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John McCain: the smartest candidate for president

There's an old aphorism that our opinion of someone's intelligence tends to be directly proportional with how much they agree with you. On that scale, I have decided that Senator John McCain is a genius that makes Stephen Hawking look like Ernest P. Worrell.

First up, let me say that this is in no way an endorsement of McCain. I have quite a few issues with him, the most significant one being that wholly-unconstitutional and despicable McCain-Feingold Act, that wholesale assault on free speech -- especially mine, as a mostly-political blogger. For that and that alone I don't think that I could ever vote for the man.

So while there is pretty much no way the man could ever have my vote, he certainly is starting to win my affection.

McCain has started speaking more and more "off the cuff," and seems more relaxed and free-wheeling on the campaign trail. It's almost as if he's decided "there's no way in hell I can win this, so I'm going to go out in style and at least have a little fun." There have been numerous examples of this, including his tendency to burst into song in public -- both his renditions of the works of Barbra Streisand and his stirring version of "Bomb Iran."

But recently, McCain shows just how brilliant he is when he praised my plan for a new Alliance Of Freedom.

Of course, McCain is still a politician, so he both 1) omitted to give me credit for my idea and B) renamed it as a "League of Democracies," but I can forgive him. After all, there's an old saying that "there nothing a person can't accomplish as long as he doesn't insist on taking the credit," and I think that the idea is a bit more important than my ego gratification.

John McCain. If elected, he could be the most intelligent man to sit in the Oval Office, but he'd most likely get there without my vote.

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You're a big man to praise ... (Below threshold)

You're a big man to praise McCain for the theft of your idea. However, you might consider William Butler Yeats' reply to suggestions he applaud the lesser poets who attempted to copy his style:

To a Poet, Who Would Have Me Praise Certain Bad Poets, Imitators of His, and Mine

You say, as I have often given tongue
In praise of what another has said, or sung,
'T'were politic to do the like by these;
But was there ever a dog who praised his fleas?

Then again, listen to Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani speak for a few minutes, and tell me again who's the smartest fellow running . . .

I saw in the news last nigh... (Below threshold)

I saw in the news last night that McCain is polling high (12 points avg.) above the others in the early primary states but lags by the same percentage nationally. Early primary wins could give him momentum for the nomination.

I also saw that Obama is now polling above Mrs. Bill Clinton in national polls, but still in the margin of error.

Hmmm... Senator McCain migh... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... Senator McCain might be even smarter than you give him credit for. He might not of relaxed and changed his tune because he wants to go out in style. It is quite possible that he or his managers realize that he can't win as a standard, stuffed shirt candidate. He is possibly shifting back into the McCain style of 2000 and the style that made him a pretty popular Senator in AZ. When McCain connects with the voters, he does very well.

The only king of genius McC... (Below threshold)

The only king of genius McCain has, is a genius for survival, politically and physically.
McCain's mysterious extracurricular activities in North Vietnam while a POW, including his publicity tour for the DRV version of the COMINTERN, is a clue to his odd denouncements of certain fellow POWS as "wobbly".

Projection perhaps? Trying to keep the lid on the past by pre-emptive discreditation?

(McCain gave dozens of "interviews" across North Vietnam as the price for having his bones set; he has admitted that. Against the UCMJ, though.)

It might explain why, during the MIA hearings in the '90s, McCain was VOCIFEROUSLY active in discrediting and downplaying any and all evidence of MIA/survivors , whether they spelled out "SOS" in 40-ft letters on the ground, or not.

I think the above explains McCain's edginess; he's waiting for the issue to reappear. Collaboration with the enemy for special treatment is a loser.

And he's a corporate shill for the Commerce Lobby ("Open Borders" McCain/Keating 5), but that's considered respectable, so...

The Barbara Streisand thing... (Below threshold)

The Barbara Streisand thing was incredible.

In a whole lot of ways.

That alone probably put my "McCain approval scores" up by 20 points.

No, I don't think I'd vote for him, but at least I find him likable.

Your "League of Democracies... (Below threshold)

Your "League of Democracies" link is broken.

"John McCain. If elected... (Below threshold)

"John McCain. If elected...but he'd most likely get there without my vote."

I'll say that I'm not voting for him in the primaries, but if he gets the nomination I'll most certainly vote for him over any Democratic candidate. The aftermath of the November elections should forewarn of the storm on the horizon if the White House and Congress were both in Democratic control. It's too important a time in world history for us to sit on our hands and do nothing and thus let the liberals and anti-war/anti-military establishment run the country.

If you want to make your voice heard as to whom the best candidate is, vote in your state's primary. It is the most important vote you'll ever cast even though they have the lowest turnouts.

It's the only time you get to tell the parties what type of candidate you'll support. After that, you're stuck with the lesser of two evils...






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