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Wal-Mart said Thursday that for its fiscal year ending Jan. 31, it contributed $1.1 billion to its domestic hourly workers through profit-sharing and 401(k) accounts, stock purchase plans and merchandise discounts.


Well, that goes a long way towards explaining why so many people out there reflexively hate Wal-Mart.

That company is dishing out so much dinero many of its people don't even qualify anymore for welfare or other government assistance programs.


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My son will be participatin... (Below threshold)
John F not Kerry:

My son will be participating in a fundraiser in a Walmart parking lot next Saturday. Walmart will be matching the proceeds. Bravo!

While your son is distracti... (Below threshold)

While your son is distracting the people with his fundraiser, will John Edwards be sneaking into that WalMart to buy his son another PlayStation?

Just asking

Dang you SShiell , you stol... (Below threshold)

Dang you SShiell , you stole my comment by 30 seconds. BRAVO, Edwards really believes in two America's. His and those fools that work for a living.

"...many of its people don'... (Below threshold)

"...many of its people don't even qualify anymore for welfare"

Nice satire Jayson! But don't you think Walmart's getting a bit too socialist here? When working people don't qualify for welfare, they're obviously being paid far too much.






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