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'It's utterly ridiculous where we are right now. It's an aberration when someone doesn't get killed,' said Darrell Clarke.




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BTW, it should go without saying that if Philly's leaders ever accomplished what they're attempting and therefore imposed strict 'gun control' measures the most probable result would be that rates of homicide and other violent crimes in that city both would . . . {drum roll} . . . increase substantially.

But don't bother trying to explain that to Mr. Clarke or to Mayor Street, et al.

You can lead liberal Democrats to reality, but you can't make them think.

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I propose a TIMELINE for wi... (Below threshold)

I propose a TIMELINE for withdrawal from Philadelphia.

Ahh, good ole Philly, so gl... (Below threshold)

Ahh, good ole Philly, so glad to be able to visit, and SO glad that within 5 minutes of leaving sports complex, I can be going 80 mph, AWAY from the city.

Philly has been a Dem stronghold for YEARS. One would think, logically, just as with NJ, that, because of said Dem leadership for so long, it'd be a mecca for peace n prosperity, safety and sanctuary.

Whose fault is it Philly is in such bad shape?

Corrupt govt, not as bad as NJ and NOLA, also dem, but, its close.

S Philly, where I visit most frequently, is one of the safer parts of the city. Hmm, maybe because of 'possible' mob retaliation if things get out of control?

Spot on, Jayson. ... (Below threshold)

Spot on, Jayson.

Ahhhh, liberals in complete... (Below threshold)

Ahhhh, liberals in complete charge. Isn't it something to aspire to? lol.


Just another example of dem... (Below threshold)

Just another example of democratic leadership.

I have a friend who spent around 30 years on the Philie P.D. He moved when he retired and highly recommends that no one consider visiting the murder capital of the country. Is the murder count over 150 this year yet?
Gun control will work. The criminals will know they can't be harmed or stopped. Confidence in your safety goes a long way.

From Philly myself and live... (Below threshold)

From Philly myself and live in the northwest section of the city. Probably the safest area here. But primary season is basically the final word on the mayoral election. Gianni is spot on. The majority of folks in the city reflexively vote for the Democratic Party year after year. I had a friend suggest I change my registration from Independent to Democrat just so I would have a vote that counts. We get what we ask for here.

Dave, (Chester County here... (Below threshold)

Dave, (Chester County here) funny, I was thinking of Germantown Ave, Chesnut Hill area when I posted.

Almost a crime to call Chestnut Hill 'Philly'. It'd be like calling harry reid honest and ethical.

Im on 9th St once a week, a place where you really dont even have to lock your car in daytime.

Does anyone remember John Street admitting in last election,that city projects will go to those who donate to him.

Heh. 10 Years as a PECO em... (Below threshold)

Heh. 10 Years as a PECO employee. I know Philly all too well.

I propose a TIMELINE for... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I propose a TIMELINE for withdrawal from Philadelphia.

Well, if you give me $20 million for a chicken egg study in my district, I might sign aboard that.

"so glad to be able to visi... (Below threshold)

"so glad to be able to visit, and SO glad that within 5 minutes of leaving sports complex, I can be going 80 mph, AWAY from the city."

Where the hell are you driving? I-95, the Blue Route and the Schuylkill never go that fast at any time of the day...

95 South is at 10 pm, or la... (Below threshold)

95 South is at 10 pm, or later after a Flyers game thankfully is a 70-80 mph racetrack 9 times out of 10.

Be careful when you use never.






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