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The End of Milblogs As We Know Them?

Tomorrow I will be driving to Arlington for the 2007 Milblog Conference where I will be live blogging on Saturday. One topic sure to get a lot of discussion is the recent new restriction on active duty military blogging. Matt at Blackfive posts some reaction here and in an interview with Hugh Hewitt.

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Have fun and if at all poss... (Below threshold)

Have fun and if at all possible push to keep soldiers words flowing.

Look forward to meeting you... (Below threshold)

Look forward to meeting you. See you there!

Don't despair Lorie..Rememb... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Don't despair Lorie..Remember this only a small sacrifice to pay in the what you once called Bush's "revolutionary push for world-wide liberty."

Excuse me. What was I thi... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Excuse me. What was I thinking or typing?. Remember this is only a small sacrifice to pay in what you once called Bush's "revolutionary push for world-wide liberty", In this case, you could substitute control for liberty. Either way, 'national security' will be the stated reason. Good luck!... sincerely.

I think if you trust the tr... (Below threshold)

I think if you trust the troops to fight, they should be trusted to blog and photograph. Of COURSE there needs to be rules and restrictions and punishment for those that break them, but shutting down army milblogs is the WORST decision that could be made on this matter.

ContinuedIt seems ... (Below threshold)


It seems the US military is trying to repeat the mistakes that the Israeli military was routinely making in the information war. One mistake was to let individual commanders speculate and speak to the press about incidents that they did not have first-hand or solid information about. They shut this down by better coordination. But what they didn't do was to go completely mum. That is worse than having the occasional inaccuracy slip through. What they have to work on is to require a certain standard of the milbloggers, not shutting them down completely. Even if you have to spend some time on this, it's too vital to get rid off.

I predicte the blowback fro... (Below threshold)

I predicte the blowback from this is going to swift and cause the Pentagon asskisser that bowed to congressional pressure to institute this measure to be looking forward to their reassignment as well as a 'modification' to their rule that not only allows Mil-blogging but encourages it.

Gotta agree with <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Gotta agree with OPFOR here:

There is no word in any of the world's languages that can effectively capture the pure stupidity of this decision. Political fights need political warriors. And make no mistake, this war is a political fight. It's like stripping the Army of tanks before they're supposed to invade Germany.

If this shit is ever going to end well (a big if), it will take positive, and true, stories from the ground and from those in the know. I don't trust much the Pentagon says, but I do trust what a lot of milbloggers write. They should be allowed to keep writing.

Oh, and Gmac, you're an idiot. What possible reason could you have to think this has anything to do with Congress, as opposed to a wrongheaded attempt by the Army to keep a lid on intel?

Lori, good news. The Army h... (Below threshold)

Lori, good news. The Army has rethought their rules on weblogs and e-mail.


Sean Hackbarth : Thanks. Th... (Below threshold)

Sean Hackbarth : Thanks. That fact sheet makes perfect sense. It's as if I had ordered it myself :-) Nothing to see here move along.

Actually, they didn't "reth... (Below threshold)

Actually, they didn't "rethink" the policy, they just got around to explaining it more clearly to a bunch of folks who heard it secondhand and went batshit.






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