the t... (Below threshold)

According to Ragshaft the tird, (apologies for the typo) bats bark and I guess a Zelsdorf just clicks his heels as he sings "Mein Herr."

I believe everyone is being... (Below threshold)

I believe everyone is being a little unfair to Rosie. It has become obvious to me that she is the conservative plant on the View. Every time she opens her mouth people across middle America are saying "Oh, now I see why I should hate Liberals." She may even be paid directly by Rove.

...a looming financial d... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

...a looming financial disaster waiting to happen.

And which looming financial disaster would that be?

BraynD:RE: "Rosie ... (Below threshold)


RE: "Rosie was 75% correct"

Please present your evidence to back up your statement.

Wow, jfo, you really are qu... (Below threshold)

Wow, jfo, you really are quite the genius. Your original comment was that there were 24 Rosie posts in the last 6 months. (blatant lie) Why then are you doing a Wizbang search and including Rosie posts from 2004-2006?! And what happened to your promise to ignore me from now on jfo?

"But i want you to know i will uphoid my end from now on...So you may talk on and on as much as you need and I will ignore you."

So not only are you a liar, but you can't be trusted to live up to your own promises. Big surprise.

"Rosie O'Donnell - 24 blog ... (Below threshold)

"Rosie O'Donnell - 24 blog articles where she is the subject or mentioned."

In the HISTORY of the Wizbang site!! Sounds like an obsession to me!

Let's look at the last 6 months, which jfo claims there were 24 blog posts:

Rosie O'Donnell - a whopping 7 blog posts

I won't even get into your maniputlation of the search by typing in such specifics as "debt to china", and before you claim that typing in "Rosie O'Donell" is specific too, even typing in just "rosie" only yields 10 posts from the last 6 months!

Yes, yes, I know that they ... (Below threshold)
Rance Frayger:

Yes, yes, I know that they are a bunch of Commie liberal America haters over at NPR, but yesterday (May 1), they did a piece on recruitment and retention in the Army, they interviewed Barry McCafree among others.

They reported that a few years ago, the percentage of high school graduates in the army was 90%. Today it is down to 80%.

What do those numbers mean,... (Below threshold)

What do those numbers mean, Rance. Even assuming that they are true.

Does it mean that there are more home school graduates? More enlistees with a GED? What does it mean? When you say it like that it sounds like you're saying that the Army is made up of 20% high school drop outs.

It's like Rosie claiming that the Army lets felons in. So does the Army let felons enlist? This goes against everything I've ever heard about the Army which is that *any* sort of court involvement is a disqualification. So is she saying that someone lied and the Army failed to find the info in a background check or is she saying (and believing) that the Army is so desperate for recruits that it takes felons?

And I don't expect that jFO will admit this, but all the stuff we are supposedly *supposed* to be talking about is affected by the lies and misinformation spewed *without question* from people like Rosie.

So I looked around a bit...... (Below threshold)

So I looked around a bit... no idea where this person got his numbers but it was one of the only list of numbers I found...

"Of that 17%, recruits with moral character waivers accounted for 55%, and of those, 86% had committed misdemeanors.

Awesome! Let's give sociopaths guns!"

"The moral character wavers crowd got busted for things like drunk driving, public intoxication, etc. (One plus: you can't run over an IED if you can't see straight.)

38% of the 17% newbie group got waivers for medical or mental reasons and 7% pertained to drug and alcohol problems."

The guy goes on for a bit in the sociopath theme of things. (Do words actually have meaning for people like this?)

I found a couple other articles... the examples of the dastardly violent criminals being let into the military were things like convictions that resulted in no jail and probation for a year.

I did find comments by people who claimed to have felony convictions and had applied for moral wavers. Those comments were uniformly furious at the article they were responding to because they saw it as one more way that society was preventing them from ever getting past their past, no matter how they were trying to turn their life around. No matter if they'd got some college behind them and scored in the 90s on the ASVAB.

Moral wavers are reviewed by military lawyers or judges who can evaluate the legal documents and court records, they *aren't* simply accepted by recruiters.

And I don't blame the Army one bit for doing this without fanfare considering just how willing people are to suddenly classify anyone with a misdemeanor conviction as being a sociopath.

Synova,I believe t... (Below threshold)


I believe the meaning is that after the military had problems making their enlistment quotas, the not only lowered the quotas, but lowered the requirements for enlistment.

There is a problem running a modern, high-tech army if a large percentage of your soldiers can't read and understand the equipment manuals.

What are the chances tha... (Below threshold)

What are the chances that Rosie will correct the record about the economic and education levels of those in the US military?

Not that I personally care about Rosie, but you are intentionally misrepresenting what she said. As far as I see, she said troops enlist in the Army to get an education. So how can you possibly twist that to instead say that Army troops are uneducated? If anything, what she said was just the opposite... that people who join the Army get an education. And therefore it's no surprise that "military enlistees are better educated". If one did nothing but listen to your Rosie excerpt, they would draw that same conclusion.

Rance, you should realize t... (Below threshold)

Rance, you should realize that the previous standards weren't about who was competent to do the job.

In any of the services the standards were set to control the number of applicants. The Air Force could set minimum ASVAB scores very high, not because all jobs took those scores as a minimum competency but so the number of hopefuls would result in the proper percentage of qualified applicants. If too many people wanted to join the standards could be hiked until it evened out again.

Pilot physicals are an excellent example. The requirement of 20/20 vision is artificial. Lots of people want to be pilots. The physical requirements arbitrarily disqualify most of them. If more pilots were needed than apply and "qualify" it would not be letting unqualified people into the pilot program by allowing those with less than perfect eyesight.

