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Two Americas

Unemployment Rates

April 1997 - 8.1 - Latinos
April 2007 - 5.4 - Latinos

April 1997 - 9.8 - blacks
April 2007 - 8.2 - blacks

April 1997 - 4.2 - whites
April 2007 - 3.9 - whites

Source: Dept. of Labor, BLS.

Comments (25)

I blame Bush.... (Below threshold)

I blame Bush.

But...but...the economy und... (Below threshold)

But...but...the economy under Bill Clinton, was um, the um, well it's unfair to uh compare...and anyway the jobs now are worse, and yet...wait look at that bright shiny object!!

[just trying the channel the MSM/Democrat talking points]

With an unemployment rate t... (Below threshold)

With an unemployment rate twice that of Whites, the African American community is still plagued by less jobs, lower paying jobs, high rates of young mem in the criminal justice system, and murder remains the highest cause of death among African American men ages 18-34. There are indeed two Americas where not all of the problems have yet been resolved in creating a parity between the races in economics and social standing.

The statistics would really... (Below threshold)

The statistics would really be a lot more meaningful if the showed the numbers from 1999. Thereby comparing seventh year in both presidencies.

But I am too lazy to look that up.

Thats why we need reparatio... (Below threshold)

Thats why we need reparations for all black people to help them overcome slavery........

There are 301,000,000 Ameri... (Below threshold)

There are 301,000,000 Americas, not 2.

I'm not a member of any racial community, though I may be undocumented.

Does that make me willing to do jobs whites won't do??

Paul, the facts are indeed ... (Below threshold)

Paul, the facts are indeed clear as you present them. Now, please, why is it a particular problem for blacks to "assimilate" into American society? There are obviously African_americans who are very successful. Are they aberrations? What did they have that is not available to their black bretheren?

Let's try a review of ... (Below threshold)

Let's try a review of net jobs for each presidency shall we?

Unemployment Rate:

January 1993: %7.3
January 2001: %4.2

January 2001: %4.2
April 2007: %4.5

-Hmmm.. 22 months to catch up. Wonder if Bin Laden will get caught sooner?

Lets also not forget-

Real median household income:

+ $5,825 / Clinton
- $1,273 / Bush

The Federal budget:

$62.9 billion surplus / Clinton
$1.5 trillion deficit (and counting)/ Bush

Yes, there are two Americas:

%30 that still put their faith in teh "Commander Guy"

and 70% that are capable of wiping themselves.

Got a friend (white) who's ... (Below threshold)

Got a friend (white) who's a teacher in a predominately black, predominately poor high school.

He's very frustrated, because the vagaries of the school system are such that 'saving' money is more important than actually buying educational supplies and textbooks. And, thanks to social promotion and a peer-group mentality that actively discourages educational achievement because it's 'acting white' - most of the seniors he teaches are functionally illiterate, socially undisciplined, and don't much care. The expectations on them have been low throughout their educational careers - and they've matched them nicely. Essentially, about the only job they can handle involve the phrase "you want fries with dat?" And even that'll be iffy.

You have a youth subculture culture that denigrates education, hard work and a solid work ethic. One that glorifies a self-destructive life style. And the black unemployment rate's only at 8.2%?

Well, that gives me hope that maybe they'll outgrow their foolishness.

Hey, if there is going to b... (Below threshold)

Hey, if there is going to be reparations, I am black like Mike too. Get me the free money, give me the free money.

JLawson,Don't get ... (Below threshold)


Don't get too hopeful.

I'm pretty sure that the large segment of the Black 18-34 demographic that are behind bars are counted as "employed" since most prisons require inmates to do work detail.

What? I'm not black? I'm as... (Below threshold)

What? I'm not black? I'm as black as Ward Churchill is Native American. Where's my check.

Seasonally Adjusted Unemplo... (Below threshold)

Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment rates:
SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics

-1999 3.8
-2007 3.9

-1999 7.8
-2007 8.2

-1999 7.0
-2007 5.4

-1999 4.3
-2007 4.5

Statistically speaking, it's real close to about the same, except for the Hispanic statistics.

When are descendants of the... (Below threshold)

When are descendants of the Irish immigrants that came over as indentured servants going to get reparations? I am lily-white as can be but my ancestors were slaves!

What about 13 million undoc... (Below threshold)

What about 13 million undocumented aliens, many very likely working, but unable to be counted due to their "Status"?

What about other off-the-books employment, legal or otherwise?

I suspect the Hispanic anom... (Below threshold)

I suspect the Hispanic anomaly in the unemployment stats posted by Mikey60 has more to do with Mitt Romney's landscapers than anything else...

When cornered by a Globe reporter and asked about his use of a landscape company that hires illegal immigrants, Romney scoffed "Aw, geez," and walked away.

Those who rush to Romney's defense insist that this is much ado about nothing. They claim we can't start holding people responsible for contracting with companies that use illegal immigrant labor.

They're wrong on both counts. This ado is about something. It's about whether a public official really "gets it" about illegal immigration, or whether he's just mouthing the words the right wing wants to hear. And, in the larger sense, how in the world are we supposed to get a handle on the problem if we don't begin to crack down on those who put illegal immigrants to work and - in Romney's case - demand at least some honesty from those who benefit from the work?

"Aw geez?" - Wow, he's not exactly one who can think on his feet under pressure, is he?

Trying to hijack the point ... (Below threshold)

Trying to hijack the point of the post. Go over to the blue...walk towards the blue...ww

Hooverville!... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


Thanks Mlkey60... (Below threshold)

Thanks Mlkey60

"Does that make me willing ... (Below threshold)

"Does that make me willing to do jobs whites won't do??"
Posted by: Ringmaster at May 4, 2007 10:37 AM"

You might want to look at just who has the lowest overall unemployment and then rethink the statement you just made.
It appears that 'whites' are at or above full employment and as such we can damn well pick and choose what jobs we want leaving you the ones we choose not to do.
If your education level or overall stupidity prevents you from getting out of the situation you're in go look in a mirror for the responsible party, then get a clue and do something to better yourself before you come here whining about it.
Overall the statistics point out who wants to work and who doesn't.

Not content to just repost ... (Below threshold)

Not content to just repost debunked stories about White House photoshopping, WizBang blue now trots out the worn canard about Mit Romney's landscaping contractor.
Pavlov would love you, Lee.

Woof, woof. Where did Lee ... (Below threshold)

Woof, woof. Where did Lee go?

"Posted by: Gmac at May 4, ... (Below threshold)

"Posted by: Gmac at May 4, 2007 12:44 PM"

The fact that you thought I was making a point on race is funny. I don't even know what to say. =P

I'm getting the feeling there's not a lot of room for lighthearted discussion in the blog realm.

MyPetGloat:The dat... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


The dates you choose to make a comparison are arbitrary and lack context; and are obviouisly only cited to serve your need to score some cheap rhetorical points against Bush. Javitz's comparisons are clearly from the same month, a decade later and based on race.

You can't compare the Presi... (Below threshold)

You can't compare the Presidential terms in comparable years. Clinton came in at the tail end of a recession, Bush came in just as one was starting so the years are off. You have to compare expansion years which is close to a 10 year time frame.






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