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MacArthur Park meltdown

The LAPD went all Rodney King on pro-immigration demonstrators in MacArthur Park, prompting recriminations and regrets. As our friend "Bama Jim" Dunn of Do What Now? notes:

The LAPD chief is all broke up over this. But that's nothing. Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it, 'cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have that recipe againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not that it takes much to get Jim waxing nostalgic - the boy dreams of 1950s gadgets, hairstyles, and casseroles - but the irony is apparent in Peter Prengaman's report for the Associated Press:

Police Chief William J. Bratton said Wednesday that some of the police tactics used to clear immigration protesters from a park were inappropriate, as news videos showed officers striking people with batons and firing rubber bullets into crowds that included children.

Images showed police hitting a television cameraman to the ground and shoving people who were walking away from officers at Tuesday's demonstration. Some injured people were seen in the videos, including a Hispanic man with a bleeding welt on his stomach and back.

Bratton promised an investigation and said he would discuss the matter further at a news conference later Wednesday.

"Quite frankly, I was disturbed at what I saw," Bratton told KNX-AM. He said the actions of some officers "were inappropriate in terms of use of batons and possible use of nonlethal rounds fired."

* * * * *

The clash at MacArthur Park started after 6 p.m. when police tried to disperse demonstrators who had moved off the sidewalk onto the street. Authorities said several of the few thousand people still at the rally threw rocks and bottles at officers, who fired rubber bullets and used batons to push the crowd back onto the sidewalk.

"They were pushing children, elderly, mothers with their babies and beating up on the media," said Angela Sambrano, director of the Central American Resource Center. "The aggressiveness against the immigrant community is unbelievable."

Read the full story at the link above.

A little "wiki" background on the park, besides the song:

Despite the rather poetic homage paid to it, the real MacArthur Park became known for being a violent place after 1985 when drug deals, shoot-outs and occasional drownings became somewhat common there. Before the decline of the neighborhood, the park featured the traditional paddle-boats and a large fountain in the center of the lake; the park was a popular middle-class destination for over fifty years. The park has been cleaned up and gentrification is occurring all around the surrounding area of Downtown Los Angeles.,

Can't you just see all the "gentry" saying, "Hey, Madge - come quick! They're a'beatin' the Mexicans!"


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Comments (10)

One news report stated that... (Below threshold)

One news report stated that the problem was caused by members of a gang upset because one of their own had been arrested for shoplifting and 50 or so gang member started the rock throwing disorderly conduct that result in the attemt to disperse the crowd. Don't know if it is true just repeating it.

"Hey, Madge - come quick! T... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"Hey, Madge - come quick! They're a'beatin' the Mexicans!"

This sounds more like a rural, Southern United States dialect rather than someone from Los Angeles speaking. If you want to traffic in stereotypes might I suggest something along the lines of:

"Oh. My. God. Brittany, you have sooo got to see this. Those guys that wear uniforms are like sooo beating up the maid down at the park."

Anyone have even a clue why... (Below threshold)

Anyone have even a clue why LAPD would be frustrated with illegals and the news media?

I think the backlash is abo... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I think the backlash is about to hit the fan concerning the whole "Illegal immigrants asserting their civil rights in a country where they are not legal citizens, but will not assert their civil rights in their own countries" thing.

On the issue of the police's reaction, from what I've heard, they went bonkers after rocks were thrown at them. And it is no secret that the hispanic gangs in LA make the Crips and Bloods look like little boy scouts. The so-called Black and Brown war where Hispanics have taken over neighborhoods, and kill Blacks who venture into there territory or near there territory border is big news out there.

I'm Black, and don't have a problem with Hispanics who go through the proper channels. Heck, I don't even have a probelm with a illegal that keeps it on the low. It's the marching and complaining about "their"' rights that us hard to take.

If I went to Mexico to assert my righs by marching, I would be put in jail or murdered. So no, i have 0 sympathy or compassion for what went down yesterday.

The end of this illegal-imm... (Below threshold)

The end of this illegal-immigrant march was anything but peaceful. According to news reports the instigators of the violence were starting to smash things and hurt people. The officers were trying to clear the area before it turned into another riot. The masked anarchists and socialists were trying to start one. A large number of the illegal-immigrants had no idea what the police were asking them to do because they don't speak English. I will reserve judgment on the event until the investigations are over but when things turned ugly after the Rodney King verdict, the police backed off, and we all know how well that strategy worked. I worked in LA at the time and some of our suppliers were looted, then burned.
I predict one of the recommendations from the investigations will be that all LA PD officers will be required to know Spanish.

The sad thing is that the p... (Below threshold)

The sad thing is that the police officers charged with protecting the lives of 'citizens' of this country were armed with rubber bullets. The entire administration in L.A. should be rode out of town on a rail and dumped in the desert. Elected officials endangering the lives of the police, how about that. Almost on the level of the democrats in congress helping AQ kill our soldiers and endangering everyone in America. Is LA ran by democrats? Yep, that explains the riots and the stupidity, and will be the cause of hundreds of thousand of deaths in the U.S. at the hands of Islam and evidently criminal Mexicans.

"They were pushing... (Below threshold)
"They were pushing children, elderly, mothers with their babies and beating up on the media," said Angela Sambrano, director of the Central American Resource Center. "The aggressiveness against the immigrant community is unbelievable."

I love how someone with a clear motivation to fudge on the facts is given the 'objective source' treatment by the media. I suppose it's just a little too brain-bending for the AP & Peter Prengaman to consider that Ms. Sambrano has a vested interest in neutering the police force's ability to deal with crime as committed by those for whom she advocates/agitates. Make enough of a stink out of this event (whilst conveniently ignoring your own side's role) and you render the LAPD unable to do its job.

Sounds like an effective way of making sure they can't crack down on crime, at least not the ones being committed by illegal Latino immigrants. To those who would call me "racist", do you think Ms. Sambrano cares how the police treat Chinese, Korean, Polish or Russian immigrants?

From the video I saw the po... (Below threshold)

From the video I saw the police acted responsibly. They only moved after bottles and other objects were thrown at them. The injuries looked pretty minor. I didn't hear of anyone being taken to the hospital.

The last thing we should do is give these rioters/anarchists free rein to do whatever they heck they want to as they get in other countries. My message to protesters who think they were unfairly attacked by the police is not to hang out with thugs who are going to start throwing stuff at the cops. This is a free country, and you pay the price (a nasty bruise, big deal) for your own stupidity.

Adrianne Browne, was that f... (Below threshold)

Adrianne Browne, was that first one a Hillary accent?

Many of you are missing the... (Below threshold)

Many of you are missing the point.do you really want to support the right of the police to billyclub foxnews reporters and try to prevent media oversight of their egregious actions? God help you when the police come to pry your cherished firearms from your cold, dead hands.






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