The Army, though never as able to jack up the minimum requirements as far as the Air Force, has been able to raise the requirements and make them much stricter over the years.

There are still qualified people with a desire to serve that are excluded. Allowing GED and home schooled students, older enlistees, and providing a process to evaluate and offer moral wavers for those with a desire to serve but a past that would automatically disqualify them seems reasonable to me.

Think about this for a seco... (Below threshold)

Think about this for a second... The libs think people join the military to get an education. The military lets more folks in who have had scrapes w/ the law. They serve their 4 years, and go get an education w/ the GI Bill. The libs should be ECSTATIC about this! Doesn't the liberal mantra include "we should provide convicts the means to get an education to reduce repeat offenders"? Libs should be licking the military's new desert boots for this!

Brian:Lorie correc... (Below threshold)


Lorie correctly points out that Rosie agrees with Ricki Lake's statement that the majority want an education AND are poor. You're focusing only on the education part. The Heritage Foundation study says that military enlistees are "better educated, wealthier, and more rural on average than their civilian peers." Sounds to me that these poeple have prospects.

Note the term "wealthier".

What data is available to suggest that the majority are poor and that military service is the "only way" for them to get an education?

You may not understand this, but there are those of us who have many friends in the military or have friends who sons and daughters are in the military. And many of them are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Statements like this that paint our soldiers as poor people who have nowhere else to go are really insulting. The soldiers I know had lots of other prospects, they chose to serve because they wanted to serve this great country, and they have volunteered to go back to the battle because they think that it is the right thing to do.

I'd say that borders on ... (Below threshold)
The Ace:

I'd say that borders on obsession with a meaningless woman.

Other than the fact that she speaks for millions of liberals, and is a prominent Democrat, there is this:
Heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and envelope-pushers Rosie O'Donnell and Sacha Baron Cohen are among the entertainment newsmakers on Time magazine's list of 100 people who shape the world.


Just another inconvenient truth I suppose.

Weider, Bush's "Mission Acc... (Below threshold)

Weider, Bush's "Mission Accomplised" carrier landing was not so farfetched at the time. Think about it: at the time, we'd toppled Saddam's regime, defeated his army - that was our goal. No one forsaw this insurgency of Islamic radicals, but we'll not run from it. THEY are the ruin of Iraq now and we can't just leave and watch from the sidelines as it happens.

Just another inconvenien... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Just another inconvenient truth I suppose.

Oh, please, it's TIME MAGAZINE's little lovefest list. I mean, Kate Moss? Who does she influence--bullemics? Justin Timberlake? Justin Timberlake?? America Ferrera? Who the hell is America Ferrera?

It does not include President Bush

Yeah, I'm sure he's weeping over not being lumped in with DiCaprio and America Ferrera...

It's no wonder I stopped reading TIME 10 years ago.

Rosie is the enemy. People ... (Below threshold)

Rosie is the enemy. People for some reason do not realize that the enemy is already here and ready to strike. We have got to win over there. Do you have to see the enemy in your own backyard cutting the head off your loved one before you get it through your own head if your allowed to keep it. Stop bickering, and support the troops by not leaving, by winning.

This is the most assinine t... (Below threshold)
Terry A Dow:

This is the most assinine thing I have heard Rosie say yet. There is not one convicted felon in the Armed Services. Convicted Felons are automatically disqualified for military service. They can't own a firearm. Hence, not qualified. They are not allowed to enlist. As far as educational level goes,every one has to take the asvab and get a minimum score on it to qualify for service. Recruiters tell hundreds of people a day they do not qualify because they have not scored high enough on the ASVAB. I spent 21 years in the ARMY and I have a degree in Applied Mathematics. I guess I am on of the stupid people Rosie is talking about.

Rosie and people just like ... (Below threshold)

Rosie and people just like her are the real threat to this country. I guess Rosie thinks the people that belong to the terrist cell that was just broken up in Cherry Hill NJ where just a bunch of nice guys.

She is a major idiot.

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.<... (Below threshold)

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.

You are a sadly misinformed, ignorant, umm, ok.....woman. I may start watching the view again, once you are goneO_o

I just can't understand why... (Below threshold)

I just can't understand why women and lesbians everywhere are not speaking up against Rosie O'Donnell. She has set women's lib and gay rights back decades.

People everywhere are saying, "See, that's why you don't put women, especially gay women, in the media."

She's such a smacked a**, who listens to her anyway? The only way I hear about the View because I wouldn't ever watch it, is when she makes outrageous, traitorous remarks, and she does it precisely for that reason.

She's a disgusting fat pig, no matter her gender or sexual preference, which personally I would prefer not to hear about.

What can we expect from a c... (Below threshold)

What can we expect from a closed mided person such as ms. o'donnell. What has she ever done to make our country or world a better place. The men and women in our armed forces protect her rights to have the freedom of speech, such that it is. She doesn't seem to understand that WE AS AMERICANS HAVE RIGHTS BECAUSE OF THESE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN! She is an embarassment to all Americans. She need to learn to place the blame in the right place. These brave soldiers are doing a thankless job for us. and until she is willing to fight beside them she needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!

rosie is a disgrace and sho... (Below threshold)

rosie is a disgrace and should shut it. go fill that big mouth with another donut.

i cannot believe that fat n... (Below threshold)

i cannot believe that fat nasty woman has the nerves to talk about our armed forces,im an active marine and i feel she should shut her fat nasty mouth and mind her own bussiness

The Army requires a minimum... (Below threshold)

The Army requires a minimum AFQT Score of 31 to qualify for enlistment. 31 out of a 99 point test, and it's a common sense test. I don't care if you have an HS diploma. If you can't score a 65 to 70 on an ASVAB, you shouldn't be in the army.






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