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HuffPo Caught Hotlinking Again

Two years ago, mere weeks after it first opened, The Huffington Post was caught hotlinking images. Two years later they've been nabbed again in the graphic for this post by Max Blumenthal.


The interestingly none of the commenters seem to have noticed that the graphic has been switched. Perhaps FRC should up the gross content...


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Comments (22)

BIG F*CKING DEAL! You peop... (Below threshold)

BIG F*CKING DEAL! You people truly are pathetic.

oh, i forgot, you should tr... (Below threshold)

oh, i forgot, you should try and somehow tie this in to something about rosie o'donnell, so as to come full circle in the inane stupidity that passes for opinion on this blog.

Jman..If you don't like it ... (Below threshold)

Jman..If you don't like it stay the fuck away...asshat

I must say I'm surprised by... (Below threshold)

I must say I'm surprised by the sense of humor at the FRC website. Pwnd!

We're pathetic, but still b... (Below threshold)

We're pathetic, but still better than anything else in your life, else you wouldnt come here trolling.

Keep spanking it to prove that somebody loves ya!

Geez, that's FUNNY!<... (Below threshold)

Geez, that's FUNNY!

That's a pretty funny pic.<... (Below threshold)

That's a pretty funny pic.

jumanji, yet another new mo... (Below threshold)

jumanji, yet another new moonbat to wizbang? I knew wizbang blue would just bring in more trolls.

jumanji- mirror, look in an... (Below threshold)

jumanji- mirror, look in and see what pathetic is.

ROFLPwned, indeed.... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:


Pwned, indeed. lol

PWN3D!!!!1111... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:


jumanjioh, i f... (Below threshold)


oh, i forgot, you should try and somehow tie this in to something about rosie o'donnell, so as to come full circle in the inane stupidity that passes for opinion on this blog.

In reality it should be tied to other thieves of the world big and small.

Of course to make that connection one would be required to acknowledge hotlinking an image is stealing bandwidth.

Something that is apparently beyond your mental capacity.

Marc: That depends on what ... (Below threshold)

Marc: That depends on what your definition of "is" is. *S*

'Recycling' sounds like a m... (Below threshold)

'Recycling' sounds like a much better choice.

The picture is down, but th... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

The picture is down, but the caption is still there, so the post looks odd now.

Hotlinking revenge is almos... (Below threshold)

Hotlinking revenge is almost funny, every single time. At least every case I've seen.

Off topic. But timely:... (Below threshold)

Off topic. But timely:

I hear that Obama is getting secret service protection. Shouldn't ALL the presidential candidates have secret service protection? I mean, from 1968 onward, we as a country should know better that, to protect free elections, we need to protect all the candidates.

I think that the rule is, the candidates get protection if they ask for it. As an American, I'd like them all to be protected.

If you look up Libtard in t... (Below threshold)

If you look up Libtard in the dictionary, Blumenthal's picture should be in it with that "duh" look he has going on there.

What's wrong with these peo... (Below threshold)

What's wrong with these people? Oh yeah, they're liberals.

Is that Sidney's brother? lol.

Jumanji the liberal is just... (Below threshold)

Jumanji the liberal is just relating the liberal thought process. That poor guy at huffpo obviously is needy, so it makes perfect sense to steal from others who have more. Is that not liberal thought? Take from those who work hard and have, and give to those who won't?

garion-brilliant and... (Below threshold)

brilliant and relevant insight. do you even know what hotlinking is?

well at least ONE HuffPo re... (Below threshold)

well at least ONE HuffPo reader had the (ill-considered) temerity to post a (delirious) comment.






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